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| LOWER BURDBUN MOTES. AYR. April :«. A visit of the Ayr Life Siting Club ' wu made to Tofinavllla over Anaae I-ay. Tta« club aTave a display nt Ma«neUc Island which include* lit* ' savin* work, land drill etc. The ob hect of the vlalt waa to totuse an thuslaam trhtch migbt rwult In the formadon of simitar ctuiba (a Temta vllla and the Island. Tb» Saeratary of the Ayr Chib «p«alca very mil of th» good reception the visitors has a-t the handa ot the TownuvUle peopla and of tha Interact that waa taken Id the dlaplays. There la qulta a atorm In a tea cup in Sucur Association ctrctea racardtrux ' sume of the speeches by apeakera at ilherocent meetlnB of farmers protest - , me agulnst the Water Tax. One ot I the speakers. Mr. Orllne, aald they were puylna* nten £1200 a year on the I Cane Growers Council In Brisbane to : supply flrat hand Information on mat 1 ten such as the matter under -!(?- rusulon . The tax had been discussed I to Parliament elebt or nine months

previously ant no effort waa mitt by these paid officials to do ajijthfnr. Mr Carllrur mentioned Mesara Hoey and Ooherty aa tba man to whom be re ferred. The blame be concluded would have to be placed on theaa men. The local uasoclatlon baa received communications from the two officials mentioned and it la quite obvious that Mr. Cartlntr waa trenchant In bt' criticism and waa not aware ot the facts, when be laid tba blame on their shoulders. On the occasion to which Mr. Catling refers when tht matter tvas hetora. Parliament ? months be fore there waa no mention of a tax; nor was there any thine to toreahadow euch'a tax ao far aa Burdakln farm era war* concerned. Tba Water Act of Hit contained clauses «lvlnr tba Commlaloner of Irrigation power to do certain thSssa as-ona*et than to preacrlbe a fee tor rectetratton. It ni only when the refutations ware Issued la March last that the iar reaching- powers glren toe coramla aloner under the Act were realised. Scarlet fever and diphtheria are still thrlvint- In the dlatrlot, several fresh caaea having been reported. Toe Council haa Inserted a notice calling special attention to the penalties under the Health Rrruuuions In* case ot contracts or carriers absenting them selves from the place ot Isolation un til discharged by the Medical Officer of Health. Although the enforcement of the regulations Is apparently neces sary In tha Interest* of the public a ftreat deal of inconvenience Is caused. I One woman a carrier of Diphtheria, «-a* (n tha Isolated ward at the local hospital for three months before she was discharged.

Football opened auspiciously on Sunday last on the occasion of the match between the Christian Brothers Tram. Townsvllle, and the Hornets, Ayr. Learue fixtures under the Lower Burdekln Rufby Leaa-ue will com mence on Sunday next when the Ho. ? neta wilt play the Kalnbows, and tha ! Natlvea -will play Olru. Qlru comlns Into the Lower' Burdekln Leefue should be a great Improvement. It will mean there win be tour senior teams. It ensures aJao blffer at tendances at both Glru and Ayr aa each vlalting team ia certain to be ac companied by a. number st support The estimate of cane for Pioneer Sugar Mill haa been revised. Accord Ittg to the Cane. Inspector. Mr. C. Wj-ntar, a conaeratire estimate Is »?,000 tons. Tha Utest estimate for Kolamla. ka about 100,000 tona. Both mills expect to conclude crushlns early In Seeember siren reasonably favorable weather condition! and an absence on break downe and Indua trial trouble . The estimate tor In kerman ia 116,00* tons. Cruablaa* will continue until about early December. The Indications are that there will be a heavy planting- for the following year In all tha mill areas. Considerable Interest will surround the fortheomlnir vialt ot the Commis sioner for Irritation. Mr. Partridge. The abject of th* visit Is naturally to attempt to placate the Burdekln Farmers In their Just resentment at th,e Imposition of the Water Tax. An effort Is being made through the local branch of the AX. P. to Induce Mr. Dunstan the Minister In charge also to make the trip. The vlalt will be appreciated by the farmers for i-b- vteusly If there la to be any relief It la likely to reault from a peraonal visit of the Minister to deal with the problem flrat hand. The Farmnr** Association Is confident that after hearing the case of the Burdekln Farmers direct the Minister wlU afford

relief. Mr. n. w. Edwards and Mr. Jim Burke will arrive at Ayr to-morrow morning hy the Brisbane mall, re turning from a trip In the Bouthfrn States, And In America, Mr. Hurry Bruce. Ml,. A., will be In Ayr on Saturdny, remaining over the week en-l. He will return to Brisbane by the mail train on Mon day nurht. Mr. O to. Douglas, who has been re sident on the Burdekln for about four years, has left with his wife and family by motor for the Couth, where they will reside. Mr. Douglaa still retains considerable Interest* In the district. Miss Wilmington, of Ayr. left on Wednesday for Townsvllle. She leaves by the. Kanovna. tor a month's holiday in Melbourne, On Tuesday night, the Srd May. o Grand Coronation and Presentation donee will be held at the Burdekln Picture Theatre under the auspices at the Life Saving Club. Mlaa Joyce Bishop, the wlnnlnr Queen In the re cent Surf Queen competition, wtll ba crowned and prlsea wen at the recent Easter Carnival will be banded to the t-rle winners. A movement Is on foot Inaugurated by Mr. C. Smallwood. the energetic conductor ot the local Band, to form a Lower Burdekln Mixed Choir. A meeting In connection with the matter will he held at the Shire Hall on Tuesday evening next. The Idea Is a good one ana It Is t« be hoped thai the oholr .will ba aue«ajltuUx Mttfc* '