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Wireless Changing Climate                

That the far-famed climate of Southern California is undergoing a change that will ultimately cause a complete reversal of form is the belief of climate experts who have been making a study of con- ditions on the Pacific Coast. These ex-  

perts declare the change is being caused by jolts of electric currents loose in the   atmosphere. This theory was recently expressed by Sir Oliver Lodge, the fam- ous English scientist. In this theory he   is joined by such men as Professor   Douglass, of the University of Arizona,   and Dr. William J. S. Lockyear, the   famous English astronomer. Following   that statement several Government   Weather Bureau sharps have been de- tailed to look into the matter. Ac- cording to the theory advanced by Sir Oliver, the uncounted currents of electri- city passing through the air from hun- dreds of wireless stations all along the Pacific Coast, as well as the influence of the electricity that leaks into the air     from the thousands of wires used for   domestic and industrial purposes on the coast, are slowly creating new atmos- pheric conditions.