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LACROSSE. 1 ASSOCIATION REPORT. ? i Tie twenty-ninth report to be presented at , the annual general meeting, to be held at the Ex change Hotel, Hindley street, on Apr 1 11 reads-— The main feature of this period, apart from the services rendered to the Empire at the war fronts by members of this association, was the at tempt to introduce the pamc into the large public schools of the metropolis. A conference was he'd 3Ot«en aie- association's committee and delegates from the high schools, with a result that your Secretary, accompanied by Mr. E. D. Nicholas, attended, the -Director of Education and placed our views before him. Subsequently ,the Adelaide High School, Norwood High School, Woodville High School, and the' Junior Technical School notified that they were willing to enter teams into the association, and so that the students of these schools should have some idea of the rudi ments of the game, two exhib 'tion marshes wre arranged and played on the University Oval. Many of the older brigade of lacrosseurs offered their services, and took part in these matches. Owing to counter-attractions and other causes (he high schools did not avail themselves of this oppor tunity, and keen disappointment was felt in lacrosse circles. Negotations were then dropped, and it is hoped that this coming year will see better fruit from the efforts of those desirous ol spreading the game in {he same manner as obtains in Melbourne and Sydney. When the schools are ready to take the field, your committee has de cided to present the participants with the balance of boys' rackets etiU in our possession, numbering about three doien. It is wiih very deep regret that -we have to record the loss of further players, ?who have given up their lives in the Empire's

battle for freedom. Those who have come under notice are:— Dr. Shieriaw, Univensity; R. Ford ham, East Torrens; Fred Harvey, Good-rood; E. E. Argus, West Hlndmarsh; V. N. Hopkins, Port Adelaide; G. Moore, Jamestown. It will be re membered that it was Mr. Argus who played »;. -? a' large part in the promotion of the West H:nd marsh Club. We all lament the loss of such men. In accordance with a resolution passed at the last annual general meeting, the association re mains in recess until the declaration of peace. You will, however, be asked to formally elec.' .the offtecbearerVfor the ensuing year. In conclusion, the hope is expressed that we may be permiu at an early date to see our arms achieve complete victory and secure a lasting pence.