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Police Ofiice.

Saturday, May 6. - Before the Police Magistrate.

Rowland IJandcock was apprehended on sus picion of being absent from his District and was discharged. ' ' '. Charles Mills and George Snill were brought up on a charge of larceny, but were discharged on trivins- bail to the amount of £50' each, to appear

at the Police Office, when called on. ' Monday, May 8. John Cotton pleaded guilty to the charge of drunkenness, and it being a repeated offence, he was fined £2, or seventy-two hours, in the cells. On leaving the dock, John muttered to himself, ' being short of tin, I must sweat it out.' John Burns pleaded guilty to the charge of having taken a drop of the cratur, and was mulcted in ten shillings, or 24 hours cogitation. Bridgct.M' Court was charged With robbery and committed to take her trial for the offence. Tuesday, May 9.. Eliza Grant was found guilty of a misdemeanour, and remanded in order to procure bail for her good behaviour, either by two sureties in £10 each, or one in £20. David Thompson was charged with drunkenness, fined twenty shillings or forty-eight hours in the cells. Mary Davidson, Ann Walsh, Henry Smith and Eliza M'Gowan, for the same offence, was fined ten shillings each, or the bread and water dose for 24 hours. Peter M'Gluskcy was charged with an assault and rescue, and being found guilty, was sentenced to pay a fine of £2 and seven shillings and six pence costs ; or to enjoy the pleasure of a residence of one month in the gaol. Thomas Phillips had been apprehended on sus picion of being absent from his District, and was i emanded for an answer from the Principal Super intendant of Convicts.

Book Sale. — On Wednesday last, pur suant to advertisement, Mr. Sloman held a Sale of Books. The attendance at the Sale was much larger than any we have witnessed in Bathurst for a long time past, and the prices realized indicated that literature is at a premium, and that the inha bitants of Bathurst are a reading community. The bidding throughout was most spirited, and the competition for some of the works astonishing. The Sale was adjourned at sunset until the next day ; and after an excellent sale which lasted through that day it was again adjourned to Friday.

Sale by Auction.- — We .call the atten tion of our readers to a sale which is to take place at Caleula, on Wednesday next, the 17th instant, by Mr. Sloman , comprising every, necessary article of -household- furniture, farming implements, 8sc. A lunch will be provided on the occasion. . Caves. — It is not generally known that there are caves near the head of the Fish River that are reported to be well worth while visiting; They are said to abound in beautiful stalactites and stalacmitic deposits; and also to be very spacious. They are about twelve miles beyond Mr. Charles Whalan's farm.               ? Bathurst Hospital.— It- will be seen by our advertising columns, that the annual meet ing: of this institution, is to take place, ? at Mrs. Black's inn, on Tuesday, the 16th instant, atone o'clock.1 We'-.; trust the meeting will be well at tended; and that the institution may meet with the support it deserves. Copper. — On Monday last a Meeting was held at Arthur's Inn, in this Town, to con sider the propriety of forming a Company to work the Copper Mine 6nMr. Clements' land. A Com mittee was appointed to inspect the Ore on the spot, and to consider the proposal of Mr. Clements, as to his 'Dish,' &c. They are to report on Friday next,- and we understand that a Public meeting of the Inhabitants will then be called, and their pulses felt, on the important, subject of the speculation. Considering the shortness and slightness of the notice given the meeting was numerously and most respectably attended, and' it appears probable that the affair will ' go-a-head. ? , Governors for South Australia and Pout Phillip. —The South Australian papers state that Captain Sturt is to be ,the new Governor of Australia Felix, but we rather think he will receive the appointment of South Australia. ' We have a private letter from Sydney in which it; is stated -that Sir Thomas Mitchell is, likely to get Port Phillip. We have little doubt that if the ap pointment was not promised, and Sir Thomas was anxious to obtain it, his influence with the Duke would be sufficient, coupled with his great claims to obtain the office. — Port Phillip Gazette. The Weather has been more changeable this than for many weeks previous. Saturday last was close and warm, but gradually .changed towards Sunday morning to moisture — being: cloudy and showery from the S. W. , but eventually cleared up in the afternoon and evening. Monday was remarkably clear and celubrious, the frost in the morning being perfectly white, and ice on standing water a quarter of an inch thick. Tues day morning was ushered in with a heavy fog, which cleared off about eight o'clock', and remained mild throughout the day. Wednesday morning, clear; loweied towards evening; showery in the distance. Thursday was dark and showery, bleak wind from the S.W. Yesterday remained the same, but on the whole not much rain has fallen ; which at this time is much needed to finish ploughing. Recently cultivated fields throughout the district looking well. Melancholy Accident.'; — On Sunday last an inquest was held on the body of a man generally known by the name of Jack Shea, and from the statements made before the jury, it appeared that on Saturday afternoon he was leav ing Bathurst with a bullock dray and a Mrs. Clarke was riding on the dray. Shortly after crossing the Vale Creek, at the fall near the ' Black Bull,' he made an attempt to jump upon' the shafts of the dray, and in so doing he laid his hand upon the shaft bullock, which immediately began to kick, and caused ! him to fall, he was kicked by the bullock aud the wheel of the dray passed over is loins. His master, (Mr. Goulding1,) was presently by his side, and upon being asked where he was hurt he said ' my head, my head.' He was im mediately put upon the dray which was taken to the yard of the Black Bull, and the Doctor fetched to him, but the poor fellow very shortly expired. The Jury, upon hearing the above statements, returned a verdict of accidental death. Appointment. — His Excellency the Go vernor has been pleased to appoint John Bowler, Esq., of Summer Hill, to be Ma gistrate of Molong. The Mauritius, — There is a rumour current that Mr. James Stephen, late Under Secretary for the Colonies, and now one of Her Majesty's Privy Councillors, is to be appointed Governor of the Mauritius in the room of Sir William Gomm. Steam Communication. — The following is extracted from the Times of 21st Decem ber : — ' Monthly Mails.— Mails will be made up for Medeira, the Cape of Good Hope, Sydney, and New Zealand, to be conveyed by Her Majesty's steamer Acheron. The postage on letters to Madeira will be Is. lOd. per half-ounce, and so on ; news papers 2d. each, which must be prepaid. Letters to the Cape of Good Hope, &c, Is. per half-ounce. No charge for Newspapers. Both must be specially addressed by ' Her Majesty's steamer Acheron.'1 The English Church. — The Bishop of Melbourne has obtained a grant of the land in front of the Prince of Wales Hotel, formerly used as the Hay anl Corn Market, as the site for a third Church in Melbourne of the English Episcopal communion. .The Earl of's death, and the dangerous illness of the Earl of Carlisle, are of somewhat more than personal inter est. -'Lord Sandon is a Peer, and Lord Morpeth probably on the eve of his eleva tion. The Marchioness of Ailsa died on the 3rd January, of Influenza, which has had many victims.