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The route to be taken for the proposed line to connect Rosstown with the St. Kilda rail-    

way is described in clause 5 of the private bill which has been submitted to the Legis- lative Assembly on behalf of Mr. Murray Ross. The clause is as follows:—  

"5. The railway hereby authorised shall be     of the length of four miles and seven chains or thereabouts, and shall commence at a point on the Rosstown Junction railway, near the north-east angle of portion 34, in the   parish of Prahran, at Elsternwick, thence westerly through portions 34 and 22 of said parish, under the Brighton railway, and   across the Arthurs Seat- road : thence south- westerly through allotments 19, 26, 27 of the village of Elsternwick, and crossing McMillan, Brickwood, Murphy, and Wilmot streets ; thence west through Elsternwick-park, across      

St. Kilda street, north-westerly through public       lands and the street to the north thereof (Ormond-parade) ; thence north along the western boundary of the parish of Prahran, and passing through Allotment 20b of the village of North Elwood across Glen Huntly road and through public lands to a point near the intersection of Barkly and Dickens streets ; thence north-westerly across Barkly-   street through Allotments 87, 84, 81 and 78, in the parish of South Melbourne, at St. Kilda, and across Dickens and Wordsworth   streets, and street unnamed through public lands, and across Blessington and Shake- spear streets to and along the Esplanade,   between the upper and lower roads ; thence across Fitzroy-street, Beaconsfield-parade, and       intervening publc land through blocks 4, 7x,   and 8x, across Park-road, Mary-street, Patter-   son-street and Canterbury-road, and shall ter-

minate with a junction with the Melbourne and St. Kilda railway about 25 chains north of the St. Kilda station."

A limit of deviation not exceeding five chains is asked for. Eighteen level cross- ings are specified, and leave is asked to   divert or alter the direction of four streets. The maximum fares proposed to be charged are 4d. per mile for first-class and 3d. per mile     for second-class passengers. On the Vic-     torian railways the maximum first-class rate   is 2d. per mile. Five years are allowed for the construction of the railway.