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ELWOOD MOTOR ACCIDENT. MELBOURNE, March 9.— An enquiry was held to-day by Dr. Cole (Coroner), concerning the Elwood motor accident on February 27, which resulted in the death from a fracture of the skull of Mr. Harvey ? P, Finlayson, aged 34, of Adelaide (the driver of he car), and injury to others. Wilfred Stanley Hosking. of Norwood, de posed that at the time of the accident the car was traveling at 22 miles an hour. It skidded while rounding Ormond road, El wood, and dashed into an electric light pole. A portion of the road was being repaired, and~Mr. Finlayson had to make a double swerve to try to negotiate the curve. The machine, however, skidded, and this caused the accident. The Coro ner said the automobile was evidently tra velling at about 22 nriles ah hour, and Mr. Finlayson was obliged to make a double swerve to avoid that . part of' the road, which was undergoing repairs. TJie steering gear seemingly- did 'not re spond; .and the car skidded. There was an element of danger in travelling too fast at this junction. He found that death was due to injuries accidentally received in a collision; with a' telegraph pole at El- woodj, , , . ? f , 'Yon don't mean to say taat this is-ihe -. first you've' heard' of it?' . -'Ab»!utelv;:' 'Why, it's thetalk ofjthe neighl)burhWdv'?. 'yes, _bujt my_ \wife vSa away . on; V. «it'5. ; , ', '