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Family Notices

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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES. DEATHS BIRTHS. ASHLEY —On the 15th October, at Tennyson Villa, Tennyson street, St. Kilda, the wife of Edmund Ash ley Esq., J.P. of a daughter. BALSILLIE- On the 16th October, at Newbridge,     the wife of Andrew Balsillie of a daughter. BROWN.- On the 5th inst, at Bay-street, Sandridge, the wife of Mr. T.B. Brown of a son.         CAMPELL - On the 11th of September, at Erskine street, Hotham; the wife of John Campbell of a daughter.     CARSTENS. — On the 3rd October, at her residence, Hardon the wife of H. B. Carstens, of a daughter. Both doing well. CONGREVE. - On the 9th October, at her residence,   Grant-street, Inglewood, the wife of Mr. H. J. Con greve of a son.   COPELAND ~On the 7th of October, at Campbell field, the wife of the Rev. T. Copeland, of a son . Both doing well.     CROFT - On the 16th October, at Daylesford, the wife of Mr. Joseph Croft of a son. DAVIDSON.— On the 17th October, at No. 7 Smith   street; Fitzroy, Mrs. James Davidson of a son.       DAVIS.— On the 8rd October, at Casterton, the wife of Henry Davis of a son.   FLYNN.—On the 18th October, the wife of Mr. P.   Flynn at her residence, on the Serpentine, of a son.   FOWLER— On the 15th October, the wife of John A, Fowler, Mitchell-street, Sandhurst, of a daughter. GIBBS — On the 10th October, at Sydney-terrace,   Wellington parade, East Melbourne, the wife of Edw. M. Gibbs, solicitor, of a son.     GREEN - On the 5th October, at her residence, 11 Malop street, Geelong, the wife of G. E. Green of a son.     GREIG. — On the 11th Ootober, at the Immigrants' Home, Prince's-brldgo, Mrs J. B. Greig of a daughter.     HODGES.— On the 19th October, at the Royal Brewery, Malop street, Geelong, Mrs. Isaac Hodges of a son.      

GOODEAR. - On 21st of September, at Eldorado, Mr. Charles Goodear, of a son. GULLINE - On the 17th atobjr, at No. 4 Walworth torraco. II itham, Mrs. A. Gulllno of a daughter. HOWARD - On the 5th. Ootaber. at Hnzlowood, Brighton, tho wife of Robert Fredorick Howard of a, son. JAMIESON - On the 7th Octnlior, at tho Bank of Vic toria, Daylcsford, tho wifo of Mr. John Jamieuon of a daughter. JONES - On the 6th Octobor, tho wifo ol J E. Jones, Allunsford. of a son. JOWETT - On the 14th October, at her rosidence, Lee- field, Leigh-road, Mrs. Edward Jowett, of a son. LEEDS - On the 12th October, at 3andhu-«t, tbo wife of Mr. M. Leeds of a daughter. LEWIS - On the 16th October, at Stoncle'gh, Mrs. William Lowis of a daughter LYLE - On the 22nd Octobor, at D urn-street oast. Ballarat, Mrs. T. Ljlo of a dauyhtur. MATTHEWS - On the 10th Ootobor, at Miller-street,   West Molbuurne. the wife of T. H. Matthows, batcher, of twin sons. Prematurn birth. MULLINS - On the 16th October, at Annlcioa, Mrs. P. Mulllns of a son. MURRY - On the 18th Octobor, at Gceiong, tho'wife of Mr. John Murry, Oiiffont, of n daughter. REID - At Gloulyon. uu v.nidiy, tha 10th October, tho wifo of Mr. -J. Held of a daughter. ROBERTSON - On Wednesday, 11th October, at her ronidence, Panam-houso, Groove»-strflct, Pitzroy, Mrs. R. Robortson of a son. SMITH - On the 20th Octobor, at Tarnaafulla, tko wife of Mr. William Smith o( a non. SPENCER - On the 6th October, at lior residence, Rochester, the wifo of Mr. 1'homus Spencer of a daughter. SYMONS - On the 9th October, at hor retfdonca, Aecot-stroot, Jballarat, the wifo si Mr. 0. Symons of a son. TAYLOR - On the 3rd October, at Skoue-strnet, Hamilton, Mrs. John fnylor of a son, stillborn. WATSON - On the 18th Octobor, at Nott-street, North Sandridgo, tho wife of Mr. Jumos Watson of a son. MARRIAGES.

Anderson — Steel.— On the SGth October, at Christ Church, Brunswick, bj- tho Kov. 0 P il Btrdin, Tanslov Kdward, only son of Mr. E. Anderson; of Lonsdale-streot, Molhourno, to Sarah Maria, third daughter of Mr. Gnwn :-to#-i, of Brunswick. Armstrong — Dod. — On tlia 11th October, at St. Genrgs'M Church, Queonsclifl, by the - ev. H. j; Wil kinson, Sarnuol Arinstivmff . of tho Gonoral Post Office, Melbourne. t-- Anna .Maria, tooond daughter of the lato Charles Dod, Esq. of Qupenscliff Bonnin — Orr —At the residence of her uncle, Mr. Miles, Yan Yean, on the 30th September, by the Rev. C. Dubourg, John Leifchild Bonnin to Adelaide Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr. W. A. Orr of the Victoria Insurance Compnny, Melbourne, and grand daughter of the late William Chisholm, Esq., mer-   chant, Glasgow. COGHILL—HOLLAND - On the 12th Octobor, at thn   residuuuo of tho bride's fdiher, Geelong. by the Rov P. P. Strickland, Georgu Mackenzie - oghill, Molbourno, to Lydfo, eldest, daughter of Mr. James Win. Holland, Geolong. GUSCETTI—McPHERSON. —On the 19th October, at       St. Peter's Church, Daylesford, by the Rev. D. F. Barry, Frederick, second son of the late Dr Guscetti,   to Margaret Josephine, youngest daughter of the late Donald McPherson, Deep Creek. HALL—TAYLOR. —On the 17th October, at the re-   sidence of Mr. E. Morris, Church-street, Eaglehawk, by the Rev. M. Clarke, John Joseph, eldest son of Mr.   Thomas Hall, Fence Houses, Durham, to Fanny, eldest daughter of Mr. H. B. Taylor, Camberwell, London.           HAMILTON—HENSHAW. —On the 7th October, at the       residence of tho bride's father, by tho Rev. James S.ncatou, David Hamilton to Hannah, oldest daughter of Mr. Wm Henshaw. of Davlesford.

HARROW—YOUNG - On the 7th October, at St. Mnvy's   Roman Catholic Church, by tlia Rov. Father O'l.'al lauhan, Edward, tho youngest son of Patrick Harrow, Liecullcn, County MiuiKghnn, to ijirah tlio elOost, dumlitor of Henry YoU'g, Glln, County Limerick, reland. HORE—ARMSTRONG - On the 7th October, at Cape     Oli'itr, tivth- Rov. '. J. Bnirii, Presbj torian miniuer, Scarsdilo, John Lyons iloro to Agnes, second dnnorht.-r of Mr. Tnunvis Armstrong, nlso of Capo Clear. KIRK—LESLIE - On the 9th October, at Wellington,   Nmv Zealand, hy tho tiuv Thomas Bu-idle, Wiliiiuh Jamvs hccond .son of Mr. Geooro Kirk, t f Euibrald hll), to cutherlno^, i.ldest daughior ot Mr. Robert Lenlio, of Emerald hill. . Lawson — Taylor. — itn^einng on the 14lh October, by tho Hov. T-. M'Kenze, tiutno-l second son of tun lato \m:xb Hi, of thn T.ukh, to Aimo Elizabeth Sarah, cldosr duognlerof tho lato Joseph u. Taylor. MARTIN—BROWN.—On the 18th Octobor, at All         Saints Church, Sandhurst, by the Rev. Jos. Car*lsle,   Denis Martin, son of Mr. Denis Martin, Cornwall,   England, to Sarah Helan, eldest daughter of Mr. Geo. Brown, keeper of the Can*n Reserve, Sandhurst. MORRIS—AVERY.—On the 13th September, by Mr.         G. G. Surber, Evangei^t, Hugh Morris, baker, Foots criy, eld.ibt son of George Morris, latuot Edinburgti, to Kin Jane A very, daueh'er ot the lute Edward ? Avnry, Wellington, Northumberland and stopdaughter of Mr, John Brown, Fiiotscray.

WHITE—GORDON - On the 2nd uotorjer. at tlio roal   denco of tho bridti's fa»h«r, by tptclal licence, l.y tho Rov. Adam ' homson, tho Rov. Williain Moore Whlie, IiUB., T 0.D , Kajjloliawk. Victoria, to Klizi Agnoa, daughter of tho hon. Ssmuel Ijomio Gordon, M.LO., Glonyarrah, Double Bay. -ydnoy, New Soiuh Wales. ? Wilson — Shaddock.— On the 8th October, at the Wesleyan Church, Warrnambool, by the Rev. F. E. Stephenson, Thomas Samuel Wilson, seoond son of Mr. Robert James Wilson, of Melbourne, late of London, to Elizabeth Rebecca, youngest daughter of Mr. John Shaddock, of Dennington.       WILSON—M'DOUGALL - On the 21st September, at the residence of tho bri ,e, Wellington-street, Colling wood, bv pastor Wrn. 'Bryant, of George-siroot Bap tist Church, William, sou ot John Wilson, builder, to Maguio, daughter of tho late James M'DougaU, )-ior- masrtor, Hclenabur^li, Scotland. DEATHS. APPLETON - On the 10th Ootobor, at GclfiRt, of whooping cough, *.mily, -oUMgo«r. daughter of Mr. George Appletun, ai/Pil flftten moiitbH. ARMSTRONG - Accidentally lilDed t.t Belmont, Jamos   William, fourth M-n of Adnm and Ellen Armstrong, of Bream Oreek. auod twelve yenra and flvo months BEBB - On the 23rd Ociobor, at Toorak. Stoplion Bebb, of Whit losoa, li-to of- Kerry, 'near Newtown, North Wales, aged fifty yea ts. Homo papors pknso CODY.

CATHERY — Florence Grace, the beloved and only daughter of Henry and Charlotte Sophia Cathery, in the fiftteenth year of her age, after a long and painful illnes. Beloved by all who knew her.   CANTLON - On tlio 14-h October at hor daughter's (Mrs, Vt-rnon) residonco. No 80J Coven try-stroot, Emerald-hill, Margaret Cantlon (xnd ' motlior of Matthew Oantlon, Esq.) agod olghty-two years.' Corn. — Early on tho morning of the 18th October, at tho residence nf his eon- in-luw, Will am Biten, Ux brldge-hsuse, Nicholson-street, Pitzroy. Edward Oouu, Esq., lato of Boroondara, aged sixty yearn CRUICKSHANK.— Suddenly, on the Sr.l of August, at FuohabeiH, So»tland, C. K. Crul kshank, for many yean clork of potty sessions at Sandhurst, Ballarat, and Oa^tlomaino. CURWEN.— On the 7th Ootobtr, atyher rosldenoe, Webster-street, Hullarat, after a long and painful illness Jane, the beloved wife of Frederick Curwen,   aged forty-eight years. Evans, — On tilt) 24th October, at hor rosidonco, Catnbridgtt-stroet East Colilngwood, Harriot, rollot of the Kto Joshua Evann, aged sixty-six years. FOLEY.— On the 10th October, at Healey-place, Little Lonsdale-street west, Charlotte, youngest child of Malachi and the late Charlotte Foley, aged seven months.       FOX. — On the 8th October, at his residence, Mor- rison's, Frederick Fox, formerly of Emerald-hill,   native of Kent, England, aged fifty-two years, after a painful illness. Qlrnn.— On the 17th Ootobor, at East-street, Bnl lurat, Wllliaru, tho youngest child ot William 1\ and tjophlo Glonn, atjpd one year and six months,

(JeDFREY —On the 14th of August, at Brighton, England, Jane Ouiavia. relict o( Colonel Juhn Unco Qodfroy, l'.to Madr..s Kst.tvc Inf tutry, agod soventy flvo years. GRAVE - Oh 14th October, at Geelong, Richard Grave, stonemason, lute of Norwich, England, aged forty-tight years. GREEN - On the 20th Octobor, at Tarnagulla, Mrs. Julia Green, ugod seventy joa^s. Haiidwiok ? Ou t.he 17th Octobor, at the Lau- iston Garden^, n ar Hamilton, Blizabeth Frances, oldest duuehtor of Oharlos nnd ?Bliziboth Hardwick, aged twolvo years. HAWKES - On the Olh Octobo', at Sobastor-ol, nged ono yiar u nd sovnn months, EHlo, tho botoved duughtor of W. H. and Mary llawkoa. JACOMB - On tho 11th October, aS Powlott street, East Melbourne, Olivo. j'oungeat daughter . f k«bero Elwftil Jacomb, utred bixt ;om monthH. KING - On the 19th October, nt Little Lntrobe-street, ?Robort King, couch painter, lato of Bristol, England, aged saventy-oiio yearn.

LYNCH - On the morning of the 25th October, at Grnco Park, Michuol Lynch, aged sixcv-snven years. MACKENZIE - On tho llth Ooi.oher. at his rosirtonce, Dean, John Mackenzie, agod fifty-two yoars. M'DERMENT - On the 3rd «'ci. brr, at Spring n-Ils, N'-rth niniM Owd, jHmos M'uoimunt, Esq., lato of StranrHur, Wigtoiishire, V.ii. Homa papers pleaso copy. M' Farlane.— On thn 2nd Octo'inr, at Millor-Btreet, Wost Hdbjurno, of dropsy, Holtn Bcattie M'Failane, aged sixty, wife i.f Thomas M'Farlano, late of Cupar, Fife, -m.tland. M 'Arthur. — &.tPrariran, noar Molbourno, Victoria, on U.o 10th Ootober, 1871, of inflammation of the lungs Dohali Gordon M'Arthur. O'NEILL - On the Oth October. Susan, the beloved wifo of Anilrew O'Neill, Quconscliff-roarl. Prior. — At Ararat, on Thur-id y, tho 12th Octobor, at thu residence of Mr. W. Thomai, Jaigh -street, Bal larat, John Prico, timbor merchant, or Pleasant Oreok, aged iortv yoars, and lato of Lantwitt ' Maj )r, Gla morganshlro. South Wales. Proudfoot. — On tho 19th October, at his rosidonci\ Armstiong- struct, Biliarat, Mr. « lurlos Mark Proud^ ' f''ot, Ute of Wowdale, Durham, England, aijed thirty nino yoars PURCHES - On (.ho 10th Octobor, at Wattle Gully, Chowtiui, Annie, tho boloved wifo of E. Purohes, r.gc- forty years. ' Richardson. — Qn tho 23rd October, at Melbourne, ofhoait and lung disoase, Mr Floury Ellet Richard son, co.ujiositT, formerly «t Liondon, aged forty-two years. *

RYDER - On tho 13th October, at Maryborough, M'ir.v. mother - f Mrs. W. H. Piwmoro, and relict o tho Uto William Ryder, Esq., of Lipsom Mills, Plyl mouth, Davon*hire, England, aged eighty-one years. SCHELLHAMMER - On tho 24ih Octobor. ac his late rosldoiiCB.'Kerrtitreot Fitzroy, HoinnchSchellhanjmer, priiit-r (lane ' of the Germania), born in iro-donj Saxony, ago I thitty-Ovo yoora i SHORT — On the 13th October, Mr John Short, of Ballan, saddler, aged flfiy-three years.     SHERWIN - At Hmmore, Morriane, after a short ill ness/ Goiirgo Kdwarda, oldest son of Mr. George Shor win, of Whittlosoa, aged twen'y-sevon yairs. Thompson. — On the 14th October, at the reisdonae of hn son Jn-law, William M'Lellan, Duck .Ponds^ James Thompson, ngod eighty-six years, lato of South Geolong. ? ' Watson.— On the 14ih October, Edwin James, tho infnnt s in of Mr. James Watson, of Nott-street, North tandrldgo. ' ' ' : Watson.— On tlio 20th Ootober, at 23 Elgin-street. Oiruin, Gilbert, youngost son' of James anc Christina jYiitsori, aije'l nine months and twelve days. ' WEBB - On ihe 15th October, at his residenco. near Rochester, after a long illness, Mr. Richard Webb, a^ed flfty-el^ht. formerly uf Killenmore House, King's Countj-, Ireland. Homo papers please copy.' WILLIS - On ills 7th oc ober, Rllen, tho wife of Geor/M Willis, of Bridge streot, Sandridste. Aged thirty-nino. WYLIE - On llio 13th October, at RtoTiloy-.troft, w.«- jiclbouno, Juii», Infant daughter nf Jane and Andrew Wylio, agcl eight months and four days.