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, -T A ND SAL"* S.-hr puratierjoe' bi thelifó 1'> ¿*f; MU wtoona of « Th. Crown Undi Alltwatioa Aetof IUI," "fS ?'?<% tb» Minister for Undi, do hereby notify that Otr fallo». V . 'inf lot» of Und will be offered forttle, by publie aauaon, »t

l-v (te undermentioned places, at eleven o'clock, on the dav»

« pacified, at the upset price affixed to each lot respectively.

- '; t '{ deposit 25 per cent.)


* 'J" TABULAM (at tbe Police Office), on WEDNESDAY,

"'? lltb. DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Drake,

parish of Picarbin : 49 lots, A to z and AA to ww (13 to .446 acres), within the Tabulam Reserve, on and near tbe ?-left bank of the Clarence River, between about 2J and 4 .'? miles aontheily from Tabulam, portions 08 to 115,120 to .144,and 146 to 151 ~- " ~ 1 J*OAMTTB, NO. 248.

li . MUDGEE (at the Police Office), on WEDNESDAY, I ,'. ' lltb DECEMBER.-COUNTBT LOTS. County of Phillip,

, (pariah unnamed : 2 lots, A and B (87 and 38 acre«), on the , . right bank of the Cooyal Creek, between Hardy's 31 acres -j, ,j 'and Blackman's 640 acres, portions 0-vin and 0-lx ; 1 lot

, i,'' ", (30,oeres I rood), adjoining the north boundary of Nurden's ,'/i . 30i aeres, near Botobolar ¡ 1 lot (30 acres), abouti mile

?southerly from Purcell's G40 acres, near Botobolar ¡ 17 lots ? SO to 57 acres), on and near the rood from Cooyal to Law

"," ' son's Creek, near Boogledie, betwoen about 8 ando miles

' .''north-easterly from Mudgee, portions 1-rxii to I-xxxvin,.

.* lots, V tor (21 acres 2 35 acres), on the road . 'from Mudgee to Lawson's Creek, near Boogledie, about 6 ' . ' miles north-easterly from Mudgee, portions 1-xv to x-vm ; tV J - r 2 'ot'' z an^ DA (20 oni* 25 acres), sdjoinining and near a

' , "' .measured portion of 58J acres (Boogledie), 7 miles north

easterly from Mudgee, portions 1-xix and 1-xxi ; I lot, BB V, (30 acres), adjacent to the north-east corner of W. Reeve's '"'' .','921 acres (Grattai), about 6 miles sooth westerly from

Mudgee, portion 9-vni; 1 lot, co (24 sores), on the left ' . of the Cudgegong River, between W. Bowman's 27

'"acres S roods and 24 acres 3 roods, portion 8-rr ; 1 lot, OD ,,"< ;.(50 acres), on Piambong Creek, opposite D. Butler's 89 "',,.,.'acres; 1 lot, EE (37 acres), on the road from Windeyer to ' .* Mudgee, sdjaoent to tho south-west corner of Ascough's

. 1200 acres ("Munna), about 3 miles north-westerly from .", Mudgee, portion 9-xi. Price, £1 per sore.)-See QOTBBN

.'HEKT GAZETTE, No. 248.

. ALBURY (at the Police Office), on THURSDAY, *19th ? DECEMBER.-COUKTBY LOTS. County of Goulburn, parish .,, . of Tburgona: 16 lots, A to P(78 sores S roods to 276 acroB),

adjacent and near the east boundaries of J. E. H. Michell's , j., portions, andthe north.boundary of E. Mitchelll's 3727 sores H , '(Thargona) on the Murray River, about 5 miles horth-east

erly from Albury, portions 25 to 41 ; 6 lots, Q to V (74 to ',''.'] 136 acres Von the right bank of the Murray River, lying . - easterly from loN L, If, and N, portions 43 to 48. Pariah j of Bowna : 22 lots, W to Z, and AA to RR (85 acres 1 rood 'j' 'tb 258 acres I raod); on and near the road from Albury to

Gundagai, and Eleven Mile and Bowna1 Creeks, adjacent and near 'Mitchell's and Warners portions; and the south boun ; dary of Calder's 640 acres, about 10 miles north-easterly from

Albury, pori ions 72 to "93. Price, £1 per acre. See GOVKBN .'. . , "»I«iIT OAZETTB, NI. 256.

SIDNEY (nt the Warehouse of Mossrs. W. Dean and Co., Pitt and O'Connell streets), on THURSDAY, 19th ' " DECEMBER.-TOWN LOTS. Ooonty of Cumberland, parish r. /--.-of St. James'> 6 lots, A to E. (SJ to,7 J, perches), city of

, , Sydney, between Costloreagh and Arbitration etreets, at I :,.. ;.:.Ciroular Quay, opposite the Custom House, and adjacent to j

. .the.Paragon Hotel, allotments 2 to G of seotion 102. Parish

of flt. Phillip : 5 lots, F to J (each 44 sores), Wynyard- { , square, having frontage to Olaronce-street, between Johnson's - 6\ porches and Dan«ai-'s 4 à perches, ; allotments 17 to 21 of

seotion 2 ; 3,lola, M (5 to 6 perohes', at tbe corner of [ ,.-.> ^Kent-street and Clarenop-Iaue, Church-hilt, . allotments 22

to 24 of section 2. , Price. £5, £ 10, uud £20 per acre. See , ,'. /GoVERNMNNT GAZKTTB, NO.'250,.

1, RYLSTONE (ät tire Police Office), on, THURSDAY,

19th DECEMBER,-COUNTRY Lon. County of Roxburgh, .. .. . parish unnamed t 9. lots, A to I (20 ¿ores .2 roods to 43 .. . uores), on Warrangunia Creek. , and "...tbe.. road < from '..." Tambaroora to Sydney, and adjacent to the south-east

,i - corner of -v- H. Buttons G40 acres (.Warrangunia), portions

, , 1-vil to 1-xv ; 3 lots, J to L-(20 to 40 acres), on and near j

the road from Koonu'sSwamp to Rylstone, adjoining and

.; ..near the ea*t boundary .of E. lleadford's 40. acres, near | - i-.. Tabrabuoka Creek, portions .1-xxill to l-xxv ; 1 lot, M (99

, / -acres), at Vinoent's Hole, about, 3J miles southerly from lot > . ?. 14, portion l-i; Mot, N (30 acres), at Haystack Mount, . ,. . «djaeont to the south-east corner of 1). Minogne's 32 acres i , .- . Bud 38 perubm, portions, Int ; 6 lots, 0 to T (20 to 24 . i. acres), adjoining: and near Martin's .20 acres and

-'Irving's 41 a-u-os ,2 roods 16. porches at Tara, about 3 miles ^westerly from Keene's Swamp, portions l-l to 1-vr ; 1 lot, ,. ... :U (30 acres), about 2} miles westerly from Fitzgerald's Cl i.i-iv.,acres, near Carwell Creek, portion 1-lti ; 6 lots, V to Z and 'a.:, AA (97 to 9>> acron), near Bylong, adjoining end near the?

-, south boundary of \V. Leo's southernmost 640 acres, por " : tiona 1-rt to 1-x: ; 6 lots, BB to GO (30 to 1.37 acres), on

-Bylong Creek, and on and near the road from Mudgee to , i Bylorig, adjacent to the south-east corner of a village : ri-,-reserve(Coggan), and to W. Lee's 2000 acre«, arJd J.

:'-t Tyndale's 2000 acres (Bylong), portions I-xit to 1-xvn ; 2 ,-.> lots, Url and II (61 and 63 acres), on the right bank of the

> Goulburn River, adjoining and pear the west boundary of a

villago reserve (Coggan), portions 1-XXIII and 1-xxxilt; 1

-. lot, JJ (32 acres),, on the right bank of the Cudgegong I . River, betwoen B. Cox's 905 acrei and E. Neville's 34 acres

.2 roods. I'rico, £1 per aore. - See GOVKBNMKNT GAZETTE,

.. No. 256.

WINDSOR (At the Folíeo Office), on THURSDAY, 19th '-. 'DECEMBER.-CousTET LOTS. County of Cumberland, ? parish of Londonderry.]. 8 lots, A to H (25 acres 3 roods to - 41 acres), on and near the new road from Parramatta to

.Blohmond, near South. Creek, and adjacent to J. Lara's 600 - acres, portions I 'to vin. Parish of Cornella: 1 lot, I (4 ' acres 1 rood), on the rieht bank of tho Hawkesbury River.

. - immediately below H., Moxbam's 30 acres. Price, £1 and j

Mi per sore. See GOVRBNMKMT OAZKTTK, NO; 256.

. > YOUNG-.(it- tile PolioeOffice), on THURSDAY, 19th DEOKMBISR.-CUUSTBT LOTS. County of Monteagle, . parish of Wambanumba; 47 lots, A to Z, and AA to UU (25

.cres 3 rwds, to 277-sores), at and near the lunation of | i ' Wambanumba and Murringo Creeks with Crowther Creek,

. and the junction,of the mads from Murringo and Young to

' Cowrayabout 7, miles westerly from the town of Young (Bur-

rangong. ) portions 2 to 48. . Price, £1 ,per acre. See .'.OOVKRHUBNT GAZRTTK, NO. 286..., ., , . . ,:

" . ARMIDALE (at the Police Ofrico), on THURSDAY, 19th ^DEOEMBEK.-OounTBr LOT». County of Sandon, parish - of Saumarez i 62 lots, A to Z, and AA to ZZ (25 acres to

- 124 aeres 2 roods), on and near tbe left bank of Saumarez ' ' Crock, in the southern environs, of Armidale, adjacent to

tho south bounilnrioa.of Maolean's, Hlpgravs's, Brazier's, ? and Cooper's portions, the west boundary of H. Dangar's ICO ' acres, the north. wost¿ and south boundaries of H. Hangar's r. aso acres, and tbe nortlrand eaat boundaries of H. Dangar's

- 504 ocres (Gibbons' Plain), portions 8 to 14, 16 to 19, 21 to ' -34/26 to 43, and 46 to 63.. Price, £1 per sore, boo


, ' BATHURST itt tho Crown Lands Office), on THURS- DAY,-19th DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. Oonnty of ,'Ituibargh, parish of Yetholmei 4 lots, A to D (36 to40

u acres), near tbe green Bwamn, about 12 miles from Bathurst , "bo tho ruad to .Sydney, adjoining and near W. Long's, now < -O., Roberts', 100 acres, and W. lt. Davidson's 40 sores, por .''lions M to ur. Parish of Wynburn t 1 lot IS, (82 acres),

;on Oheshiro's Creek, adjacent to the south boundary of SottoKs 41 acres, portion nt ; 1 lot, F (38 acres), on Ches .'' hire's Creek, adjolriinir the north-east corner of Butter's 144

aoros and 2 roods, portion it ; 7 lots, G to M (33 to 130 i l oores), oui and near Ubeshlre'o Creek, and tho road from

< Bathurst to Sofala, adjacent to Hackett's and Storornan'a ' 'portions, and bot »eon 3 ead Smiles northerly from tho *??.!Village of I'oel, portions x, to xvi ; 4 lots N to Q (37 actos.

. 2 roods to 52 acres), on Ohcabiro's Creek, noar Its ooriflu "lOnee with Winburndale Rivulet, about 5 mllca north-west ' ? erly.from the Villaue of I'eoi. Pariah of Duramana i 1 lot,

'11(62 ocies '. near Winburndale Rivulot, adjoining tho north i boundary of J. Foot's 30 acres, «bout 7 miles north-westerly ?1 from the village of Foci, portion LXI. County of West-

moreland, parish of Kondalo i 4 lots, 8 to V(30 to 40 acres), on and near Sidmouth Valloy Creek, adjacent and near tho '.B<iuth boundary of W. Scott's loo aoros, about 18 miles

isouth-eaitorly from Bathurst. Pariah of Boltonr ll lots, it W to GG (30 to 54 acres), on and near Sidmouth Valley

Creek, djaoent und noar the south boundary of W. Scotts . 100 acres, about .18 milos south-easterly irom Bathurst)

17 lots, HU to- XX (20 aeres 3 roods 8 perches to 49 acres 3 roods), about 17 miles from Bathurst, on and near the rood lo Sydney, adjacent to tho sooth boundary of Kingborno's 1221 acres, I tho east boundary of Raine's 2000 acres, adjoining the north , boundary of 8. Lowe's 640 acres, and sdjaoent U> tho weat

rboundary of R. Lowe's 2000 acres at Sidmouth Valley Price, £1 and £2 per sore. Seo GOVESHMÍNT GABKTTB

No. ase,

BERRIMA (at tho Tolloo Office), on FRIDAY, 20lh . DECEMBER.-COUKTRY LOTS. County ofCamden,parish

.Unnemerli 8 lota, A and B (40 acres 2 roods and 41 acres), adjoining .tba south and cast boundaries of Cheeto's 640 i. nares,at Caoura, near Shoalhaven River, portion l-i and 1-u i i S lots, 0 and D (40 and 49 aoros), on and near tbs road .. from Marulan clT"--41 - -

Ohaaka'i C40 acres

(o Shoalhaven, ymg nortb-oaslerly from

ires, portions 1-itt and 1-iv ; 15 lota, B to B

vu», ? «-av wu ^ |Juinuua wm .-IT , it, lula, UWD

, (40 acres to 110 acres), at the Barren Groond, head of i Paddy's River, about fi miles southerly from Sutton Forest,

adjacent to Johnson,*, Badgery'*, and Osborne's portions,1

M marm » rods), on and boar Oearga-a Creak, at Bumba] adjoining and Mar Jenkin'.. 600 acre» and 8080 aerea, at* 8 mila* aMtb-«aateriT from Murrimba, portl ni l-l to l-l fi. Iota. X to Z and AA and ÜB (49 to 100 acre on and. near Reed; Creek, head of Paddy's River,! ah C . mile« south-westerly from Sutton forest, adjaci to M'DonalU's, Doyle'!, HertolV, and Roberts' porlio portions l-l to 1-T ¡ 1 lot, CO (30aores), at Mund« Swamp, a ont throe m i'os easterly, from Murrimba j p tion I i¡ 7 loti, DD to JJ (42 to 131 ur res), at the Hamme and near Nundialla, adjacent to F. Oaks' 600 acres, near i Wollondilly .River, about 12 miles south-westerly, fri Berrima, portions l-l to 1-vil Prioo, £1 per aero.-¿ GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No. Í256.

ABMIDALB fat tho Police Office), on FRIDAY, 2C DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Sandon, pari of Butler: 3 lots, A to O (20 to 40 acres); in the soul western environs of Armidale at Kelly's Plains, adjacent the south boundaries of Gilchrist's 2 portions of SO aci each, portions 107 to 109. :Parisb of Armidale : '40 lots, to Z, and AA to ZZ (10 to 87 acres), in the nortb-easte environs of Armidale, at »nd above the cbnfkenoe of T buster Ponds with Dumaresq Creek, portions 306 to 33 Price, £1 per aore. Soe GOVERNMENT GAZETEB,NO. 256.

ALBURY (at the Police Office), on FRIDAY, 20th D] OEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTB. County of Goulburn, pari of Jindera: 88 lota, A to Z, and AA to LL (38 to l< sores), on and near Sandy Creek and the roads from Albu to Wagga Wagga and Tabletop, adjoining and noarM'Laurin Mitchell's, and M'lnnet's portions, ' between 9 and 11 mil northerly, and 9 and lo miles north-easterly from Albur portions 29 to 66. Pariah of Bowna : ll lots, MM to W (87 acres ,2 roods to. 156 acres 3 roods), oh and near Bant Creek, and tho roads from Albury to Wagga Wagga ar Tabletop, adjoining' and near M'Laurln's, Mitchell's, ai M'Innes' portions, between 9 and 11 miles northerly, and and 10 miles north easterly from Albury,' portions 94

104. Price,. £1 per aore, ' Seo GOVERNMENT GAZBTT

No. 256. '

ARMIDALE (at the Police Office), on SATURDAY, 21 DECEMBER-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Sandon, pani ofSaumareE; 6 lots, A to F (58, acres .1 rood to,103 aorei near the left bank of Saumarez Creek, in the southei environs of Armidale, adjacent to the north, west, and soul boundaries of H. Dangar's 350 cores, and tbe north at east boundaries of his 504 acres (Gibbons' Plain, portioi 64 to 60. Parish of Armidale : 1 lot, G (77 acres), tn tl southern eaviroHs of Armidale, adjoining tho north bonndai of D. M'lntyre's 77 acres, portion 174 ; 4 lots, H to K (1

acr s 1 rood to 57 acres 1 mod), in tho northern environs

Armidale, adjacent to Black's SI acres, and Sohmutters's S aores 3 roods 28 perches, portions 235 to 238 ; 12 lota, L I W (10 to 34 acres), in the aorth-castern environs of Ai mídale, at and above tbe confluence of Tilbuster Pom: with Dumaresq Crook, portions 355 to 366. Parish < Gyra: .9 lots, X to Z, and AA to FF (14 to 33 aores), i tbe north-eastern environs of Armidale, at and above tl confluence of Tilbuster Ponds, with Dum reaq Creek, poi .tiona 1 to 9. Price, £1 ^ or acre. Hes GOYBBKHENT GAZBTXI No. 356. :

BERRIMA (at the Police Office), on SATURDAY, 2 li DECEMBER.- COUNTRY LOTS. County of Camden, parin unnamed : Slots,AtoI(4U>59acres),near PloughodGround about ten miles south-westerly from Berrima, adjacei to Proctor's,Gordon's, and Norton'B portion, portions l-l j 1-II ; 13 lots, J to V (40 to 96 acres), at rivet's Plat, a and near Plvet's Creek, and the roads from Nundialla aa Goulburn to Berrima, adjoining and near F. Oaks', now. Elsinore's 350 aores, about 12 miles south-westerly froi .Berrima, portions l-l to 1-xni ; 2 lots, W and X (201 aa 296 acre»;, at Jtonnd Hill Gully, Bong Bong adjoining an near the south boundary of F. Bingham's 241 acres, about, milos easterly from Button Forest, portions 1-xix andi-xx 1 lot, Y (54 acres), at Mittagong, near tho Nepean Bivei adjacent to tho east boundary of W. Waite's 100 acres, nea Single Tree Hill, portion l-l ; 1 lot, Z ( 156 acres), at Cherr .Tree Hill, Meredith Forest, adjoining tbe north-west corne of Morrioe's 1000 acres, about 4 miles north-westerly! froc Sutton Forest, portion l-l Price, £1 per sere. Soe) Go VBENMENT GAZETTE, No. 256. ' >

BRAIDWOOD (at tho Police Office), on SATURDAY 21st DECEMBER-COUKTRY LOTS. County of St. Vin cent, parish of Coghilll 18 lots, A to B (32 to 8) aores) lyiug bctweon Warrambooka Creek, and Richardson's 131 acres 1 rood 8'perches, and GHogelyV 105 aores'and 3! perches on the r-'od from Reidsdale to Monga, adjacent tx the south boundaries of Maddrell's and Coghill's portions about seven'miles south-easterly from Braidwood, portion! 40 41, 45 to 64, 56 and 57, 39, and 42 to 44. Price, £l par nore. See GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, NO. 256.

ALBURY (at'the Polioe Office), on SATURDAY,' 2Isl

DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Goulburn parish of Huon : 14 lots, A to N (72 aores to 340 acres i roods), on and near the rood from Albury to Wagga Wagga and Bowna and Sandy ; Creeks, adjoining and. lying southerly and south-westerly from J. F.' H. Mitchell's 320 acres, about 12 miles northerly from Albury, portions 1,to 13, and I fi. Parish of Jindera i 27 lots, OtoZ, and AA to 00 (52 to 310 acres', on and near the road from Albury tb Wagga. Wagga and Bowna and Sandy Creeks, adjoining and lying southerly and south-westerly from J. F. H. i Mit- chell's 320 acres, about 12 miles northerly from Albury, portions 1, and 3 to 28. Prioe, £1 per acre. See GOVERN KENT GAZETTE, No. 250.

GOSFORD (at the Polio» Office), on SATURDAY, 21st DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Northum- berland, parish unnamed t 6 lots, A to F (40 to 46 aores), on and near ' Dorah Creek, adjacent and near the wost boundary of P. Simpson's, 2000 acres, (Coorumbung), por- tions l-v to 1-x ; 2 lots, G and H (28 and 32 acres), at and near tho confluence of Ironbark and Mangrove Creeks, ad- joining and near Kelly's 50 aores, and Donovan's 2 portions of 50 aerea each, portions 1-ix and 1-x; 1 lot, I (28 ncros), on Mangrove Creek, adjoining tho north boundary of G. Merchant's 50 acres, portion 1-xm ; 1 lot, J (29 acres 2 roods), on tho left bank ot' Mangrove Crook, about 3 mile bolow its confluence with Popran Creek, and adjacent to Hogboa' and Hookinga' 30 acres ; 1 lot, K (3 acres 1 rood 16 perches), on Mangrovo Creek, adjoining tho south boundary of T. Watkins' 12 acres, portion 1-iv ; 1 lot, L (2 acres), on Mangrove Croek, adjoining tho south boundary of Wood- bury's 12 acres, portion 1-vi; 2 lots, M and N (each IO acres 1 road), on and near Dinner Creek, Mangrove Creek, adjoining and near Woodbury's 32 aores, and Charlton's 10 acres, portions 1-vn and 1-vin ; 1 lot. O (14 acres), on Ironbark Creek, near its oonfluenoo with Mangrove Creek, opposite 'B. Hibb's 40 aores, portion 1-xi ; 1 lot, T (10 aoros), on tho loft bank of Mangrove Creek, adjacent to Watkins'50 aores, portion 1-XM ; 1 lot, Q(U acres), on tho loft bank of Mangrovo Creek, near its junotion with tbe Hawkesbury River, adjacent to Hatfield's 00 acres, portion 1-x vi; 1 lot, lt (Sacres), on tho left bank of Mangrove Crook, adjoining tbe south-east corner of G. TnrnbulT's 50 sores, portion l-l. Price, £1, A2 10s., aud £3 per acre/ Seo GOVERN-MBNT GAZETTE, NO. 266..

YASS (ot the Tollco Ofllco), on SATURDAY, 21st DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of King, parish unnamed t 1 lot, A (49 acres), on Diamond Crook, adjoining the north boundary of J.K. Homo's 820 acres, portion 1-t ; 1 lot, R (** aoros), on Lambton Crook, about J, of a milo eastorly from ita Junction with Hart's Creek, portion i-it ; 1 lot, O (34 aoros 3 roods), at tho hoad of Biala Crook, about J of a milo northerly from P. Tully's easternmost 35 acres, portion 1-m ; 1 lot, D (20 acres), nour Olong Crook, adjaoont to W. Browno'a westernmoft 30 ncros, portion 1-lV ; 1 lot, E (30 acres), near tho Laohlnn Uiver, adjacent to tho south boundaries ol' J. Kalinin's ¡IC acres and 51 acres 3 roods, portion l-v ; 12 lots, F to Q (32 ncrcs to 94 acres 1 rood), on and noir tho road from Yass to dunning, adjoining nuil near J. Lawloss* 204 uores nt Sandy Crcok, about 5 mites westerly from Gunning, portions l-l to 1-xii; 2 lots, Band 6 (70 aoros 1 rood ¿nd 180 acres,1, at tho Juno- tion of Hat ton's Crcok with Yass Uivor.adjaecnt to J.M'Boans portions lying westerly from Yass, portions 1-xiiiand 1-t; 2 lots, f and u(30 acres and 65nercs I rood), nenr Lenchos Springs, adjoining and near A. Turner's 640 acres ; 25 lots, V to 2, nnil AA lo TT (0 ñores 2 roods 27 porches to 3j; acres), within a villsgo reserve, at tho confluonco of Derrin- gullen Crock and tho Yass River, near tho Bald HUI, about 5 milos westerly from Yass, portions l-l to 1-xxv ; 1 lot, UU (32 aores), ou Dickson's Creek, adjoining tho north boundary of J. K. Homo's 820 acres, portion l-l ; 1 lot, VV (24 acres 3 roods), adjoining Best's, Holgato's and Brown's portlous, near Jerrawa Crook, portion l-l; 4 lots, WW to ZZ (21 across roods to 43 ocrea), on and near Olong Crook, adjoining and near James Browne's 2 portions of 34 aoros each, portions l-l tb l-v. Trlco, £1 por aoro.


WAGGA WAGGA (at tho Tolleo Office), on SATUR- DAY, 21st DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOT. County of Clarendon, parish of "Wagga Wagga North i 1 lot, A (37 aoros 2 roods), in tho oaatorn onviroiis of Wogga Wogga, hotweon Wallaoe's and Fonnoll'sportlon, portion 27. Prioo, £1 per acre. Tow« LOTS. County of Urana, parish of Urana i SC lots, B to Z, and AA to KK (oaoli 2 roods), town of Urana, on Urana Creek, uoar tho jumtion of tho roads from Albury and Wagga Wagga io Deniliquin, allotmouta 3 to 8 of section 13, 1 to 10 of section 14, 1 to 10 of section 20, and 1 to 10 of section 21. Price, £8 per aero. Bee GOVKSSMIKT QAKITTB, No. 250.

BOOROWA (at the Polloo Offioo), on SATURDAY, 21st DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of King, patlth

umvaifit-e tour A ttrt¡v»>wikTC)rM-o^-i near Pudman Crrek, below. JV Britten's 30 aeras, po l-l to I-vi j I lut, Ù (380 acras), about | a milt aaa from E. Byan'« 1040 acres, on -Boorowa Kirer, ne confluence of Bodman Creek, -portion l-r. Tari Boorowa.- 8.loti, H to O (41 sores to 318 aores I roc Boorowa Rains, on and near the main road from Boure Yass, adjoining Hume's portions, portions 84 to 88, a to 02; <1 lot P (100 acres 1 rood), rear Boorowa, adjc the oast boundaries of Kummory's portions, portioi County of Monteagle, parish of Murringo : 0 lots, Q (29 acres to 41 acres 2 roods), at Murringo, poi 12 to 17 ; 2 lots, W and X (41 and 42 acres , at Mun on Reedy Creek, portions 30 and 40. Price, £1 per SUBURBAN LOTS. County of Monteagle, parish of Mon-; 20 lots, Y, Z, and AA to RR (3 roods 32 parches acres 2 roods 16 perches), at Murringo, allotments 4 ll to 13, and 17 of section 32 ' S and 17 of sealion and 1 to 10 of section 34. . Price, £2, £i los , £3 ar per acre. TOWT» LOTS. ?. County of Monteagle, pari Muuringo : 3 lota, S3 to UU (each 2 roods), to« Murringo, allotments 9, ll and 13 of section 27. GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No. 256. .> j i

TUMUT (at the Polios Office), ¿a MONDAY,

. DECEMBER--COUNTRY LOTS, Connty of Buoch parish of Brungle: 27 lots, A to Z, and AA (22 ac rood 32 perolies to 308 acres), an and near Brungle ( and the road from Tumut to Brungle, adjacent ti Frenah'a 165 acres, and lying northerly from Wye village reserve, about 8 milos north-easterly from Tu portions 39 to 44, 46 to 60, and 62 to 67. Price, £1 aero. TOWN LOTS. Connty of Bncolenoh, parish unnai 13 lots, BB to NN ( 1 to 2 roods), within the village rei at Yarrangobilly, allotments 1 to 3, and 6 and 7 of soi 2, 3 and 4, 8 to ll, and 13. and 14 of sootion 3. GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No. 25G.

TUMBARUMBA (at the Polioo Office), on MOND 23rd. DECEMBER - COUNTRT LOTS. County of Sell parish of Mannus: 22 lots, A to V (51 to 205 acres), wi the Tumbarumba Reserve, on and near Mannas Creek on the road from Albury to Tumbarumba, lying wes - from the Town of Tumbarumba, portions 3 to 33. Pi of Tumbarumba: 15 lots, W to Z and AA to KK acres 8 roods to 209 aores), within the Tambero Reserve, on and near Mannus Creek and the ; road! ! Albury to Tumbarumba, lying westerly from: the ton Tumbarumba, portions 40 to 54. Trice, £1 per acre. GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No. 256. . ' i .? ??

' HARTLEY (at tho PoUoe"Ôffioe), on MONDAY,' î

DECEMBER.-TOWN LOTS. County of Roxburgh, pi of Cullen Bullen : 10 lota, A to J (30 to 100 ao on and near the road from Meadowlea to Mudgee, adja to Robt. V. Dulhuntys 2000 acres, .adjoining and neat Russell's 40 acre 'portions, at Cullen Bollen, portions xi XXIII. County of Cook, parish unnamed: 7 lots, K t (40 to 53- aoros) on ana near Red Harry's Creek, itv cent to George Aspinall's (now Palmer's) 1 . acres, at Megalong, - portions l-l to l-l County of Westmoreland, parish of Alfr 6 lot«, R toW(30 to 48 acres), on and near Li River, the Pass, and Gibraltar Creeks, adjacent to : 3 Grant's 30 acres, near Cox's Ri vor, portions II to vu. Cou of Cook, parish unnamod: 1 lot, X (35 aores), adjoinln; ' Grant'a sen , 31 acres 2 roods aud 34 acres 2 roods, on

road from Bathurst to Sydney, near Bartley.' Count; Cook and .Roxburgh, parish of Thornshopei 1 lot, Y' aeres 2 roods 30 perches), on tbo road from Bathurst Sydney, adjoining T. Jamison's 109 acres, and W. Walt 50 acres. Price, £1 per acre. Seo GOVERNMENT GAZET No. 265. . . I

MAITLAND (at the Polioo Öince), on MONDAY, ' 3

DECEMBER.-COUNTRT LOTS. County of Northamberls parish of Stockrington : Clots, Ato f? (45 to 51 son about 4 milos southerly from Maitland, adjoining' and n the weat boundary of Hughes' 640 aores, aud tbo so boundaries of Osborne's, Elwell's, Whittaker's, Fartbin Purves',' and Brown's portions/ Parish' of Maillol ll' lots, G to Q (42 acres to ' 53 acres roods), adjoining the west boundary of Moot 2560 acres, the south boundary of Ferraby's 1080 acres, i east boundaries of Osborne's and Purves* portions,» and i north boundary of Hughes' 640 aores, about 4-' miles soo easterly from Maitland ; S lots, B to V (43 to 45 acres), . Joining the east boundary of Mitchell's 640 aores, the w j bonadaries of Brown's and Osborne's portions, and the soi

boundary of Turner's 318 acres, about S miles southe I from Maitland: Parish of Alnwiok : 5 lots,'W

Z and AA (17 acres 2 roods 13 pore] to 102 acres), near the rw '' from Maitland

Hexham and Newcastle, adjoin'^ and near the sot boundary of Messrs. Donaldson's 1 OOO aores. and tho east bot dary of V. F. De Salis' 2560 sores, portioLS xxvt to xx Prioo, £1 ' and £3 per acre. Soe GOVERNMENT GAZED

No. 205. ,

MURRURUNDI (ot tho Police Office), on MONDAY 33 DECEMBER.-COUNTRT LOTS. County of Bucklar parish of Wallabadah : 9 lots, A to I (6 aores 12 perches '44 acres), on and near Quirindi Creek, adjacent to t western' boundary of the villago of Wallabadah, ne Ohillingworth'a'and Chambers' portions, portions Stol and 17 to 90. ..Price, £1 and £2 10s. per acre. SUBURBS LOTS'. Coan ty of Buckland, parish of Wallabadah : J to 3¡ lots, (eaoh 5 acres), at* Wallabadah, adjacent to Chambei and Brodie's allotments, allotments 1 to 3 of section 5 Price, £3 per acre. TOWN LOTB. County of Bn'oklan parish of Wallabadah : 13 lots, M to Y (1 rood 30 perch to 2 roods), village of Wallabadah, allotments 22, and 24 I 35 of section 27. Price, £8 per acre. See GorsBNKCt


ULLADULLA (at tho Police Office), on MONDAY, 23i DECEMBER.-COUNTRT LOTS. County of St. Vincen parish of Conjola : 7 lots, A to G (23 acres 1 rood S perches to 67 acres 2 roods), on and near tbe rood from Ulh Sulla to Shoalhaven, adjoining and near M'Lcan'a, Warden' and Murray's portions at tho Waterfall, Armstrong's Foros portions xxx to xxxvi ; 3 lots, H to J (34 acres 2 roods t 64 acros), lying between the raid from Ulladulla to Shoal haven and A. M'Lean's 60 acres at Armstrong's Forest, poi tiona xkxvn to xxxix ; 16 lots, K to Z 132 to 83 acres), c and nour the confluence of Bunnair Creek with Conjola Creal between 0. Murray's 40 acres at Bunnair and Conjola Li goon, portions XL to LV ; 4 lots, A A to DD (38 aores 3 rood to 72 acres), near Conjola Creek, on and near the road froi Ulladulla to Shoalhaven, adjacent to lots J, X, and V, poi tiona Lvi and Lim to wv. Prioo, £1 per acre. See GOVERN


' , TENTERFIELD ( at the Police Office), on FRIDAY, 27t

DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Gough, paris unnamed : 41 lots, À to Z and AA to GO (18 acres to 6: acres 1 rood), within the Doenwater River,1 on and nea the Deepwater Reserve and tao road from Tenterfield t Glon. Inno»,' about 30 miles from Tenlerileld, portions 1 t 6, 12 to 31, and 36 to 50. Price, .Xl per acre. Se . GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No. 265. ¡ / ' '

COOMA (at tho Tolice Offico), on FRIDAY, 27tl 'DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Beresford .parish of Cooma:' 15 lots, A to O (5 to 130acres),01 J' Cooma Baok Creek, adjoining and near to Jamos Hain's tl ! acres, J. Lamblo's 4 acres 1 rood, and 12 aoros, and Jamei Walter's 22 acres 3 roods, within tho Cooma Reserve, nor tiona 70 to 84 ; 19 lots, P to Z, and AA te HU (5 noros 1 rood to 98 acres), on and near Cooma Creek, adjoining M'Manus', Drultt's, M'Donald's, Glonnan's and Kobertson'i Îi irtions within tho Cooma reservo, portions 85 to 103; £ ots, II to KIC (46 to 118 acres), on tho Brother's Crook adjoining and near to Bartley« portions within the Coom! Reserve, portions 104 to IOC. Price, £1 and £2 10s. pei acre. TOWN LOTS. Comity of Beresford, parish of Cooma 1 5 lots, LL to PP (oaoh 2 roods\ villago ol' Cocma, allot- ments 2 to 6 of section 49. l'rlco, £8 per acre. 1 Soo GOVERNMENT GAZETTE* NO. 265. '

MUDGEE (at tho Polioo" Office), on FRIDAY, 27th

DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Phillip, parish unnamod : 5 lots, A to E (30 to 40 aores), at boring Flat, adjoining and near tho south boundary of E. Walker's lill acros oa Lawson's Creek, portions 0-xili to 0-xvti. l'rlco, £1 por aero. SunuRiiAN LOT. County Of Welling- ton, parish of Mudgeo : 1 lot, ET (5 aores), ' near Mudgee, portion o-v. " Prioe, £2 ios. por acre. Tows LOTS. 'County of Wellington, parish of Mudgee: 14 lots,G to T(l rood to 1 rood 4 porches), town of Mudgeo, allotments li; to 10 of section 39, 16 of section 40, 13 and, 10 to 20 of seotlon 41, and 8 and 9 of sootLn '45. Price, £25 per aore' Soe GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No. 256. ' '

CARCOAR (at tho Polloñ^ffioo), on SATURDAY, S8th

DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Bathurst, parlqh of Shaw : 2 lots, A and B (48 and 54 aoros), on'and near tho road from Coombing Creek to Blayhoy, adjacent to Fcohlty's, Hoadloy's, and Charter's portions, and botwoon tho north boundary of W. B. Davidson's 040 aoros, and the south boundary of a Tilingo reserve, about 5 milos easterly from Carcoar, portions xi XIII and xxxtr. Parish of Osborne 1 12 lots, 0 to N (29 aoros 3 roods to 104 acres), on mid near tho road from Coombing Crook to Blayney, ndjaoont to ioohity'a, Hoodley's, and Charter's porlloiiB, and botwoon tho north boundary of W. R, Davidson's 640 aoros, and tho south boundary of a villago reservo, about 0 milos easterly from Carcoar, portions ari to OXYII : 3'lots, O to Q (30 aores to 40 norco 2 roods), adjacent to tho south-east earner of B. Smith's 640 aores, and tho oatt boundary of a villago resorvo, about 5 milos .easterly from Carenar, portions oxtx to .om., .' Prioo, £1 per nore. BUBÜBBAM LOTS. Qountr of Bathurst, parish, of, Canowindra] 17 lot», R lo Z, and AA, to UH (8 acres 88 pwohos to 9 aoros 1 rood 10 porobes), «t« sad Mar-tho hH~bmk-ot~U» BslsWla Wvar, eJtotroents-1 to 8 of« seettsn-5,'. Uta 6 of section «, 6 io 9 of aaotion SS/anJ 6 io . of section »«. ' F/ioe, £2 TOi. ?*nd£3^r Sore:' TowW Lota; County of Bite ont, pariah of Canowindra.:, JO Jo!> ItK (each 2 rood»), village of Canowindra, allotments 1 to S of section 22, and I to S of Diction '23. Price, '£8 per acre.- Seo? GOVERNMENT

GAZETTE. No. 2G5. ?

I DEN) LIQ PIN (at the Police Office), on .bATURDAY,

28th DECEMBER.-SUBURBAN LOT». County of Townsend . parish of Baratta; 16 lots, A toP (each 2 acre»2roods), town of Baratta, about 30 miles from . Deniliquin, on the road to Moulnmain, allotments I to 4 pf section 31,1 to 4 oÇ section 32,1 to 4 ot' sootion 33, and 1 to 4 of section 34. Pride, £3 per, acre. Town LOTS. County of Townsend, pariah of Baratta; 36 Jots (each 2 roods), town of Baratta, about'30' miles from Deniliquin, on tbe road to Moulamein, allotments . < to 10 of section 18, I to 10 of section 20, 1 to 10 qf sec' ! don 22, and 3 to 8 of section 21. . Price, £8 per acre.' - See

GOYEENHENT GAZETTE, No 265. ? .. ... j

! WÁRIALD i (at the Police Offioe on S ATÜRDA Y, 28th

DECEMBER-COUNTRY. LOTS. County of .Murchison, parish unnamed ; 5 lots, - A, to,. E . (36 . to 82 acres ',

within the reserve of Eulowrie, at and near the oooflaenée'1 of Noogera.Creek with the River Horton,-about 16 miles south-westerly from Bingara, , portions I and 3,to 6. . Price, &H per »ore, , Town. LOTS.» County of Burnett, parish of Warialda : 7 lot», F to L (2 roods to 2 roods 20 perobes)¡ ' village of Warialda, allotment* il to 4 of section 22. and )5 to 17 of section 60. Price, £8 per acre.. See GOVERNMENT

GAZETTS, Dov 265. -, .';.,- .

, . . .' ' 1 ,J .'<

CASINO (ot the Police Office', on MONDAY, 80th, DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Rous, parish -unnamed; 31 lotayA to Z.and AA to bÉ (50 to 191 acres ,' within the Pelican-tree reserve, on the'Richmond River, between 0. Irving's 2230 acres and bis 25C4.acres (Tomki), about 5 miles'eaaterly from Casino,'portions 1 to 31. County jot Riobmond 19>' lots', FF to XX (34 to 206 acres), within' .tho Pellcan-tree'reserve, on the'R'ohmond River, between 0.

.Irving's 2230 acres and his 2504 sore« (Tomki), about 5..

easterly from Casino,1 portions 1 to 11, and 13 to 20. Price, , £t per acre.- See GOVEBNMEHT GAZETTE, No. 267. ; ¡

YASS (at the Police Office), on - TUESDAY, 30th DECEMBER-COUNTRY* LOTS.' County of King, parish unnamed ; 1 lot, A (40 'sores), on' Blakney Creek and tho road from Yass to ' the Lachlan River, adjacent to H. Thorite's 30 acres, portion 1-ix; 1 lot, B (60 acres), near - Bard's Flat, adjacent to tbe east boundary of L; 'Dugnid's

1112 acres, portion 1-it ¡ 3 lots, 0 to E (30 to 34 seres), on and near Manton's Creek, adjoining and near the north boundary of W. H. Yaldwin's northernmost 640 acres, por-

tions l-l to 1 -nt ; 4 lots, F to I (SO acres to 81 acres 3. roods), near Mouton's Creek, oís and near the road from Yass to Gunning, adjoining the west boundary of W. H. ' Yaldwin's southernmost 640 aores, adjacent to sud near tbs

north boundary of J. R. Hardy's 3G acres, portions 1-iv to 1-vii. County of Murray : 1 lot, J (3B acres), on tho right bank of the Murrimbidgee River, within a village reserve, adjacent to M'Kinnon's 10 acres I rood, portion l-l ; 2 lots, K and L (30 and 33 acres), at and near the confluence of Spring Creek with the Yass River, adjacent to G. Bliss' 30 aores, near the Devil's Pass, portions l-l and! 1-n. County of King! 6 lots, ' M to R (25 aores 2 roods to 48 acres), on and near Felled' Timber Creek, between the roads from Yass to Jerrawa, an l from Boorowat

to Gunning, adjoining and near'bowling's, Southwell's, Bush's, and Offloy's portions, ' portions 0-v, 0-vir to 0-ix, 0-xi, and 0-xix ; 3 lots, S to U (40 to 50 acres), on arid near the western branch of Felled timber Crook, ad- joining and opposite R. Bowling's 30 acres, portions 0-xxtb 0- xxti. "Price, £1 per aoro. See GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, NO.,267. ,: . - j'.".'." ;

TAMBAROORA (at the Police Office), on MONDAY/ 30th DECEMBER. . COUNTRY LOTS. County of Welling- I ton,.parish unnamed: 3lots, A. to O (19 acros 2 roods 16 j perukes to 22 seres 2 roods), near Kangaroo Flat; adjacent I to Chapman's' 20 acres, about" 10 miles easterly from Tambaroora','portions 1-tto 1-iii ;' 1 lot, 1)(20 acros 3 róduY 30 perches),' at Green Wattle Flat, adjoining the south , ' boundary of Pholan'B 30 acre« 3 roods 20 perches; 1 Int, E-< Í40 acres 2 roods), at the Big. Flat; about J mile southerly

rom Doherty's 34 acros (Waurdong-, 'portion 0-vi ¡ 1 lot,' 'F (22 acres 16 perches), near, Tambaroora, about I A miles' northerly from' J. Wiggett's 80 acres, portion O-i. Price, £1 and £2 per sore. See GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, NO. 267.

. QUEANBEYAN (at the Police Office), ou MONDAY, 30th DECEMBER.- COUNTRY LOTS. County of Murray, parish unnamed: ll lots, A to K (40 to 88 sores), on and near the road from Canberry to Gundaroo, at Dungarvon : Waterholes, adjacent to Dunn's, Grady's, WoodB, and M'Auliffe's portions, portions l-l to 1-ir, and 1-vin to 1- xiv. Price, £1 per acre. Ses GOVERNMENT GAZETTE,

No. 267.

MOLONG (ot the Police Office), on MONDAY, 30th DEOEMBEB.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Gordon, parish unnamed ; 13 lots, A to M (12 acres 3- roods to 33 acres 25 perohes), on and near the Bell River, adjacent to Boalton's and Lee's portions, at Three Rivers, portions 1 to 13. Prioe,

£1 and £2 los. per acre. Seo GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No.

na. .

EDEN fat the Police office), on MONDAY, 30th DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Auckland, parish of Perico) : 6 lots, A to F (63 to 153 sores), on and near Perico» Creek, on tbe rood from Wog Wog to Eden, about 0 miles south-westerly from the village of Sturt, portions li to vu. Parish of Panbula: 2 lots, G and H (I acre 3 roods 10 perches and 50 acres), near the North Head, at the confluence of the Panbnla River with tho seo, portions 46 and 47. Pariah of Bournda : 1 lot, I (33 aores 2 roods), ad- joining H. Sohuback's 40 sores on Sandy Beach Creek, Bournda, and on the road from Murrimbum to Bega, por- tion 9. Parish of Panbula: 1 lot, J (50 acres 2 roods 32 perches), about a mlle westerly from tho village of Panbula, near the Panbula River, adjacent- to the west weat boundary of L. Bolden's 155 aores, portion 1 of section 3. Pries, £1 and £4 per sere. See GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, NO. 267.

BRAIDWOOD (at the Police Office), on MONDAY, 30th DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Murray, parish unnamed : 15 lots, A to 0 (22 to 70 acres), on and'nearthe road from Bungendore .to Boro, st Fairy Meadow, noar the head of Reedy Creek, between 2J. and ' Si mile» north- easterly from Dotson's northernmost 640 acres, portions l-l to 1-xv ; 2 lots. P and Q (31 acres 2 roods and 33 aero»), at Warri, near. Braidwood, about 3 miles south-easterly from H. Gordon's, 190 sores, Manar, portions l-l to 1-ll. Price, £1

I per acre. ' See GOVEEJIUKWT GAZETTE, No. 267.

, NEWCASTLE (at tho Police Office), on MONDAY, 30bh

.DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County af Northumber- land, parish of Teralba:; 1 lots, A to H (I4S to 314 acres) .botween 9 and ll miles westerly from Newcastle, adjoining the south boundaries ot Wentworth's 98Ö aores, Eales*- (now -Brown's) 316 acres, and.Brown's 320 acres, portions x<ut to xxx; Parish of Hexham r 1 lot, I (916 acros), between 9 and ll miles westerly from Newcastle, adjoining the south boundaries of Wentworth's 98C ocres. Eales' (now Brown's) SIG aores, and Brown's 320 acres, portion xxviti; 1 lot, (162 acres 1 rood), about 2 miles north-westerly from Hex- ham, adjoining ? the south boundary of Sparke'a SOO aores, the weat and north boundaries of Sparke'a 1920 aores, and tho east boundary of Wentworth's b30 sores. Prico, £2 * per sore. Bee QOVBBNMBNT GAZETTR, NO 267.

I BRAIDWOOD (nt tho Police Office), on MONDAY, 30th

DECEMBER. COUNTRY LOTS County of St. Vincent, parish of Boyle i 12 lots, A to L (33 acres 3 roods to 40 sores),' on and' near V o road from Elrington to Braidwood, about S milos aonth-wo*terly from Bi aid wood, - Iring abont l-l mile westerly from the north-west corner of John Cog

bill's 890 acres, on Jembaicumbene Creek, and about 3 milos southerly from Monnt Gillamatong, portions i tour. Soe 'GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, NO. 287.

1 CARCOAR (at tho Police Office), on MONDAY, 30th 1 DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Bathurst,

parish of Belubula t 31 lots, A to Z, and AA to II (39 to 68 acre«),'on Belubula River, and Dirty and Dirt Hole Creoks, 'at abd near tholr confluence, bet» eon 1 and 4 miles west I erly and south-westerly from Carcoar, portions t to xxxr ; j 3 lots, JJ to LL (40 acros to 40 acres 2 roods), at Kan-

garoo Flat, about 14 mica north-westerly from lot 35 I portions xxxvi to xxxvm. Parish of Errol i 8 lots, MM to ! TT (40 aoros to 68 acres 3 roods), at M'Konzio's Flat, about I '5 milos northerly from Carcoar, portions xx to xxvn. Price,

(£1 per acre., SRB GOVERNMENT GAZKTTK NO. 257.

I SYDNEY (al'.tho Warohouae of Messrs. W.Doan and Co., ! Pitt and O'Connell streots, Sydney) on MONDAY, 30th DECEMBER. SUBURIIAN LOTS. County of Cumberland parish of Botutiy i 23 lots, (3 acres 25 porches to 7 aero«, 2 . roods 11 perohes), on and near tho south of the South Pacido Oooan, botwoen Cogee and Maroubra Bay, allotments 6 and 7, anti 10 to 10 of'section 8, 2 to 8 of section 4, 1 to 4 of «potion 5, and 1 to 6 of aoottou G. Price, £10 per aero. Soo


i ARMIDALE (at tho PoHao OlW.on MONDAY, 30lh DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Sandon, parish ! of Saumarez r 41 lots, A to Z, and AA to 00 (2G aoros 8

rood 24 porches to 120 aoros 1 rood), adjoining and noar H. i Dangar'* portions at Bevon Mils and Wiseman's Plains, I about 7, milos south-easterly from Annulate, portions 70 to

110.,, Prioe, £1 per acre. See GoraaiuiaNr OAISTTB, No.


I - GUNNEDAH (al UM Folia» Offoa), ot) MONDAY,. 3»ib

DEOEM BBB. - Cevmr Lot», County of Pottigrr, parhb I of Bogabri'i II Iota' (6 aerès 2 rood» 8 perches to 37 acres),

on tb« left bank-of tte Namoi Hirer, at and atore lije oun fluence of Tarrabeile, or Cox'a Creek, in the eastern environs of Ho ga bri, partions t "to x ; 4. lots |6" acres 2 roods 12 [.perobes to 15 acres), on the right bank of Turrabeile, or I Cox's Creek, near its confinen: e with 'the Namoi Uiver, in I tho eastern en virons of Bogabri, portions xix to xxxill, I Price, £1 and £2 10s. per acre. Town'LOTI,'" County of

Pottinger, parish cf Bogabri : 32 lots (each 2 roods), tow n of Bogabri, at the confloenca of Turrabeilo or Cox's Creek with the Namoi /tiver and the junction of tba roads from Mudgee. I and Gunnedah to Wee Waa, about '. 22 miles north-westerly I from Gunnedah, allotments 1 to 10 of section 25, 1 to 10 of

sealion 28, 1 to 3 and 8(to IO of section 29, and 3 to 8 of section 30. Prioe,'£8 per sere. See GOVERNMENT G AZET7», ?No. 207. ? . y ' '....-i' . . r . . WINGHAM (at the Polio» Office), on' MONDA Vj 30tb: DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Macquarie, parish unnamed ; 1 lot, A (3Sacres), at Woola, Wools, adjoining the north boundary of E ' Kennedy's 4t acres oh the' Munghi Creek, near ita junction-.with the'Manning;Riyer,;|about 4 miles.'easterly from Wingham; Mrtibn, l^ii '. ejiota^ B to GY (22 acres 2 roods to 48 ooiesl, on the eaatefn bunk of Dingo Creek,above,Abbott's 41 apre*, about ^milóánorth.westerly from Wirighnm," portions T-i' to I'-vi."* ' rrice,, ,Xt per aore.' .SUBURBAN LOTS.,,, County, ofy .Macquarie,,^ parish' of 'Wingham.- "0 lots,"'" H ' to M" (Ï aère' "ir perches to. ,8. aoroi 3; roods r,3,, perches),,, on 'and| .near ..thp left bank of the Manning River,"in tho" southern environs of Wingham, portions ,1 to .vt. , Prjçe, ,£2.10^', £3r ai d £4' per aerie. TOWN Lois. 'County bf Macquarie, parisu'of .Wingham : 9 :lots,,N, to V, i l.iood:8.perches . U>¡ 2 ' roods I 2 perches), town of Wihghnm,' allotments 1'to 8,'and V6 of

section 19...Prior, X8 »...See GOVBBNMENT.GAZBTTE,

|K¿:2"67."";" ' '. - .-. ? : . ' if '? » ii l l

j 1 "NUNDLE (at 'the Police Öffiee), on MONDAY,! 3f)tM

/DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS.. County,.of-Parry^ parish

of Nundle : 9 lots, À to i (14 acre's to 48 acres','i roods),, on. and near Nundle Creak, adjacent ,to-Foley's,' /Pallon », arid'

M'llveen'sportionn.atout 3 miles south-easterly from Nundle," fporiions 49; to; 57-.: Price.Xl ? £2:jtnd; ££,, 10s. per adre.1 SUBURBAN LOT ' County of ' "Parry, parish,.'of Nundle pi 'lot,' J (2 «ores 2 roods),, town pf Nundle,., oh' tho right1 bank ol' tbo.Rivor Peel,. a<)jnceiit,,to M'Clellanu's, and Thnell's .portions, portion,''48.'.: Brice, ^£3.per'acre., (SeeGOVERN MENT. GAZETTE, Np. 26,7.' ',,...,/ i'*,.,./.'.,,:. j ?:.:,:,\

I. NARRABRI, on. HONDAYi ,30th DECEMBER. [ COUNTRY LOTS. County ot' Nandewar, parish of Narrabri-: i 2G lots, A to Z (25 acros 2 roods to 65,aores), between Nor

ribri Creek and tbe'Namol River, at and near their oonflu : ones, in the southern environs of ,-Narribri, portions xxx to I tv. Price, SI per' acre. TOWN LOTS , .County of j Nan- dewar, parish of Narrabri : 21 lots, AA to TJU ( Í to 2 roods), town of-Narrabri, allotments 5 to 9 of section 8, 7 of section IO,'and 1 to'15 bf section 12. Price, £8 por »are. Seo GOVERNMENT, GAZETTE, No. 267. . ! '

PENRITH (at the Police Office), on MONDAY; 30lh DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS; County of Cumber- land, parish of Castlereagh: 4 lots, : A to D (43 abres 3 'roods' 9' perohos to 54 acres), adjacent to Yarra Mundi Lagoon, near 'Tbombson'B 278 acres, Gibbon's 14 àcrea 3 roods 38 parches, and Bax- ter's i-O aoros. near the co:ifltienco pf theGrose and, Nepoan Rivons |ior ions'1! to tv.' County of Cook, parish unnamed : I lot, É C4I aoros 1 rood), on tho road from Bathurst to Syd- ney, between Valley Inn nnd Spring wood,, opposite W. Lawson's li O'acres, rioar Fitzgerald smalley,' Priced £1 per acre. Seo GOVERNMENT GÀZI.TTE, No. 267.;' '

' BATHURST (at the Crown Lands Office), on MONDAY, 3 th DECEMBER.-CouNTitr LOTS. County of Westmore land, parish of Oberon : 9 lots, (40 to 43 acres), near tho hoad ol'Snake's Valley, between tho Dirtv and Stony Creeks, adjacent to tho east boundary, ol' E. B. Boalton's 640 acres,

'portions oxxii to exxx. ?'' Price.: £V per nore. Tows LOTS. , County of Bathurst, parish of Bathurst; 40 lots, J to,Z, and i AA1 to WW (21 peroné» 'to '2 roodB Fi perches), town of! Bathurst, allotments l lo 20 of lection 87, and 1 to'20 of j section 104, .Prioo, ;£-0 [.er acre. See GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, NO. 267. .? . ? i

' ARMIDALE (at the-Police Office), on TUESDAY, 31st DECEMBER.- COUNTRY . LOTS. County of Hsrdinge, pariah unnamed : 5 lots, A to E (10 to 39 aores), on and near tho right bank of tho Gwydir River,; within the reserve at Yarrowick, on the rood trora Bundarra to Armi- dale, portions ito v.- 'County of Hawes :'8 Iota, F to ir (6 to 19 seres), on the.left bank of the Barnard River, about '4J milos above its confluence with the' Manning River, adjacent to John Williams',50 aores, on the road from New England to Port Stephens, portions 1-ir to 1-vi. County of Sandon, parish of Armidalo : 7 lota, I to O (81 acres 1 rood to 112 acres 2 roods), at 'the Bald Nob,' adjacent to Book's, M'Farlane'«, M'Donald's and Cooper's portions, about 4 miles south-easterly from Armidale,' portions 368 to 374. Price £1, £2, and £2 10s. per acre: See GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No., 267. '?'

TAMWORTH (at tho Police Office); on TUESDAY, 31 st DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS; County of Inglis; parish unnamod ; 6 lots, A to B (79 to 109 acresV within tho BubbOgullra Reserve, on the left bank of tho Peel River, in tho north-eastern environs of Bective, portions 1 to' 6. Price, £1 per aore.-See GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, No. 267.

GUNNEDAH (at the Police Office), on TUESDAY, 31st DECEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Pottinger, parish of Gunnedah : 8 lots, A to H (16 acres 2 roods to 47 aoros), on and near the left bank of the Namoi River, in the eastern environs of Gunnedah, portions 23 to 30. ' Price, Xl per aore. SOBURBAM LOTS. ' County of Pottinger : Parish of Gunnedah : ll lots, I to H (4 acres 3-roods 10 perches to 7 aores 3 roods 30 perohos, on and near the left bank of tho Namoi River, in the eastern environs of Gunnedah* portions 33- to 43; Price, £2 los. and £3 per aore.- TOWN LOTS. County of Pottinger, parish of Gunnedah : 12 lots, T to Z, and AA to EE, ll rood 30- perches- to 2 roods,' town of Gnnnodahj allotments 1 to 6 and ll to 16 of scotion 29; Prloe, £8 por acre. Bee GOVERNMENT GAZETTE,

No. 267.,

' DUBBO (ot the Police Office), on TUESDAY,'31 at DE. OEMBER-COUNTRY LOTS, County of Gowen, parish of Eringanerin > 12 lots, A toL (27 to 03 acres , on and near the right bank of tho Castlereagh River, within tho Erin gnnerin Réserve, about CO mile* northerly from Dubbo, por- tions i ta XII. County of Lincoln, parish uuuamed: 3. lobs, M to O (8 acres 19 perobes to 11 aoros 2 roods), within the Butler's Fall Reservo on- the Macquarie River, near Dubbo, allotments 1 to 3 of section 9. Prices, £1 and. £2 1 Os. per acre.- TOWN .LOTS. County of Gowen, parish of I Eringanerin : 85 lots, P to Z, and AA to XX ( 2 roods to 2 I roodB 8 perobes), within the Reserve nt Eringanerin, on the

road from Dubbo to Mendoran, about 50 miles from Dubbo, allotments 1 to 5 of section'1,1 to 10 of section 2, 1 to 10 of seation 3, and Ito 10 of section 4. Prioo, £8- par acre.


WELLINGTON (at tho Police Offioe), on TUESDAY 81st DECEMBER.- COUNTRY LOTS. County of Wellington parish nnnamod : 4 lots, A to D (29 to 45 acres), OB the road from Orango to Wellington, at. Shepherd's Creek, ad- joining and adjacent to tho north-east corner of Warno's (now Smith's) 640 acres, portions l-l to l-iv ¡ 2 lots, Band F (50 and 9« acre»), on Gibber's Creek, about 1 j milos i easterly from Forbes' (now Glasson's) 1257 acres, portions

1-t to 1-it i 5 lotB, G to K (40 to 80 aoros), near tho Pine Range, between 1 and 2 milos north-westerly from tho north-wott corner of T. Kito's 894 aoros on Nubrigyn Crook, portions l-l to l-v: 8 lots, L to N (28 to 30acres), on Booduldura Creek, about 4 miles north-easterly from Forbes' (now Glasson's) 1*57 sores on Stony Crook, portions l-i to 1-m s 3 lots, 0 to Q (33 to 58 acres), oa Oaky Crcok, and near tho road from Orango to Wellington, about 2 milos north-oaBtcrly from Forbes' (now Olasson's 1267 acres ou Stony Creek, portions l-l to 1-m ; Slots, R to T (37 to 82 aores) on and noar Stony Crook, and tho roads from Orango and tho Nubrigyn to Wellington, about 3 milos northerly from Foibos* (now Olasson's) 1257 aoros on Stony Crook, portions l-iv to 1-vi. Prlco, ?1 per aoro. TOWN LOTS. Ojunty of WolllngtoB, pariah of Wellington : 30 lots, U to Z, and AA to XX (1 rood 35 poroho* to 2 roods), town of Wellington, allotments 1 to" 10 of seation 71, and 1 te 20 pf sootion 72. Prlco, £8 por aero. Soe GOVERNMENT GAZETTE,

No. 267.

TUENA (at the Police Office), on TUESDAY, 81st DE- CEMBER.-COUNTRY LOTS. County of Goorgian*, parish of Jeromy i l lot, A (36 nares), on the right bank of the Isabella River, about J of a milo southerly from J. Balnwln's 30 aeres, portioa x. Parish of Bally- roe t 4 lots, B to E (24 te 44 acres), at and near tho Bald Hill, adjaoont to tho wost boundary of E. Redmond's 1000 aoros (Bingham), portions xvi to xix. Parish of Bombah : 1 lot, F (28 aeres) at tho hoad of Comp Crook, about 1 i miles northerly from T. Arkoll's 640 «cres, poet lou iv. Prloe, £1 por acre. Boo GOVERNMENT GAZETTB, No. £67.

CASINO (at tho Polioo Omeo), on TUESDAY, 31st DECEMBER,-COUNTRY LOTS. Coanty of Rnus, pariah of Gundurimba : R lots, A lo E (23 acres 1 rood 20 porohos to 00 acres 8 roods), in tho north-eastern environs of tho town of Gundurimba, portions 0, and 0 to 12. Pariah of Werft Gundurimba t 0 lots, F to K (20 to 89 aoros), in t'ne southern environs of Gundurimba, on tho left bank of tho Blohmond River, below Mackellar'a 38 aoros, portion .a s ta 10. Parish of North Casino i 14 lot», L to V (20 aoro»» rood aa porohos to 78 acres), in tit northern govir jni of tb»

»med. 13 lol*, ZTiipd AA to LL (76 to 181

tbe Fairy Mount rewenre, on tba left bank of thaBÍ«^Ul', Uiver, »fand above theoonflaence of Fawoett'i Or#aw 2ïd 17 mile» north-westerly from Casino, portions 21 u it Í

33 and 34- Price,-£l per acir Bee OovmL^

GAZETTE, No. 267. - ' . ?.'?. ' uu»*wwrj

ST. ALBAN'S (at the Police OfiSoe), on TUESDAV ,,. DECEMBER,-CODNTBT LOTS. Couotv of NortbuÄ? parish unnamed : 1 lot, A (48 »ores), on the left bank nftv* M'Donald River, lvinjr between . George Molyson'i n Cross') .JSO. acres and 0;;Devine'a 40 acres, about 5 mn

lüuth-enaterljr from ,St. Alban*», portion 2. CmmuS ?

Hunter: 1 lót| B '*l aores), on the right bànï Ji\ ,

and J. KershawV 30 acres, at the junction of the M-Dmiu and Hawkesbury BiversPrice, £1 per acre.-See 0vn7 imrr'GAZETTE, Na 2S7:1,

. CAROO (at thePolioe Office), on TÜÍSDA'V IM DECEMBER.-COTJUTBT LOTS County ofBatW JLJV of Lindsay v33 lots. Ato Z,.nd AA to GG (41 tTÄ

on abd tiear.Cowriga, Limestone,'ond Sugarloaf OreeïTiaÀ at McKenzie's Plat, between' 5 and 8 miles northarl» r »

Cafooar'..,,Parish of Errol;,!Slots, HH to ZZ (4atorr ^acres', bu pnd near Cowriga, Lilli es tone, andSagarloaf Greeta and at M'Xèhsîe's Flat, between '5 and 8 miles nortierlr from: Carpoar, portions r to xix. - Prioe, £l per acre BM .GOVES^MENÎT GAZETTE, NO 267. .' ^

Cathcart, adjacent to" Morelng's, Gilbert's, Rinkin'i ßeratiy'a,and'Murphy's, portions 10 to 13 st

and 23 ; 1 loti G (4» ocrés 1 rood y, in tho sonth-weitern en. ¡ virons of Cathcart, adjacent to' Denny's 22 acres 1 rood 17 ! perches, portion, 63 ¡ 2:lois HI (each 38 acres), in tho north

eastern'environs of.Cathcart, adjacent to Kelly's, and Fier. > dell's portions, poroions 136 nnd 137.'' Pries £1 and l2 là. ! per Acre. See GOVERNMENT QAZETTD, NO. 267. 1 I

'-MbRRDRUNDfc (at'the-PoliceOffice), eu FRIDAY .

3rd JANUARY.-COtTNTirr: LOTS: County of Briibue' ! parish unnamed : 6 lots, A to E (.38 to 46 acres), onP.itf,1 ! Creek, between ll and 0 miles above Keith's (now Sempill 1 j 640 acres, .at the confluence of Page's Creek with tb« ! Hunter River.'portibna' 1, inf.y, vu and viit. rarüh of ' Castle Sempill : 1 lot. F,(127 acres), on the right buk of the River .Hunter, adjoining the east boundary of Sempill'. 715 acres, portion III J,- 1 lot, G '52 acres), on the Kirer Hunter,1 about 1 mlle above Sempil.'s' 560 acres at tie con- fluence of 'Bell's Creek, portion xe ; 3 lots, H to J (Soto 114 acres), on the right bank of tho River Hunter and the road from Boone to tho'Upper .Hunter.' above lot F, portions into XIV. . County of Durham, parish of Omadale : 7 lot», Kb Q (54 to 145 acres), at and near the.bonflaence of Omsdili Creek with thé River Hunter, ' portions 1 to vu. Parish of Moonarri ! _ 3 lots, R to T i78 to 108 acres), bn the left bank of the River. Hunter,.above Sempill's 1280 acres, and opposite lots H and I, portions 11, xxl and un, Panta cf Mamarán : 3 lots, U to W ( 75 to 83 aores), near the head of the River Hunter, at and near the confluence of Bruch Creek, on end,'near the rood from Scone to Hanging Bod, portions i, III and IV. . Prioe, £1 per acre. 1 Soe GOTHS MENT GAZETTE,-No; 269.

SCONE (at the Police Office -, on FRIDAY, 3rd JAUH. ARY.- COUNTBT LOTS. County of Durham, parish rf Doon.: 1 lot; A (168 acres 2 roods -, on'Back Creek, koon as Davis's Creek, about 5 miles abo>o its confluence sith Boucher Brook, and' about 5 miles 1 north-westerly ¡rm

Glonnio's, now-.Carter*s..706ocres.~Parish of Beltreeii t lots, ll, D and E .40 to 153, acres -, on the River Hauler, adjacent to H. C.' Sempill's 1'200 acres, adjoining and sear to J. F. and H. C. White's 50 acres, portions III to TI, Goun'y'ol' Brisbane,parish of Alma: 4 lots, F to I(50to 77 acres), on the rieht bank' of the River Hunter, lying between H. C. Sempill's 910 acres', and his 1150 ocrea, on the left bank, portions vu tb x. Parish of Park : 1 lot, J (50 aores), about Si miles n rth-westerly from P. Uto queen's 10,000 acres. Price, £1 per acre. Seo Com»



Just reoeived, - cr Morning Star.-The Under, i ¡ned bas great pleasure in announcing that he bu jUBt reoeived, per tho obovo vessel, seventeen (17) MM nf TOBACCONIST'S FANCY GOODS which, for qui. ity, will bo found equal to previous shipments.

- E. T. PENFOLD, Tobacco Merobant, 436, Georg». street, nexr the Royal Hotel. - ._ EX MORNING STAB_The Undersigned

bas just reoeived eleven (ll) cases, containlnj opwardB of throe hundred boxes of tbe newest dosigns of bis celebrated MEERSCHAUM WASHEP ot COLOURING CLAY PIPES, wbiab far. excels any pip» yet offered to the pnblio; their peculiar aort eminent absorbing qualities render them exceedingly tixassnt to Buloke, and colour far superior tosny pipe yet offered lo the public. .-.<;;

E. T. PENFOLD, Importer, 486, Goorge.street, neil the Royal Hotel. . ,

E. T. P., would particularly oall attention that each ol his pipoB ere stamped " PENFOLD, SYDNEY.1* _ SILVER and AMBEE, also. Silver and Ivor}

MOUNTS for day pipes.

' E T. PENFOLD, Impoitor, next the Bciysl Hotel.

X MORNING STAR.-Briar wood pipes,

bent, silver mounted, either with or without CHM. Bj» T. PENFOLD, importer.


large assortment.'' - »,->

E. T. PENFOLD, Importer, 438, George-street

MYALL. PlPiSH, superior quality, plain «ni

silver mounted. E. T. PENFOLD, Tobtet» Merchant, next the Rojal Hotel.

MYALL. PIPES, gold, mounted, and stolid

amber mouth pieces. E. T. PENFOLD, tW. George-street. -1 _


a very superior artiole for keeping the tobacco


E. T, PENFOLD, Importer.

MATCH and FUSEE BOXES, a gret«

variety alwsya on hand.

E. T. PENFOLD, Importer, 438, George-atrcet.

MEERSCHAUM PIPES, the most esta

sive sssortroont of flrst-olass gooda aver impotUs in the oolony, consisting of

Fruit and eagles'claw pipes, very elegant and

designs. '

BllliardB, in velvet lined oases,'with, amber tops

' latestatyle. . : ',».,*. Billiards, straight and bent, superior article, from 10ft. f*¡

Bilvor*mounted meerschaum, in eases, from 8s. M. sae»!

Courlera, silver naoonted, in CSBBS, from Ins. osob.

Also, a Isrge stook of présentation pipe», toi «M.

E. T. PENFOLD, Importer,

488. Qéorge.stroct. next tho Royal Hotel.

TTLRGINIAN GOLD LEAP TOBACCO«-" T Tho undersigned bas jnst rccoivod twenty m 01B09 of the above choice and favourite tobnooo, ws»o, for its superior quality and fine flovcur, is not tow equalled in the colony. To be had in boxes of IO> j*U 90 lbs., 0» 40 lbs. enoh, only of the importer, for wno»

it WOB oxproBsly monufaoturod. . '

E. T. PENFOLD, Tobacoo Merohont, 4Jö, ueorg« strcot (next tho Royal Hotel), Sydnoy. _


Virglnia Gold Leaf

Cavendish '. . Barrett's Twist ' ,'. Ï." ...

Bird's Eye, Virginian Shag, £»,B*ya'-«4'<¿,t.¿T «i Tho above tobocoos sro cf the best qnalHJi peeked (in tinfoil) in | lb. packages. _ A

E. T. PENFOLD, Tobeaoo Morchant, '488, usonj« stroot, next the Boyal Hotel.

Country orders promptly executed._"

TTAVANNAH CIGAR8.-inat received, ona

ease, superior ^»^Tt ,pENg0Tj, Imperf


An cxtenslto stock of the best sblpm.nts, ta * out ol bond, always on hand. ^ T PENFOLD^.


i\ CAVÄNDISU, ofthebest brands, on SAUis, E. T. PEN FOLD'S Tobaooo WarohouBQ. -

r¿irAX VESTAS, all BIBOB, in japinnod tin VI hexes and round gaW.' rBNFor^jmporist:_

PENFOLD'S Aromatic Mixteo, of «¡J

L choicest Tobaoo*; oonslstln| of

Giorjs-aucet, next tba Vf>J*i Hoteli.