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" MAY 29. 1879.

TUB Derby Strikes of 60 Bnvs cadi, li ft, for 8-yr* old« ; colts. Sst 101b ; fillies, Bat Olli ; the owner ot tho second horse to receive SOO sovs.,nnd tho third 1{0 sovs out. of tho stakes. A1'out a mil.; amt a half, starting at tho New lllgli Level starling past, 101 solis.

Mr. li. Siii'llo's. Oromorno by Parmesan-Itlgolboclio,

8stl01b(Mnld>nent) ... - ... ... 1 Astlcy'a Brother to Flurry, 8st lilli (1\ Chahuar) 2 LordFulmniith's Queen's Messenger, Sst 1011) (T. French) a

Wilton's Wenlock, Sst 101b (W. Platt) .4 Tho following horses nlso ran t-Patriarch, Ita by Castle, Quitlnton, Young Sydmonton, Lord Aylcsford's Windor decken, Marshul lin viii ne, Landmark, Laburnum, Westland, Almoner, Tho Druid. Jindie, Prince Charlie, Drummond, Holmet, Bertram, Statesman, Misorrinitia, and Condor; Winslow was struck out ot 0.0 a.m. on the day of tho race.

Hotting: 5 to 3 agst Prlnco Charlie, Stol agst Cremorne, tl to 1 ngst Queen's Messenger. 8 to 1 ngst Wenlock, 25 to 1 each agst Marshal Bazalno and Drummond, 33 to 1 ngst Almoner, 40 to 1 Oiioh agst Tho Druid and Laburnum, CO to 1 agst Brother to Flurry anti Bertram, 60 to 1 agst Helmet, 100 to 1 doh ngst Young Sydmonton, Landmark, Vulidordccken, Westland, Statesman, mid Candor, lOOu to 8 agst Mlscrrlmus, and 200 to 1 agst Baby Castle.

After the usual preliminary canters, tn which Almoner led tho way, followed hy Drummond, Qtiulntan, Bullio, Young Sydmonton, and Baby Castlo tn tho order named, with Cremorne, Vatiderdcckon, and Marshal Buuiluo last, tho 3.1 comjietltors mustered nt 18 minutes past 3 to tho now starting past. Altor ono or two very lus'gnlflcant breaks away. Mr, M'dcorgo succeeded In despatching them to a splendid start, every runner hoing well on tho mnvo when tho Ung dropped, After tho ilrst. few strides, Westland singled himself out on tho extrnino right, nnd mndolho run- ning uta strong psoo, followed by Almoner, Tho Druid, Wen- lock, Vanderdeeken, Bullio, and Cromóme, tb whom suc- ceeded Prlnco Churllo, who also occupied a bert li on tho r'glit., whllo Drummond wns well up with tho leadors. Marshal Bazalno, who wns tn the centro of his horse», had to ho Îlushed along from the beginning! and although getting airly away quickly lost his place, tho very roar Int, however, comprising Condor, Landmark, L.ibtirnum, nnd Qualntnn, tho last-named hoing taWod away be foro a hundred yards lind boen covered. Patrlnrnh, who essayait tu vn'n to maka tho

miming for Queen's Mcssongor, lulu nt tito head of tho ruck, lncompnny'wlth Itortranvliord Falmouth's colt fnllowlng very noáíly In tho trade of tho latter. Boforo n quiirter of a milo had hoen ooverod. Westland held a clear load,: followed hy Butilo, Wenlook, Btatcsmiui, ami Drummond, wlillo Almoner dropped back with Prince Clmrlle, this latter pair lying behind Cremorne, tho most pro- minent nf tho runic now hoing Patriarch, Brother lo Flurry, Young 8vdmonton, nnd Tho Druid, Queen's Messenger head- ing tho n'thors,- Going through tho furzes Wonlock racod up to tho nook of Westland, while Cromnrno headed Bullio, Statesman, and Drummond, nuil tonk third place, willie Ber- tram soon after cannoned against tho Brother to Flurry, Queen's Messenger being rinso behind these. Bounding Tut toiiham Corner Pr'nco fllinrllo clrownp on tho outside, but wns nnrihlo to hold his plaof, ami Wcstlnnd cams down tho hill for homo, followed hy Cremorne on tho right, nnd Wen- lock lit t ho centro. laburnum momentarily lonk'ug formida- ble an tho lower ground. At tho head of tho next -llvls'on wera Drummond, Brother to Flurry, nnd Quoen's Mosscngi v. In closo company with Bortrnm nnd Statesman, while Patri- arch, Bullio, and Vnndordooken rapidly novo wayinnd Alinnnor wns unahlo to «et up with tholoaders. Wcstlnnd liold hlsload till about throe furlong« from linnie, when he gavo wny, snil Drummond also nnmpnitudod. Cremorne thou hiking up tlio running, wlillo Brother to Flurry nnd Queen's Mcssongcr slmnltaneomlv drew tm to Wenlock. Tho latter showed a von- liold front to the dlBtaneo whero he was In trouhle, nnd

Qvccn s Messenger, although running gamely, could not go tho pace with Cremorne mid Brother to .Flurry, thin huit named pair coming away from their flold oppos'lo tho stied Inolosuro, and contesting strldo for stride everv inch nf the road homo. Cremorne, liowovcr.had always ii »lindo the bes of it, mid although Brother to Flurry appeared at one time a» though ho would dofeut tho Newmarket, horso. Mr. Saville s «lit just hold his own, und :w«m a litoat exciting nico by u short head. Queen's Messenger, who was never able to gel near tho front till the last half mlle, was beaten three length!, from tho Brother to Flurry ; Wenlock was good fourth. Ber- tram fifth. Statesman sixth, Print» Charlie aoven th. Young Syd mouton eighth, Vondcrdockon. ninth, with Almoner, The Druid, and Mlsorrlmtis next. The lust lot comprised Labur mini, Marshal Bazaine, Drummond. Condor, Lund mark, and Qtialnton being beaten oil. Timo by Benson's chrono- graph, 3 min. 4S¡ seo. ? »