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The firm of Anthony Hordern and Sons consists of one person only. Mr. Samuel Hordern is the sole proprietor of the immense business conducted under the name of Anthony Hordern and Sons. At the lowest estimate it has been yielding for some years past a net profit of considerably more than £100,000 per annum. This, of course, is only a portion of Mr. Hordern's revenues, for he has, in addition, a large income from Government investments and from real estate. During the last ten years he has been steadily buying up city pro- perties. In the neighbourhood of his vast emporium he has secured many thousands of pounds worth ; in fact, he has there an enormous solid block. The belief is that a great part of this will be used for the exten- sion of his warehouses and shops, and what the area of those will be ten years hence it is difficult to imagine. At present his busi- ness could be floated very easily for two millions sterling, and in ten years, if it should continue to progress as it has done during the last five years, its value may be five millions. Report says that he is ambiti- ous of leaving each of his children (he has eight of them), when he dies, a million sterling. Certainly that ambition seems quite capable of realisation. And yet there are some people who profess to believe that New South Wales as a place to make for- tunes in is played out.. The fact is that in this respect it is only at tho beginning of its history. _L