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To Captain Grey, of the Ship Queen

April 22nd 1853  

"Wo, tho second cabin pnssongcrs of tho gooi shin Quocn (which you so ably command), bavlnr ?so happily arrirbd nt our destination-Australia, -fool wu cannot satisfactorily sopnrnto witlioul sonic passing rocord of tlio morey of Him who, ir '* ruling tho whirlwind and guiding tho storm," hath so .providentially conferred upon us (at sen] tho blessings of moderato woathor, so contributive to our comfort and health, and our exomptior ¿rom incidental dongor, discaso, or premature


And tinco it has pleased tho Almighty, tho groat .disposer of events, ? in His infinite . wisdom ami .goodness to maka you Instrumental in <upoit and during tho piiBsago through tho impend- ing peril* of tho restless deep, wo beg to toatify in ? -return our high estimation of your zeal, prudence,

.and. nnutioal skill, displayed throughout in tba , ¿ -active, and onorgotio uisohui'go of your arduous

-and incessant duties.

Accept, thoroforo, our warm regard and honrty ^ "- axsniuintiraiicu ; mid bo assured also of our kimi " ' ' -wishes for your health, happiness, and prosperltj

'in this life, ami of our anxious hopo and prnyoi "Xor your eternal wolfuro hereafter.

Alfrod Cowdroy, wifo, Mrs. W. Whitlow

and family George* Williams "William Wntkln Mrs. G. Whitlow

?F. J. Gilos Edwin Ba nt ley, wife, .J'. Uegg and family Edmund Croggon W. Dawson S,.- Archibald afiiblo ll. Korss

W. Craig Charles it. Joyrlt

Wm. Coytor Gustavus U, Weight, Thomas Shoro 0. E.

Alcxnndur llorthwidk Thomns Cnrrlok Jiiohard (¡ri ni os 1\ Dawson

.John liing Louisa S. Dawson Jatuau Olimos Ccoolia Duwsoii Isaac Auoloston Potor Burrett .Atino Grimes John Sladen

William Matscll Johu 0. Parry Harriet Matsoll Georg o Smith William Challis William Smith

J?. U. liurnott Otorgo Krinond

.ii Vuckwald Thomas Dromllow .Edward Wldto lt. D. Paterson .Isaac Simpson S. U. Cowdroy Sarah, l-Yniikot T. ll. Cowdroy trillium' U. Urnïcndalo C. 1). Cowdroy tv. Matsoll . Kdwnrd Jonoa

.Margaret DompBtor lt. Grogson, for self mid -Mary, Fail-hurst five children Ooo"; Tongo James Ulli

-Jo«. Thorloy Alfred Johnson Elisabeth Fa lr hurst John Scott

.Mary'E. l-'onby , Jamos Smith

.Hobart Lindsay . George Stokes Jolui IV. Cowdroy Henry Parker

-Mary Jane Parker

Ship Tho Queen,

sard April, isca. ' To tho Clontlomon of tho Second Cabin.

Gentlemen-1 thank you most heartily for tho .very handiomo address with which you havoipro nentud ino, and when 1 say I nm luuoh gratified, 1 <ß3cl it is n faoblu way of expressing myself.

Vour oompllmont to my professional skill is but 'too Haltering i I valuo it highly, und hopo it will over bo to ma a stimulus to future exertion.

Let ma also join you in hearty and sincero tliauks to Almighty God for tho mild and favour

-ablu. woathor which ha was pleased to grant us ¡ I -assuviug you 0f ,ny porsonnl rognrd, onoli and all S*X?u, trusting that in this laud of promiso tho .»Meat wishes of your hearts may bo rualliod i and jiraviug that In tho lifo to como you may enjoy «uwíastlug follolty. Hollow mo, my dear friends.

Your moat sincero nud obliged, ?

a» Alirod Cowdroy, Esu, Ac, dtc.A' 01<AY#

The Freak arri red yesterday, from Hongkong, bringing a large cargo of teas. Th« Itajaithan,

Eleanor, and Susan, aro reported na loading for.

these colonies. The Arabia sailed for Hobart

Town on tho 13th February, whcnco she will rc tura to this port,'

The Fawn lin» had rory rough-weather,- having oxporionccd very heavy gales from tho W.N.W. and W.8.W. Sho has been off tho Heads sinco

.tho 1st. instant,.and. onrriod. away, some of-hor.

sails, when she was driven out to sea. Her cargo consists of 100 tons oonls, 00 bales wool, 3 bundles skins, 0 casks tallow, 3 cases sundries. Tho Jack, and Palermo, arrived on tho 23rd, and a barque, name unknown, on tho 25th ultimo. .'' '

Tho following goods per Panthca, .consigned to Augustus Droutlcr, wore omitted in our report of that vossol'a imports :-23 hogshoads shorry, 7 quarter-casks ditto, S cases champagne,; 5 casks bottled brandy. - . ; . , . >. .

ARRIVED AT MORETON BAY.-Florentia, barque, 453 tons, T.H. Banks, from Plymouth November   22nd. Passengers-Dr. Clegg, surgeon-superin- tendent, and 245 immigrants. The Florentia, has had a tedious passage of a hundred and fifty three days, from Plymouth, and had to call at Hobart Town for provisions, where some of her seamen absconded. The Florentia brings 245 immigrants, who are reported healthy by the Health Officer. There are 43 married couples, comprising 36 agricultural labourers, 4 gardeners, 1 mason, 1 herdsman, 1 shepherd, 2 smiths, 1 tailor, 2 carpenters, and 1 plasterer : 9 single men, viz., 8 agricultural labourers, and 1 schoolmaster ; and 64 single women, viz., 62 domestic servants, and 2 sempstresses. There were, 12 births, and 17 deaths during the voyage, the latter being 5 adults and 12 children. The Florentia is ballasted with coal.

ERRATA.-Tho goods to AV. King, in tho Nestor,

should havo been 5 cases piano-fortes ; tho con-. signmcnts to J. Filloit, in Panthca, should havo been 8 cases boots and shoos.