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TIIE NEW KNGLAND DIGGINGS. I . (From the Armidale Express) I - -During the p.Bt week W liayp collccloil a cm. I sidi ruble amount. of ki und inf^rrhaiinn in re I faience ti'tlio' Now' lirigl-,iiil guld fields eoni.l rally. ,\Ve imy winark that wo havu beou inu.-rH o.ire|iil in our unquii jp.V,to urriyo ,ai tho :truili |- H nnd th it the source Iroin. whence the .?uumoxm ? particulars hiVe lit on. obtaiiVed'iire', i oliNbl'. The H dilTorent nceojnts can,, theri-foro, I o depeml.d I uuon ii& bcini; in-nily as nulhcnii'c hi cau pu-' H sib'y be expectrri. .;,'_.'; [?.-, '-? ? , - ;' ; -i-r'- -^''H ';',,: '}''.'.-??? ^,tiib RdcKT.BiVsnv .::' ''???''?' .-.'-?? ? '? A Elorekrep r .from . - Af ijiiilVla: pufebn e ', on H Saturday last, ut ihe: KocKy Kiver, i900 WuiiliH 'of'cbld; : .'' '? .M;,.VJo'.;:,;;;-:::i:;.,.vv;'. :ft:;H .'.'' Another slorckpeperpurcliasVA a la gi araounl B of ?gold duriiiif \||o.past :w«9,K ' D1U 'WB ' lit'e. nut .H yet iificurtniiied thoikyei qaiint'ty. -;H,wever, h»B has nbiiuiiigly furn shod -ui ?,with/a,;:roferi'nie loiH his book?, Troiii wjiicb 'it ajipbirsltbut hia: pur.cH chaBP8ol gold ntiiieliucky KivoVrdigginus Irnra^H April 7th to July 3 1st linvo been i\3 follows i-il April 7th; 308 bis I3dwts i Uth. 234 oas4i1wi| ? 21st, 123 0ZS..19 c.wtfl s:t«J,h, ^9 bz9,',;Mav-6ili« 30.3 ozs 0 dvvts i - 12-h, 376: ul* 19 ,;wl» ; 21tb, H 373 czvl3,dvvls; 2D h,. 180 oes 8 : dvvti .'??? JuujH -lth, S09 oas 10 ;il»|jj I4ili,,:i86.i.M ll.dwtiiB 22nd, 205 .i « 14- dwtp. .July,;,.4tb,i; 290 (HtH lOdwts ; aU^'OSOcis 1. dwt. -Tutul, 3S'4oii ? 2 dwIS. . ?-:.,;.. :-j^.;: ;;\~$i ,-V ,|~.H ^s-:r,;--:- ''? ??We liavo also been informed ; on cxcel!tar^| loitimuny, that » party, of tliroe iatoly .sold 3l9';H i».of gold ut tlio Kooky IlivoriiiggingB.' F(tii;H the reciiliar;n'pp-araiiod of r the -iioid.: it'ij wf ? (?idcred by ?cbmpfteiitjadgi;S'i6'h*ve bcenfo»V?^B on tho Kocky :-of'-digKitigs.'-' IkPH party declined givinfr.Hiiy;. pnrticulors, ?? and dil-'jH n,,poar.d. It is liolievediliey- are working in ;^| siiinu retired spot, not yet discovered by Ihu mail '? lo ly of di-tgi-rj.;;;' .'.??-.-;-,,''-?-; ^.-jv;; ... ;;;. v .:-?;.?:?? ' Wo lmve conversed with a dic^ci vvhownionl'H ufn |i-rty n't tho Kocky River abuut eleven Weikl,;H who has livouicil uswiili.tho iullowing iuformi- ? lion -— At first their outlay:, ,«ai grcut, hut ?- H they hud brought sufliciem capita I to keep them H for two inunjis, they perstvered in .nii.kirj ? nearly night and day. ?-;.. Thoy -bottomed ' H eighty -two feet, nfier sinkinij ? ihroug li : ihirtj- ' ? »ix lect of.cotiicnl lika. roik. They 'were '? H iwa'ded, as they obtained for thoir elovan well H work 145 ounces of (roldt. They aro now work- H ing ut the uewiuih ne-ir, Tijipernry (a ioculit; H ilio latoly/iliscovorid) y'.'.^-;... ? ,^.' -: ? H - Thu circumstn:cj u telling , tlio discovery d H the list ruih may, bu briefly, given as follows:- H A p-rly wa» ro|,rosintc.lss being- ' doing » ? stroko' in a ncqiuisloioit : spn't i a. person went 19 H find tho place; on apiiriiuch'uig .its' vicinity ht'H .was hunsed. i'ti' i-tfong.' parties then went out H in ilill'erunt dircr'tionF, and; found two pnrliii- ? one a.Germiih prnty, the' ct'n r a French— 'jmilj ? nt Work. , A rush took pi k;.!, i Hnil our informant H is of ojinion ill it the richness of tliis ridge vtiII H i o -n lie tested. The Germans and Vrenchmta ? I U70 bottomod ihuir claims, and found gold, but ? wo undersiand, they decline giving any furlber pirtic.ili.rj. .-.'.. .??'..,??.-- ? ,. Our informant, who, is an intelligent man, sa;l that any steady and industrious person, ffilli - little ra|.itul, .'succeeds nt the Rooky .'V Flour, is Hiecbming tiiore plentiful; anil altUuiigli digging toplB, r calico, fcc.. arc veij scarcn, yet. sii|ipiies, via, the Clarence, aro ex pected io arrivom Armid-do oirly nt-xt-wcki whet the market will', be ..considerably relieved. A number of driys, containing a plentiful tup* ply of. iron buckets. v3000 yards of calico. « good stock of digging' tools, ?: boots, and inrr chandise. of itll dcsciiptions, were across till Nimboi, ron Iho CUrenco liuc,- on Mondny .lust, rn' .routs .for - Armidule. Tlie gentlemen they are, consigned to. wo under stand, has bil conaigiimenis ofvtintur cluthing still nt Urn* I petb, by last accuunis. . Purhupi they will ?'* ? riva in time for next winter. ? Gold £!i 10s. to £3 Us. perounc*. I The very caioless mannoi iu which the golii B djirgei t clean the gold accounts for the apparent ? low price. The gold is. of a very excellent ? quality, and then is on doubt that ii would ? itialiso a much higher figure if jirof erty ? cleaned. I Thp want of suflicient protection for Ih' ? mailg whlcli bare conveyed large parcels of gula* ? duM Iatoly, operates eoriously agHinst r»r' ? dialing' gold. There is a large qnautiiy ntl ID0 I

I Buckr ~i»« rf'K''** ~--lch iha dlwesri c»n- got flud purclnsfrs Ut. Ono Kii-ird for the milt ii doc (urticlent, for even were he hi croni; »i tiorcul'S, 'Drt u» lirave aa Achitl'S. he cmi'd bei-asilyo»crticiiv«'ed by a lew rci'ilute viil in*. As a fipucinl c-'P'Ti miy be consiilcred ton ix prnniva by tho Government at pre^enr, wo Ug to sul'RCJ: a re'neily ihutc-in bo iramodiate'y b: pat i» practice— :b .t two luountoJ ,troopcr- tie I company tho iniil-coach in addiiion to tho I (*a-ird. I A notice bis been issued by the Postmnsler j General, lim'inij i*n-lersfur h mail to and from j ij'amw(,rih. Ben'lemetT, nnd Arniidal*. via tlio Koclty Itivtr ; or by -x liiamh miil to and from Airaitlilo and tlio Koclty River, twice a.wei_. Wo cnuoi ndmiru the p-licy of thu I'ostinaitur Gcnorai in coiuiilerinff lime potcl nut'.cji are ?uliicie -t in t'm instance. Wh.'n there is a l««l enper in Uo did rict. poiplo . na'urtlly lji.k 10 i's ailveri.siug columns for biich. in- faruiullon. MOUNT MITCIiKLL, A resident in the vie.niti of Mount Mitcholl M_i- into Ariuilalo h four iinyi fl(;ii, and sold 11 I g-nall quniriiv -'l gnl.', which isn Wautilul rpgu llnrsanip'e.HiiJ ens durably rougher tli-ii ll-iuky I Ri»LT nul '? Hciu-'ii'ionod that somu Uerni.ns I wrie jt work, anl -iIsdh i.hII pntcius were diugini; I , (iiffjriiit pl.icei 011 tho IM iunt Mitch.-il dtation. 1 New »nlv.ils »'T0 Kr^dui-ll/ dr.ip;,mg in. Wh-11 lour informant bugges ed tlio propncty of- tho inariy Irom wh m 11 miii|.lu »»s purchased cal |L,r at our otlie* locom-i.uni -iite ni es of tlio in. B form-ci ? ho i 'mediately b--u.ino rejervoi, nnd laiipATtMi'ly unwillinir til h,y «nything more. Tlio ? orijia ofm-eioutn.^s s-oms lu b- mi largely i(levelo|iid:ni).r on -t Alrrho I li-enils thai »i ?trait a few of thoso diggers wlio an nrun-ct ful itt ihe Ricky ?l{lVl!l' lv' t* / -iouni Mitcholl hn ?early visit, nn'l ciijuy. u slinr ? ol dmi g.od link ?which, it i» 'ha Kinctil 1 pi ion, will intend ull BptiscverlnK exer.ion.. F10 11 tlio tenac ty with l^liicli a few cliii|; 10 ih,- country ariiunil Mourn gjlitchell, and tilt- a nail q laiiiitii-s of Ri.ld which ?(hey 'di'i'uie of at A.inU.l- (just about sufllcient Worturrfnt ex,'CH»es)— fro 11 the mujih naturo of Bil.eit UoWi fll'1' ;'ICiir 1't.'ui'' tnei urn ty — we bc ?ieti ihat noine uimn kiii(j upthoir' pies' in K quirt Nt- le, ultlirut iruubl ny lliumsolvos aliout R,e a tra-iK ns of .ho Koeky itivrr The sink, n^ Knn belou:-d rlt.i|i'»-, -tuil bu.lacui|- is common Kim muvh water ii ilio p.indpul u- stuclc, but ** Kpri i(5 mlvdiices this will bu remedied, unit a f-iir K portunity prt'aL'iuuil tur a in opt r development Hi IB) rid'' of 'l-» f*J iriiuisiuu gold Hold. H OD\N. B Mr. Amlraw Covoiury, of Ohm Station , has Billed mul 'u't asuinplo l'f uol.i weighing G duts , Bbich can he seuu at ilia Express OIIlo. It in Bmcb coirsor ilmn tli-it obtuiiiud at tlio Kncky, Hmlof alieuutiful bri|;lit- cul.ur. Hu stutcs it BaspMCuruil l-y a 111.111 nimvd l'|ioin,ib,)ii, in (lie Bed if 'ho. Creek, three ihiUs distant from the Bim.i licaJ btatiun. , Mr. Coventry ulso states But his sou h-s nuwin h;s possussion 2^ ounce* B| ihi -a-ne iloscription'of k--IiI, purchnsuil by him Bain on» ot tho men un tho sinion. About two Bnil a Imlf -i'is ago, hIioh- Mr. Windoyur, the Biscotery uf tho uocky Hivur pold Hold, wni

rotpiciinu in 1 nut netgli'iuurhouu, hu nitiiimtcd b M-. Cuvenliy ihut hu w.isuf opinion ihat Ulian [reek, and a 8i- h crude uu Mr. Hogoi son's run, \ae likely to prove ux'.o.isive uolil iieli/u, A (jcnilemim »l«- hns lirun up on1 a lour to Ian Muitit Miivhell, K.C., t-ulldd at, our oRlce »teril«y (liVi'lay) iiltuinonn, a nl showed us -i Lljndi'l smnplu ul rotixh, r. yulur bold, of a' [smifiil colour — tbe boa we Imvu teen in the inrict. Ho prnuurod it fioin. tlio bunk of ban Creek, withuut siiik.iij;. About a iloz 11 trsuni wcru diifulnt,', liut 111 a very ajpeificial tanner, a .d not one hole Im I lioun' bultomed. b thinks thi tli'iivy d'io iis will by found at u tod .oiifi — 1 robal) y tlfu or sixty to.-t. Up has [very liiuh '-piuion uf 1I11 nuii eroui woiltli of I'- |i n on ul No* Kn^inuil, Irom tho cxci-lluiil jr.tlic uioiiH j .iiil us liu has Ii id extensive i«iii-ncc as « duner, his opinion is of value, be country, finiir O-'Mti 10 Mount ' Mithull, mil ben it-i lilun Kluin, is nencriliy xou^h, slaty pur s «nd picsenis iroo.l promise of proving tontiniiou-1 tieiil; ., Prospectors trom Viu oi.. «e nisdo U;eir ap| o inuice i and, whun ihu l..uwl tii'cuuiesilri euoimh, tlittsi .kin^ u( a lu* Llij to thu t-ed-nick will toon bu.vil'ojtud. I OaMKICOMS OltKKK. fecTcral pr(spuu ing \w tics luft, during, the lit wcick, lor Ciruertm'ii Oreek. We cxp.Tt noun', n ? inteflinrei cj Iroiu this tonrbjloieliinif fclin fini.n And m . Misiion. — Whpn the ullasratand Mount. A'cxandcr diggings -wcre litopmjJ up tlio bush 10-! uuo ti'iimuttd with Iiulntimi, and tin: rjal sut.lo nont of the colony ?iiiiiciicuI, ur ri'.ln'r . hlioa.d lnvo cnmineni'uil. levariiMs 1 uslicn whicli trom ' timo 'to timo ?-plHro*hrou|;hout thu co mtry, nreso many ll'ortiiidt'ci Itir fiiiuiilinj; town-,. and vilhges ?I woe insider the (lOiO'iimcnt hai Ijparliii ly uvailcil'i Sflfof the tiatuiul asm In jklliinU'il b- tlie cii ouni^tnncos of tliu c.Oony. Ib Iihu' ux|T.'h8jil our upinioii-t'iat thu III canni-t last lor over, and tlmt toimer or Irlhoroap.V'iniist'hctukf 1-liorasclvrs to nun Rural uiismlR. It is tho duty of a \yisu Intnmpiit Id wran uslrmn t'la gold, by s'llin_ ? l wlicievir there mo people to buy it ?ry now rush slould leavo h township licl'iiud' nml inthiH wuy ihe|coninty wiiul.l - iiltnnnti'ly loraoaii'.lcd . Had ths plan -bci-n' Vy'i'tenmii ifaiiu' jxtenaivoly pursued, Victoria w«u|.| ?feccopy ».»fry ditreroiit poaition tiihor pro. ?tonu. The fluur for Ihu, consumption of the K|ttBmii{ht, with the ht'lp of Cbini-Ho labour, ?e Itcn raised in the colony, instu id 'of b ing ?ughl from .*de uidr-, nnd our piosperity mi(,'bt m been peru ancntly evcarod. As it is our ?Ig fortune is staked upon iho success of ilio ? fitlds.'flnd wn hold our o»n by iho incro ?niofndlo. is tho consequonio ? 3_pt ?leiirspen ge tho nrcounts Irom' the /;old ?JofNuiv fcou h . Wiilen, t'tiblishod in nnotlior ?on, anil ll ey will at oncp peViTivo iho offuct ?itpjtt policy of our rulers. Should ihccrop ?aeuctt ia the nexv di^pinijs continuo as ????(ul as it has befiuii, tile pnpulatiun or ?oiia may bo bodily tian.feiic.l to New

m AVulea, in Ilio samu inntmcr us Victori.i ? foimfrly ruslio.l by tho Now Suutli Welih B. Weilo not «»y this could have heen on wptcvitiled by a piopor Inul system, but ?m« (urn critiinty that ilioro arc in my K-r.-en tnuto fortho ni-w ru;h, who would m bauijltt Und in this dibtiict had it bcni By KUVmablo. .Tbe (liL'RCrs of lh« pn-soiit ?^''uot iho wild huir-lraincil fellows nf ? «nd many nf-tlieni, pnrtirulnrly -n the ?r B.ild fields turn Liu ir iittuiitiun to farnriinp; VRtlioio momlis which nro xunfovoni able ? ESing. pneo let a lui'tior invest his saviu^s ?nd, and libwe»or ho1 may feel Inclined to B* nanr rushes, he will ussureiily return 10 ? u'u property us occasion may serve,— Oueni Wt-l Advriiter. ♦„,. ?»uuiNB Disc. vE*ttB3.— Mr. Domes, tho ?iliiBbioagkt to light roino utranuo rcics m 1 njrrors ut war. Globe by the ruins ?r-ul, (vtaiice the brid^o stnrted to lh-i north ? wdiscoveicd at the bottom of the harbour, ?''y of firld-art llcry, horses, men, aw\ all VSlnl in the hiirno'e, and with iheir ?ions f-st lianfjlnt; lordlier in thi- netwo k mwr. Hu h,s fished up live field -jiicccs ? mo howinois They »ro filled with mud, ?'yean toon be m»te fit for Woolwich ?*ooj of tho cur liapca utterly do ?'.oyihe teiedonuvulis, or whativ.;r it is ?» lives on 'bucIi hard Inro or in such barn ?'?as the best old onk alFords. On Ihe ?''Uufonuof tbe lioisaa there were tlio Wot aut ivcr held together .by tho rags of ?mfoira, and with his foot (till in the _r', VMS TO BB DOME WITH SebUTH'OI, ? — ?ielcitera Inim ^1. I'cturslurr; stute-lliut ?'eminent isnot.dis|0seit.lor the present to ? -n; Rical expensu lor Ilio rrbuildiui; of ?'opol, which has lost ull .nnportunco a* a ?'? harbour, and never hud aiiytmporiHiiro Vnui trial poit. 'Iho utmost ilut will bo ?-'i9sa.d, will be ic cncourHRj owners ol V(-lwcllini-E to rebuild hibitaii-ns. by ex H'itlioiu from ground r. in and other tnxes Hjj'givon nuiutrr of yo.iii. It huH boon Kit items that the allied ships uro to be VM to ontor the I arbuur, in order to fncili K'cxpoditu iho tmbarKu ion of men and K'1 Whon the. allies hiivo departed the ?'?i will ship their material lor Odessa and ?'(|r.anJ recourse will bo Iml to 'foreign V-oiisli up tha gtis8and rcauhinrry sank