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THE TURF. , Ascot's Surprises. liONDON, Juno L'O. Most ol Ascot's rich races twrltcs Centaur, our- racing correspondent) were won by good horses ut tho ex pense of equally guod ones — and Jn eorae instances even better ones. This, o! course, Is not unusual on lhe Royal licath, where the best Jockeys some times ride their worst races, und whcie , stamina is a greater factor than more speed. We must udnilt right awuy. however, that Jockeyshlp, taken nil round, was abovo the average of recent docided on fair and square lines, though thoro was a lot of crowding round the, bends In the long-distance racuts. As a. matter of fact, the Stew ards took It upon themselves to issue a warning to the Jockeys In regard to their riding-, nnd this is a. rcflei-.ilon o;i What is officially thought of hapiien Ings in the past. We hud it brought home, to us that llr. Jinks is the most brilllfint mi lor ]u Enpland when he ran away f i*oiii Gay Day, Briem:, and com puny, and tve also kjiw Jt dpmonwtrntfd that Jjord Astofs fllly l'cnnycomcquick Is by no jneB-iiG the clianipion yome jicoplc tried lo make her out after hrr victory In the Oaks. Sho was an o.ids-on -h»nr.' for the Coronntion stakes, the vkhest jirize of all Ascot, and. while havinc first three. It would have been Intcr «: esting to see how Tiffin would have Ibea't some of the fastost horses in out any pointers for the future? I ?winner, Arctic Star, run unnlmoil in the Ascot Stakes a year ago. Did we. I wonder, sec the next Oes.uvwJtcJi Jiero performing on this occasion? I should not he at nil surprised — and Autumn handicap will bo well advised to make & note of I3racknell Home, who Keemed io he waking up only Ones to Remember. k In til© main our HVnyers nve tv )ioor lot. but I am quite certain In my own Jlilnd that Bracknell Homo has stam ' whero lie runs in the future 1 nni dc '(ermined not to miss 'him. If I iiad to choose a horse for the Cambridgeshire now it would bo Midlothian, the colt of Lord Rosebery's which lost the Trial Stakes at Ascot, and thus broucht about a threat of a 'black' week— *nh1ch, however, was not exactly the casfi. Those who have a. knowledge of racing will know at once that, where | Braoknell Home and Midlothian are | concerned, I am only guessing u.bout I tile future. They may not even be [

inlerod for the Autumn handicaps, but. It they are, we shall bo able to re rail uur curly notions with Honic desiTc of Hatlsfiicllun. Wo nro well into the merit has been forthcoming — not even nil the Itoyal heath, 'cjurral al Aln und l.'nir Ulana are the best of the Illlles, but will they train on? I no led In the Queen Mary Stakes a real little tllly called Fair Isle — own sister to Fairway— who was making her do but. The course and the surroundings wore nil against, her for an initlul o.l fort, but, even so, she finished fourth, and Is one that will iniln on and pay :o follow. 1 unAemtnnd sho Is highly bn nsH'mhlliiK on the July i:ouiso al Xewniarki-I very *u,m. and tlic feature of the meeting will ho tin- introduction ot th^ Toto. It Is, however, to bo only a manual affair— not nil iliclrli'ma IIpvo 'hat'l'lio same Iliin? will be in operation cruller al Chopntow, nnd controversy t'huii' tills Tote husinerr', and tln- prn'iTss of the machine wll! Intrlguo everybody. That it Is going to do all Koine pcupio hope, howovci. Italic leave In doubt. I