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Tm: GOLD VASE elven by Her Majesty, added toa sweep- stakes of 20 sovs each, for tbrcc-year-olds and upwards ; weight

for ago, Ac. ; 2 miles 14 subs.

Mr. Johnstonc'a b o Christopher Sly, by Lo Maréchal-Meg

Mr. Crawley's b c Idas. 4 yrs. Sst 101b (J. Goiter)

Graham's b c Captivator, 4 yrs. Sit 101b (fordham)

lombard's br h Butch Skater, 5 yrs, Ost 31b (distance) Paran A. rtntliBchlld's b c Lutln, 3 yr», "at 31b (II. Covey)

Lord St. Vincent's b c Harford, 1 yrs, Sst 101b (T. Cbal nor)

Betting : 5 to 2 agst Idus, 4 to 1 agst Captivator, 0 to 1 agst Sornolte, 100 to ls agst Dutch Skater, and 8 to 1 o»ch nust Gertrude Christopher Sly, and Barford. Idns was first off, with Harford next tho rail*, but Christopher Sly soon rushed to tho front and made play round tho top bend, where Dutch Skater took second placo, tho pair being succeeded by liar ford. Idus, »nd Captivator, with Gertrude and Sornette last Along tho -twinley Bottom, whore Ltttin dropped back last, Dutch Skater raced np level with Christopher Sly, the (mir eading their Held half a dozen lengths, and alternately hold- ing an advantage until rounding the bend into the straight. Dutch Skater here carno on with a clear lead, while Gertrude on tile left. Idus lu tho contre, and -omette ou the right, bogan to draw lovel. Two distances from homo Dutch -kater compounded, and Christopher Sly again took up tho running, and never from this point leaving tho Issue In doubt, non easily by a length and a half. A similar distança separated second and third. Idus was fourth, Barford fifth, Dutch Skater sixth, and Lutin sovcuth.

Tho Koyal Hunt Cup ¡Handicap), a piece o( plat», value 300 sovs. added to a sweepstakes of IQ sera each ; NW Mlle.

SI subs

Slr I". Johnstono's b g Valuer, by St. Albans-Vallatlou,

0 yrs, Ost 01b (G. Jarvis) .. .. .. 1 Lord Ailesbury'a b c by Primo Minister-Frailty, 3 yrs.

Sst 101b (T. Osborne) .. .. .. ..2 Mr. J. f/arry's br c Jo- k Spigot,Tjy Tho Drake-Lady Hol

borson, U yrs. Sst db (T. Chaloncr) .. ..3 Lord Stamford's ch c Normanby, 4 yr?, Sst llb (Cannon)

.Mr. M. II. Dolamarro's bl f Verduro, |i yrs, Sst llb (Maid-


J, Moffatt's br f Pato, 4 yrs, 8st (W. Webb)

V. Mouncey's bl f Shannon, 3 yrs, 7s1121b (Hunt)

E. Brnyloy a br c Eccorder, 4 yrs, 7st 1211) (car. 7st 131b)

E. Potter's br f Miss Sheppard, -1 yrs, 7stJ01b(Hux

Slr F. Johnstono's br c Allbrook. 5 yrs, "st Dib (Mould) Mr. W. A. Baker's b c Barefoot, 3 yrs, 7st Sib (Fox)

T. Lombard's b c Tho Knight, 3 yrs, 7st 41b (Wilson) Crawley's b c Glaucus, 3 yrs, 7st 41b (l\ Webb)

Lord Charlomont's b c Dubois, 4 yrs, 7st 21b (Vldlor) Mr. J. Dixon's b f Chartreuso, 4 yrs, 7st (Everett)

W. Goodwin's ch f Chevreuso, 4 yrs, Ostlllb (W.Gray) Lord Anglesoy's br c Gopsall, 3 yrs, Ost 111b (H. Covey)


Major Fildolin's b f Plnfiterro, 4 yrs, Ost 101b (Handley) Mr. Ll. Savlle'a eh f Milbillo, 3 yrs, Oit 21b (Skelton)

Sir P. Johustono's ch f Maid of Athol, 4 yrs, Gst 21b (Cosby) Mr. Ambory'a br c Alderley, 4 yrs, Cst 21b (Norris)

Princo Batthyany's b c Klug Mob, 3 yrs, Cst (Chapman) Mr Prvor"s b c Botheration, 3 yrs, Cst (Ashworth)

Baron Schtcklor's Acido Priusique, 3 yrs, Ost (Wheeler) Li rd Rivera's h c Pitchfork. 3 yrs. Cst 131b (Newhouso)

Mr. Ii. C. baylor's ch t Marmora, by Chattanooga or Stock-

well- Rathigooui, 3 yr«, Sst 71b (Archer)

Mr. C. Head's br c Reform, 3 yrs. Cst 71b (Constable)

A. C. Barclay's b f Contraband, 3 yrs, Sst 71b (llammoud) Merry's b f by Thormanby-Gong, 3 yrs, Sst 71b (Macksoy) Bettine : 4 to agst Chcvrouso, ll to 2 ngst Valuer, 10 to 1 each agst Gopsall, Frailty colt, and Roform, 14 to 1 each agst Jack Spigot and Normanby, 10 to I agst Marmora, 20 to 1 each agst Flnlstorro, Alderley, and Pitchfork, 25 to 1 each agst UlaucuB and Gong filly, 33 to 1 ogst Verdure, 50 to 1 agst Acido Prusslqua, and 1000 to 15 agut Mobilis.

As might be expected with so largo a field of horses, some dol&y was occasioned at tho post ; nut at length a beautiful start was effected, tho lot getting away on nearly equal terms. Valuer, Pitchfork, and tho Frailty colt niado play, closely followed by Jack Spigot ; Itccorder, Glaucus, and tho Gong filly lying noarly l^vel with thom, whllo well up wcro Roform, Alderley, Marmora, Dubois, and Tho Knight. Tho lot came on in splendid order over tho brow of the hill to tho Dip, whors tho Frailty colt passed Pitchfork and took second placo to Valuer, Jack Spigot drawing up third as they breasted tho ascent for homo. Most prominent of tho succeeding division at this point wore The Knight, Shannon, and Verduro ; while Normanby, King Mob, and Clievreuso woro rapidly com- pounding. Shouts woro alternately raised in favour of Tho Knight, Verduro, ar.d Shannon, but all threo wero In trouble directly after passing thc distança, and in the next fifty yards Chaloner called on Jack Spigot, and Osborne on tho Frailty colt, but both, although answering gamoly, whoro tumble to got np to Valuer, who won, wlttout having once been headed, by th'eo-quartora of a length ; half a length divided second and third. Shannon waa fourth, Finiatorro fifth. Pitchfork sixth, Gopsall soventh, Aldorloy eighth, Gong Illly ninth, Contrabrand tenth. Marmora eleventh, and Chartrcuso next. Tho rear division comprised Mabllle, Chevrcuso, Maid of Athol, Miss Shoppard, and Normanby. Time, as taken by Benson's chronograph, lmtn 38iaec. Nott value of tho stakes

£1100. ?

Tho Gold Cup, valno 500 sovs, added to a subscription of 20 SOYS each : second rccoived 50 sovs ; weight for ago ; to. start at tho Cup Post and go onco round (about 2J miles). 30'subs. Mr. T. Lombard's ch h Mortomor, by Complcgne-Com-

tesse, fl yrs, Dst 51b (Fordham) .. .. 1 M. UT. Dolamarro's b f Verduro, by West Australian

-Verm«ill«, 3 yrs, 7st 21b (Jeffery) ... ..2 J. Johnstone s b c Bothwell, by Stockwell-Katherine

Loglo, 3 yrs, 7st 51b (W. Gray) .. ... .. 3 Lorn Falmouth-« b c Kingcraft, 4 yu, Sst 101b (Lightfoot)

Falmouth's b f Gertrude, 4 yrs, Sst 71b (Chaloner) Slr J. Hawley's b h 8Ider«llto, 6 yrs, Oat 81b (Wells) Mr. Laundo'a b f Agility, 4 yrs, Sst 71b (J. Osborne).

Betting : Even on Mortomor, 0 to S agst Bothwell, 7 to 1 oach agst Sidorcllto and Agility, 8 to 1 agst Vordurt, and 20 to 1 agst Lord Falmouth's pair coupled. Boon after tho lot had settled into their places, Sldorollto took up tho muniug, attended by Uothwoil, Mortomor, and .Agility on tho loft, King- craft, Gertrude, und Verduro lying close behind them. Tho paco waa slow as thoy carno by tho Stand, whoro Gertrude gradna ly dropped away, ami being «load beaten before a mlle bad been covered, waa thus carly out of tho raco. Slderollto hold a clear len.I down the hill ami ulong tho Swluloy Ilot tom into tho old courso. Bothwell lying necoud, with .agility. Mort-mor, Kingcraft, and Verdure following tis thu order named. From this point tho paco was materially lacreas, d, and coming round tho ben i the lot closed up, lavo that King- craft become lut, and when fairly in tho straight Sidirolito wm in troublo. Mortomer now drew up on tho out-ide, and walting on Bothwell and Verdure to tho distance, thu grand old horso came away, and won In a canter by two lengths : a bead between second and third. Agility waa fourth, and Kingcraft fifth. Gortrudo pulled up and walked past tho post Timo, os takon by Benson a chronograph, -iraln SOJsec. Nott

value of the stakes C1030.

Tho Alexandra Plato of 1000 sovs, added to a sweepstakes of 25 sovs each, 15 ft ; weight for agc ; penalties and allow- ances ; second received 1100 sovs, and third saved stake ;

about 3 miles. 30 subs.

Slr J Hawley's br h Rosicrucian, by Beadsman-Madamo

Eglantine 0 yr», Dst 711) (Wells) .. .. I Mr. Payne's br c Muskot, 4 yrs, Ost (T, Chaloner) .. 2 Lord bt. Vincent's b u Barford, 4 yrs 9st (Custanco) 8 Mr. T. Lombard's br h Dutch Skater, 5 yrs, Dst Alb (Ford-


Lord Falmouth's b f Whoatcar, 4 yrs, 8stl01u (T. Frölich)

Betting : 5 to 4 agst Rosicrucian, 0 to 4 agst Musket, 7 to 1 agst Dutch Skator, and 20 to 1 agst anyothor. Whoatcar mado play nt u alow paco, followed by Musket, Barford, next tho roils, lying In their track, with Rosicrucian and Dutch Skator aDroast of bim, tho latter belüg soon last ; after about a milo and a quarter had been covuicd, Barford rushed to the front, followoU by Muskot and Whcatear, Rosicrucian and Dutch Skator succeeding. This order waa maintained until fairly round tho bend for homo, when Whcatear compounded ; .Rosicrucian, heading Musket and Barford, took up tho running nt tho distance, nnd won easily by three-quarters of a longth ; a similar distance divided second and third ; Dutch

Skater waa fourth.