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'ALONG THE LINE'S' MAILBAG. A farmer of the Buraekln writes: — I am writing to osk you the best way to 6ct rid of goannas. Our trouble with thorn Is that they burrow under the banks of the Irri gation drains, and as soon as tbo water comes, the drain gives away. I was wondering if they could be poisoned and what halt, and what poison should bo used. If you can Rlvc me any advice. 1 would be pleased. To thla I reply, that Iguanas are dirty feeders, and will eat any dead thing. The more dead the better liked— an atom of strychnine sprinkl ed around dead meat would kill. It Is possible Iguanas will do more good than harm. They cat beetles and grubs. They kill mice and rats, and bandicoots too, to say nothing of snakes. I would be disposed to leave them alone, but If you believe

otherwise, try the powdered strychn ine on meat, a pin's head of poison will kllL I have received the following let ter: — I have read with much Interest your article. In the 'N. Q. Register' on the Qeorgina. You have dealt some what extensively with the great 'Nlle- like Region,' watered by the Geor glna. No doubt tho northern reaches are described very accurately, but you have not cut out Uie best part of the country, that Is from Breadalbane to Goyder's LugoonB, in S.A., where It runs into the Dlumantlna, not at BlrdB ville as you state. 1 will endeavor to take you through this magnificent piece of cattle country In this letter, every bit 1b as familiar to me as some people's 'houBe -paddocks.' I knew Mr Hewison, and was head stockman for him at Breadalbane in 1888. He also had a younger brother who died there. The station was at the time owned by Griffith and Weaver, not Thos. Balrd. You prob ably got mixed up with Balrd and Machattle, it Cluny; that was Thomas Balrd. Mooraboola, 18 miles fur ther down was at the time owned by David Balrd, and ? managed by 'Jimmy' Kldd. and was afterwards owned by the late James Cralgle. who was managing Roxburgh at the time you are writing about. This place has since passed Into the handJB of Sir Sidney Kidman, and is now part of Kidman Estates. Ltd. Apparently the great 'Cattle King' has seen the wis dom of being his own executor during bis life time. ' ' '. Bedourle Is 25 miles from Moora boola, and the Georglna la not lost there In any diverse channels whatever. It has one deep well defined channel right through, In high flood it spreads out over the plain to Cluny Station, on King's Creek, that would make It IS. er-2Q miles wide. A boat has; been rowed 'from Cluny to Bedourle for ra tions and mails on two occasions when the country was held up with floods. Thomas Balrd arid Machattle, owned Cluny Station In the early days. They were great fanclers'of Shorthorns, and the LXI brand appeared on a very fine herd, nothing approaching them are to be Been down this way to-day. King's Creek (named after King of the ill fated Burke and Wills, Expedi- tion), Is quite an Imposing 'streak' of moljture,' where It Junctions up with the Georgina. Burke and WlUs made a mistake by following it op thinking that they were on the main -stream. Glehgyle Station Is on the bank of the river, 40 miles below Bedourle, a mag-. nlftcem little cattle property. Jt w«t formerly owned by McGregor and Campbell, who, like many, other pioneers, had a penchant for cattle of

class, and were successful in building up a very fine herd, long since disap peared. About 10 mlleB below Olon gyle, 'the little Nile of the West' is temporarily checked, whilst filling Ma cattle's Lake, which Is back east on Cluny, and about 60 miles round it when full, a fine bit of fattening country when drying off. It has a further check almost In the same neighborhood, as Koolyoo and Mirrla Lakes to the west side of Glengyle have to be filled before the river can get away south. Hereabouts is the natural home of . fat cattle after a flood. Fifty miles west Is Dubbo Downs, once owned by Mr W. K. Peberdy, and managed by E. E. Peberdy. This, like many other stations in the western corner, came into the hands of Sir Sid ney Kidman, who, knowing good cattle country, hung on despite the periodical droughts. The river again spreads out here, and joins up with the Mulligan, 30 miles away, to the north-west, when both are in flood. There is a big   flooded area to Kalliduwarry Station, where the Mulligan junctions and helps to fill Selesia and Muncoonie Lakes, on the Annandale side. Kallidu warry was once owned by Urquhart and Fraser. but I don't think they made a retiring roll out of It. After filling the named lakes the water agaln backs out north and then south west to Annandale. another 18 miles south where Walter and Paroo Hood battled out from Victoria, and pitched a tent in 1878.. This little property must have been a highly lucrative in- vestment for the 'Cattle King.' I, managed all those stations right from his first purchases in Queensland for many years, and can give some interest ing records of the number of stores

taken on, and fats sent away south, ail without any improvement other than nature's. Muncoonle Lake is tr wonderful piece of fattening country.' The river here makes generally south 50 miles to Uie border of S. A., where It runs through Alton Downs station, practical!' abandoned, for many years^belng overrun with rabbits. II finally Junctions with the Dlamnn tlne, at Qoyder'a Lagoons. P0 miles below Birdsvllle In South Australia. The little town of Birdsvlllo Is un doubtedly one of the back windows of Queensland, but I could not* have yoj taking tho Georglna across the 'gib- ber tableland.' and throwing It out there It has been sufficiently mallirned by surveyors and georgraphers of the time In giving (t a nftmo, Surclv it wan worthy of n single nome, not Eyre Creek, about Bedourle and the Herbert lower down. It is quite a long time since 1 saw you last, 'Along the Line.' Think It was at the Kariunda horse sale In 1906. I see that Archie Beavls whd was gate attendant at that sale, has closed his BBt gate. This letter Is longer than I first thought of writing.. Afraid, I may weary you. though 1 remember you as fairly energetic, could get un early, oven If only to write about It. J. P. GAFFNEY. BeHourle, April 14th. REPLY— A good letter, end wlll ngly I take a back seat to tho writer, because I know that he Is far better acquainted with tho Nile reglon than am. If there Is anyone better quail led to wrlto It up, then I do not know him. Gnod will to him.