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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of  

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person in Melbourne to

secure their insertion.]  


ABBOTT.—On the 22nd ult., at Picnic Point, Brighton,  

the wife of David Abbott of a daughter.

BURGESS.—At Sunderland, New Town, Tasmania, the  

wife of Mr. E. J. Burgess of a daughter.

CHRISTIE.—On the 20th ult., at the Bank of Austral-  

asia, Elizabeth-street, the wife of Alexander Christie

of a daughter.

LEWIN.—On the 28th ult., at the National Bank of  

Australasia, Bacchus Marsh, the wife of F. Lewin

—a son.

O'DONNELL.—On the 3rd inst., at 7 Lynch-street, Carl-      

ton, the wife of Alf. O'Donnell (late of Manchester)  

—a son.

RIMMINGTON.—On the 29th ult., at 85 Victoria-street,    

Carlton, the wife of Thos. Rimmington of a


TELFER.—On the 28th ult., at 20 Chapel-street,  

Prahran, the wife of J. R. Telfer of a son.

WOOLLEY.—On the 29th ult., at 113 Collins-street east,      

the wife of Geo. Talbot Woolley, M.R.C.S. Eng., of    

a son.


BIRMINGHAM—KELLY.—On the 30th ult., at St.  

Brigid's Church, North Fitzroy, by the Rev. Father       M'Kenna, P. A. Birmingham, eldest son of Thomas   Birmingham, of South Melbourne, to Janie, only daughter of the late William Kelly, of Fitzroy.    

CLARK—MACKAY.—On the 2nd inst., at Cargen-  

lodgc, Kennington road, South "i arra, bj tho Itev W H Hollands, John, bccqiuI son of Samuel dirk, of Toorale to Katio, eldest daughter of ltobert

MackaA, of I itzroy

MUNRO—WHITE.—On the 25th ult., at the residence

of tho bridos parents, Dr) bur^h street, Hotham, b> tho Ucv It bcott, M A , John, oldest sou of Mr M H Munro, of Wnllan ballan, to Mninio, tliiid daughtot of Mr W nhito, wood and coal merchant, bptneer street, Melbourne,

NEWELL—GILL.—On the 2nd inst., at the Marrick-

Milo Con0regional Church, bjdmn, îsou bouth Wales by tho lïcv J P Sunderland, nbsKttd by the Rev Itobort Dey, tho Btv J 1 Newell, London Missionary Society, bamoa, South Suis, to Honor Jano, only daughter of Rev \\ Wjntt Gill, B A , of b>dno), latu missionary at Itarotonga, No


STIRLING—STUART.—On the 3rd inst., at St. Silas's    

Church, Albert-park, by the Rev. S. C. Kent,   assisted by the Rev H. Collier, James, eldest son of James Stirling, Esq , Bank of New South Wales, Melbourue, to Agnes Mary, eldest daughter of the late David Stuart, Esq , of Sandhurst, and of Mr. and Mrs. G. J. R. Conolan, Athol, Merton crescent,


WIDDOWSON—BEARDALL.—On the 1st inst., at the

residence of tho bride a parents, b\ tho ltu\ "W illiam Allen, Will W Iddowson, son of W illiam \\ iddouson, builder, Christchurch, New /< aland, to Maij Lliza bttti, eldest daughter of William Beardall, eon tractor, Melbourne, ^ Ictcrlu

WIGG—PARNHAM.—On the 24th ult., at South Yarra,        

by Rev. Jas Waugh, D.D., assisted by Rev. J. J.       Watsford, Alfred Edgar Wigg, M.D., etc., of Nor-     wood, South Australia, second son of Edgar S. Wigg, Esq., of Adelaide, to Edith Caroline, younger       daughter of Oliver Parnham, Esq., of South Yarra.  


CHARLTON.—On the 4th inst., at her son's residence,

No 22o Chapel street, W indfeor, busan, relict of tho

lato i nmtis Charlton, aged 7fi j car«

FAHEY.—On the 4th inst., at Numurkah, Henry  

Martin, third son of Captain 1 alicj, Militar} 1 orecá, ae,cd 2& years It I P

GOODFELLOW.—On the 4th inst., at his residence,    

Young street Moonco Ponda Gcoigc, tho beloved husband of bandi Ann Goodfcllow, a"cd oijears Deeply regretted bj all who 1 nutt him

HOLLEY.—On the 3rd inst., at Heyfield, North Gipps      

Land, Henry Holley, state school teacher, aged 35 years. Deeply regretted.  

HOWAT.—On the 4th inst., Robina, relict of the late

James Howat, 109 Moray street, South Melbourne,

aged 65

MACKENZIE.—On the 30th ult., at Gisborne-street,      

tost Melbourno, Hora Jane, wife of Win Mao kcuzlc, formorly of Cej lou, a^ed J7 years

PLEASANCE.—On the 28th ult., at Lyndhurst, Ken-

»lupton road, bouth 'ian i ihjttard Stanloj, Infant sin of Châties and Carrio Pluasance, aged

nine months

RICHARDS.—On the 10th May, at Ladies'-hill, Kenil-    

worth, Sarah, mother of Win H Comiin, Bah, J P , Tipllcld, Abington, England, and of tho late J I Coming, of Marj borough Victorlu and sister of tho lato Dr S toil o, Chrl&t s Hospital, London

SLEIGHT.—On the 4th inst., at his parents residence,  

Torrington housi», \\ ellington patudo, I-ast Mci

b^uno, \crnon, jomgcat non of Alfred Augustus and Jeaslo Lila Sleight aged 1 j tar and 10 months.

SUFFREN.—On the 4th inst., at Powlett-street, East      

Melbourne, Louisa Suffren, aged £J j cari, bJovcd bj all uho knott bet bt Johns, Now Brunswick,

papers picosa copy

SORENSEN.—On the 30th ult., at the Golden Fleece

Hotel, UussoU street, died our helot ed Infant son, '? Leopold Hubert, also, on tho trd inst, our dear son Charles, aged four j cats and nine t luiiths.

Funeral Notices.

THE Friends of the late Miss ELIZABETH SMITH

mains to their last resting placo tho Melbourne

General Ccinctor}

Tlio funeral lu .

donoo of her brotn

Bourke street cast, TO MOllltOW (bunda}, Juï} 0),

at 1 o clock punctuall}

WILLIAM OloltQLAl'PS.undortal cr, FlUroy ana Aloor Btroots, fitzroy, mid HoIjc street, bt Kilda

THE Friends of Mr. HENRY HARDY are most

X rtspcotfully in\ itcd to follow tlio remains of lils lato líelos cd flou IIcnr> to their last resting place, tho Melbourno General Cenietcrj

Jho funeral 1b np] olntcd to nio\o from his lato rttiidenco, line street >orth litno}, ncir Iicul fctrcot on Suiu!a\ Julj (I, Rtl^Oo oloik punetualh

WILLIAM al UHO h Al'I'S undortaker, 1 It/roj and Moor streets, I lt/roy , and Hobo street, ^t Kilda

THE Friends of Mr. WILLIAM HUDDLESTONE     JL oro most resj ectfullj inwtcd to follow tho romaina of his luto beloved daughter Charlotto to their last resting; plaeo, tho Melbourne General Cerne


The funeral Is appointee! to move from her fathers residence ^ 4 M esti,arth terrace, \\ est},arth street, 1 lUroj, TO MOItUOW, bundar, July 0, at half past 1


M ILLIAM Ol' OBGC Al'I'S, undcrlakor, Fitzroy and

Moor streets I itero* ,_an l_Itobe streot,_bt Kilda THE Funeral of the late Mrs. CHARLES PRINCE     X will inoie from her lato residence Myrntone; \ illa, Carlisle strict, St Kilda, for the St Kilda Collin tery onbUMJAY tho 0th at J o'clock

WILLIAM &1 OHGI- Al'i'h, undertaker, Titrroj and _Moorstreots 1 itzroy, and ltobo street, bt K'lda THE Friends of the late Mrs. CHARLTON are in-       X \itett to follow her reinnins to the placo of inter

nient In the bt Kilda Cometer}

The 1 uneril is appointed to molo from hor son s residence, 22j Chapel street, Windsor, on luesdav the (1th inst, at i o'clock

ALI" AUO SL1Î1QI1T, undertaker, SI Collins _ street cast, and High stiect btjillda_ THE Friends of the late JAMES HOWAT are     X rcs]iccttullj Invited to follow thu reiimns of In, /ato relict Itoblna Glover, to the place of inteiments

bt Kilda Cemetery

The funeral will lcavo lier lato resilience, lOOMoray etrcet South Melbourne, at half past 2 p ui on

Bunda), Oth inst '

JüilS M'UOWAIL, undertaker, Boj street,