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We have to-day to announce the arrival of the Herjeebhoy Rustomjee Pattle, the   long-expected ship from Bremen, with 262 German immigrants, after a voyage of 117 days from port to port. Her passage, has been a pleasant and prosperous one through- out, with the exception of Sunday last, when the weather was so rough and stormy, that the ship was nearly thrown on her beam ends, and even the sailors admitted that they were in considerable danger for a few hours.

Tho passengers she brings are of rather a superior class, and comprise many work- men of trades much wanted here; for ex- ample, there are several linen, cotton, and cloth weavers, who seriously contemplate following up their various vocations, and speak confidently of being able to establish blanket, cloth, linen, and cotton manufac- tures : there are also several miners, two chemists, and a practical assayer, besides the usual sprinkling of carpenters, builders,              

shoemakers, tailors, etc.

They aro in good spirits, and appear to be very well pleased with the first glimpse of their newly-adopted home, and are not a little rejoiced ut hearing that perfect reli- gious liberty is the rule of government in this country, as persecution on the grounds of spiritual faith is more rife than ever in Germany, especially tn tho domains of the King of Prussia. Many attempts had been made to assassinate Ronge, the apostle of dissent from thc doctrines of Rome, who, however, seems to bc attended by a species of body-guard, by whom every attack upon the preacher in question had been hitherto

frustrated. The numbers of those who had left thc Church of Rume to follow the new

leader of dissent were very numerous, not only in Prussia, but in other districts of Germany, having even made no trifling pro- gress in Austria itself, the Catholic par ex cellence, and bearing an appearance of being second only to the grand movement under Luther in the sixteenth century.

Tschek, the would-he regicide. had been executed, so secretly that it was not till after a lapse of several weeks that the old   form of announcing tho death of a great   malefactor, fuit, made known to the public  

that be had ceased to exist.-S. A. Register, September 20.

SMELTING.-Our coloniats are giving fresh proof of that enterprising spirit which has always characterised them. Dr. Davy and Mr. Carleton have set going a smelting furnace nu a small scale and are succeeding admirably. We have seen the furnace at work, and samples of the lead extracted from the ore, and can therefore vouch for the fact-¡bid, Sept. 19.

Tu KR it was a line show of cattle this day at our market ; among others were a few, we understood, from the runs ol'G. V. Angas, Esq. Working oxen are still in demand, if in good condition. Kat sheep are scareo, ns also are lambs; the first of the season wore in market this day, and met immediate sale. Total at market-27 fat cattle. 20s. per IUD lbs.; G2 working bullocks. £4 to £(> per

head ; -13 dairy cows, .-C4 to ,-i'ù 5s. ; 1S |

calves. I0i. to lös.; l'2S sheep, 11s.; GO lambs, 4«. Cd. to fis.-Ibid.

COAL.-We have seen some specimens of bituminous coal, which were found a few days ugo on tho section belonging to Mr. W. Sanders, of Myitle Dank, near Glen Os- mond, within 18 inches of the surface. Mr. Sanders, we hear, intends to have the locality carefully explored. A good seam uf coal would complete the mineral riches of the colony.-Gazette and Register.