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rvxam Compañía«.



To be Registered under the Limited Liability Act

Capital * £40,000, In 40 000 Share« of £1 each,

30,000 of which ara held by the prêtent proprietary,

and 10,000 offered to the publia on the fullowiug

teran, tiz.'

Si per Share on Application, and Sa. on Allotment,

The balance of 2d Od ii* call» of not more thin Od per

?hare, at Interval» ol not less than ono month

Tho 10,000 shares are i mu ed as paid up to 12«. Od ,

and tho amount realised by tho aale Is to be devoted entirely to tho purchase ond erection o machinery, ana other necessary expense«.

PROVISIONAL DIRECTORS 7 E. Tonkin, M LA J O M Sharp, L S J J Ho ter taon, L.i> D K Inglis, Esq

A H, Gregor), tsq F B Kenn), Fsq

William Thginpson, Esq


The Bank of hew South Wales

SOLICITOR \\. J Fergusson


Burrel), Shaw, ard Co, 130 Pitt street, Sydnej

fclevens and Dixon, *>2 Colima street went, liol


The property Ia situated at Lode hill near Mount til ten el I, aboutis ml loa from the Glencoe rail» av ?tatton, ¿Sen Soutn Wale« and consists of two 40 asro blocks held under mineral leaBo Nos 20J and 20b The crotind has been thorouehl) prospected, nn 1 proved to ho rich in alluvial tin near.) the whola extent It Is also believed to contain su irai rlob tin lodts In fact there can bo little or no doubt about It as durhig tho prospecting for illu.ialtm larne blocks of \erj rich tin ore were co istanll)


It Is proposed to «oil the ground b) grounl sluicing, tho formation belüg j articulara alaptcd forthat purpose The c&jltd nquircd is foi tbo purpose of pumping material and pi pi nu' for the con \ejance of water on to Um "round the estimated distance the uater will have to be carried is li miler and the height about lOJft This height will cou

uland tho whole of tlio ground and, from tcporw made by two experienced mi til liff experta, will (utter tho water is on tho ground and tho claim placed in Vf arkins? order) return thu entire c pita, io tromtwc to three months It Is also estimated that there is j ears work in sight of u huthly payable thar-iutur In fact, tin is fourni irom the grass dow» in somo instances giving as much as 71b and bib weight oí

tin to the sho\ clful of dirt.

Tbls Is a bona ildo invcatii.out and tan be eonfl dontly recommended, tlio capital required being wholl) for tho purpose of placing tho mine in worl

ing order Ami as will bo aeon tlio present pro prletors aro nakina no catjh Xhc sharoa thit aro now placed upon the market as paid up to 12s (ki

His estimated that no call*will be required tobo made upon, as £"600 is the outsido estimate or all that is requisito to pUee tho proport) In a dividend pa) ing position , and contrit utiiif, shareholders will, initneai&te)) on allotment of «hare« boon the s tine footing with regard to di.Idends as tho full) ptid up


Plans, reports, and samplet ma) be Been at tho ottico of the brokeis »here all information will bu i,Ue»



** 25 torbes-atrcet, Darlington

? JtliNo\iuiU.rf lbS7 "To tho Lode hill Tin Sindícate

"Oontlemen,-Asper requit 1 heiewith furnish nay report oit a tin property whkh 1 ha.e i

and prospected, with two men and ni)self, for slv


* The proport) consists of two 40 acre Wool s of alluvial tin ground, situated at J t dt. hill, al out 1Î miles trom Glencoe rail wa) fetation _J milts from ulan Innes, and about three miles fiom Mount Mitchell, in tho hew Emjand district, and held under

mineral lease.

** Somo work has been üono on the ground from time to time by fossickers, an I several holcssuuk upon tho tin nash, but as water was available in the ruinv Beasononl), the) could not worl tlio grounl con tlnuousl) A good man) holes were sutikotcrun area of about three acres, but none of them I think were bottomed, thu wore working for the tin on the falto bottom and surface .Nothing lias been done In a mining- like manner

*' One part) cotnmcuccd to strip a paddock, but did not bottom the same Ihev wheeled out about GO loads of surface dirt, which I find bj prospecting with the tin dist, will p-i) well for ground slulcln,,, tu i washed from SO to SO d iii ils atid never hud kts than an ounce to the dish and often more I also prospected the surface a lark» urea with about tbe samo results (dom ono to three ounces to the dish) and 1 tinah believe all the surfacowill pay handbomcly for »round »liilcim.

' There is a swamp in ono of tho blocks from CO to SO jafds wide lu place», the head of a small creek or watercourse, whieh runs rlfcht from one boundary to within a few jar Is of thu other I pal 1 particular attention to tnN pla^o also on the sidliig of the hill I put an 0[ an outline up through thin swamp ilvo chains in Ieii"th and obtained t,oad tin nearly all the wa) up lu« depth of tho c.rou»d in this place in Hit., and bottomed This I coiMdcr, is the only place bottomed on tho swamp ¡samples of the tin taken from this place b> Mr Alfred Chapple ruining engineer and t \pert eau bo seen at tne office of Messrs lonkin and Qupplc

" 1 also put an open cutting in the lilli about threo chains in length, through good p-.) able tin dirt all the wa) This ground is oui) bot to m »d in one place. At tho end of this cutting I carno across some \er> rloh pipccla\ dirt, which greatly enhances the íaluo of the proport) Itilrt) small buckets wera tai cn out and washed In Mr Chapple a presence 'J ho tin can be taon at tho ollicu and i am certain that one third of tho tin went away with tho tailings, on account of thu bid appliance we had for washing I gathered up in tho race from 1011» to 121b weight of tin which plainly shows there must have been a lot lost, lhis pipeclay washdirt has been traced a L,ood distance in a norther)) direction, also a greater distance castcrl), und t am of opinion that lark o quantities ot tills washdirt will be found on tho hillside and tho crown of the hill Irrespect!.e ot this 1 consider all the ground, from tho trass down, wilt pa) haud omcly for Lround sluicing

Mr Chapple had taken out duringhissta) at Lode hVl, and by his own direction, somo lb or 20 pros peet«, and washed In his presence lhosamo cm bo

seen at their office

* I also crossed bo\eral small leaden earning tin Out of ono of theso I washed fulh 1 'lbs. weight of tin ort, to the dish, and also obtained eomo good sped mens which can also be seen at tjic ollicu and I bo lie.e thntin working this L,rouud good tin lodts will

be discovered

Ihe wurKing of tho alluvial must be hy ground fluid ti it A suppl) of water can le obtained from the Mitchell River, a dlstanco of 1 milo and 65


'I estimate the cost, not to exceed £2uQ0, to put the mino In full working order

'A tall race has alroud) been cut close to the com pan) s bounda), 7ft deep , by cleaning up this rae o and dccpoulng the same It will bottom the ground, and ha, o a fall of 160ft In half a milo, whuro there is ampio room for tailing« for ait) lo net h of time

. The minc can also bo wotued b> a tew men, and with ver) little expense

' In concluaiou, I have no hesitation In stating, when the water is brought on the ground, there is a very large quintit) of pa) able dirt available that will take a considerable timo to work, and with plenty of water, I consider that handsome dH.dunda will bo regularly returned

*'I remain, ^ oura truly,

..JOHN WILLs, Mining Manager "

A largo number of the shares to be allotted to the public have been applied for in Sydney iarly application b) intending In,tutors is thcrcforo necea tar). The shares Mill bo atlotted according to priority of application

SiLVLNS and DIXON, Melbourne Brokers to the

company, Oa Lincoln chambers. Si Collins


CAPITAL, £200,000, in 100,000 SHARES OF £2 EACH

Of which £1 only is to be called up payable 5s. on  

application, 5s. on allotment, and the remaining 10s. per share three months after date of allot-



John O rice, Esq (director ol the National Bank

of Australasia), Leighwood, Toora)

James Robertson, Esq, J 1' (of Jandra Station,

hii\\ ), lato ol Aberfeldie, Essendon

John Turnbull, Esq , Lansdowne Station, Tambo,


John Mooro Highett, Ebq , MI', Williams road,


Robert Smith, Esq (of Messrs Oliver, Smith, and

Co., Isis Downs, Queensland), Charnwood- crescent, St Kilda.

W. Oliver, Esq. (of Messrs Oliver Smith, and Co.,  

Isis Downs, Queensland), The Bungalow, Queenscliff.      

Da* id Elder, Esq (Manager of the how Zealand

Loan and Mercantile Ageno) Co , Melbourno), Rcmuora, Essendon


Trustees, Exooutors and A^oucy Company

Limited, IS Queen street, Melbourne

DAN h Ulta

.National Bank of Australasia

BROKERS Wni. Noall

J B U ure and Son


lames Miller fal CKBTAKi

W S. Bud er, 75 Chaucer) lane, Melbourne

This company is formed to purchase the well

known station called Portland Downs situated on Barcoo River (to which it has a frontage of 40 miles), in the Mitchell District of Queensland.

The station comprises a total area of 350,480 acres —consisting ot 284,640 acres leasehold held under lease for 21 years from the Queensland Government, and 115,840 acres resumed held under occupation license, both with compensation for improvements as tenants by lease or license as provided under the Queensland Land Act of 1884.

This station, which is ono of H not the best In Western Queensland, isfa\ourabl) situated for the carriage of the wool from the station to Rockhampton (the port of shipment) the cost of carrying to ships fide, Rockhampton, being £8 12s Od per ton (¡<i per lb ), the freight from Rockhampton to London being

the Bame as from Melbourne to London

The price to be paid for the station and stock Is £100 000 payable £40 000 In cash JLOO.O'H) In shares paid up to £1, and the balance of £00 000 b\ deben turcs of thu company at live ¿ears date carrying Interest at the rate of 0 por cent per annum pa) able half jcarly and secured over the station mid stock

Tho vendor« will Uko 00 000 shares as part pn\ mont of the purchasu mono), and the whola of thu debentures, and will guarantee a dividend of ton (10) percent per annum for four (4) \ ears, lading with the directors SO 000 shares paid up to i.1 each as securit) for tho duo pa) mont of such dividend«.

The stock now depasturing on tliti station coin prlsos 141twOS sheep (of which 03,074 mo breeding ewos), 130 tattle, and 157 horses

The directors, after in>citIc.atlon oitlmato that for tho j car ending Bist December, 18SS tho wool clip will agLrcguto *>,000 bales, and that 60 000 lambs will be marked , the net result, t h ore fore, of tho y tarn operation*, after making a liberal allowance for worl

Ingcxpenstfs will amount to £17,000, or equal to a i return of 1741'0*"CUIlt üa tllt] paid up capital

Theatatlou lu full) Imurovcd b> fencing and Is alio ' permanent!) and abundantly watered In all parts bv K> tanks and dams of from ¿000 to ?0.OUO yards each, and never falling natural waterholes and lagoons. In addition to having 40 miles frontago to the best watured p«rtt of thu liarcoo Uiver, it liusalsoa double fro itsfco ol 2 milos to tho Four Mile, and ¿2 miles to tho Wild Homo Creeks also, double frontage to the Six Mile, Barnstaple Cleanskin, Oak I lampton, and other well watered crook» These being soweit dis trlbuted, render Portland Downs ono of tho best watered runs In Queensland, and It Is reckoned that tho total earning capaclt) is equal to atout lÖüoOO itieep lu ordinary seasons

The share Hit will close Monda), March 10.

Pabilo compMUec*

Harrier It m gc a, N s W.

To be Eeglitered In Victoria tinder Part IV of the

lilli i get Companies Aet IS71, Providing * for No Ltabllln


Comprising bis Blocks of 40 Acres Each

Title-Lease from the Crown, recognlied by the

Milling Department, and deeds ihortlj

rcad> for issue.

CAPITAL £100,000,

In 20 000 Shares of £6 hach

Issued with hi 10s paid up 4000 shares offered at

£2 10s each , £1 on application,

£Í10s on allotment

£10,000 to Credit (Leis Brokerage)


Hon Heno G°ro, M L C.

deo Lansell, Lsq, bond hurst

K D Oswald, fcaq , J P, Maldon

J Dont«hy, Lsq , al L.A , Geelong1 a A ninff, Major of Silverton J H olson, Kiq , Melbourne

A W. Harston fci>q , 1 P , Chancery lane W M t elton, teq , I.P , Metbourue W D Reid. Ksq . Adelaide J M Hiebott, M LA


Bank of Australasia.


Bia! e and Ritual!, Melbourne

h W fa pa in, faecictarj, 0-' Fl I uti era lane west,



Joseph Thomson, Stock h xchange, Melbourne Allen -wid Wriulii, Adi laido

Before submit Une tho property to the pubho it has been tliu desire of the Yendon to thoroui,hij test its capabilities und with a view to estimate its per mancnev with some deereo of aeeuracj, development has been proceeded «1th at a cost c\ceeding ¿1200 resulting ni a displnv of Immediately availabiu re sources suffiulng to ainph justify the assertion Nut its value hid boen established bj the work done,

In evidence of such belief it Is submitted that the v (.udora malo no provisions for participât lim; in iiiouoj s derivable from the public, but deeming tho worth of the property to be decisive.) proved, and feeling coiilldeut that sucoess «ill -usurcdlx and almost immediately follow operations thev Imvo re Bolt ed to pi ice tho proceeds of balo of tho ahur c9 no« offered to the credit ol tho compuij ami abstain from ull bcnellt ottitr than that derivable from tho working of the mino , call« bein« regarded as too re moto to need considt ration but should auj couth. f;cnoy arise (which In notât all probable) nécessitât

rig capital bcitttr opurattd upon the intimst of the vendors will hu »like liable thereto g

A uiagiiillccnt site t\lt.ts for conserving water and It Is proved be) ond doubt bj tho work* of the Mount hu now le Cosmopolitan, Lad\ Don mil other com panics that the lodes contain water in ample quantity for operating purposes

The propo»od extension of tho proscnt tram lino from Silverton to rurlowic «lil pass within avcrv short distance of the mine, and carriage to Ports Ade

laido and Pino nil) be reduced to about ¿.2 per

anas of the .... .......

Wau karoo Held, and is held in the hinlieft estimation, consequent upon the reports of experts «ho have been bpiclallv depute 1 to mal c fn«pertioii at repre sciitattvcs of intending shareholders in Victoria, ¡south Australia, and No« *-outh Wales

Re lililí of progress nm 1t gathered from tho ap pended reports and émanai ing as thev do from nu questionable ability and imasmlahlo lutcgrltv, it maj be conlidcntlv anticipated that treatment of the ore no v at "rass « ill e\ Piituato hi the propcrr) command* I nt; i Lco0iittion au out of the premier tin claims of the toloiij

Writing under date ¿uth tehruarv, Mr, C II Wilson manager of the Umberumberka fcilvcr Lead Mining Compam, reports -

To the Proprietors Wankaroo Tin Proprietary


Gentlemen,-Acting under vour Instructional have \isltcd and enrcfullj examined jour propcrtj, and now respectful!) submit the folio« imr report -

U is situated in the Wankaroo paddock, and _._.

BÎsti ot six blocks of 40 aeres each, bein? surveyed portions 1, J <i -1, û, and ti

A largo number of lodes can bo traced th rou «ii >our proper t\ bearing north und south and under IjiiiL'ca-u The outcrops aro bold and continuous, and seem vcrj regular

lïloclt No ¿-A ¡.baft has been sunk on the lode, and, at the time of my visit, it «a» d >«n I ti it, with a \crv i;ood or» showing lho uvera.o width of tlio lode is 4ft, and lu tons of ure corrj ing a high por contado of oxide of tin hine bien raised

No 4 llloel -A shaft, I na« n as the Central Phaft, has been euuk to a tJeptli ot ü.tt Hie lodu dips Hu in IO and at the bottom Ita; pcus to be uearlt vert i

col The width of the lode h lulu , -o tonn of rich ore uru staclurt ntar tho mouth« t the shaft A.crtlcal shaft hat been sunk 10 ft deep south of the Centr d shaft. At 50ft, a shoot of rich ore vi as met « ith, and a dmr* «as | nt In _01t A coi tee nintr pit has been sunk within ¿ort of theshaft on another rich shoot, from which 0 tans of ore of "ood qualltj have been


aNo fi niocl -\ shaft Ins been sunk 23ft Tlio lode averagos Uin in width and contain? ore of a hi^h character of which ei^ht tons hav e been raised

A number of other lode** traverse vour jropcrtv, but thej have not been opened un, with the exo-p tion of an immciibe outcrop which has bien exjoned bj cobtcun trent lies, and proved to err) oudo of


In conclusion, I consider that jon hav o

thoroughly ¡rood propertv, and tho large amount of work clone proves the lodes tobet cr} rich, au 11 eau reeommend this proper!) to the public as a sound


I oin, gentlemen \ourstrul),

CIIA^ II WILSON, U S L. Lo Limited

To tho Proprietors WuuUrooTIn Proprietary

Compauj Gentlome*,,

Acting according to jour Initriictionp, I luve visited and fully Inspected the Waularoo Tin fr prleUrv Company s blocks, at the V. nultaruo Pw

dock and lind tho mino consists of six blocks uf 40 acres each-Nos 1 J J, J, 0, mid U, total, 210


There aro numerouiand distinct lodes cropping out at surface, which have generally a north aiid south bcarlnif and running Ihrouvh tliu propcrtj

Considerable work has been done in coatcenlmr but what pleaBcd me most was tho real development in shaft sinking

On-No j block they wero sinking a shaft which I found to be lift duop, with au average lode of 4ft. wide, with L,ood walls andan ovl lenco of the rieh ness of the lodo in this shaft is to be seen by the 10 tons of very rich tin stone it surface, brakou in sink In? saino

On No 4 block tlio central shaft Is sunk CfL, tho lode bein ' a recular one Hin wide, with about -S tons of broken oro on top, containing line L,raiu oxide of tin of good niialltj

lowutds the north weat ei lo ot \o 4 block Is one of the largest lodes on the pioperty, und of a wes tori j character, on which a vertical eiuft lus Ken sunk 100ft Within a few feet of the topof this abattis also sunk an open cutilnir on a Fhoov of ore from which has ocou broken eU tons of tin stone, of a high purcentiga of oxide of tin, and which 1» still cquatlj rich In bleht at tit. de up, and about 60ft deep in tim Bhalta second shoot occurs, quite as valuiblc, and from which another six tons have hocn brortet, mid are at surface lho underlfo of thU lodo is about 1ft in Mt., and the shaft hclti,r perpendicular, the lode passes to tho cast u little below the depth uf

50 rt

The shaft on No 0 block Is CO't deep, with lode

All the tin oro is of a vorv comrciiial class contain lae all the clements of a true- tin bearing stone

Hie many pointe on the propcrtj in whhh tin stuff lias been found of (rood qualin is a presumption that U is well worthj ol invcBUneiittoiutlj dmolupit, and I recommend that j ou sink tim v urtiial shaft at lease 100ft deeper, and then drlvo crosuuta to prove tlio lodes In this locality 1 also ndvisn to continue slnl

i nar tho shaft on Nu ! block to a c.ood depth, and to fulh prospect the mau) lodes on which no «oik has

been done

In conclusion, j ou possess a larjro and Important propertj for ininins, whit h wlthpropcrdevilopmeiit, promises to bocomu a sato investment for capital

1 remain, ircutlcmcn,

^our* tntl.,


Manager of the \ ietorj Tin Mines,

hurlowle, N s,\\

Vieîori Tin aline-, Euriowie, leb -J, 1SS3.

Report of awj b\ Mr Um 1)1 1, of the Di\ Dream Companj -' lhc*-vnploof tin oro from the Woutaroo Proprlctarv s Minc falrlj represeiiti the bulk, and thu result Is - lui o\ide IsO per tent ,

metallic) tin 1U

Asiay bj I li laucctt, Silverton -"öl percent

metadlo tin

ABsava by Mr Lverard Uro« no. Broken hill - "fvo 1 Rumple, 41 per cent mutallu tin 1\q j sample, 23 jnr cent meUlilü tin, No. J sample, H

percent, mctalliotin_ _ rrxr t u i h j», .ah« t i n if

PROVISIONAL DIUtCTOns | Russell Barton, I si., W li Mackenzie Esq

BANKFUS I London Chartered Hank, Pitt street '

AKCIUILCIS , Eheerln and Ucnnjassoj |

SOLICITOR. V. W. Bill) ard, Ksq

This company will bo formed on tho lines of the Chancery luno Safe Deposit Companv, of london,

and other kindred Institutions In Ltie,laml and ' America, for the purpoio of providlrnr fo' tho public au nbtolutalv s cure, but inexpensive, dcposltorj far title deeds, fccnp. jowollerj, cash boxes, and valuables of incrj description, b\ ino ins of >iroproof Safes, of various ulitis immovublv fixed In lire and burglar proof vaults, and for taking charge of plato chusts, «ills, and other private documents or valuable eileen lho bafe Deposit Otilios und \altlti will bo constructed upon tho boat principles that mo lorn science and skill tan deviicfor making tin ni aNo lutclv Aro and burglai proof lho strong rooms or vaults lu which the small lire proof catos are ll\ed will be const ruo ted of concreto of f,rcat thUkneas, lined with hcavj boiler plate, with a eoiublnatlcii of


Tho doon will bo of enormous proportion» and wolj.lit, and will each bo fitted with u meehaidcal clockwork arranrfomeut, whlth only pirmltsol tholr being opened at flin purtluular time at which tlio

clockwork lock inav bo sot

The vaults will bo built on columns, and will ho entirclv Isulntod havlni, ])atrols or corridors around, over, and under then, so that both bv dav and bj night tho armed watchmen on dutv will march around

them making It utterlj Impossible foranjouo to ap , proach thom unolmurvcd I

The deposit will Lo divided Into four distinct rooms three sut apart for safes of various sizes, Pach loom «hen llttc I, will contain Hk.4 nile«, miling In siro (rout bj d_Ui bj .(Jin to Uli) by 11.In hy " AiuouK tho advantaRo» of auch a deposit mty bo uientiouod Its absoluto securitv and Boorecj Ijich runtei «111 have uboparatu safe, and will be possessed ol the onlj I o> of It lu existence, so that ho alone ha» tho menus of access tlio ruto lu addition, the manager will havoanothci I ej, willoh will shoot a steel plata across the lev hole of the renter a look, tims necessitating tho cooperation o! both the rt'iitei e and the compau) s kev » beforo access can bo obtained to the «ufe ..... ». j

Prospectuses, forms of application for iharoi and other Information inav bo obtained from clthar of the provisional dlreotora or from

J. \\ CLIFK.Ksq, Acting Scorctarj. Foti office chambers, Pitt street

Public CSmpsuilcs.


Barrier Ranees,

New South >\alei

To be Registered as a No Liability Company.


£80 000, In £0 000 SHARES of ONE POUND EACH, 40,000 of which ore Issued paid up to 15s per share,

and retained bj the present proprietors in part pay* mont for the propert)

25,000 issued as paid up to 12e Rd aro now offered

on pa) ment of Is on application, Is Od on allot

111,000 reserved for future issue at such price *»nd on

such condition* as the shareholders at a general or special meeting ma) determine

£2000 clear of all charges to be paid to tho credit of

the oompaii), the present proprietors nay in if all expenses, Including broktrage and the re iris tra tlon of the company

PROW5IONAL DIRECTORS John Danks, £,q, I P. J Holtom, hsq . f P. John Me>er, Esq

T Peters, * nq , II» J Eadçe, L«q , M E


Bank of Australasia


A D Hodgson, Usq

SECRETARY PRO TEM : Chas Medcalf, Bank place.


John Brittain, Lincoln chambers, 32 Collins street

The propertv proposed to be acquired and worked by this compatit consists of Block No 176 In the parUh of ¡stephen, joining np to the "Hidden beeret ' on the south, and tho " beni on the east

Mr A \\ Wilier large.) interested in the dUtrht Ins just returned from a m «it of inspection to the mine, and reports is follows -

1 have to report on inv return from a visit of in spcctlou to ) our lease at the Harrier Langesa» foi

lows -Last and lound, Survev No \7o Aroa 40 Acres -This claim adjoins and is bounded on the south bv the Hidden beeret on the cast b) the deni, and ou the west bv the Champion claims Six lodes traverso tlio claim all underlying onst into tim lease 1ho »haft has bren bunl about 20ft, and carries w lode about it thick, showing galena all thu w¡H down An u8*ay from istouc takon out ut the di pill of Uft )ielded at the rato of uOoz. ot silver per ton, and I hclicvo that as depth is attained tho lode will improve both in size md qmlit) Thora U au Imme me outcrop, nnd »ampi s taken from the cap of this lodu li ive given irom \¿o" to ¿Jo/ of allvci to thu ton Tho lode which the Hidden -Secret is now worlimr upon runs throu.h the eastern portion of thu Lost and tound A pleh tiiul supplv of good wutcr eau be obtained all tho vcar round from Stephen'* Creek The high opinion I have al wa) s held from m\ knowlcd^o of the claim of tho value of the Lott and hound, has not onl> been confirmed but strengthened omi is borne out b) tint of tlio best miners on the ground

Mr W G Gibbon, the well known a=sa)cr and mining repcrter.m) s -

'1 amiiA report of mt inspection of claim called LO'taud found,sunc) No 17n

' On tht4 block I found one shift about 12ft. neep, put dowu on three talent leads, oi strincs, which at the bottom comcrui au I became one so tarasí could judge the debil* haviuir tumbled in in such qitantir) as to pruvent an ictual insj ection, but thero eui bo no reasonable doubt of the fict Th^veiu seems to run towards a very largo outcrop, which rims into and through No 17' lids outoioplnw been broken into in several places on tho adjoining claim, and is of a ver) promising character, both for size und uualit) It contains a larc,u proportion rf e«os«ari) iron nrhoiiute of leid and copper ou ho surfact iii a quarts mitriv, and ac ord li j: to ill ex ])en nee t f biiuiKr outcrops «should cam an inipor tout and vultublu lodu hen« vtlt ihm of itself giv»h a valut, iu vnur claim, as indicating the ulmoct uti

doubted ccrtalnt) that a fccolj i)able lodi, will be

found when sunk on -\ours truW '


It is full) expected that the amount placed to tho credit of the coin pam will ho butlicicuc to open np the mine and prove it to he highly valuable and u pavinc, concurn, when tlio compaii) would be able to disposo of tho reserved ¡dures at a good premium for the purchase of machiner) nnd other purpose*, and thus prevent tho nece»aiu of the pnscnt iasuu being called upon for any further contributions

1 ho new branch of the Silverton Trauivvnv tom i pam when completed will, it Is bald, run within half 1 a mile of the claim, and &o largely icduce thu cost of


»hu comptn) will be considered formed as soo.

20,000 «hares have been applied for, and a meeting tailed to adopt articles o( association, elect directors,

and other busmen

Shares will be allotted according to priority of Bp



p n o t u


£»0,000, m 3° 000 rtpial shares of £2 10s Each,

To bt, issued as pild up to i.2

PROVISIONaT"~diu crolls \\ ilium Longbottom, Adel tide J S hold, Adelaide

Oui ar Our-cr, M U , adelaide.

I Murra) Smith, CM«, Melbourne. James M'Dougdll, MU bourn

I ANKHaS The Bank of Australasia

som non

It Homburg, I ri i, Adelaide

AU1.MJ hL.CUhlAU\ : Theo \o¿cs


Melbourne-H Lvrou Moore and M'Leod Adelaide--LI Karlbaum and Co Brol en lull-h N tharslov

Silverton^! \y, Duinelden^er

Tho object for which it is projioscd to form this coin pi ii), is to acquire bv pun limo from the v endors thu Mount Euriowie ¡south Hu mining Coiupaii) LimltoJ, ML Portion No ¡(7, pal Uli of B)jerkirnn, count) of Iorncll Luriowlo lui 1 Jeld Now South Walea coiitainini:an area of 00 acres or thereabouts held bv thu vendors under mineral baie No i 1J1 from the Government or New mjihIi ttale» an 1 io vi^oromly open up und work thu eat nu for titi and

other minerals

ino Urina of saleare particular!) sat forth in a co trad dated thu Dili day ot March lhiis nuds butvvc

the Mount 1 urlowlo **outh lin mining Lompanv limited, the vendors of the one pitt and Anthon) ¿kcoch I uthermpham, as tru-.toe lor the intended tompaiiv of thu oiiit-r-this being the only contract entend into between the p-irtio-», and which miy hu iuspictcd at Hie olllee of tho Mount t-ur.owle South Tin m'niuv Companv Limite I B) this agreement it i" inter iln provided that In coiiddenitioii of the allotment ireo of eoit to tho vendor compati), oí _fl 000 shares in this prowose i companv, paid up a ti t forth to x. ', a translcr of thu vendor comput) ? miniuir propert) and material will It. made, mich 20 0CO shares paid to ¿.J, being UK en in full pi)mciit


J he remaining OOGO shares aro off red to the public it je-, that is to b3) 2Us per share on application and JJs per «baroon allotment, mid the whole of the money thus subscribid 1 s*» brokerage und othei c\

teii-cs incidental to formation and incorporation will

o i laeed tu thiiuteJltof this proposed couipauv,to be devoted to the pureha«u of maelihierv andtliude velopuieut of tho j ropert) which it is proposed to ac jill te lu suth manner as ttie «hmholdcrs bv their directors, ma\ here ni ter dctnruuiie

It Is believed t) Iii« piovliioiul di rec ors that the amount io bo tim» acquired, \ L., i.1.! 000 will be uinplv sufficient for the purposes mentioned, buta further avalliblo capital of 10s per share, or in uti x10 000, is left at call, and In the ev eut of tho v. hole or nu) portion of this uncalled cipital beliiir here after needed, the whole cf the i'',0U0 sinus will rank allia und bu eipiullv liable to respect to am tails that mav I e made prov ided that iik h calls «hall not ut onu time u\eeed one bbilling per hture, nor bo made at shurter mtun als than une month

Hie propert) which it U propose! to nequiro id joins the LLlebrattii Mount Miuortie tin Corni anv a uiinu on the south, un I the vendor lompanv (apio prletfuy s)mie4t¿ of lO bhaic-1) wih brought luto «\istenco In September of list ) ear for the purpose of ]roRi)eitlng for Uu Mount Euriowh Companv s lode, which was suppose 1 lo traveiae the ground lhU worl h now completed , thu lodo is proved for the whole length ol tile j roportv, and tho pio^pects lv puac I ore ol a charm ter so tavourublu that ríie \

tit of thu propert) ui on the teiuis

Renardhu the prospects of tho prop rt) ind tho worl tint has been dnnu on it tim milling reponer of the Mh cr Ate willes as follows in Hut pipei of

Hu lath 1 uuriurt -

ltu Mount 1 urlovvie couth adjoins the Mount t-urinwle as tin name indicate« It consists of < blue, otto aeien, and itwm pc"g» I out I) \les>i

Diciesniid Hilton Soino time aiuco it was formed into u t<\udieut! uf j0 bhnies ant i eouslderallu amount ol inonuv lus been «peut in dew lo) big Um mound TliOMurf ico is ver> (Ut as Ucvidtmeed I») thy faet tint throughout tin whole luikth there is oui) an etc vat on on tin south end cf IG t and the uiuteit depression is »it-»bus -dt i* tho ibu at. 1 (all of the tsuriUM Ibu lodu Iias brun provod to traverse the unMo leni,th of the claim, ami although on the suriucu it, cimiot b»»ecn iium tliu hnnuwio watti idialt until thu list 10 vards of tlio noutn giouud iru leaehel, it auiln resumes its hoi i outnop and runs the Woo Um triumph, &c Al ont r> v aids itisulo th north 1 oundarv rikht in tlie bed of the crtel*. the continu atlon of tho lode was hrst foun I Ilion a ¡shaft wus startet and is now being bum!, It is down 4011, wah quito water to contend against without maehiutrv. It passed tl.rouj.ti thu lode at -lit, nnd so It Is intended to Blnk a little further, and then croshiut to ptovo the lodo westward oi tho shaft No J shaft ii 2Stt deep and tomaina un ixcollcnt show of tin with a strung, well di (hied lo lo of "ft show

hur lu tho costeen Alongside »outil of this, thure

Ihren ihalta, two li)It and one 7ft and those .»tho simo durae tor i idles throughout, and also tliopioulfarltlesof the Upper pot lion of the lodo by hen ink about MU at intervals. Ibu probsblllties are that where these lua\us occur lu depth thero will tuaku uxccllent tin ami tho aro on the wholuaverv tavourablt featilroina mineral couutrv lim alluvial on the Hat runs au average of bit. doep In me or two placoi the lodu just touches tho .jiirfact, and then dips again but at no proved pi ice has it been moro f han Ut This mino, ti ken an a whalo, with moro extended di velopiucnt, would, no do ibt, Income one of thu leading mines of the ill» trier Uh position on the main lodu full) warrant« reasonably ex.pi mliture, ami I consider the aetlou of the directors in calling the sharuholdt m together to consider how to raise ntrthci cipital for development is parto! a wise pollev, and the propostd increase U full) warranted, notutilv b) the position of thu pro port), but on Its own merits as a lodu that cairles a lat^e petcentukoot tin '

Hie sharo list will hu opened In Adelaide, Mci bourne, Piol on hill, und Silverton at 10 o dook a m on the Uth Match Miares available for pubtln sub* scrlption will be altottcd as fir as possible in tho ordirol prlorlt) of application.

As soon as 4,00) tlitucs ara applied for, tho pro vtnlonut dluctora mav declaro tho company formed and i roet ed to allotment and incorporation Miould less th in 4,000 sliaieb 1 c applied for, no allotment w ill be mndo, and in this <<\ cut, or if for an) other 11 asoti It should be deemed desirable b\ tho provisional direc tors to withdraw this prospectus application mon«) will bo refundid to applicants In full

Due notleu or allotment will bo siven, and of a meeting for the appointment of di ree torr, and the adoption of memorándum and articles of associa


Dated at Adelaide, the Oth da) of March, 1B<*S.


Capltal-U 000,000 sterling

Chairman -Hou fleury Miller. Uro and Marine UUks accepted.

W. LEE ARCHER, Secretary. C4 Mallet street Melbourne

_PnbUe Companies

a 5 S P Ë 0 T * U i




(To bo Incorporated as a Com pan \ Limited bj Shares

under "Ihe Companies Act of ltOl," and acts

CAPITAL-£150,000 in S0.000 SHARES of £5


Of which 19,000 ore to bo issued a9 paid np to £4 10s

each to tho present proprietors of the mino as cou fllderation for tho Bate and trinafor thereof to the companv , low shires paid up to £4 10a are to romain the propcrtj of the oompanv tor future di« posai on lenah* of the compati), as the directors think fit, and the remaining 10,000 aharei arc offered to the pub le on the follow in; terms

Five shillings per share (pajabletn brokers) on ap

plication, aud llvo shillings per share (pajabloto brokers) on allotment, whereupon such Miares so allotted will bo issued as paid up to ¿-4 per share CalU «ill (if required) bo made ol euch amount and at such time as the directors maj thlnl At but no call to exceed one shilling per share and no call to be made atashortci interval than one month after the last preceding call

Xhe who!« of the capital subscribed bv tno public,

Um brokerage and expenses preliminar j and mci

dental to the formation and incorporation of the compaii), will be placed to tho credit of tin- com 1 ait) for tnedeveloptueutof the mine


lion J C Bra), MP

V» ti Rounsevell Lsq. M P lion W K Simms M L.C

BANK titi The Bank of Australasia


Messrs. ¡avmon, Bakewell, and bj mon

imohu s

Hoin and Co , Adelante

It Al iuruer,4J collins street west Melbourne h N. Clure«... Broken hil)

Tills ompam ts formed for the purpose of tal lug ever from the present proprietors and of working foi* tin and other minerais two blocks of I md, containing together 70 acres or thereabouts, tutuateU In tlie parish of llunchil ana in the count) of tarn eil, in New bouth Wales being portions Nos 23 and-4 and known as tho Muunt I u now lo Blocls, which said ptucoofland No JJ is held under mineral leaso from ihe Crown, No US* an 1 which said piece of laud No ¿1 is held under ippllcatiou for mineral lease,

no ima

It Is proposed that the companv ehall also tal o power to acquire und work any othei tin tnmiug properties

Ihe Mount I ttnowio bloJis are situates! west of part of tho t roper!v bclo:ic,im_to tho Mount Luriowlo Tin mlnin/Companv limited

II io propcrtv has been inspected b> Captain Borth wick manager to the linnicr Dlichoîï im minhnj Companv, and his report is appended hereto

li v lit be obsorved'tlmt the vendors of tho mino a*k for no cash, at d viv <* to the company 1000 shares paul Up to i.4 10s for future disposal for the benefit of the compauj

lu the cv mt of 10 000 shares not being ntl applied for thoapplicvtion mont) will bo returned in full

ihe shares «ill be equal I j allotted pro rata among th( applicants

Applications for shares will bo received by tho nhmenuntiotied broken* until & o clock on Monda), th da) of Mutch, laba, when the application list


io vendors will on receiving the 6hares which form the con-ide rat! on for tlie sale, transfer to tlio compauj all their in i rest in *he claims Application for cn lease of the above ueutloned Block -4 has been fiulv i ia le 1 it the lea-u has not vet bt cn issued

\fter allotiiu ne of shares, a meeting ot the allottees and v i_n lgr< < f the t rope rrj « lit be com cued bj tim

v Mun «I direU-irs b\ advertisement (to no inserte l e lutin * lejsttt anl utiec in the Advertiser

isp-i. exs) at »-ut i thuu and place in Adelaide as Lhev mi) think lit for the purpose of electing di rectors omi adopting lneiuoriiidum mil nrtlclts of

ciatlon At which uieuting each utlottee, per vi) present, t>hal| have one von for each .'hart) allotte 1 to lum mid each vendor shall have one votu

ach sha,a to vvluui ho will presiiiu. tivt-1) be cn titled on truisfcr of the property At biich meeting one of the prov i«i ma! directors shall prcidc, and his decision a« to the number of votes to which am per

ion »lull be entitled Khali be llnal

March 0, lS^M

Barrier llischoiT Tin Minc,

turton U, Kbruarv Util, ISS8

To the Proprietors ot Mount Luriovio 11 locks Tin

mining Compauj

Have this da> visile t ami inspected j our propcrtv :uo«tias Mount Euriowie Mocks Un ii liilng Com- panv, mid herewith send mv report The No 2-i or the 40 acre block udjulmnc, the «eil known valuablo iiilues. te. the Mount I uno« le Kurlov le We-t and the Kurlowio (routh from Its position ulone Is a valuablo blooU ; tho J-urtowh West lode passes n¿ht¡ thiough and ¿hows, some nice tin on Um ttuifuee The. Mount Euriowie, lode, irom its great underlie, w ill also be foun I at sav a depth or JOOft

Tho i i aero bioot, thom is no doubt In m\ mimi from its po Uion isa valu ebie addition to tue pro pert) The Mount E ino« le lo le pisses right throiJL.h mid will be found at a smill depth

\ou nuvc a leall) gool propnrt>, and 1 can well recommend it is a that class investment, in face one of the best on this laigc Held anti am surprised that something has not been done to develop it


1 would adviso sinking a vertical shaft on the 2j ere block to cue the Mount Euriowie lode.

\ours faithfull,, ,

ooiiN noitimviCK,

Maniger Tho Barrier Bischoff 1 M. Co

Nominal Capital, £40 000 in 40 000 «hares, £1 Each,

Hr.-t Ksut!, 2O,00u faltare*.

Pa) able oh follans -

Two shillings on application, two shillings on allot

ment, ami t vo «liilliu.,* lu three months after allot*


It is not intonded to call up moro thin Gs. per share.


I> F Wataon, l«q merchant, (¿uocn street

J Macdougili, 1-aq, wine and spirit merchant,

Queen strev t

Pivld llojd Lsq , South Melbourne

A 11 lucken, IS q (Moss» Cemmoll, Tuckett,

and Co )


M ess t a Cuthbert Hamilton, and Ujuno,

Collin ti street West


Mercantile Bank of Australasia


Messrs. F G I aimer and Co , tIJ I Undera lanu West,

au I

Stock E\chan_,ü ol Melbourne

This compati) has been forutcd for the purpose of acquiring turee nares of land, adjoining the Macedon "iver, al Hi Idol) s creek, on which have been oicctcd Urue mid sut »tut iii vi bluestone bmldmv. of four stories, together with stabled, outhouses andd«ellliin


io vendora hav o ivrtccd to sell the lind and build lima for tho sum ol ¿.J 000 to bis pill as follows -

1,&0U lu (ash and ,U0 »hired ) du up to ti«

lho buildin_.!i huva been cxamlmd by Ihos 1

Usher, pupil oí Profesor Hue*lam and late ultu, Mosr* ! mid J Cahir of Kdinbiirch hlsrepoitts annexet Ile esiimaus that uta cost ot about x,\ *i 0 the neeessar. j lant tau be j ure hated and al trations made which would enable tin tommin topiodueu o ho Ksiu ad s per dav on lOiniikii ni" buiuiu« 1 ruin this omi ut it U i tumut d tliu company would have a net proiUof ¿.I U0J per annum

lhu Companv will bo in in exceptional position, tor tho follow hu, reasons -

A -The) will have water power (aireadv lal I on) capab]» of diivln,- ata imrüv i omínal cost nil tho uiiihintr) required (or the ptcunt plant or auv

further oxtemdo i

II.- H e «at-r has been mahned and foun I to bo of the purest mid best qualin, with unlimited suppl).

C-the rjllwav ii» iputo eloju to the pro; ert) so that the me ins of timisit to Mcloournc ^mdhuiat.

an of the most aav int igenut character

I) - Ihe compinv lool in., to the < xccptlotial »lit) of the «ni r and the as rcird* chínate prépose tJ Ire« a superior qiulitv ut lager and \ al j alt tor prívala u*e und for tho table und with this object in vie« the) are unking ariahce mciits to ti euro the Bel vices of a tlrat class KtiJisii brewer

It will bo rea lil) iu.knowleoL.ed that In no class of legitimate hu iuess can I u^ur profits bo made than hi

properij conduct*d brewiu^ business mid this is .idem ed b) the tollovvh i, jnicta uni dividends now being paid

cascade I trew cr j, tia! I -0i , selling at 2U , Ulvi

demi 10 ; ir lui

Cohn s Hrcwcr), ; vld 10* , selling at Ils 3J , new

co upam

Cvstleunine Ilrcwir) paid _'ûi, selling at 61a ,

dividend _5 per cent

rcrlmsAl^ivuialtin. Rrcwcrv, pdd "j« selling

atJJs Ul., dividend 1 j' ter cunt.

SlumruLl Ilieweiv, paia iOi, belling at 11s , ne«


Tank ml s Malling UrevvLrv, ])dd 10j , selling nt

li, diilttnllO.ereent

»tst-end Ihuwtt), piirt \ s sell n,. nt «"s , i

den I U p r cent, and Uoiiih

Wood ml »»on, puid lOj, *tllujÄ at 1-i,


No promotion moncv «ill ho paid and the full amount Mil scribed (less Icjal cost* ni I to t« of for

nation ami frustration) will bo placed to the cr of tho tompanv

\s n largo proportion of the shares have alr^adv been ti) phi d for, lartv npihcatlou should bo n


1 M Lennox street

Richmond, Jan 4 1S«9

Sirs,-As requested b) )0u, 1 beg to submit ttiu foi

lowing report upon the proposed brewer) at Kiddell a Cieek, to be called » Ihe Macedon Uiver Brewing Co

Limited '

As it is tho intention of tho compauj to mai o a superior quilltj of la"er and palo uU for iirnatu nso and tor tho Übte, as well as for Invalids, the ab*ence ,t which has buun lotif, felt lu the oolonj, suitable ))rumUca aru ot the Um const lernt Ion Hie preiuUei neal Riddell s Creek, on tho lfj.ccdon River are pre emlunitH suite t for tlio purpo.o, not out) for tho manufacture of the abovu ales, but also of the usual

colonial ales

1 Hie premUos aro commodious and the buildings strong with amplu room tor extension, which, atti k11 all cost, ran i e tilted up for a brewer) of a capa cltv or thlrtj vJQ)h>gvJicttdai*rdaj,aml with all the modern improvements the output can be lucrcased

ii unlimited extent

The climate Is well known to bo one of the purest and heallhltst In Australia, It being far ro moved from the coutainlnutlon of hewer gases and other sounisuf disenso- Nucleila( fte . those being most detrimental to health) ft rmenrations, (bei ljudal and othei cehhrated authotltlcs)

S There is an unlimited suppl) of most excellent water for browing cleatmlug, and other purposes, coming from au undoubted!) puro source

é lite proximlt) ol the railway gives ever) facillt) for distributing mid rcuiivlmr goo U irom all part*» of \ letona 1 have prepared rough plans which will enable the companv to cam on the business on the most approved modern principles, and 1 citlmato tho coït of the ueecsiarv alteiatious and plant at about jLlfiOO Ihe imtnesliati neighbourhood Is populous and rapid I v bccomln. a health resort so that a Oood prlvatu tindo ma) bosifclv ( oun ted upon

1 um, l ours obodlontl),


To the Macedon River Browing Com lum Limited

V/ll/ii>KI\ LltiS and OtrTEttAL INSÜRÄ1.CA


CoplUl- L2J0ÛQ 000.

Cbalrman-Tlio Hon Henri Miller.


Every description of HJelltv Ouarauteo bualneis.

ADMINISTRATION BONDS. Administrators to catates iruarantoed.

Advaueas made on approved ffuahold lecurltv.

Oiilces * Market atreet, Collins street West.

LDWD WOODd Actuary and Seoreurr.

Pubitc Compañía*.




To bo Incorporated lu South Australia a« a No Lia

Wilt) Companv under* The Mining Companies

Act. 1SS1

CAPITAL-£100,000, IN* 100,000 SHARES OF £1


Of which CO 000 shares aro to bo issued to tho pro

sent proprietors paid up to 15s , as part pa) meut for the prop«rt)

40 0 0 shares are offered to the public on the foi

lowing terms viz. -Is on application, and 2s. on allotment, tt hen these pa) monta nave been mado these shares will be isiued paid up to 12*» 0d

The amount realised from the 40 000 shares will be

dealt with as follows -A. 1000 will bo paid to the % endors and the balance c1 £5 000 vv ill be placed to the credit of tho companv less brokerage nnd the expenses incidental to the formation or the com



V liper Emj mute manager Broken hill Mine

tt I) Moriah, Mo manager, Ürol eu hill Letitul


C A Ring Esq, Ma) or of Silverton Be r) smith Esq J P Strathalbvn

S It Heseltine, Lsq (Messrs Reid Heseltine, and

Co ) Adelai le


Banl of Australasia


Nesbit and Gordon, Gladstone chambers, Tine

street, Adelaide


Cornish and Strange, Adelaide

Cornish and Strange Melbourne Soutar and Hoare S)dtic)

A ulieini, El burn, and Co , Broken lull C A Ring, Silverton *


1 rank A Kubill Central chamber?, tt a) mouth

street, Adelaide

This company is being formed for the pur poso of pure tasms from ttie present proprietors 1_0 aores of land being those claims held under Leases Nos JsO and iSl, and application for Mineral Lease No 2» Ja, *iiua*cd in lim parish of Narmlin, countv of \un eowimia Now ¡south ttalcs former!) known as tho Harrier Pioneer, but non knoivu as the Centennial Claims nnd of purchasing leais.n" and worl In; other mineral proj cities and dijjpo'-ing of barn", and of cat n lug on I us I ness as a min hu. co nipan)

The Follow mb Docrlption of th i ropcrty Apnearcd

in the ùiher Ac.o -

"The Coi i te un tat is the name now chosen for tho (.round former!) known as tho Barrier Pioneer mid literas the Excelsior lu situation is in the M nu Mile, and its area 1 »0 acres lhere is here avery lar^c bIÜcIous galena lodo which ts being sunk on and bo said to im roa->o in valuo at everv foot Tho latest simples subulttcd show a great improve ment in tlio nature of the ore Ibu lode is Iii ft- wide where uoisouttcd, but it appears to bo making much larger in depth A lot of work has boau dono on this claim, and I have reported on it bev eral thnct, nnd assa> ed a treat mau> samples from it, and am con v ¡need it is a property with is coal prospects as any in that particular district There are ibout »ù0 tons of oro at j,ness and many hundred tons in falcht As a . concentrating ore it cannot bo sur parsed, uno the silica will easily separate from ths leid and thero Is sufficient in ai"ht to warrant the erection of a plant at once If a water suppl) were secured I understand the proj erty is to be formed into a company for the purpose of raising capital to \ rovido machiner) , and there is no propertv moro worth) of it. The owners have been w or kin j, tuen and luv o been obÜLCd to obtain pro teotion several t mes tovvotl elsewhere to sot enough mono) to ) incluse the necessaries of life whilst dtvcloj ing the ground, uni the) are m rough tobe column led not oui) (or their faith in thor ¿.round but for industry and perse, ermee for thu past four )etrs J hu on!) womer is tint somu iuvtstor has not keppel in and hell l I tli*-m loi g jil.o ttu fchiccrt.) trust tnc\ will meet with the .success the) drservc

ibu ve» lois who are punclpall) workm., n Inora consider thai the) ure placid» u Itgittmatu valuable nuuin,. proj ort) before ti public au 1 that mi mediaiclv un the ei cet Ion jf the concentrating plant thu minc willie hi,, lil) remunerative

An e\celleut water «ita 1ms h-eti cecurcd In tho proocrt) now app ied tor undei Application No

2 SX

As there is a vcrj large qumitit) of oro almdy raised the concentrating macliiuei) can be at onco


The companv will be considered formed as soon as Cj.OOO aliares luve been aj plied for

A mectin,. of thu allottees and vendors wiU bo calle t ad earl) as nosiiblc for the purpose of deter mining the number of and electing directors appoint

big oillccrs and alopting rules At such meeline, uver) person ahull be entitled to one vou for cacti

ah iro allotted to him

Should the »bares ottered be more than subscribed for, tile) will be allotted as nearly as posslblu pro tutu Earlv ai plication (made through an\ of thu compaii) ii broken) is advised, as a lare.« number of applications tor olían« liavu airead) been Intimated Should the necessary aliaros not be applied for thu application mone) will be returned |e>i ejcpen&cs in ci Kiital to i lacui, tim piopcrti before thu pu ti lie Due note« of the closing of the list will bcgiveii

Api licatious to i e mad? un accomplit) iu, form to

uuv cf i nu hi )ki rs ni ned

he only uMCeitiout for the purchase ol the pro p rtv ia one dated _ud Maieh losa and nude betv ecu \levai der M In tosh Pobcrtiou, on I ehalí oí ttiu vendors and Andrew Merriot llennin" on behilt of the proposed companv which agreement tan bo inspecte I at the othce of the boUators to the proposed



Silverton 1 Jbruar) 21 1SS*

To Messrs Robertson and Others of the Centennial

silver mining t>)iidleite

Gentlemen -I hive carctuliv inspected the threo

the Mount Oil ps road In Block No 07 1 find there ure threu parallel lodes running direct through tho lower section On tho western loio of thu threo

lhere \s a shaft sunk soft on the course of the lode, tdiowhi., a width nt Ut composed of c. dina and ear bonatesot lead mixed with ¿ino blend, underlying v\eit Lo lu luuuiugdue north and south M tins ahatt tlicru are o JO tons of ore at c,rass On tim middle lo le mue is a bhaft "Ut deep, uuderlvhu w st vvitth of lo le 1ft of solid on and about lu

tons at gnu- Also on th * Iodo is another shaft r0 luihoms south tWlt, deep tod i formation 4ft, showing c,oo 1 carhoi ates oí lead Ihr* east* m lode running norm catt and south w est junctions at the bouudur) uf (Jo wliere a Iare,u de) osic of ore nn> be expected rho othur tuu loilis um (HicU through blot*! s Not 07 au t «« The couiurv is verv favour iblu lor carr) ii " hilver leid on emu ( articular teat ire is the eur houateii cropping out cn tli top of lodes i liich indicate a pcrmnueiic) o( ore iii uipth lue sect! ii id Joining taken up b) Hu couqaio lor vviter, will prom u threat I ooti ia the future wurkiug of thu mine I hav u nu Ivbitvtiun in lecomn en line, this mino to thu i ublic as J coiici tor with u mod rato oiitlav and Ju Ikious management it will soon become a valuable

I teipertv

Umberumberka March 20 1SS7 Mr Dúchate),

Dear Sir-I liai o circfulh assaved )Our oro for wirded b) the b>>y wah th folio .hie, result* -

Lead 2t per cent -4o- lOJwt 0"r sliver per lead _U per cent, 200? Odwt Ssr silver per

Nos 1IJ ami l 0

Mutallurcieal and Chemical Labaritorio«,

L) hard street, Hil ant \ictoria, and milverton,

New south Wales. No* 2VG to .alb Inclusive

I cjwrt of Aasavsof Minerals Made for and on Uclnlf

of the 1 ropnetors of Claims h.liiuto at Hie Nino Mile Ihvuid AtaOa Dam

l\o id.-Invite Number 1 -G liena taken from thu c ip of the lodu at tv depth of about It»Ir from the tmificr i csultc.ive*41 pur cent of lead ant "Ooz. 4dwt of silui \Lt ton o mineral ver) goud hang

mp- wall

*io d7 -Invato Nunit er, ° -A ii Kture of kaolin il)d eainoiute ut lead with quartk. .(emit u puts J '

cr cn jf leudan 1 1-oz livt or silver per ion of ii I ne ral (t ikcu irom about bit deep, mi I u bhort tih aneo helier up th» hill; ^t present no 3f.u of walls prol abi> uvvin" to the hole having boen utily sunk a

. feet

ult u]ual»uo/ lOtwt and RUr ofsllv.


JOaKlil flUUP Mining Agent, Coniultlnj

Metallurgical and Chemical Laboratories L)dlatd

stiect, liallarvt \tctarli and Mlvcrton, New

South ttulos No -0

l epott ol As«a) of Minerals Made for and on ßeha f

ot Mr l I Duciutel, oft Silvcitou, New south


Result shows the mineral to contain 20 per cent of lead,and bo¿. ltklwt mid 0¿,r of bilver per tun of


ihe stuff is genuine lo lo bluff, beint, a compound of red soasan with quart/ and _re) oru of lea 1 an I, considering thu leaJ ts ot ver) low "raio tin ¿kid ut sllv cr is of fiir proj onion 1 do not think the ¡.round J io» bein vet duveloped I woull propose »hil lue frome Ult oi uUfr <Ue| cr Ufoie 1hhit, a ver) de cldtd opinion on tlio n jsa\


Mining Agent Coiisultlntr Chemist and Metallurgist

Mivertou October 1 , )-Sd

Metallurgical au I Chemical Itboiitorus

L)dlard street Bullara \ ictoria and Sllverton, Now

South Wales Nos 0"4 and J_fi

Report of Assav of Minerals Mado for and on Behalf

of Mr C 1 Dtiehatel, of Silverton

No 274-bninp o of filena and a mixturo of grey ore fro ii mino ne-ir Nine Mile 1 esult equals 7u pur cent of lead and üOo/ lOdivt and Ogr of bilver mr

ton of inhieiul

No «7 -Sample of calena and red v.08Sin tho gossan vurv much honovcombed Result equals la percent ofield and Hot 4d wt, aud 4c,r of silver per ton of mineral


Mining ALcnt Coniultlng ( henitbt, aed Metallurgist

SiHelton NoveuiUurff 18S0

Rrokrn hill 1 ebrnar) 11, ISSi

0 en t lern cn -In aecordanou with )our request I beg to forward von the following report on j our mining property, roniistlng of 120 acres situated in ti e parish of Nura tin, county of Yancowinna, about

six mites from Broken hill

the (treateut portion of work for tho purpose of test lui, tho property has hern done on Blook 08, or the north 1 lock Hero a shaft has been Bunk down rlklit, where it struck the lode at .ort. lu dei th, being then continue I on its umUrlav auothorOOft ibu oourscofthelodcisiiboutnorthlOdog cast unlcrlvlng wist about 4Udcg , tho lodo outcrops In one or two places in its trend through th j two sections Ihe lode lu the underls) shaft has considerably Improved in depth brine near off wide alike bottom of shaft carr) lut oru all throturh it, the waits of tho lodo aro also botter de li mid lhere is still a cood qiiantit) nt /Ino 1 len 1 with the galena In the ore but 1 think this Is gradualIv disappearing thura not being so treat a

quant,tv as nearer tho «uriii

\boue 10 )ards wi»t hot J lode has I ecu sunl on about .0ft , thu lode formation lulu,, about -Jit wide, carivingoruiiihiuehes coutaluine.tessi'Im bl ml than No Hole Its i ourse or trend linear parallel with No 1, hav ing a sluii ur underlav Ibis lode has not beru sunk on duop enough to prove Its general charautei

Iho iticloshiu rock is in both lodes mostiy micaceous schist, tin footwulls I clue. Irregular

1 here is an outcrop of another lodo visible on tho surface which In Its course, will Junction with No 2 lodo and a shaft lias lee ii sunk to intersect tbo two lodes at their J unction, bur in cousequctice of Its Icing sunk on the footwatl this junction was not Intersected, consequently thu lodes remain uti proved

There Is a good wator shed »vallabio for tho con serration of water which ,ou have secured by taking

Pabilo Csmjuante«.

up a bloca, of 10 acre« for that purpoae, and a« the ore I« «uentially a concentrating ore, and to be profltaul) worked requires that process to be adopted, a Hood «upul) of water will be one of the great-st require- ment« of the mine , ,

lu eoncluilon, I would bett to sa} that I bcllove the propertv is »«11 vrorthv of hanns tho necessary canltal provided tor its further development

lbeg to remain, gentlemen j ours trulj,

* JOHN ttWIS, M K.


Of the


To be Incorporated in South Australia as a I Imltcd

Company under tho Companies Act oí 1884

CAPITAL~£60 000

In 32 000 fcqual ¡mares of Jt2 10s. Fach,

To be Issued as ; aid up to ¿,2, PPO\. ISIONAL DIRECTORS W illlam Longbottom, Adelaide

1 S Reid Adelaide

Oskar Gorgor, M D , Adelatdo

1 Murra) bmlth, CMO, Melbourne James M Dougall, Melbourne


Melbourne-1! Bjrou Moora and M'Lood

Adelaide-H lvarlbaum and Co Lwl eu hill-h N Charslcv

¡ailvcitou-L V\ Duiueldcuzcr

Tim object for which it is proposed to fenn this companv ia tu acquire bj purchase from the vendors the Mount euriowie ¡south liu mining Con ipi n> Limited, ML portion No 17, parish of H)jcr! erno, count) ot «Kinell burtowio lin Held, New bouib, Wales, containing an area of 00 acres or thereabouts, li ela bj the veiilors under Miuerat Leuso ào olJl freut tue Government ot New south Wales aid to vigorously open up ind worft the same for tin and

other matcrla's

Ihn tenm ot salo arc particular!j set forth iu a con tract dited the Otu dav of Jiaroh, iSSSnule between thu Mount Kunovvle bouth Hu mining Companv Limited, tho veudora, of the one part and Anthuii) Skeoch rothcrlmrhaiu, as trustee lor the intended campan), of thu other-this bcine, tho oui) contract cntored into between the j artles and which may bo inspecte 1 at the oillcc of tho Mount Eui io« le South Uti mining Com; any Limited hy this actoeineiit it is inter alla, piovidcd that in consideration of the allotment free of cost to the vendor cuiupiit), of _U UiO thaïes lu this proposed coinpan), paid up as above bet forth to i,_\ a transfer of tho vendor com panys mining propcrtj aid material «ill be made, sucu .(J OOO shares, paid to i J being taken ni full

pajuieut tuerolor

ihe remaining ü OOO shares are otlered to Uio pubho at i.2 that is to si), -Os per share on appllcatiouand -Os. per s lu re on illotmeiit, and the whole of Ol'* niouc) thus aubscilbed, less bro cerate and other ex penses incidental to formation and incorporation w ill bo placed to the credit of Uri. proposed company, to bo devoted to the pur cn aso of machiner) and the development of the propcrtj which It is proposed to acquire in aucn manner ua the shareholders, bj their dlreetors may hcreattcr determine

It is believed b. the provisional directors that the amount to be thus acquired viz., £12 000 will te ampi) sufficient for the purposes mentioned, but a further available capital of its per share or m all "lttooo is left at call, mid in the event of tho whole oranv portion of this uncalled capital belüg hcreattcr needed the whole ot tho ¿. ODO shares will rank alike, and beequallv liable in respect to an) calls that nny bo made pro vid id that auch calls shall not at one ti ne exceed one »billin.» perhhare nor be made at shorter luterv als than one month

Hie propert) which if is proposed to acquire id juins the celebrated Mount turto« le 1m com pan) s minc on the south, and the \ tndor company (a proprietarv swidlcnte of GO shares) was brought luto cms eneo m s,cpt ember of last .ear for the purpose of proHpectltiL, for tho Mount Luriowie Company s lodo wnich was supposed to traverse tho ground lins work is now completed the lode is proved foi the whole lciiL,th of the property, and the prospects cx.toicd aio of i character uo favourable that the provisional directors (eel nilly justified in presenting tins invitation to the public to join in the purchase und further development of tho property upon tho

terms stated

Regarding the prospects of the property and the work that tins bceti donc ou It, the uiiutug reporter oi the MhcrAfcO writes as fallowa lu that papa oi tho istli rcbruary -

Lho Mount Luriowie South adjoins tho Mount J-uriortc as the nanto indicates it consists of one block of oo acres and it was pegged out bv Messrs Dickes ami Hilton bomo time since it w^a formed luto a sjndieatu of 50 shared and a co ibidurablu amount of uioucv has be*cn spout lu develop ti. the ground The am lace is ven list as is evidenced bv tie fact that thiouthout the whole lhere w only au elevation on thu south end of ltit,, twid tho kreattit icprusston is Ult.- tims - It is the ri»o and 1 til of the aurfice. lho lode has been nroved to tia verso thenliole IciiLth of the claim and although o i the suiucc it cannot bu »centrum the I u now io water

shaft until the last 40 j auls of the faotith "round aro , reached, It a"aln resumes its bold outcrop and r ins through thu Wee Jim, lriuinph, Ac Mioutllvx \ a ds iu'llu thu north boundarj ricjit in the bed ot the

creek the continuation ot lho lodo was thai lound | Iheu a shaft «as started and is nu» beinc, ¡tunk It is down 4Utt with quite enough water *o contend

against, wi bout machiner) it pasted through the | lode at t't and 50 it U Intended tn bin) a little

further and then crosscut tourove tlio lode vvcttwani i

of tho shaft No - hhaft is _3it deep and contain* au | excellent show of tin, vvtth a strone,, well dcllncd lode of ÍU sliovvinu In thocostieu Alongside *ouJi ot this, truro ure thro j thuds two l-itt. and one Tit, mi t these thaw the same thiraUeristlcs throughout and also the pee iharltles of the uj per portion of the loJo b) heaving about Aft at internals lite probibllities are that «hero these heaves occur in iIl. th there will maka excellent tin, and the) arc on tho vvholo a vcrv tavourabl- t catii re lu a turner ii uuuutr) Hie alluvial on the Hat run* an average rf aft. deep In one! or two ; laces tho lode just touches the surface and then iUp4u_.(dn tut at nu proved [lace has it been more than 1-ft Hits mine tal eu as n whole, with more extended development would no doubt become ano of tho leading nuncs of the district. Its position on the main lode tub) w uri ants rca»otiublu expenditure, and I coiibiier the action of the directors in calling tho shareholders together to consider how to raise furthercaultai for deveopment is part of a wiso polio) and the proposed increase is full) warranted njtoilybvthe potitton of the propcrtj, but, on Its own merits as a iodo that carries a lnr*ü percentage

of tin

Die «maro list will bo opened In Adelaide, ' bourne llrokeii lilli avnd bilvntou at 10 ocloolcn

on thu 1-th March bhares available for publia sub s iii lion «111 bL allottelusfai us posible lo the order of prlorit) of application

As boo i as 40ÚO share« are applied for, tho provl bío 11 al directors nu) declaro tile company for mod and procee I to allotment and incorporation Should less than 4000 ibsrvs be applied for no allotment will be made and In ihls evout or ti for mi) other reason It bhouldbodctinod dcairable b) the t, rov Mooni dime tors to withdraw this nrospoetus nppl'catiou moue) « III ho munder! t j apt lie ml* in tuil

Duo notice of allotment «ill be e.Ivm, and of i mecilnu lor th« appoint tient of direutorsaud thu adop lion of memorandum mid artices of association

Dnteiat thuOthduv of March lab6



To the 1 rov atonal Directora

Uentleineu -

I herebv request jon to allot in > shares in tbo abovo companv aud 1 aj,ree to accept tho same or any less number of shares )0ii lunv alla tuiuotn terms of tho prosper tus of tbo said coinpan) Issu ' bv j ou and A ¿ted the Oth da) of Mareil lBtiü

I eticlosu tho sum ef Je , being tho application foo of-i* per share nudlazrco to pa> Uio allotment "coot -0* pcrsharo on tho number of shares allotted o mo, and to be hound b> the memorandum nud irtlclesof association to be adopted at a meeting of allotted of thareholdtr* called b) you And 1 antlio tisojou to pace mv mine ou thu ri"lst\r of share

holders In respect of all ahsrds that ma) bo allotted to

Dated this

Nsino lu full Addie«



Of tlio



OAl'lTAI, £10,1)00 In tX>000 ill Al E3oI£l


Of which Miares 3" 003 lull) laldtp aro to bo Ro

tallied bl tho I roprlotura as faj incut for the LI ilius, and .. (du Contrlliutlnir ¡share« lull up to 1-* lach aro now eirUieil to the 1 uhlic on the loltovvln. 1 ernie -Ono "hilllnir per *-haro on Ip pli allon Ono Ahllliiiir per ^liaro on Allotment

lh,' WI oleol the Ho iej is tobo Al piled lovvarla thcl\)0 anoi forniin/ the lonipauv and Work in,! the Mine


11 T Phillip* Esq I I llaseilovv Do

VV II Wrl.lev, Iviq | II A Noltenius, tlq

Otto Uraudt Kirj


The EuiHih, Scottish, an I Anitrallan Chartered

Uanl Adelaide


A li Scarfe lsq

soi irnoit

Aucuste Ilavies Esq


Meurs Cornish and Strange', Adelaide and


Tlio aboie conipni) 1« to bs formed for the purpo*o of purchasine from tho proiout proprietor! jIxukii adjoiningclaimson tho Mingari goldueld, well known as the John lliovvn llorniiiK btar l'ape«, and Hull own a.ljolnln« tlio Mluvtar) Duli! inluliiK Com l>an) s pro|>ertv U(;lit ol l\veau elalms run for 800U on the llismarel lino ol reef and tlio eight others run for SUOft in length on thu John Uroffii reef, the Uliman it Kel ban been tested toaüumh of SOtt. and

tbo John llroHii to a depth of 2.It, and show a large

bodv of storm carrv In«; hood "ol I

lho Mlt!L.ary tlold mlnln. lompaii)'« shares aro now at a binti premium

lho coiiipauv will hu conildorcd formed when 1 j 000 «hares are applied foi, and a lucetlu. ot tho

sharobo don will thru ho called

Application for share« to be mado to the brokers at


Dated lit March, lbSS.



To tlie Directors of tho John Brown Oolil mlnlui


Hoar Sirs,-I have Inspected vour propcrtj at Min (rary-oltht claims on tho llliniirel. reef, and chilli on lho lohn Urovvii iccf uiljolnln»-, on thelormura «halt ia down «lit, liuprnvliiir lu <|uallt> , the reef I» about "ft vvldu at mo bottom Another ihaft Is . It, lu nhloh «old eau bo obtained bj oriuhiiur the «tone

the roe! there Is M wide On tho Inlui llrowri reef two «halts hav u bien sunk to n eacn, and cicli eonulns v.ood pajable «tone from tho «tulaee , a cruMiln. of (i tous from hero , at the bait Ci celt batterj, went Itslwt per ton, tho reef Is about 3lt \ihle- llicro are three distinct reef« on th« uro pertj, all containing pa,v able «tone I can »tely re commend the proper!) u. a irood Investuieut, and If ivatirua« obtained and a batter) erected tlie reef would pa) from the «urfacc

I remain, v oun trulj,

0. el. EOTTCHKn. !

Pabilo Componías.



Emmaville, NSW.

To be Registered Under the No Liability Act

CAPITAL, £200 000, lu 200 000 SHARES ot £1 EACH

120,000 shares to be issued as fully paid up to

the present owners

80,000 shares to be Issued to the public as paid

up to 10s uno i ps) ment of 2s. p<.r shara -- on application, and 2s, per share on

200000 allotment

£ß 000 will bo placed to the credit of the company

less the incidental expeoses incurred iu li ota



Kennedy Hil), Esq , KnnnaviHo

John Curtayne, Lsq , Mrlbourne

Andrew Loughnan, Esq , Melbourne Alfred Desahl), Esq , Molbourno

James Mcculloch, hsq , Melbourne James Donaldson, Esq , Melbourno tt J ferguson, Lsq, Sydnev.


Mercantile Bsnk of Australasia Limited, Melbourne

National Bank of Australasia Limited, S)dncy and



Messrs. Cleverdon and tt estie). Collins street west,



Thos Chandler, late manager Rothschild Tin Com

pany, Emmaville


Jas. Johnson, 02 Flinders lane west.


F 0 Palmer and Co , til Hirdcrslano west, Mel

bou ruo

Clive Smith and Matheson, Pitt street Sydnc? Cornish aud strange Pine sheet Adelaide

This companv has been incorporated for the pur pose of ucquiring and worl mc 100 acres of silver and eokl hearing land in the parish of Gordon, county of

Gough \ *» tt

Ihe extraordinär) richness of the propert) is proved by the reports from Dr Mackenzie ofoydno)

Ihos G Davov, manager of thu Webb s Sllv cr mining Co Cox aud beaver, mining and civil engineers, S)duey , Ihos Chandler, manager Rothschild Mining Co and bv the asia) s a* jnr statement annexed

Tho Emmaville district has airead) been recognised as oue of tho richest silver field* iu tho colon) of New South \V atea, and tho Webbs claim has been proved to a depth of ¿00ft This com pan) in its Infancy is already smelting 120 tons per week which is averaging hUo/. to the ton Dividends arc uxueotcd in a few weeks and tho compati) s shares paid up to 19s , are now sellinu freely at J-7 per share

Webbs South was placed on the S)dney market last week and was floated in a fuw hours The shares ¡Mid up to Se aro now quoted at los

tho original contract for tlio «alo and purohas) of thh property can be inspected at tbo offices of elie solicitors to the compati).

The »hares will be allotted according toprlorltv of apt lication, and should no allotment be made tho amount pitd on application will be returned iu


It may bo mentioned that about half the shares have been airead) applied for in S)dnc).

Melbourne, March S, 1S63


"Assa)cd up to ono hundred and twenty Ave ounces Lode proved to be fort) feet wide

Dr. MKbN/IE, S)dne).

Two distinct Io lei, 10't to 40ft wide, granito for mation 1 odas porph) rv, carrying quartz, gossan, copi er, arsenical iron ¿ino blend, and galena, assa)a hiebt) batiifactory Hoz. to leOoz. silvcrpcrtou ore rasriv concentrated treatment not dlQlcult Lode promises to be permanent, Ano outcrops-continua tlon Webbs-plenty water and timber, ¿ood machine

sites and roads.


Manager of the tt ebb s ¿dv er mining Company

Tho propertv consists of tlvo 20 acre blocl s. Iho blocks have been tal cn up in such a position as to secura the lodo ulong its course from end to end

The countr) rock throughout the property con sisUof a coarsegrained felspar porphyry which is intersected by a 1 arce lode the width of which has not been denned hitherto but at the onl) placo where wu measured It, it shows 10ft, of oro, the walls not being defined on either aide

Thu large quatitit) of t-aleua which is found at the southern und of tho j, round may bo looked upon as a most important fonturo in tho propert) since smelting operations will thus bo greatly simplified

1 ho mine as It stands at present has proved the continuation of a largo lode through the entire leiiuth of ihupiopcrt), and this lode hav Um been oi cnui on at three different points is found to be ver) hvhlv nu icraUscd lu on h place Xho a«sa) s quoted show li o averanu vatua of the oro from these different working* nu I since the character of the ore is not such a« to t rest ut any great difflcultlesdn tlio treatment a comparative!) low ) leid of silvor would pa) for working The lode h, a larbe and well doll ned ono, and the ore ma) be raUed at a minimum cost, but it [s of cours iitcessan to evpoud somo moue) 11 opimlnt, up the, ropurlv before an acouratu esti mato of the value and v >eld ef the minc can bo deter

Wu have seldom however, seen a much better sur Cacti the v than he.xjosLdln this propertv and can con«cIcntiouit) icconiuieud it aa being one which is well wotthv ot development, holdim, out us it does evciv promise of beinn permanent, and )iclding

coo I returns.


Mining and Civil Engineers

I wai surprise! with the el no and formation of the lodes running t brou cb ) our propert) One lode-tho main one- apparently carr) tug a strong outcrop ha<* been opened in a cou) le ot places upon tim uourse of It the lodo matter being vcr> tugblv uuuerallstd

1 tool out a piece of the blotto und »eut it to ?>) dnov for tusav We j,ot a return of Too/- lino silver, which Is vcrv xatisfactur) \uu havo a ver) «trout, lodi here, mid I Ulicve the Wbb line and ou"ht to be ver> valuable. Ihe country Is lind and casi))



Manager Rothschild Minc

Iho report* in full can be inspected at the otliccs ol the solicitors to thu compan)

-Under 3d vu gold per ton, loos, silver per

No 10 -Under 3dwt cold per ton, 2o¿. a Iver per


No 11 -No gold per ton, l'oz silver per ton Nu i__ No "old per ton, l4or silver per ton No 13-No gold per ton, 47o? silver per ton h -lOJwt gold j or ton_


Capital authorised , £1,COO,000 Calita! subscribed, l^GOO shares

of i.IO each 12j,000 Capital, paid up, £o per «hare on

ah ïv o di uOO helene undivided protlts and

premium on last Issue 37,600

Last dividend and bonna at tho rate of 17 j per cent.


David leith, Lsq , chair m ni

II J LanLdon J P, vice chairman Hon F X Derhatu, M L A I A Kitchen tun,

lion tt k ttalLer M L.A

BANKLUS Bank of Australasia.

UAN\Oriï C I.. Parsons h*q

The dhector* having decided tomate a fresh if sue of 7500¡»barestit £10each), to be paid uptoi.5each, 4J7ü ato now ollered to tho public, J125 having been allotted to the present shareholders whose applica tioiiB were large!) In except of that number Ihi» 4.>76 shares aro now offert t at a premium of -.3 lüs

lieh, pa>able per share as follows -

, J.L) 10 i) on application t>»...t..n. ll"o on allotment lrcmium j " 0 0II 7(1| M"

\ 1 0 p on 7th Juno Snaro 0 0 o on 7th Jut)

i.S 10 0

Applications for the nhove will be received until 4 .?ni 19th March after wh o i tbo directors will allot th shares in the wa) tin) iii») consider best for the interests of the compan)

' mm ot application can bo obtained at tho coe, panv s ollie o No 8 Piizituth stroct_ Melbourne

rivllt. l MON MNANCL («UARANLM' and ÎN~ 1 WolMLNl COMlAS\ of AUörRALlA


Incorporated und r " Iho Companies St itute '

»horeb) tlio Habilite of the shareholders is /I mi ted to thu amount of their shares.

rirst Issue, 00 000 Share*

Of these 10 000 shares are airead) lstucdt&nl 20000 I

are now offered to tho public at 10s premium Tlio entire amount of premium to be plactx1 to credit of



Honourable Alfred Dual lu M P

William MM can, fcsq , JP (Messrs M .Lean

Bros and Hlutr Limited)

Robert Reid, Knq Í Mew» Robert Reid and Co ) Alfred Shaw Ksq (Messrs All/cd ¡shaw and Co )

Charles Smith, bsq , M P (Mi/ssrs Multh. Winn.

and Heming)

GKNKItAI MANiORR TI io uns Parson*, Esq

BANKllt |

Ihe Union Bank of Au /tralla limited i


Messrs Blake a Ad ltlggall

MELBOURM OPflCh^ (Temporär))

No 4 (jtarii street. '


Messrs Clarke and Co, Melbourno and Sjdnoy

Tho dl-ectors of this compan), which was recentlv formed (bv private kubt-rrlptiona to tho extent if JO 000 shares for .UöQOcO) for tho following, among other purposes

1 iuaiiclng, Quarant 'clng, and Discounting Dealing in lUal hat ate

Issuing Debenture^ and Bonds, and Taking Moiiov on Ôeposit

Uavo tcaolvcd to offer 20,000 shares, reserved from the first Issue of 60 ICO, for subscription at 10s. per share premium pa)*blelntwo instalments of 3s each at otto and two mouths after allotment, it being intended to place Un «um thus accruing to the orodlt of a resonó fund Ihe shares will therefore be pa)

ablu as follow s -

tis on applleatl in, fi on ailiniwiur

And the 10s piüiulum

Ti? one mont» after allutiuout,

Au I us. two mouths after allotment

No call will *v.tcel "is per share, nor willan) bo mado pa) able within threo mouths afwr allotment and an interval of rot less than three mouths will elapse between «auh call it Is not Intended to call up moro than £2 10s per share

Thu operations of tho company Include financing, guaranteeing, discounting, md adv aiming to traders and others who oru In a position to offer undsuiablc snourlt) assisting In tho founding and establishing of companies »>ndkatts. and private utidvrtaklnitt, acting as agents In Invostmg monsv» and raising capital and lu bringing out aud effecting loans (or

Publia c-s-i-.

rnunïclpal and oth« pabilo bodia»; <**}___! _

flnanoe and agenoy bruines« gencralln and acting w all fiduciary capacUie» of a suitable <*«.««._ ...

No promotion money has been Iracurrcd In aW mr. mation of the couipanj . .._,"_

The woïkin» expeniee are »eiUlctrf to wa lowes« point oonsUtent with cIBolenoy. in addition toi Mo* the «cope ann nature of the bmUieM upon *_Mn_W* company la now engaged 1« «nth that the «"*___' are «atuifled that the iramsdlato return to ta« abara holdera will bo satisfactory, and that Um raton prospeots ol tho institution aro most encouraging

Applications for shares will bo received by Masara. Clarke, aud Co, the broten of the company, of at tho companv's temporär) orneo, No « 0,ue»n »tnet. Melbourne »here copies of the memorandum ana articles of association, anei oleo of the P_"««nt «nan register, aro open foi tie Inspection of rotandln«: ""Annexed will be fourni a ll«t of the pre«eot holden

of tbo IO 000 shares alroadj sulwcribed

aliares will be allottml aecordlog to prlorlt) of appli-


CLARKE and Co..

Brokers for tho Company,


lion Alfred Deakin

Wiu M Lean «li Lean tiros and Rigg) Hobt Held (Robert Held aud Co )

Altrcd Shaw (Alfred Shaw and Co )

Charles Smith (.mitti Vv inn, and Fielding! I) 1 Inla) sun (Union flank)

C Guthrie (London Chartered Bank)

It Muroliison (liank of }.ew south Wale«)

L Moore (Union flank) . " _ I U Cutchoon (Commercial Bank of Australia) M P mundell (Dank of Australasia)

e M Lontmuir (Lit) of Melbourne Bank) r. h. Stewart (Goldibrough and Co )

Ono Young (London Chartered Bank) i M Stowart (flank of îvow Zealand)

Arthur Nicholl« (Commercial flank of Ausfall«!

J Shaw (Australasian Mortgage and Asens?

Companv I United)

Win Dean (Wm Dean and Co )

» 1' Moffat (Hobertson and Moffat) II U Alcoek (Alcoek and Co) J Chatlleld Tyler lohn Hobb

_ Jame» Miller (Jas Miller and Co)

Thomas Brunton

John A hllehon (J Kitchen and Som)

VV VV Coucho (Louche, Calder, and Lo I George Robertson

Jhomas Alston (Alston and Brown) S I Paine (Alstonand Brown) Ñ Hushes

lion M II Pailcs L IL Parsons

Hobart C tlhott

Arthur P. Blako (Dlako and Riggall,

A li Weigall

John Ucsvvicko

Ucorgo G Allan M II Tuokctt

James B Lawrouce (Lawrence and Adam)

¿roderick Tate

Henrj Burrows (Dillon «ml Burrow«)

VVro Parker Streat

W li Naylor (Najlor, Forbes, and Co.

G S Davies

James Coghlan, Ballarat Benjamin Lee James Grioe

A Bruce ¡smith C E. Pilcher

A li Tuckett J S Porkor J Uanna K. Jowett

Wne Deakin

L 0 Arnell (Dudgeon

M ii Calder (Louche, Calder, and Co ) John Rosa (Economic Bank) Dugald Cameron

IV J Craig (Craig, Williamson, and Co ) D S)inn

I VV Stanford (T. W Stanford and Co )

James Patenon

W Peacock (Robertson and Moffit) lohn C Bowden howard Waters

Pelton Dowling and To

_ las Macdougall (Sands and M'Dougall IlmlUoj

James Dodgshun (Jas Dodgshun and Co )

lion Frcdk. T Derham

John T M Carron (M-Crron, Bird, and Co ) Alfred felton (belton. Grimwade, and Co )

William Parker

John Martin (North Brltiih and Mercantil« I*

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Haines VV. Dickson (Klingender, Dickson, and


Stephen King (Lango and Thoncman) 1) G Clark (II Clark and Son«)

H Ileddcrwlck (Crisp, Lewi», and Hcdderwlck)

W Medhurst Tav lor J T. ltolls

Daub) and Gilmour

Franks OtUccr

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Thomas Parsons ,

L L Wilkinson -Jl John Thomson (Kilpatrick and Co ) iSpr,

Noniens and Sebeo1 C J and T Ham John ¿etcnbootn A Hunter

Thos A Molding '

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Holt luckin«

W I Whitehead It Ilcsant

I Cowderoy II S Pegg

Samuel Mullen

Gcor"o Fairbairn, Jun, \Unlon Mortgage and

Agency Co.)

_George Sen Ice_


Of the





To be Registered under the Companies Act 1864

(Comony Limited by Shares)

Capital, £100,000 in 100,000 shares of £1 each  

Of which £1 000 as paid up to Five shillings, will be

issued to the shareholders of the "Eucla Land and   Pastoral Association" pro rata.  

69,000 are offered to the Public

On following Terms -  

One Shilling on application, One Shilling on allot-  


Calls not to exceed One Shilling per month


(Who retain ofllco until lint General Meeting- of

SharetvoWvrs) Mr Boives Kelly, Melbourne

Mr John Wiliilnion, C Ë . Bella Vista Kew

Mr II II) rou Mooro, The Exchange Collina.


Mr II C Anderson Collins streot west Mr Donald Maevean Ouecn street Mr 0 li Grendon«, hln"' street.


Messrs L) nch, McDonald and Stillman.


Tho Commercial llanl of Australia

¡arCRhlAKY Mr U B Mckolli


The Kxchangc, Collin« strot t west


Messrs, II Byron Moore and MacLeod

This compinv Is projected for tho purpose of acquiring thu. Madura station (about l,cco,00u acre«) on which considerable improvuments In buildings dam« to catch rain water fioul the cliff« paddock« for sheep, Ac, exist al-io tho valuablo leases of au bloeks conilstlne in oil of 14 »32 185 ncres of pastoral couutr) in tho Lucia district ol Western Australia, from vvlvleli it Is proposed to retain tho pick consistmi, of about 4 ODO 000 acres Thcie Icaies have six vein to run from 1st of January ISSb, and imdtr

a rec-jiit Act of Connell of lho Oov eminent of \\ o*te'r i Ausrt.lla ma) bu lurthcr uvtendeiL Under the lan I ree. illations of Outolier IS«' the pro emptito rl.hti inrrj lo redcomed in lee (thatIs, converted luto i Irreholiljolaii) portion over 1000 acres on pa) nient of is. 01 per icrc, up to Jlat December, 18SV and ilnring the remainder of tim leaio at 6s pel acre lilis Is tlio oui) district vvbero landican bo secured from His Crown on such favourable term* Thcsu

at present held bv the "uarantors of thu i and Pastoral Vssoelulori Limited, sublet c lo a liabllit) of about i-H 100 uearlv one 'hird of willoh Is duo to thu shareholders of that association Ihe conhlderallon, therefore to bo paid for ttilc ]iro port) Is about ¿.14 W10 to bu paid off by initolments, ea«) terms bav ing been sieured

em tbo Madura Station there Is n good house «lore, end other uocesivrv 1 ull ilngj Hiern are at present tlepas'urcd about SOO merino ovv cs and some how» ot this station vvlth a snpplv of provisions viliici w11 last for three or four mouth*

Tho follow ingf u ti hav o rclcrenco to the value of tho tampan) s piopcrtj, and arc worth) of publia at

tcutlon -

rirst-Tlicso pastoral properties need onl) a

meduratu outl i) "f capital for the purpose of loilug to se ure permanent vivier to vital le them lo be vvorknl ou a high!) prolltoblu basis Artillan water has beou struck at the Bh,ht, vv hielt Is on thu same foituatlon of countr) ceioud -Tho guarantors uro cm erkneed

the. ...

Third-Whilst the vvliolo nroa I« considerable,

recent exploration has proved that n large tirq portion li excellent i-hcep rountr) -equal to that of Itlverlna-beliig well graiied, mostly vvlth salt and blnu bush, and portion) fairly


Fourth -It embraces a lare'o area of the cole

brate I Nullabor Plain (part of which is In South Australia) wlure tho ovlitcnco of an abtiiiHnt suiplj of permanent water has been rciuntlj provecí at too cost of that Govern


rifth -Tho lion Jehu Forrest C M (I, Commis

stoncr of I-ands Westirn Australia retenti) had a l.ngthv interview with tho directorate on tho «ni Jeito! boring lor water The directorate v roposcd to expend a eomld» rabie «um In sink* Ing and the secretar) has slnco been ottlolally Informell that au application to the Govern- ment of W esturu Australia foi ¿.3000 In aid of boring for water would bo favourably con aidortd Xlio correspondence on lilli subject tan bo seen at the olllces of the compati)

Sixth -Tho West Amtrallan fjvnd Coinpan)

(Horderns) are constructing a Uno of railway lo connect Iori, mid Alban), on the land giant xvdtoiu t<ei.otlatlon«, It Is believed, have beou opmicl vvlth the Oovcrnment of South Austrilla to obtain eoncosslon« ou a similar s\s cm to connect \ork vvlth Fort Augusta and a llvlug survev has been made through Western Australian territory to bud. for that purpose

bcventli -the proponed alteration In lho conrti

tutlouol the colon) of Western Australia ha« uattirall) dlicctc I tbo attuntlon, not only °' eoloulal eapltallits to that colon), »onie of the moro powerful of whom hava airead) taken up an adjoining squatting pro pertv

Eighth -borne or the advantages of tho politlón

ol thais properties ma) be seen on reference to tho map at tlio omeo. It Is onli a short rill tinco from the eoait and from tho porta of Fyro and huela, thu« rendering the colt of transport small

Ninth-Uv recent advloes from Madura, atlast

?(caring the sheep avcra"'cd GJIb per hud of good, useful wool

Ihe following report balbeen Undi) lurnliliedby