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To be Named 'Bakewell Bridge.' Heated Remarks in City Council

At a meeting of the Adelaide City Council on Monday afternoon, Cr.   Edwards said members of the Tram- ways Trust Board all ought to be  

shot for naming the new overway bridge at Mile-End after the late Chairman of. the Trust (Mr. E. H. Bakewell).     Cr. Edwards asked the councils' repre-   sentative on the Tramways Board if he could explain why the Trust had taken it upon itself to name the structure the   Bakewell Bridge. Cr. Cohen— I can only say that Mr.   Bakewell had been Chairman of the Trust for some years.     Cr.Edwards. -And made a financial less of it all the time he was there.' Cr. Cohen— He played a very important   part in the construction of the bridge   Cr. Edwards— Rubbish. The Govern- ment gave £25,000.       Cr. Cohen— Yon asked the question. Will you permit me to answer it? I say   that Mr. Bakewell, in conjunction with the general manager of the Trust—   Cr. Edwards — Is that a qualification? Cr. Cohen— I am not going to answer that question. The bridge was so named as a compliment to the work Mr. Bakewell put in.     Cr. Edwards— Well, you all ought to be shot. At the conclusion of other business, Cr. Edwards again raised the question. He asked the Lord Mayor whether it was in the power of the Tramways Trust to christen the bridge. He thought the City Council would have been the right body to do that. Ald. Entwistle— Who is paying for it? The Lord Mayor— The Government paid, a sum towards the construction of the bridge, but, as it is considered the pro- perty of the Trust, I presume they felt that they had the right of naming it. Cr. Edwards— Is that your view? The .Lord Mayor— That is the view I held.