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Dunner Oor/rir.-4388, Gannon v. Boylan; 4634, Moora and another v. Harrie ; 4645, Davis v. St, I George; 4711, O'Connor v. Beatson; 4723, Drone v.

Card ; 4751, Borough of North Willoughby v, Balee; 4770, Bowman v. Smart; 4701, Andersen v. Marshall.

ANOTHEB GnosTM YAUH.-Tho Gundagai Timee regrets to state that the bunyip that used to livo in a pool in the Murrumbidgee, near Gundagai, seems to have quitted his old quarters; but learns that a ghost has come to dwell amongst them, possibly as compen- sation for the abovo loss. Wo cannot os yet indicate, says the Times, tho spcotro's residenco, if it has one; but tho oulvert familiarly termed Bennott's Folly, on the sideling of Mount Parnassus, seoras one of its haunts, as we have been informed that on Sunday evening lost a gentloman resident in onr locality who was riding past this epot wan there confronted by the supernatural visitant. It roso apparently from ' under the culvert, tall, shadowy, and with a livid phosphoric light playing about it, such as a bad fish hung in a dark place exhibits. As the eh apo approached tho startled steed reared! and the rider's hair stood on end ; but the ' separation seemed to pass under the horse, and dis- appeared with a faint hollow-sound, like a distant

dying groan. Wo seed not say that the horseman '"" made all haeto to quit tho spot; but wo may add that another party avers that hs has eecn this speotro in the same plaoe, that it passed him by like a flash of fire, and that he thought his whiskers wore singed off by il. So far this is satisfactory ; every place ought to be celebrated for something, and a well authenticated local ghoBt would add considerable to our township's reputa-


KANGALOON, OOTOBEB 10TH.-Il may bo remembered that some few years sinos a dastardly attempt at murder and robbery was made on Mr. Bavello, a store- keeper, who was pro:ooding in his epringoart from this neighbourhood to Sydney, to purohase goods. Mr. Savollo had kindly given a lift to a traveller oo the road, and when near the capital, this ruffian drew a revolver and demanded his money, and on being rofneed fired two shots at him, the first of whioh passed through his oheek, shattering the opposite oboek-bons, ' the other lodging in his groin. The undaunted man wrestlod tho revolver from the scoundrel which ko retained, but the robber got a cheque whioh he had to pay for his intended purohaaes and got off. Mr. Savelle, howover, managed to get to the capital and

stopped payment of the cheque, and tho treacherous , ruffian was apprehended and hangod at Darlinghurst gaol. Ever sinoe Mr. Savelle has, at intervale, endured exoruoiating agony from the ball, whioh, from its position, could not be extraetod, and on Monday lost, after three weeks et interne suffering, he died, leaving a widow and six children to meurn their loss. He was much roepeoted hero, and great sympathy is felt for his family, under the melancholy circumstances in whioh they havo been deprived of their head and pro- tector,-Tho weather here for the past fortnight has been stormy, with heavy showers; it is BOW floe, and the oountry looks splendid. Our patches of cultivation, like oases in the desert er *' emeralds set in the i'nK,0' the sea," are exceedingly refreshing to tho eye, wearied . by the monotonous wilderness ot gigautio forost trees and "thick underwood, A very qui'ot locality thiel ; nothing stirring. A birth now and then, a death ditto ; but I regret to say no .'marrying or giving in marriage"- Correspondent

Books to tho value, of £102 have arrived as a first instalment of the grant of £200 ' for the ne * Free Library in Albury, The, books whioh have been selected for thia first lot are general in oharacter and inalud« valuable, works ia many departments ol literature-book« of reforenoo ¡of- varions kind», onoyolopeadias, dictionaries, biography, history, ana gênerai li tar» tara.