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THE Government Gazette of lost night, contains tho following notifications :

WITHDRAWAL PROM TEMPORARY COMMON.-Por- tions i.f tlio land sot apart for commonages at Hill Ead, Young, Forbes, and Narrabri, havo been-withdrawn for thoisalo of right in improvements.

RESERVE PROM SALE POU WATER SUPPLY, CAMP- ING PDRPOBKS, AND TRAVELLING STOOK -Land in the following districts havn been reserved at above : - Liverpool Plains district, Wheo, 320 acres, also 320 acres in tho samo parish on the Yearioram run ; county of Durham, parish of Dungog, 10 acres ; county of Bligh, parish of Cumbo, 51 noros 3 roods ; county of Brisbane, parish of Manobalai, 15 acres:

Monaro rlistriot, parish of Gulgin, 20 acres ; Lachlan district, parish of .lernlcumboth and Oara, 246 acres ; Wellington district, at Collanburrawang, Hyandra, 87 nares ; Darling district, at Tyson Lake, Culpaltcrong Bun ; G40 acres at tho Swamp, Yolk cor Bun ; 640 norcB at* the Blackfellow^ Waterhole) 040 acres at Gun. arramby Swamp ; 2i squaro miles at Lake Paika ; 700 acres nt I.ako Maranby ; Connty of Phillip, parish of Moolarbar, about 1000 acres | Lachlan district, parish of Merrybundiua, Billabong Creek, 105 acres. Camp- ing purposes i Parish of Camborra, about 460 acres. AUCBRS to wutor i Now England district, pariah of Bockralo, 9 nores.

BEVOOVTION OP TEMPORARY RESERVES.-Tho foi lowing lands havo boon revoked from tomporary reser- vation from salo t-Murrumbidgee distriot, parish of Jindera, portions 191 to 212; Lachlan district, parish of Merryhfmdlnali, 0 acres ; Bligh distriot, Weetaliba,

4 square milo*.

TENDERS.-Erection of ml.litious benorolont asylum, Liverpool; supplying materials »nd performing

plumber's work for repairs to pnblio building Sydney ; repairs to roof benevolent asylum, Parramatta.

TENDERS ACCEPTID.-Bricklayer's work, colonial architect's department, 1873, J. Wadsworth; smith's werk, colonial architect's department, 1873, Brown Bros ; mason's and pavior's -work, colonial architect's department, 1878, W. Wadsworth and Son ; carpenter's work, colonial architect's department, 1873,-' Hudson Bros. ; plastorer's work, colonial architect's depart- ment, -1878,- W." Huntington ; snp, ly of ironmongery, colonial architect's department, 1873, John Keep-, painter's .and glazior'n work, ? colonial architect's department, 1873, W. Yeoman . slater's work, colonial architect's* department, ' 1873,. W. Huntington ; supply of building stone at the East' Maitland gaol, 1873, P. Donnelly ; supply of building stone at the Darlinghurst gaol, 1873, Mrs Ann Steednian ; Bupply or building stone at' the Parramatta . gaol, 1873, T. J. Willis; Bweoping chimneys at Victoria Barracks and at various military and colonial buildings,' Sydney, 1873, George Copcmnn ; supply of coffins for colonial publio Borvico, 1873, in the police, district of Sydney, and at Gladesville Asylum, J. and G. Shying . emptying privies at Victoria Barracks and nt various military ana

colonial - buildings, Sydney, 1873, J. ? Jeffrey;, furniture and fittings, court-house. Rylstone, W. Jones . and Son j erection of bridge over Mulwsroo Ponds, at Inveralochy, W. Stewart :

approaches to Balranald punt, Rankin and Batty; smith's and founder's work, new General Post Office, P. N. Russell and Co. ; lease of Collarín toll-bar, 1873, A. Nablo ; lcaso of Gap, O'Brien's toll-bar, 1873, W. E. Goodin ; lease of Bargo toll bar, 1873, A. Deitrich ; lease of Fourth-mile toll-bnr, 1873, A. Nobio; supplySf blinds for RegÎBtrar-Gencrul's Offico, W P. welsh ; supply of furniture for Insolvency dopnrtment, and supply of furniturofor Imperial Pensions office, Skinner and Son ; supply of blinds for Hyde Pnrk asylnm^W. P. Welsh ; erection of look-up nt Solferino, W. Kin- near ; construction of punt for dredge Fitzroy, and punt for drodge Vulcan, Merritt and Healy ; Iron gates and piers, main entrance to Botanic Gardens, R, Hanson ; furniture for Gladesville asylum, A. V7. Norton.

ACCEPTED TENDERS POR RUNS.-Tenders of the undermentioned parties have been accopted fur tho runs of Crown lands specified in connection vi ith thoir respec- tive names. Albert District-Mount Bobo, J. M. Campbell and J. Lambert ; Campbell's Creek, No. 2, Charles Manton ; Umberumberka, G. Brinkworth, L. Sfonld, and H. M'Loan ; Osaca, No. 2 and No. G, Omura, No. S and 6, Urisino, No. 2 and No. 6, G. S. Lang; Opbarn, R. B. Smith ; Toingowoko West, Boll warry, Caryapundy, Mouut Wood, Conulpio, Terawinda North, Terawinda Plains, No. 1 and 2, Torrens Creek, J. C. Myers ; Marfield Block, B, C, D, B, W M. Miller; Terawinda, North-east No. 1, W. 0. Conn and D. Bold ; Paddington, G, 7, 8,9. 10,11, G. P. Desailly; Badjcrrigun West, John Ettcrshank; Tirita, and Kara, W. H. Wright ; Victoria, blocks A and B,

Charlea Henry Munton ; Torrowangeo, F. L. JODOB ; - WcBt Paroo, No. 1, R. T. Reid ; Willowurrawa No. 1, Rat-hole Creek B, Elti Creek, block B, and Umberum hcrkn, J. L. Hyndom ; B, Alberta, No. 1, J. A. Lake; Charlemont, and Aldborough, F. A. Stratford . Merrita, T. E. Eoberts; Myall, block No. 6, Mount Jack North, and Berawinia Downs, Nos. 1 to 15, J. C. Myers and E. S. Bonney ; Kerribree, Michael M'Cauliffe. Darling District Mallee Cliffs East, Robert M'Fnrlane. Lachlan Dis- trict- Urnmbee, No 5, James M'Bain and William Wilson. Warrego District-Mount Grenfell, No. 2, E. Kelly.

REGISTRATION.-Tho Rev William Finchiu (Con- gregational), Campbelltown, has been registered for tke celebration of marriages.