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The Bulletin THURSDAT, MAY 12, 1927. |

Never since that historical occasion when the cargo of te* was tossed overboard In Boston Harbor, has therjS been a. rrfbre eaccTOtul rebellion

against an unpopulargovernment Im post, than that which has fairly bluffed the McCormack Government, Into abolishing the obnoxious Water' Tax. And it was such a surprise too; since David slew Goliath, and Oliver Twist knocked out Noah Claypote, never have we seen an obnoxious giant, and a political giant at that, so completely overthrown. The clamor ot those to be levied o.n, commencing double forte, multiplied, as time went on. into one unappeasable roar of refusal, which about put the broad casting compariies out of business. Labor members scattered to their con stituencies to ascertain whether the bitter Indignation expressed, wan real or assumed. The big toons consti tuencies were tndtirercnt, but - stlU many reputed Nationalists there, were heard u- exclaim the}- would never vote for LAbor again, wfallo In the country, where the steam pumps, and windmills toll In water raising, the disturbance would make' a Texas Tornado Bound like a gentle zephyr. 'What has made 'em eo -off the handle'? members of the Government

eiarmedly asked. 'They have stood the State Land Tax and Super Tax, the State Income Tax and Super Tax, the Totallsator Fraction Tax, the Machinery Tax. the. Hospital Tax, the Unemployed Tax, the Addi tional Tax for unemployment, the Increased Cheque Tax, and the Motor Vehicle Tax, and others, like lambs, and still supported the Govern ment with old time fervor. Why, even the cane farmers panged a reso lution at the Mackay Canegrowers' Conference, authorising Mr. Bruce to bring ln a Child Endowment 6cheme, which will run Into rollllonsj they did not appear to mind taxation at all, yet, when the water tax was announced, they went mad and announced In loud voices that they would cheerfully test the Government's hospitality ln penal establishments, before they would pay the tax.' Buch a volte face. The ono tlme timid, consenting taxpayers be cojne roaring combatants, challenging the Government to go on with the tax. And the Government has thrown In the towel. We can Imagine the dis cussions on tiie water tax, between the enraged farmers, and Meisrs. Uruce arid Collins/members for Ken nedy and Bowtn respectively. 'Not a hope fori'ou Harry, or you Collins, at the next election, if that tax stays m.' AnH in ih» pastoral areas where '

It is 40 miles between water boles, the same hostility, from motorist to swag inan, was shown. No doubt those Parliamentarians who apled out the land svnd sensed, an anger never before encountered, advised that unless the tax was removed, they and the Gov ernment would, be politically lost at the next election. And so the tax was abolished; anything that will lose votes must be sacrificed. Undoubtedly those originally marked -out as Water Tax victims have scored. Of course. 'He who flght» and runs away, will live to fight another day.' But the assured. All eockflghtera know, the authoi-of that proverb forgets to men tion the loss of morale, signified by such & retreat -The moment a prise fighter's knees begin to sag In the ring; h!« opponent considers victory Instant a bird gives ground, and shows the least sign of weakness, the main Is practically settled. Queensland tax payers, having so successfully stam peded the Government will adopt the same tactics In opposition to any further taxation, but Instead of saylnr they will go to gaol first: they will threaten to put the Cabinet there. There is no hope for the State Tax

Imposers; the taxpayers have put the 'Indian, Sign' on them, and having lasted the blood ot the retreating parliamentarians, will show greater financial ferocity should a similar necesBlty arise, for the assumption ot a threatening and rebellious attitude. It Is apparent the citizens ot over taxed Australia are heartily sick of the Turkish tacUca of six State Gov ernments without a single thought ex cept taxation. No doubt the water tax lesson in Queensland will be noted by other Australian .Treasurers. We were of the opinion that nothing would check the road to rum Policy of Aus tralian Governments but the cessation of borrowing; the water tax knock out tuggeeta another course which may meet Commonwealth wide approval

The rainfall at Tully for the first four months of the year was 187.30 inches. The fall In April was 22.67 Inches. To-night ts children's night ln Fairy land at St Mary's, West End. Prizes are ottered tor the best, set aaa in dividual costume. Mr B. Egan, secretary of the A. H. !. E. tJ.. at the Blboohra meatworks, stated on Wednesday, the meatworks would commence on or about June '7. ' To-day George Aslett the Jeweller. Is aelling armlets in adult sizes at 15/ each. There Is a large, assortment In various shapes and they ate guaranteed Set. gold silver lines.* The total- number of motor vehclea now registered tn Queensland Is nearly «7,0o0. The net Increase dur ing April was 1,452, Including 107 motor blcycleB.

In the adjourned Licensing Court before Mr. W, Slmpeon, Licensing Magistrate, on Wednesday, an appli cation was made by Mr. G. Suthers. on behalf of Jornes Robertson, for a packet license for the steamer Lasa o'Gowrle. The application was granted. . It Is reported that a local body ot workers making some inquiries into the forthcoming Hospitals' Board elec tions, was somewhat astonished to dis cover the list ot subscribers presented at the hospital for their contributions to the Institution. The actual contribu tors, it Is stated, numbered Just halt of the number of names on the list. The tonnages of export at the port of Townevllle for the month of April, as shown by Harbor Board returns, were ae under. Sheepskins 69 tons 4 cwt. ; hides IS tons 6 cwt., tailow 19 tons 10 cwt, meat 11 tons 17 cwt (case), 86 tons 16 cwt., Iqt. -troxen), refined sugar 7 tons 0 cwt 8 qr*., wool 4877 balea (greasy), 48S bales (scour ed).

Six thousand ewes arrived by rail on Wednesday morning to the ocency of the local branch of the Australian Es tates and Mortmige Co. Ltd. These nheep are from Callanyatpa, near Bourke (N.S.W.), and' are on the!' way to Bundoran Station at Nonda. There are also three heifers and one hull coming forward from Marshland*, Wondar. on the ISth. consigned to the xame firm, the heifers being for Mr. R. Foot of Cardlngton. and the bull for Mr. A. T. Neb'j, Wattlevale, Reid River. A compulsory conference presided over by Mr. J. DunBtan. Member of the Bonrd of Trado and Arbitration, ivo* held at Bowen on Tuesday, to discuss the refusal of the River Waterside Workers to handle ranto conslimed to or through Mr. Q. Turn er, the Secretary of the Bowen trott (rrowers. Messrs Oreoon. Webster and Scanlan represented the Employ ers' Association: Messrs Carleton and Feeney appeared for the Wateralde Workers. After a discussion the conference proved abortive. A wonderful response. This Is how McKlmmln's described the first day of their Blanket Rue end Flannelettes Week. And no wonder when they are selling irood quality pyjnma flsnnei ette.*. S6' wide at Hid: C4 x 72 gray rupTK at 8/8 each: 85' cream flannel ettes at 8/11 dozen: 3d' Storm flan nelette at 11|d; colored ripple fltnnei ette at lid yard. The valuen seem wonderful and easily account for the lmsy dayi. The «peclnl prices wllll !-?) continued to-dny and further «p« --ln!s will be -advertised 'for the week rnd. Alfrea Edward Armstrong, aged tU

Ernest Hutton, aged 21, Sidney Robt. Bryant, aged 26, and James JoBeph McGarry, aged 26, arrived at Charters Towers from Hughenden on Monday,' under escort. They are the persons who were recently before the police court in Bughenden, chargd with breaking and entering the premises of Messrs J. and R. D. Arlda, Limited, at Hughenden, and the premises ot Smith end Co., ot Julia Creek.- It Is understood they have pleaded guilty to the charges, and will come before Nr Juitlce Douglas, ln the Circuit Court at Charters Towers to-day, for sentence.

At Home HIU on Tuesday, before Mr. W. SlmpBon, Industrial Magis trate, the case Norberg v. Bartholo mew Barbero was called on. This was a claim ln respect of wages due under the carpentes' award, the sum claimed being £7/16/4. Mr^ Calne appeared for the plaintiff, and thert was 'no ap pearance for the defendant. After iroof ot service had been produced. It was ascertained that the plaintiff had not lodged his claim within the time required by the Act and con sequently he was . non-suited. An other Industrial cose was set down for hearing at Ayr, but this was re manded~for a fortnight. Probate, of the 'will of Myra Eliza- beth Weir (wife of William Crawford Weir, of Mackay. /Town Clerk), de- ceased, was granted by the Registrar (Mr. Jas. Comerfort at the Supreme Courthouse, on Wednesday, to Wil- liam Crawford Weir. Town Clerk, the husband of deceased, and the sole executor named in the will.' (Messrs Roberts, Leu and Barnett, as town sgent for Messrs S. B. Wright and Wright solicitors for executor). Per sonalty sworn under £5. It is un usual for probate to be applied for in so small an estate, but it is understood this is a stepplng stone to a claim In respect of another estate.

The fourth of five locomotives ct the CJ» class, the blggeBt on Queens land lines, provided tpr In the Esti mates tor this Government flnanclnl year, Is now nearly finished In thr erecting shop at tJie North Ipswich Railway Works.' The chassis and boiler tor the fifth are being assemV led ln different parts of tlio shops. As «ne ot these engines whb completely assembled In six weeks last year the fifth should have -steam up Well be fo-a June 80. Three C19 type engines have already been put out In the last few months, ana have done excellent work. Including port of the haulage of the Royal trans last month. In the last year or two a large number ot engnes has been added to the railway service. By the end ot tbls financial year about 800 locomotives will be in use on tin lines of the State.

The Under-Secretary of 'the Tr«i sury (Mr. J. H. Stanley) has notified the Chairman of the Harbor Boirtl (Mr. J. K. Clegu) that Patrick Hayles of Olru. has been appointed a member of the TownsvlUe Harbor Board, to fill the vacancy on that Board caused by the failure ot the electors of the Shire of Thurlngowa to elect a mem-i ier of tbe Board. Mr. Hayes, who was a representative of No. 2 Divi sion of the Shire, has succeeded Mr. J. Hodel, who was a foundation mem ber of the Board, and was representa tive of the Shire Council at the open Ing meeting, ln 1896. Mr. Hodel was elected Chairman of the Board In the second year of Its existence and con tinued to represent the Shire till 18B8. when he was appointed Government nominee. That position he resigned In July. 1899, but was re-elected In 1901 as a representative of the payers ot dues, holding office till June, 1904, when he did not seek re-election. After en Interval of four years, Mr. Hodel vns again appointed ttie ro presentatlve ot the Shire n 1908, nn.l continued to represent that body un til the present year, when he did not seek nomination. During his Ionic connection with the Board Mr. Hodel was Chairman for flvo terms, and knew the business ot the Board from A to 8, . ' -