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If the greatest enjoyment could bo de rived from uninterrupted mirth the prob lem of entertaining big audiences with animated pictures would be easily solved.

The popular taste, however, demands that the humorous subjects should be deftly sandwiched with somethingof a more seri ous character, and the difficulty has been to ascertain what that something should be. for an essential of success is that the interests of patrons should not flag for a moment. Messrs. MacMahon and Carroll, who .began a season at 'the Town Hall _ on Saturday evening, under the direction of Messrs. J. and _N. Tait, have apparently hit upon the reqiiired expedient in the form of pic torial drama. The clever adaptation of .Marcus Clarke's celebrated novel ''For the Term of His Natural Life' to the range of biosnopic films, proved to be the feature of the programme. It would lie difficult to conceive of any snbject that could nave commanded more attention than did this portrayal of events away back in convict days, and the informative narrative deli vered by Mr. A. Boothman to connect the ever-changing scenes contributed in no smiill measure to the instructiveness of the story. Beginning with the quarrel at the saining table and the murder, of Lord Bel lasis. the varying fortunes of the falsely accused Dawes were depicted in a series of 30 excellent views, to his escape and death in the wreck of the Lady Franklin— all condensed into the space of three-quarters of an hour. Under the title of ''Niagara Falls in Winter' charming fjpecatcular ef fects were produced, and 'Playmates' nml 'A Family of Cats' provided interest ing little studies. The lighter vein was well represented bv half a dozen films which dealt with 'Cupid's Pranks.'' 'Cycles to Mend,' 'Bathing Under Diffi culties,' 'Hidden Hoard.' 'Tormented by Ilis Mother-in-law,' and 'The Sandwich Woman.' Altogether it was a capital entertainment, and the large audience gave frequent manifestations of its appreciation. Matinees are advertised for Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and changes of programme will be made twice each week;