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ELDER, SMnH, & CO., LIMITED, report hayuiK sold the following properties:— On account of Ueeos. F. k N. P. Jeffrey— Freehold sections 12, 40, 266, and closed roads, Hundred of. . Kapunda, containine tocetiher 6091 acres, to Mr. A. B. Liile crapp, .of Kapunda.- . Also, on same account— Freehold sections 267 and 208, Hundred ? of : Ka-. punda, containinjr 291 acres, lo Itoaars. E. & D. Hines, of Kaptmda. On account of the trustees of the estate of the late J. W. Thomas, tate of Moonta-Freehpld'. section 1043, Hundred of Wal laroo, containing: 276 acres, to Mr. H. Daddow, of Kadina. On- account of Mr. W. J. Cook, of Quorn— Perpetual lease of Mkidleback, containing S3 eqiiare miles, and perpetual, miscellaneous, ud water leases of blocks G, E. and water re serve. Hundred of Ash, containing together 31,455 acres, to Mr, J. E. Drennin, of Port Augusta. On account of Mr. F. H. Downer and Elder's Trustee md Executor Company, limited, the executors under the will of A. G. ?Downer, de ccastd— Benidgerie. Station, comprising 221 square miles.- situated north of Olary Station, to Mr. W. J. Wade, of Panaramitec. via Yunta. On' a-*. count of Mr. Joseph Byrnes, of Baoborowie— fVtehoH allotment 16, containing 2 roods' 18 iperches', laid out as BaUry,* to (Mrs. O. D. Hogan, of Leightoh. On 'account of Mr. J. A. T. Morttock, of Martindale, MintiroKalli oota Station, comprising pastoral lease containing 133 square miles, and perpetual lease of blocta 4 and 6, Hundred of Warralumbo. containing 13,714 acres, together with stock, plant, and stores, to Mr. T. A. Domxn, of St. P.ct'rs. On account of Mr. Joseph Timms, of Adelaide— Portion of Momba Station, eompriane approximately 600,000 acres, to Messrs. King and Allison, Wilcannia. On aceountvof Mr. T. Hope Murray, of Birdwood— Part freehold tectlon 66)1, Hundred of Talunga, containing 2 acres, to Mr. G. T. EIom, of Birdwood. On accotmt of Mr. A. J. Murray, of Mount Crawford— Concordia, camprisinfr part freehold section 3033 and sections 252, 3041,. and 3039, Hundred of Barossa, contain ing 741 acres 3 roods SO perches; also part free hold section 463, Hundred of Burossa, containing 297 acres, to Hhe Minister of 'Repatriation, Ade laide. On account of Mr. A. D. Gray, of Or roroo— Sight-of-purchase leases of section 13$w; 137, 138, 89, SO, 98, and 130E, Hundred- of Ere kine, to Mr. P. 'Jones, of Jamestown. On account ol MissXE. McBride, of Kooringa— Right-of- purrhase lease of section 101, Hundred of Rvldina;' containing 519 acres, to Mr. J. H. GaUagner,' of Aberdeen. ? On account of the Trustees in the Estate of the late J. Witty— Freehold sections 231 and 286, Hundred of Tontrala. containing 862 acres,' to Mr. Peter Malyeha, of Peter bcroujrh. On ?' account ?? of '? 'Mr. -8. D. Btone, of Peterboroagii- Perpetual lease of icction 355, Hundred of Yongala, containing 17} acres, to Mr, W. J. Stanton, of Peterborough,