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Tho Brighton Stakes (handicap) of 15 sors each, 10 ft, and only S U declared, with 100 added ; -winners extra ; tho second received 60 soys ont of tho stakes. New course (1} 'miles,alartleg from the wlnnlng-chair). 36 subs, 25 of whom

declared ': . '; * , .". .

Ur. Bráyler's b 0 Mornington, by Arthur Wellesley-Bion-

dello, S yrs, 7»t 31b (Mordan) ., .. ., 1 lord Aileabury's br f Stoekpnrse, 4 yrs, 7st 61b (T.

- Osborne) . ,,. ... .. . .. ..2 - Falmouth's b ..f Uertrude, A yrs, Sit 01b (T, Chal-

lener) , ... ..3 Slr J. Hawley's h h SldoroUto, 5 yrs. Oat 51b (Mo ris)

Mr. Lombarda b o Minotaurs, éyri. 8stSlb (Fordham) - iord St. Vlneent'a b f Violet, 4 yrs, 7at 5\h(d. Jarvie)

Mr. Lombard's ch e Cardigan, s yrs, Sst 71b (Constable) . Mr. Forbes Bentley's br Í Kona; 8 yrs, OstlT, skelton)

. J. Andrewa's b o, by Parmesan-Melissa, 3 yrs, fiat 101b

: .(Baveratoak) . , .

. Betting at the start : 4 to 1 agat Mornington. 0to2agst Btoekpune, 6 to 1 agat Gertrude, 7 to 1 agat Cardigan, 7 to 1 'agat Melissa, Stol «get SideroUte, 100 to 8 agat Violet For a f*w at Me« Minotaurs held a alight lead, but when they had settled Into their placea Stoclcpune rushed to the front, followed by Nona, the Melina colt, Violet, and Cardigan, Gertruda and Mornington lying next, and SldoroUto last. They ran in ? this order until rising the hill, when rNona, icannoned . heavily against Stockpurao, driving her out to,tho left, and carrying away Osborne's spur with the force of the. collision, but he "quickly righted ber again; and Lord Allesbuty*s colours - were soon sail- ing away with a clear -lead of Cardigan, the Melissa colt. Gertrude, Minotaurs, and Violet, Mornington and SldeioUto bringing up the rear. Osborne riding with only one foot in the stirrup for some dlatance:. Stockpurse Increased her lead to nearly , a dozen lenuths. the others lying In a cluster, headed by the', Melissa. colt, Gertrude, and Mornington till they became scattered again as they ' descended tho hill for tho straight, when the Melissa colt and Gertrude, closely followed by Mornington, drew up to tbs heels of -'tockpuria. Half- way down the Inclino Mr. Brayley's colt closed up, and both tbs Melissa colt and Gertrude giving way when fairly ia tho straight, he waa left In waiting on Stockpurse. Ho, however, came away at Mordan'a pleasure; and won very easily hy a length and a half from Stockpurse, who wai twleo aa far In advance ot Gertrude." Then carno the Melissa oolt fourth. Violet fifth, Cardigan sixth, Nona seventh, and Mlnotanre next. SideroUte, who was never once formidable, pulled up, I and.did not pasa the post.

I ,, The Brighton Cup, a piece of plate, valuo 300 sovs, added

to a sweepstakes of 10 «o»« each, for threo year olds and up- wards; weight for ago ; winners extra ; the second received : 50 sovs/and the third 26 sovs out of the stakes. The Old I Course (abont 2 miles). 20 subí. ;

i Baron Rothschild's ch o Favonios, by Parmesan-Zophyr,

I' 8 yrs. Sst alb (Maidment) :?. .. ... 1 : Mr. Lombard's br o Manille, S yra, 7st 101b (Jt ffery) .. 2 ' Baron Rothschild's b I Corisande, 3 yrs, 7st 01b (F. Webb 1 Slr G, Chetwynd's b h Gourbi, A yrs, Oit 41b (T. French)

j Mr. P. J. Jackson's ch h Lumley, 6 yrs, Ont 41b (Hudson).

I Betting at start :-0 to 4 on Favoulus (t), C to lagalnst i Manille (t). 5 to 1 against Lumley (t), 109 to 8 against Cori-

sande (O. 60 to1 against Gourbi (t). As soon as they had 'settled down to their work Corisande showed In ad vaneo,

followed by Gourbi, Manillo, and tho favourite. Lumley ' whlpplng-ln. Whon a quarter of a mlle had beon tmvoracd

Favonlus took second place,, and tho moderate speed waa lustantly Increased, Gourbi soon afterwards dropping away ' to the rear, leaving Manille in attendance on tho liaron s

pair. , Corisande continued to force tho running at her best .pace, but it waa not fast enough to pleaso Maidment, who closed with her about live furlongs from homo, and assumed tho command ai they came down the hill, taking a clear lead when fairly in tho line for home. At the distance Manille Sassed Corisande,. and anawered gamely to Jeffery's

etermlned efforts to overhaul favonlus, who, howovor, hold . his own with perfect ease, and won, hard held, by threo

lengths. Corleando was a bad third, Gourbi, passing Lumley in tho straight, hoing fourth, and Mr. Jackson's horse last The winner was very loudly ohoered on returning to wolgh In. Duration of the race, Iraln 25soc.

THE GOOIIWOÓD CUP.-Tho following statistics connected with.thia i reat event will be intorestlnc to our ractng readers, they aro published in the Sporting Lifo of July 20th:-"This eventful race was established so far back aa 1812, bnt was only run at intervals down to;i825 : since than, however, tho contest has been an annual attraction, and has been the meana of bringing together most of the best horses that have 1 graced the Turf within this period, lt was onco reduced to i eiwalk-over, vlsJ.'In 1826, when Stumps aeenred n bloodless ; victory ; while Fleur de Lis, Priam, Harkaway. Charles XII., ' and Caneaou have each beon returned the victor on two

occasions. The rac« has thrico fallen to aged horses and to six years olds, nine times to a five year old, eighteen times to a four year o'd, and on sovontoen occasions to a three year old. The hlnnoBt weight over carried to victory was by Priam In 1832 (at 6 yrs), when bo was burdoned with Ost lSIb, of those returned the winner at four years. Tho Hero occupios the post of honour, since be carried Ult 01b first past the Judge in 1847, and ha > prevlonsly token tho Emperor's Plate at Ascot, lt ls worthy of remark that no threo wear old has been victorious who carried above 7ot 71b, and this category ls exhausted with Promlsod Land, Sweetsauce. Tim Whiffler. Vauban, and Speculum-animals scarcoly at tho top of the tree. Priam ls the only Derby winner that was over successful in the Goodwood Cup, and he won the race both aa a four and a Ave year old. Tho second horse at Epsom has never yot been triumphant, while of thoso placed third in the Derby, Oloncoe, Vauban, and Speculum haro eaoh afterwards won the Cup when three yoars olds, and the first pair likewise took the Two Thousand Guineas in their respective yeara. Seeing that Fovonlus will have to carry 8it on Thursday next, thoso statistics may be not only inter- esting, but instructive. Indeed, the penalty attaching to a Derby winner would seem to have so operated againat his chance that down to the present year the Epsom hero has never put In an appearance for the Goodwood trophy at three years old. Neither has the St. Leger winner ever carried off the Cup in the sams'year.. On tba present occasion the race Is regarded as simply a match between Mortemer and Favonlus, and, both aro exceptionally good horses. At tho weight for-ajte standard Favonius has tho worst of the bout, and tho strugglo promises to bo one of tho most excit- ing of recent yearn. Both Baron Rothschild and Mr. T. Lombard are genuine specimens of tho thoroughly upright sportsman, and should either gentleman be sufficiently fortu- nate to take the prlxe, the enthusiasm would be unbounded.

For ourselves, we have no blas In tho matter ; the only result j forwbloh we are anxious ls that the candidatos may roach I tho post in good health and condition, and that the best

horse may win."

The Sporting Lifo thus sams up affairs connected with Good- wood : -People who vonturod on tho dangerous practico of " plunging" at Goodwood had good reason to ropont for their temerity, for it ls' seldom that a moro disastrous weok to backers baa boen recorded. When Rosicrucian, Jack Spigot, and Christopher Sly wcro removed from tho Cap, it looked a comploto " forgono conclusion" for one of tho favourites, particularly when it was ascortalnod that there would be less than half-a-dozen competitors. Although opinions wero divided botweon Caron Rothschild's champion and tho French representativo, nobody Imagined for one moment that both would be defeated, and especially by an outsider against whom almost any odds could be obtalnod, and who on tho provious day, when cantering, appeared barely able to extend herself. No ouch surprise has been witnessed on the tuif since Nimrod won the Stewards' Plate, at Stockbridge. In 1850, and created such astonishment, for h» was only sent to tho post to onsuro a paco for Marionette, and literally ran away with the trophy. Unfortunately, rash speculators, as their liabilities accumulated, continued increasing their stakes, and the end of such a reckless course of speculation is inevitable. They had obviously forgotten the theatrical axiom ot « "a day will come," and that the ugliest of all days Is occasionally, to imprudent "punters," tho one set sport for BettUng. Consequent upon this overhead gambling there wero a good many ac- counts unadjusted at Tattersall'* and in tho City onMonday, and complaints wero numerous. Ono gen- tleman, who had at one period in the course of the meeting run Into a h»avy balance In bis favour, wound up most dis- astrously, and ho most karo wished himself in a placo whoro "parting" is not merely a sweet sorrow, but where lt is "unknown." Ills losses aro, however, not half what has been stated, and I hoar ho hos paid 10s in the pound. Those who were on the Lady Hungerford colt for tho stakes have some, reason to complain of their ill-fortune, for tho opinion of some of the best and most Impartial judges ls that with a strong lad up tho unnamed scion of Wamba would certainly hui» proved victorious, his jockey at one period calling out " Which ls tho way J Which ls the coursa}" so confused was he whon tho horses wero galloping. At the same time lt is palpable that Constable has plenty of ability In the saddle, from the fact of riding Botheration in its two successful essays. Ills defeat in tho stakes can be justly ascribed to his youth and want of knowledgo of tho long circuitous course. Goodwood, however, bas been adequately discussed by other pens In addition to my own, and I must proceed to deal with " frosh Holds and pastures now," trusting that the present week may provo moro satisfactory to both backers and their literary monitors than the lost.