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Tko Cuy Day at Ascot, Thursday, June 18, waa not favoured with such weather as is generally associated with memories of Midsummer, An overcast sky and a raw and ohilly atmosphere by no moans contributed .to the cheerfulness of tho gathering, or tothe numbera

attending tim mooting.

At twenty minutes past 1 o'clook tho Royal party, whoso attendance was so generally looked for, drove up tho courso in Ascot state as on Tuesday, tho Karl of Hardwicke*, Master i>f tho Huclchtmnds, proceding. Tho first carriage contained tho Frinco and Princess of Wale» and th« Duko and Duchess of Edinburgh, who wcro very loudly cheered. In tho accond ciirriago were tho Duko of Connaught, thc Duke of Cambridge, tile Princess Christinn, and thu Princess Mary of Teck, who were hardly Jes» warmly welcomed. Thu Iluka of Teck, with Prince Christian, and tho visitors at Army- tage Hill anil TitnosH Park, as well aff tho numerous mambeis of tho suites, followed in duo order, and Micro was the usual lune in the Koyal oiiclosuro as the Koyul procession turnad into tho gates. Tho Princess of Wales woro a light blue dress of exquisite make, lightly trimmed with black velvet; aud late in thu afternoon sha put on a black mantle embroidered with gold. Tho Duchess of Kdiubui'gh's costume was of a palo salmou silk relieved u ith white, and her bonnet was also of salmon and white. T'«o Princess Christian was in maize coloured silk, half hidden by n thin wbito-spottcd material, and tho Princess Mary, witlt a black cuirass and panier, wore a skirt and sleeves of a doliente and, we fancy, now green, which was apo sparingly intro- duced in a black tullo bonnet. As sonn as they entered thu now balcony tho Princesses anti their husbands woro greeted with n ringing cheer. On tho well-kept grass of tito Royal enclosure WAK a mass of colour that ontiroly deQos analysis, tho display "of elegant n»d costly costumes far eclipsing that at any previous meet-


Tho meeting of r.eoliuns, Atptilo, and Kcossais in tho St. James's Palaco Stakes, with which tho business of tho day began, causod a gooil deal of wagering. Aquila, who had a maiden allowance of 71b, was ill iii Iii c tilt it!3 bofore ho carno into tho straight, and Lcnlinus, who had made all the running, was challenged by Kcosssis opposite tho stund. M. Lofevro's lioido, though, showptl tho white feather when Fordham called on bim fora final offort, and Loolinus won by a neck. Frlnc« Hatthyntiy got an unexpected turn of fortuno with 3ambyscs in tho 11th Now Biennial. .__

Thou followed tho raoo of tho day, for which thcro wevö but six runnel's, consisting of Jlaiard, tho acknow- ledged bosfc horso that Prance lias producod for some roars, Mario Stuart, ' tho winner] of last year'« 3afcs. Kaiser, anti Gang Forward, vrlsa were socloso together in inst year's Leger that it was almost lill

poi)sihle.t»sp"iratothcm : Doncaster, last year's Derby" winnér, (iud 'Flageóle'-. Ir. Um Man'.! past. Mié siana Plageqlot headed tho procession, followed by Gang Fonvnrd, Hillard, and Kaiser, Mr. Morry's pair bring- ing tip the rear. No declaration lind boon mudo about tho two latter, hut lt was known Mr.'Morry had backed both. Flageolet was sboond favourite, and M. Lcfovro was, wo fancy, rather hopoftd that ho. would voveriio nomo former dofotits with him. They woro not long at tho post, and when tho Hag lull Flageolet wont to tho front, ami up to tho top turn tho lot Went on in Indian tile fashion nt a, slow nu-o ; but thon Fordham, on Plngoolot, slipped bis horses, and down tho hill lnt> tho Swiuiey bottom led (hom at a mitch morrior ono. His immediate followers wero Gang Forward, Iiolatd,

Kaiser, und Doncaster, with Marlo Stuart in tho rear, and they continued in thia order until entering th« sti night, whore Holard passed Gang Forward, and, as tho hool» of Plngoolot, carno up tho last half of-tho new mile. Opposite the stand liolard headed Fhigcolot, and tho raoo wa« over ; for do«pito Fordham's olloi-ls, Flageolet was boatt.u very cloverly hy three parts of a length ; Doiioastcr mailo a dead heat with him for second placa, and Marlo Stuart fiuialicd Ia«t. _

Tho . Cup, manufactured by Messrs. Garrard, wa» worthy of Ascot, und tho War« of the Hoses, had boon admirably Illustrated by tho designer, Mr. Spencer. .Tho effect of the wbolo, tho baa-iellnfa illustrating tho plucking of tho reno« and the death of Hlchard III. ; tim group surmounting tho vase rcpicsentiug Henry of Kiobmond crowned by Lord Stanley on Uoaworth Url 1, .iras wonderfully good, and it looked worthy of tko country, and ono which M. Dehimnrro may bo proud

to take across tho Channel.