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We take the following notifications from the Government Gazette of yesterday:-  

There being small-pox in the shire of St Arnaud, the local authorities are empowered to take the necessary and usual precaution,

against its spread.

The following appointments have been made:-Public Vaccinators-J .Fulford, M.R.C.S. E., Penshurst ; and J. Graham,       M.B., Swan hill: P. S. Fearon, to be secre-

tary to the Medical Board vice J. J. Shilling- law, relieved ; H. Morrison to be deputy coro- ner; D. Taylor, to be a commissioner of the   Maryborough Waterworks Trust ; Edwin   Charles Martin, to be weigher, 3rd schedule, vice S J. Priestley; William Fish, to be light-   house-keeper at Cape Nelson, 3rd schedule; Henry Murray and Thomas MacBain, to be junior assistants at Cape Nelson, 3rd schedule ; Frank Dunk, to be lighthouse- keeper, Cliffy Island, 3rd schedule ; James Rivett and David Lindsay, to be junior assist- ants, Cliffy Island, 3rd schedule; James Dimond, to be lighthouse keeper at Gabo Island, 3rd schedule, vice William Fish trans- ferred ; Mathew Connevy, to be junior assistant at Gabo Island, 3rd schedule, vice Frank Dunk transferred ; John Jenkin, to be junior assistant, South Channel, 3rd schedule, vice John Watson ; Henry C. Stafford, to be junior assistant South Channel, 3rd schedule, nice John J. Hodgson ; Isaac Frank Frank- lin, to be junior assistant at Cape Schanck, 3rd schedule, vice James Dimond transferred; Samuel Buse, to be junior assistant, Shortland's- Bluff, 3rd schedule, vice Isaac F Franklin, transferred; J. Coutts, Mitiamo, to be electoral registrar; J. Scannell, Durham Lead, to be deputy electoral registrar; A. Wilson, Darnum, to be deputy registrar of births and deaths.

The resignation by Colin Gardner of the commission of the peace for the northern bailiwick has been accepted.

Holidays have been proclaimed as follows:- Public-Friday, September 12, at Ballarat; Tuesday, September Iii, at Chiltern bank Monday, September 8, at Brunswick and Co- burg ; Thursday, September 11, nt Stawell; Friday,Scptcmberl2,half holidn) atAlluiiilalc, Ballarat, Beaufort, Unnnuong, Clunes, Cres- wick, Egerton, Gordon, Kingston, Mary- borough, Smythesdale, and Talbot, Tuesday, September 1C, at Chiltern ; Friday, Septem- ber 1!), at Penshurst: Thursdii), October2, at Mooroopna and Shepparton , Friday, Oc-

tober 3, at Boort and Kerang.

- .. «~.i,_ i"_t -noHnr tho nnnnlation in

creased by C.7C0, being 945 703 on Juno 30. Hie Government statist supplies the follow ing information -' Hie apparent increase ot population in the first half of 1884 lias been 14 013 nnd as the estimated population on the 30th June wanted 54 297 of a mil ion, the latter number -hould be roache- in rather less than two )cars or a little belora the middle of 1880 It will be observed that the malo population already ey.ecds Hal » million Tho estimated population of W South Wales on the 80th lune, recently pu-li"..«., wssffll fin, the apparent inercia« since the beginning ot the year being- -i> as Asimilar increase should bring the popula tion of that colony up toa million by the middle of 1880 During the quarter ended ¿0th June the excess of registered birthso\et registered deaths was 3,8J2. w-, 1,938 mal« and 1,954 females, that by excess of re- cordé, arrivals by sea over recorded depar- tures by sea was 2,874 w-, 2181 malesand 093 females 'lhe total mercase of popula tion was thus 0 700, M/., W M1 Thta 2.C47 females, ns shown in the table in« increase exceeded by 1193 t mr. record I

the correspondingquarter o the_p revio« year, vU, 5 573 It should be stated that whilst it is probable nearly all *. to*taa»4 arrivals by sea are noted, there is«won» believe that some births and departures by sea are not recorded, it should moreo«r be borne in mind that no attempt is mode to take an account of persons who come and go

%m¡!,g the week ending 30th August 228 births and 147 deaths vvere registered m M« bourne and its suburbs Of the totaNentn», 45 or 30 6 per cent were of children unuer three years of age, 32, or 218 per cent., bein«

under one year

Mn. CKA-M» GL-i__TO,wl.Öfoi.some years has been making a great «pwimentm Lilucation in America, in a «ry short tim» will return to take up his residence in J^iw land Mr LeUnd ha» been busy introducing into Philadelphia the teachingof the min

arts" in the elementary education of cnn_ dren Ho baa also been busy on the "WMoj

logy and legendary history of he ^arii

the eastern provinces. Mr. ?_*!""",he le«

most Btrlkfiig aimilarltie« £'*«" JeN£ genda of the Indiana of Mainei ana i«» ftawwwick- and the >-¥*_V^|X_»jL twted a ahorttlme «oin » Kcffî v