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The second distribution of the Sir Edwin and Lady Smith gifts, the; cost of whioh is defrayed from the interest on a capital sum of £1.000 given for the pur-

pose by Sir Edwin T. Smith, K.C.M.G., of South Australia, in memory of his late   wife, Lady Smith, has been made this Christmas (writes The Walsall Pioneer of December 28). Thirty-four recipients, all over 50 years of age, have each received a pair of boots, together with ton of coal,   and the kindness of Sir Edwin Smith has been greatly appreciated.     Mr. Gavin F. Gardner, one of the best known members of the Stock Exchange of Adelaide, and principal: of the. firm of that name, died at his' residence, Trinity' street,   St. Peters, early on Thursday evening.   For some time his health has been in- different, and latterly he had not taken   nearly the same keen interest in financia, affairs as was his wont. His attention was devoted mainly to the investment business, and few men had a better knowledge than he of the intrinsic value of stocks and shares, both Government and companies. Born at Birkenhead, near to Liverpool,   England, on April 10, 1848, he .arrived in South Australia when three years of age.  

His father was the Rev. John Gardner,   whose long and vigorous ministry at Chalmers Church, Adelaide, is well remembered. Mr. Gardner was educated at Young's, Academy, Adelaide, and he entered the service of the English, Scottish, and Australian Bank in 1867,   and was later transferred from Adelaide



to Port Darwin, and thence, to Mount Gambier. Subsequently he left the bank to go into business on his own account, and as secretary of various companies added to his commercial experience. . His name, was among the list of 50 original members of the Stock Exchange of Ade: laide (1837), and the only other gentlemen whose names appear thereon and who are still members are' Messrs. S. E.. Beach, D. Fotheringham, A. F. Weaver,, and S. Wills. In his younger days Mr. Gardner was a keen lover of horses. In recent years gardening had claimed his chief interest outside of business. Pictures and china had also a share of attention, and one of the best private collections of the former in this State was in his possession. Mrs. Gardner and the following family (besides several grandchildren) survive:   Mr. George G. F. Gardner (Adelaide), Dr. J. P. Gardner (Melbourne), Mesdames G. E. Sunter, C. Viner Smith, J. E.     McGlashan (Adelaide), and K. McEwin (Balaklava), and Miss Ethel F. Gardner (Adelaide). ' ... . , The death occurred at his residence, an Melbourne, on Thursday, of Mr. Donald Melville, M.L.C., who was known among Victorian legislators as 'the father of the Legislative Council.' The late Mr. Mel ville; who was in the ninetieth year p£ hia age, had been : a member of Parliament since 1882. ' He held a portfolio in the McLean Ministry in 1899—1900, and since 1904 Kadi fulfilled the duties of VicfrGhair mari ofrGommittees'.' ??:?'? ':' '.'? c:''.v* An interesting visitor to Adelaide ia

Dr. E. M. Rooke, who arrived on the City of York on Wednesday* Dr^ Rooke, ' who is a well-known heart and lung specialist of Brighton,' Eng land, had retired from practice; but' when war broke out he offered hiB services, and was accepted by the British military authorities.. For more than three years' Dr. Rooke 'worked for his country, examining recruits. More than 25,000 men S'assed through hie hands, and he was on uty every day, including Sundays; and, aa he remarked on Thursday, it was not the easiest of tasks to hold a stethescope'to one's ear for' seven hours daily, and keep the attention strained to detect fit from unfit men. But Dr. Rooke considered it- a privilege to serve his country, and. gladly

enlisted as a private in 1914, served on Gallipoli and other war zones, and now is at Lahore (India) as test pilot in the Royal Air Force. This young man has. a natural love for Australia, as Mrs. Rooke was an 'Australian (daughter of 'Mr; James Cochran, of Widgewa^ New South Wales), and he has ttriee visited the Oommon weaKh. ? Dr. Rooke's vr?sel passed that containing his son, en route, which the doctor ufiiiosophical'iy- cabled 'the fortuna of war.'. The doctor needed a. rest, so he took. the position of ship's. surgeon on the City, of York, and has enjoyed the 100114 trip to the eastern States and- Tasmania. He paid a- tribute to Oaij-c-- McKellar/a kindly- treatment of the returning troops; also 'to the general condition'of . the ship. The -trustees of the ; Scarf e Cottage Homes,- Norwood, save a social at tha hpmetif Mr. E. A. /Fry to commemorate her. ninetieth birthday. Mri A. Tivers (on behalf of the trustees) presided, and a vote of congratulation was accorded to- M'rs.

. jirs. f. a. ray.

. jirs. f. a. ray.

Fry as the oldest resident of the; homes and oji. the attainment of her ninetieth birthday in comparatively good' health. Musical and other items were rendered, and short congratulatory speeches, were made; Mr; Ttvers' announced, amjd' ap plause, that the trustees had decided'; tp make a present of money to Mrs.' Fry. : .Thedeath occurred last, Saturday, in a private hospiial at the Semaphore of .Mr. Robert Frederick Heath, a highly ;; re spected' resident of Port Adelaide. ;' The deceased n-as the fourth son of Capt. Phil lip Heath, and was born at Dartmouth, Devon, in October, 1858. . He was educated at the town of his birth, and then entered upon a seafaring life. He settled at- For? Adelaide in shore employment about 40 years ago, and was employed ss a foreman stevedore by the A.U.S.N. Company, from which service he retired .15 years ago. He was an oJd member of the Port Adelaide Working Men's Association, and of the Court Concord, A.O.F., of which he was a P,ast Chief Ranger. Mr. Heath married 28- yeare ago Mis3 Mary Ann. daughter of Mr. John Harvey, of Port Adelaide, and she survives him. There are :wo children —Mrs. J. Meegan, of Largs, and Mr. Fred Heath, of the Railways Audit Office. An old and respected resideni in the per son of Mrs. Elizabeth McLean (relict of the late Mr. William McLean), of. Walla roo, died last week at the age of 84 years. The deceased was born in Cornwall, and arrived in South Australia in the ship Lord Raglan in 1854. She lived in Wallaroo for ? more than 50 years. Two sons— Messrs; William and George McLean, of Wallaroo — survive, and there are nine, grandchiidmb' and 14'ktea.tflrandchildren. . '