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In the history of Australian racing there is no other such unfortunate accident recorded as that which occurred in the Caulfield Cup on Satunlaj The field of horses was with a Bingle exception, the largest that has ever started for a race in the colonies. When

-he Ghost won the Ladies' Trophy at Caulfield in 1S83 a field of 42 ran All went nell in Saturdays chief race until the horses were approaching the turn. Too Too had struggled to the front, and was leading by a bare neck, with Claptrap hugging the rails on her left, and Sardius galloping immcdntely on her rieht the turn, which is considered the most diffi cult part of the course w as j et some distance ahead, and the horses well Btrung out were in what is rcallj the broadest stretch of the whole track, but were crowding on the rails in order to get the inside running for the rush up the straight to the winning post How loo Too came down is not known, even the riders of the leading horses holding different opinions as to what horses were really fir.t don n and how they fell 1 he mare gallops awkwardly and as BIIC seemed to be tiring at the time, the most probable theory, and that favoured by manj standing near the spot at the time, is th it her front le"s crossed with those of either Sardius or Claptrip, but probably the former I rom the stand the white jacket und blue cap, the colours worn bj the rider of loo Too, seemed to sink sud dcnlj into the ground , there was a flash of struggling hoises and silk elad jockeys hurled here and there in wild confusion riderless and bndleless horses dashing away, while others limped off injured, l'our of the jockejs and two horses lay quite still upon the turf, and it seemed as if they had been killed outright '1 he crowd extended nearly down to the point where the accident occurred, and almost before the last horse had cleared the inanimate group the jockejs were picked up It was at once apparent that Donald Nicholson, one of the most popular of lightweight riders, had been killed instantly He was riding Lord exeter, and btrango to Bay the horse was never knocked off his legs, but the shock hurled the uder with fearful violence against the white fence, and his .kuli would seem to have been cru-hed in Cracl nells chest was crushed m from n blow, and be laj quite helpless, but conscious being able to describe his injuries, and take a glass of water from those who helped lum Wjmnn, the udor of Surdius, seemed to have been struck on the face, and looked worse than he really was M Grade, who had been on lorn Brown, looked very ghastly His nose was biol en in, one arm hung loosely and what with dust and blood and Ins white face, those around thought that he also had been killed outright M'Grath, the rider of Prince Imperial,was also senseless, hav mg received a blow on the head when his horse rolled over Hie tiny rider 1 uomey was Btrctched alongside his dead horse, Unrah, who had been instantly killed und at firot it seemed that both horse and jockej were m the same condition Com miseration for the tinv boj 1 j ing on one end of the stretcher was greater on account of his small size Wyman, the rider of Sardius, was one of the first dow n, and as a do_cn horses seemed to roll ne,ht on top of lum his escape from instant death was a miracle. He, too, w as picked up unconscious, suffering from concussion of the bruin Some of the riders «ere able to walu, and others were assisted to the cusualtj room, but stretcheis had to be furnished for five

At the casualty room, the injured riders were attended by Drs. 1 it/L,erald, YVil

hums, 0 Uara, and others, and tor a time

the wildest rumours were circulated aa to their condition Um Excellency the Governor, who bud arrived not long before the race, went dow n to make inquiries us to their con dition, and on learning the nature of the fatality, lett the course. Mr. Speight, chair

man ot the Railway Commissioners, immedi- ately volunteered to run a special tram into Melbourne, so that those who were most injured might be Bent to the Mel

bourne Hospital Ihey were placed two and two upon Btretchers, and carried through a hino of people to the railway station, mounted troopers being required to keep a clear path YVyman, the rider of Sardius, was taken to the Alfred Hospital, 'iho dead body of Donald Nicholson was taken to his home at Richmond, where an inquest will be held Nicholson, w ho was regarded as the best light weight rider in Australia was 27 >ears of oge, and his parents live at Ballarat As a jockey he had the reputation of riding mobt deter nu neil finishes. His chiel successes werens follow -Ihe'->)dncy Cup on Normanby the Liieat Metropolitan Stakes on Musqueride, Autumn Handicap on 1 mpress the A J L Plate on '1 he Drummer, Marcs' Produce stakes on Pirat Demon, S)dn« Handicap on \\ uxy, and f mr Kpuom Handicapa on Mas querude, Wox), Mister Avenel and Lupiegle respectivel), besides riding many winners of

lesser events

Hie horses that came down were Sardiui, lorn Brown Hie Israelite Debpot Prince lmpcrml, Impulse, Conntr) Boy Uuptiap Kiuj-nbip larpeia, Lucky Hit Winchester, Sirocco loo 1< o und Uaruh Claptrap, one ol the leiders, mode a gallant eflort to escape b) iumpin" over loo loo as ahe fell, but Marums as he too, went down broneht lum to grut 1 rallan git off wonderfully well

and was ablo to ride a winner alterwards in the Yv indBor Handicap Hutchins being the only other one ol those who caine down able to take n mount alterwards 1 Brown, the rider of li o loo ulthoagh in the ven thiel est of the moke, escaped almost without injury, but the mare who was ."alloped over in a lot of liorsi s lu) for some time on the ground apparent!) de id but afterwards rose and was tot away witn st me dilHcult) lhe first three horses down were loo loo Claptrap, and bardius 1 rince Imperial was s J close at their beela tb it he sei med to fill almost with them then lum Brown Despot Impulse Country Bov Kingship mid larpeia fell almost m a bunch, while Marie louse who was galloping with thjs Lroup, WHS just far enough out to avo d the horses thvt carno down in front of her Amongst the lost to lull were Lucky Hit, U inchester, Sirocco and Uandi, the latter being instantly killed The fenr'ul nature ot the accident was shown in the c ndi

non of the horses as they rose Prince Imperial ond Surdms had their bridle» torn ann), while tho Buddie on the last named wos turned Completel) round lorn Brown B saddle was also briken and hanging in fragments Other hornes cime into collibioi but were able to keep their legs Plaubible rushel violently Into lora Brown whilethe S)dney horse was struggling to rise Iho shock was so great that Plausible was t irno 1 completely round, and Power, thinking his home was injured, dis nuunted. I or! YVilton was also in violent ce lision, and Moore alter 1 cing knocked forward out of the saddle by the shod, clung to Ins horses neck, and came out ull right. Amongst the horses, the mest injure 1 were the threo who came down first and two of whose riders, as already stated, anne off almost scatheless. Sardius is perhaps the worst of them und it is uulikel) that he will be seen out ocmn this spring Claptiap vías ver) lame, and was git to the stables with diiiieulij and placed under treatment It w us at flrat thought that loo loo would have to ha destroyed, but Bhe improved afterwards, and can be cure 1 birocco was also cut about a good deal, but the others 6eemed very little the worse for their mishaps Lilis the rider of Despot, who was one of the few jockos that carne down and escaped unhurt, says he got off badly at the Blurt of the race and rode on the outside until ncanng the home turn, where the field began to make their final effort At this point he was leading the second division, which was close up to the flrat (light of the held but there was a distinct interval between them. Just at the turn he saw an opening in the centre of the course when, drawing Despot m towards it he found at the distance of a length that the gap was made b) the fall oi Beveral horses. It was too latent the pace he was going to avoid riding over them and Despot went Btraieht into the mass ot struggling men and horses, and being immediately tripped up fell upon his back 1 His was thrown right over the horse s head some )ards awav, and waa partially stunned for a moment and on looking up he saw The Israelite galloping riderless btrttight towards lum 1 lbs put up his arm to protect himselt arid saervedeo that 1 he Israelite just missed him, striding on ahead in front of Lord YY llton, the last of the field, who went by wide on the outside, with a jockey on his back Ellis wai then assisted off the course. He sa)s he was the filth or sixth who fell Ile had a similarly fortunate escape in riding Despot in the bydney Metro fiohtan lu that race the horse crossed his e;j8 and fell hcavd), but happily without

bringing any others w ith him, and Eil« waa |

unharmed ne 13 none the vvorso for S itur duj's mishap, and is dom« his work as


In the list of Nicholson's wins it will be noticed that nearly all his victories were gained in Sydney, Before leaving the pad- dock on Saturday he remarked to a friend that his bad luck on Victorian race- courses was about to take a change in that event Just before the crash carne, Nicholson called the attention of the jockeys beside him to the fact that Lord Exeter was pulling lum out of the saddle and galloping As the rider closed with the remark, "Havn't I got a soft thing to-day," he went down and waa killed, 'lue boj on Too Too believes that just as ha fell he bad a glimpse of a brown horse down in front of him Cracknell's wife waa anxious that he should not ride, and he, too, wi» rather afraid of the consequences. It was noticeable that the fact of the running ground being encircled by a single rail saved more than one accident during the day. In the Cup one of the riders was shot under the rail, anij escaped unhurt, while in the Hurdle Race Malone had very much the same experience. Had the boundary been a picket fence as at Plemington both must have been bailly injured. It is noticable that all the rest of the Sydney horses were in

the front rank when the accident happened,

and all suffered from it The Adelaide horses were also most unfortunate, three of them falling and another being hindered, while one of the pair of New Zeulunders cume to grief


On the arrival ot the special tram which brought the sufferers to Melbourne stretchers were procured, and Cracknell and M Grath were curri I on one to the Melbourne Uos pital, Dr Williams, who had come from the course with them attending to them on the way M'Grade und the lad 1 womey followed on another stretcher tidings of the acci dent had preceded them and every pre parution was made for their reception into the casualty room Drs 1 it? gerald, Purdcj, und Mollison were waiting, und tlu \ assisted by Dr V. illmms did their best to ulleviutc the sufferings ot the injured jockejs, and miti(,atc the elli cts of the c itas trophe Dr Mailer, who arrived later, also lent assistance in caring for the men Orackn 11 who is 39 jears ot a"e, and lives at Newmarket, appears to have fallen on his left side, tor Ins injuries are confined to his right side and leg His ribs have become disjoined lrom the brcuat bono, and been driven completely under it. He ia injured internally, but it is not known to what extent and his right thigh is ccnsideriibly bruised and cut Hie 6hocl> which he sustained was so severe that it displaced his heart M Grath, who also lives at Newmarket is Bullering from a frue lure of the base of Ins skull Ldwurd \l Grade, n,ed 2r>. is a resident of Randwick, Sjdnej His Nejit shoulder blade is frac tared, and his nose is broken 1 uomey is the least hurt of those in tho Melbourne Hospital, having hud Ins ribs fractured. Ile has been treatcdat this institution previously tor injuries received in races Moinson, the rider of Sirocco, had his arm broken, hut his cube was not considered benous enough to warrant his removal to the Hospital

and he was takeu home Ciacl nell and M Grath w ere unconscious when admitted to the Hospital, but soon reguined their senses, i he doctors were with the patients continually until Sunday morning Ihej expected that Cracknell and M Grath would not live the night out, out us the lune wore on their condition improved Having their constitutions weakened by the effects of training, the medical men con siderid that the jockeys had a less chance ol recovering than they otht rwibu would Many filends, including the lion Wm Pearson and Mr Majo, owners ot two of the horses which fell, visited the sufferers jesterdaj Dr litzgerald hus taken charge

if the cases oí the four men in the Melbourne Hospital Robert Wjman, the rider ol ">ardius who is aged 20, sustained concussion c t the brain, and was removed to the Alfred Hospital He had so far improved last evening as lo be able to couvcr.e with the doctors concerning the mishap