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THE WILD SCOTCHMAN. Referring to the liberation of the notorious Queensland highwayman known as the "Wild Scotchman," who a few years ago was sentenced to 25 years' penal servitude, the Rockhampton Bulletin says:   " The prisoner in this case had, we believe, served eight years of his sentence, and throughout had conducted himself in a most exemplary manner. When convicted he was a mere lad, and never manifested any vicious propensities until he began to read sensational novels recording the ex- ploits of highwaymen in the mother coun- try. This literature poisoned the young fellow's mind, and he deserted his parents, who have lived for many years in the Moreton Bay district, to lead the life of the 'jolly freebooter.' He committed many robberies under arms during his short criminal career, but, fortunately for himself, he never happened to take life. The judge, in passing sentence, stated that it was intended to have a deterrent effect, and was therefore heavier than the cir- cumstances of the crime proved might seem to warrant. The sentence had its effect, for we believe that bushranging has not since been heard of in the colony. The petitioners therefore urged that this was a case for the exercise of the Royal clemency, as well on the prisoner's own account as upon the account of his parents, who, being now aged and infirm, would be come a burden upon public charity if de- prived of the support of their only re- maining son. The old people prayed humbly for his release, and believed that he would henceforth prove not only duti- ful to them, but also a useful member of society. We understand the prayer of the petition was supported by the signa- tures of many members of both Houses of Parliament, and hence no doubt, the favourable consideration it has received from the Acting-Governor ."