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City andSuburban Handicap of 15 sors each, 10 ft, with 200

added:; li milo. 150sub».

Mr. Keswick'» Digby Grund, by Saunterer, 4 yrs, 7st81b i

(car. 7«t 1016) <F. Webb) ... ..* v.. 1' . Bowles' Lord Glasgow.Syrs, 7st nib (W. Flatt) .' ' 2

John Parry'»Hector, 0yrs,7st 21b <F. Crlckrhero) ... 8 Ai O. Barclay's Bertram, 3 yrs. Sst 101b (O. Payne);! 4 Tho following also ran i-SablnuB, Cardinal York, King- craft, Normanby, Oxonian, Recorder, Ashfield, Kelmore, Brldgwatcr, Pax Phosphorus, Slater Helen, Pitchfork, Elles- mere, Xanthus, Pensée, Marmorn, Landmark, Jackal, Sweet- meat, King Olia, Il Maestro, Turban, Amy Roselle, Columbus,


Betting.i ll to 2 cooli agst Pax and Bortrom, 7 to 1 agst Xanthus, lOOto 8 each agst Kingcraft and Oxonian, 100 to 0 cooli agst Digby Grand audJBrldgwater, 23to 1 agst II Maestro, 25 to 1 each ngst Sabtmis, Cardinal York, Marmora, and Land 'mark, 30 to 1 ag»t Rocordtr, 40 to 1 oaoh agst Hooter, Pltoh ferk. Pensée, Jackal, and King OfT.i, 50 to 1 ngst Columbus, 00 to 1 eaoh natl Normanby, Lord Glasgow, Ashfield, Phos- phorous and Ellesmere, mid loo lo 1 agst Amy Roselle.

Digby Grand,.Lord Glasgow, and Hector finished an excit- ing raoo home,Digby Grand winning In tho last «trido by a length from Lord Glasgow, who headed Heotor closo on tho poat, and gained tho second money by n nook; whllo Mr. Parry's colt defeated Bertram bv a hoad for a situation. A

couple of longtho In tlio rear of those como Recorder and Mar- j mora, nearly abreast, iKgean, close up with thom, hoing seventh, Phosphorns eighth, Ashllold ninth. Jackal tenth. Landmark clovonth. Columbus twelfth, with Xanthus and

King Olia next. Time, 2 min IS, secs. Net valno of tho 1

Btakos, JC1680.

Prince of Wales' Stake, a freo handicap of 10 son eaoh, 6 ft, !

with 200 added ; 1 milo ; 54 subs.

Mr. Keswick'» Digby Grand, by Saunterer. 4 yr». Bst 131b

(Ino. 71b ex.) (Fordimm) ... ... ... 1 Bravloy'a Recorder, 5 yrs, 7flt 181b (Mordan) ... 2 C. Viokor's Mnnlfesto, I yr», '1st 91b (Reynolds) ... S Tho following nlsoran:-Fisherman, Pearl, Diiko of Beau- fort, Alavn, Lucy Button, Almoneches, Wostland, King Ofl'a,

Oriont, Kolalr, Bacchante, and Clifton.

Bolting t 11 to 4 agst Fisherman, 100 to 80 agst Digby Grand, ll to 1 agat Recorder, lo to 1 agst King Olia, 100 to 8 agst Almeucehes, mid 20 to 1 each agst Pearl and Baoohantc*.

Digby Grand won easily by a length.

Great Metropolitan Stakes (handicap), of 25 BOVB each, 15 ft»

with 20»nddod ¡ 70 out». . i M. Lcfovro's Dutch Skater, by Flying Dutchman, 0 yrs.

»st 131b (Fordham) ... ... , ... 1, Lord Falmouth'B Klngerafb, 5 yrs. Sst 81b (T. Chaloner) 3 Mr. H. Button's Bt. Aubyn, 4 yr», Cst 111b (T. Osborno) ... 8

Thu following also ran i- Lord Hawke, Blaolc Gown» Goura, Ellesmere, Whimsical, Pompadour, and Lighthouse. ... ! " .

Betting : 4 to 1 agst Lighthouse, 6 to 1 agit Kingcraft,- o to I each agst Dutch Skater and Goura, 8 to 1 agst Lord Hawke, 10 to 1 agst Pompadour, and loo to 8 eaoh agst Whimsical mid Bloc v°own.

Stitch Blatter won hands down by a length and a hair. St. Aubyn finished a bad third; Pompadour was fourth. Whim- sical fifth. Goura sixth, with Ellesmere aad Blaolc Gown last« Time, «min lfjeeo. Net value of the stakes, 1066 sovs.