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The Tichborne. mystery still provides newspaper 'Copy, bnt hardly any sensational developments. -There', are.-a-certain number of people who insist

"itt identif^ng Winiam preeswell with .the Josi Sir Boger, bnt 'the chief person interested. Cresswell himself, denies that , there ,is the slightest connec- tion. When,.the. Tenderfoot went into .the Wild . West bar and asked, for claret, the bar tender

told him he wanted whiekey, and forced; him to ?acknowledge it so at the point of the piatol, whiskey.being tho only liquor on hand, .'tit looks as though certain people were similarly insisting in regard to William .Cresswell's identity. . He tells them he isn't Sir Roger ; they tell him he is, and when he repudiates Sir Roger for all he is . worth, they touch his forehead with the pistol of

¡their reproaches, saying " Ton are mad, friend yon arc Sir Roger." On Monday this, claimant, against his will, was examined before , the Gom . mission appointed to inquire into his identity, and - he answered the various questions put him in a

manner which, for brevity and lucid promptness,

could not have been excelled.

Mr. Anderson : Would yon mind telling me yonr


Cresswell : My name is Wm. Cresswell. .

Can you remember the ship yon came but in ?? I came out in the Maid of Indah. .

Do yon remember the time yon came out ? -

I came out in'64. M . , . - In'54? V . . , I think so.

Did yon come for. business at that time, or for ?pleasure? :: ?. . i

I came to these colonies to bring them home. I don't want to tell yon my business. ?. ¡ .? . k Do yon remember any cattle on the ehip ? . , .

. Oh! Ido.

Who were they bringing them to 1

They were brought to Sydney. ? Do you remember Mr. Kite, of Bathurst ?


Do yon.remember if> it was to him yon were bringing the cattle Î

There were some cattle in the Maid of Indah. . Were yon in charge of them I

Yes ; I brought them to Sydney. : ' v That waa the whole of the examination ; and looking at it even briefly, it ia easy to see that it leaves the Commission, just where it was before Cresswell was dragged from the Parramatta Asylum. It certainly doesn't prove him to be the missing baronet nor, for that matter, does anything'that has happened. And even so, were Cresswell forced to be. Sir Roger to-morrow, it would make not a parthleof difference.. As for the princely estates, the coveting of which sent Arthur Orton to gaol, they passed from him long ago, being settled on a branch family by Act of - Parliament. Sp far aa the: law is concerned, Sir

Roger Tichborne is dead, and no.human power can ever bring him to life again.