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\VA7I:U FoiiiDK Count-MONDA v.-(Boforó tho Wnti-r IVIIuu MiRbtrutp.)-Thorn woro only I liri, o OIIHUH thin li,orbing n-i|iitrlng,.tho uiljuilluii tloii of tim Court, IIIKI uf tiloso two wi ru dis- tilled lu tlio iilisunce ol'iiti.y prosecution, fc'nmucl Tucker, boiliup lily to tho Cli lint, .wan found guilty of riutuiirt und diaoulurly uutiduut ou Lourd, und ordered lo ¡ny u DUO of furty Shillingn, or in

Uul'utilt to bo imprisoned forty-eight hours, j

IRON HOÜSES,-Á6 the i summer teuton isl approaoblog, we fear, it will be found that many ,of,tuo iron bouses and: stores tbat bave been ' recently ereoted ia this etty are almost unin- habitable on account of the heat. The fierce raya of an : Australian sun striking upon tho unpro- tected roofs of these buildings, generates in the interior such an intenso heat that the health of the inmates must be seriously endangered, lhe high temperature is also found to be very injurious to tho goods stored io these receptacles. Beer and spirits, both iu bulk and in bottle!1, will be damaged. Furniture will warp and split. Mau. ehester goods luso 'their finish and gloss, and woollen gojd?, which require a slight degree of humidity, become harsh to tho tonoli, and dopro elated in appearance. Indeed, wo fear that there are very lew goods that will not suffer Ly tho extrema dessication to which they will be exposed. It is well worthy of inquiry, then, whether some plan cannot be devised to pro Tent Ibo direct aotion of tho sun's rays upon these buildings. Those of our renders who have, been in tho now Exohango rooms during tho worm duya that we lied last week, must havo felt the extremo oppressiveness of the tomporaturo. Wo have frequently noticed the thermometer there to atnnU above 80° Fahrenheit. What it will ho iu the height of summer, or during a hot wind, we leave our readers to onieoture. It has

been supposed that the wooden lining round tho wails ot' these bulldiugs ia suflioleut to keep them cool, but our exporionoo goes to provo that it ia not as long a« tho roof is unpro- tected. The radiation from the large surface of heated iron effects the whole atmosphere within. It is therefore necessary to devise some protection for the outside of the roof. The simplest and the most easy of accomplishment would perhaps be a "fly," as it is called, such as the digging popula-   tion use over their tents ; it is nothing more or less than a canvas covering for the roof, leaving a space of some inches between it and the roof for tire air to circulate. But this is impracticable in the towns for many reasons,-first among which would be the danger from fire, and also the im- possibility of preserving it from the destructive effects of a "southerly buster," under the in- fluence of which it would become a fly indeed. A bourded roof over tho iron would be eil'eotual, b..t too lostly, ns in HUOII a ouse the iron ro"f might be dispensed with altogether. Our own idea is that the oheap felt reefing ovor the iron would be well adapted to prevent the access of tho Bun's rays, und would render these bouses both com- fortable aa habitations, and dosirable ns stores. Telt is used to cover s oam boilers lo prevent the escupe of boat, und is found to be tho best non-conductor of heat known. This is also seen in the use that is

modo ol' blankets to pack up ice, in which it Bullers lens waste than in any other pnokago. Its quality of repelling heat and celd appears to he derived from tbe partióles of air which aro re- tained in its porous texture and form a shield from exteraal atmospheric chingos. But as it is not probable thut tnere is nearly a sutllaiency of this kind of rooting for the greut want that will shortly be discovered, wo think that a cheap sub- stitute could be mudd hero which would answer all the purpose. Wo therefoto suggest tho fol- lowing expedient, which is only ottered as a hint, in thu hopo that it will bo improvid upon, and timi thereby much bf the suffering and disease which wo upp! attend may bo avoided. We pro- pose to piton the roofs of th eso buildings, and while the pitch is hot to cover the roof with a layer of waste or damaged wool. This should be well Btu ni ped down and made firmly udherent tb tho iron roof. Any wast o wool would'do tor this purpose, and it might be purchased at a very low rate. In the produce circular of this day's dite, there is wool in the grease quoted at fourpence per pound. Wh.n a layer of about liait an inch thick has been fotmed, it should be again pitched, and after that covered with several ooats of strong white-wash mixed wi. h'uniiiiul size to prevent lt washing away very easily. This would lot m a proteotion against fire. Tho white surface also would refloat the heat, which tho black surface of pitch would otherwise absorb, lt is well known, that a white surfaco receives heat much more slowly than a dink one. With these precautions we think, that the roofs of these buildings would transmit less heat than slate or even shingled roofs, while we do not think it would add very much to the expense, for one hundred lbs. of wool would cover a very conside! able surface when tims spread out. Having a strong conviction that thc incouvoiii cnoo will be found very great, we havo ventured , to oller the abovo suggestion?, and trust they may have tho effect of inducing sotue experiments

(Imf »l.nll n,nv'"l<» » ,".,,."1"

SYDNEY JU FLU CLUB. - The members of

this club a; som bio J Yesterday, to bold their usnnl quarterly praoiico meeting, on the ground appropriated for their use at Waverley, situated about lour milos from tho oily. The weather was Very propitious, and a full number of raombets, besides several spectators, attended to engage in and witness tho aport. The competition was, os usual, exceedingly spirited, but the shooting was not considered BO good us on former oooaeions. For the first match the target, which was 2 feet 0 inches iu diameter, was Uxed at a dlstanoe of 200 yards ; Mr. 0. West was tho successful marksman, and thereby bicornes entitled to tho I possession for thu next three moutliBOf on elegant

silver vase, which will eventually bo the property ! of the member who hoi won it for the third time. ! The target in tho tccond wutch was 150 ynrJs

distant, and was 2 feet in diameter ; the prix* a silver cup-was iron by Mr. Aitken. Ia tho th I ul match tba target was 18 ioohos in dla meier, and was placed at a distance of 100 yards ; tho prize, which was a gun with ap,arutus, was won by Mr. Ü. Koberts. By a rocent tule of tho club, the mombera «oro required to tiro (tending, being formorly allowed tu sit or kneel at tho work. Tho Sydney Hille Club lias now been twelvo years in oxisteuco, during willoh timo tho members hnvo regularly kept up their quarterly praatico meet- ings ; its operations have, therefore, nothing to do with .the present patrlotio preparations for au. nnticiputod hostile oitaok. Sonto correspondence, however, took plaou u fow weeks ago, between

thia club und tho authoiitlos of the Volunteer

Gorps, OD tlio proposal for their Incorporation. Tho cervices of the Sydney Rifle Club as a volun- teer oorps, wo;o tendered to tho Government, on the stipulation that they should bo commanded hy oHicors from their own hotly, and of their own choice, but subject to the commanding oflicor of tho whole body of Volunteers. Hie loader was refused by tho authotitlei, as stiah nu nrniiigoment would be in direct viola ton of tho resent Volunteer Corps' Act of tho Legislature. Willi this refusal tho correspondence closed for thu time ; but it is understood that proposals ai o In coureo ol'suggestion for remo lying tho nbovo dlflloiilty, ai.d fur getting tho Mille Club drilled and marshalled ns a volunteor oorps -a number of tho niotubors having exprossed a strong desire to unite in tho patriotic oxortlons

of tin1 ir fellow-colonists.

A QAIIIILINO-IIOUSII GANO--On tho 23rd Initant, at tlio City Cou it, Melbourne, John W. Hr.rily was charged with Icing tho pro Ïiriotor of a common gambling-house, and William

tjbliison, Thomas Iten, Henry Coleshill, and Jnines Williams, with being frequenters nf tho sntnu. Thc prisouerB wero nppi oliendo J tho pro- viens otcnlng on a wat rant executed hy DJ tee tn o Sergeant Cummings, who st'itod that Hurdy was tho propiietur of tho house, which is eituuied at tho western end of Little liourlte-strcot, anti 1ms loug been under tho bun of tho police. Oa entering the house, ho Btw nil thu prisoner*, ltohhiFon and Coleshill sittinir nt a tablo éiiRiiRod

in gambling, mid lion a'iii Wlllinma «ero 'ojkii g on. Tlioro nero tiro p icks of cania nuil a crib bngo-koard on tho tabla, Tho prisoners wera removed lo Um lock-up, mid on belüg senruliid, various tums of mutiny «era lound upon lliou, ranging in amount from 2*. to £40. Tba h mau hud brun long suspected, hut thero wai usually a mau statluiud ut tho door, who uuvo tho alni m on I hu approach of (be pulko. Un tho rrovloua uveiilng, tho tout hoing away, tito dc tooti voa eliebtuil au un ti unca without ob.-ervntkn. In reply to a suggestion of tho prisoners' attorney, his Worship suhl it wu s nut necessary _ to provo

that there wan ti o .ey 0:1 tho table. Tho Court waa dotoi Hillie.I tu do all ii« its power to put duwu hollies ol' tlii.< ola«H, and ho should tlienfoio fine Hardy £r¡0, ur thruo IIIOIIIIIB' Imprisonment with hard labour ; and tliuotliura, X0, or imprisonuunt for one nioiitli. Mr. Turner, for tho prliontr I Hardy, gave notlco of oppca,,-J/f/¿punie^l/'ít"«.

ST, MARY'S CHORAL SOCIETY,-A, concert of seoular musij was given yesterday evening in tbe Hull of St Mary's Seminary, by tlio members of the above society. The provious well-received performances of ilieso amateur musicians, in con-. nection with a rather extensive programme, altraoted a numerous and respectable audience. Tbe pieces were performed as advertised ; Mr. I. Nathan acted as conductor, and entered into the engagement with his accustomed energy and abandon. Wo are sorry we are unable to con- gratulate the choir upon this oocu«ion, on either tho general success of their performances, or npon the approval with which they wera received. There wore, however, one or two pio:os oa behalf of which an exception must bo made. Tho quartetto and choruB, "Viva Enrico," were sung with considerable tasto and feeling, ns were also the conductor's nd m i nd composition, " Through Storms and Porils,'* tlio performance of willoh ob- tained no enthusiastic encore. A similar compli- ment was paid to tho execution of tho Laughing Trio, " Vadnsi via di rpm," but thc favour it ro- od red seemed rather un ebullition of contagious laughter than the judicious npprociutiun of musical skill. Tho favourite solo und ch vrus-" Chough and Crow," was sung with great animation, and was heartily applauded. Tho Italian trios and quartetto* were tolerably well tung, but tho htvlo does not scorn very popular »¡th Syd noy

audiences. Ono great delect in the performances of these umntour singers-which wo mention less .in reference to lust night's concert, than with a view to correotion in futuro practices-is tho want of distinct articulation ; they seem to re« gaid tire pronunciation of tho wolds of little con« sequence, so long ns they sound tho proper notes. This defeot was glaringly ob-ervnblo in tho per- formance of " Hule Britannia,'' arranged as a. duet, and also of " Happy Land ;" tho words of which, though well , known to every hearer, wero so imporfeoily articulated, that it was scarcely possible to ascertain which verso of the piece was hoing sung, lt would also bo well If previous to tlio futuro Csneorts, all tba neces- sary preliminaries _ « ero ai ranged, so as to prevent the confusion observable lust evening. Tho precaution should also be taken to have a Bullion nt iminbar of copies of the music, so ns to prevent any necoseity for the singers to stoop over tho pianoforte. Although tho ladies and gentle- men engaged in those Concerti), ara amateurs, and may thus plead exemption from Btriot criti- cism, yet the ciroumstnnoo of tho entertainments, being publia lays thu performers open to Buck animadversions ns tho above, and whioh it ia hoped there will be no subsequent ocoasion to mention. Tho musical talent possessed by several members of tho Society will well ropay

natient cultivation.

Miss HAYUS IN OPERA.-Wo fed that we need soarcoly remind our renders that au opportunity will be afforded thom this cvoning, of witnessing and healing this charming eongslress, in tho favourite opera of La biglin del lieggiraonto.

Human nature is so constituted, that it needs little provocation tonvW! itself of means of enjoyment, when they aro to bo had, sa wo doubt not that a humper houso will to present on this occasion. lt would bo a waste of tho good things of this life, woro it otherwlso, and wo only regret that like most exquisite ploiisttros, tho presence of this accomplished artist willi us, is lo be so short. Wc worn our readers, whom wc give credit for good taste, to innko tho moat of every oppor- tunity.

WATERCOLOR DIIAWINOS.-We have noticed recently that a high style of art is om ploded to set forth the natural beauties of lauded properties that are destined to come undor tho hammer of our Sydney Auctioneers. Attached to some of the plans hung up in Messrs. Mort's, Messrs Kioh, Langley, and Butchari's rooms, wo. have seen, landscapes well worthy of a pince in the portfolios of collectors. lt may he true that in Borne in- stances the imagination of tho artist has invoitod with apoohtyphal charms, a gum tree scrub, bnt

it is nevortheloss true thnt some of tho best land- scapes we have seen of Australian scenery have been attached to Auctioneers plans. In support of this assertion, wo would rcoommond our readers to oallin at Messrs. Hielt, Langley, and Butohart's, whero there Is now exhlbitod n ulan of the .Nor

wood Estate. At the foot ol' it thero oro twx) beautifully painted views, one of Botauy Bay, and the othor of Sydney. These paintings aro of a very high ordor of merit, end ure well worthy of a oali to inspect. Tho nrti.it is Mr. Roberts, of the firm of Haigh and Roberts, Surveyors, who havo carried this attractive modo of advertise- ment to a bigli pitch of excellence.

tAnvmniSBMriNT.]-Wo aro rennest«! by Messrs. Mort amt Co.. to direct attention to tho Balo This nay, cf S aluablo City, Town, and country properties, byorder of the Trustees of thu Savings' Hunk, at the Ilooius, I'itt

i.trttot, at ll o'clock.

[AriVKniisEMBNi,]-nich, Langley, and llutchsrt have requested us to direct thu attention of purchasers to the Sale ofthe V'lllago nf St. Peter's, Now Town, which tokos place This Buy, at 12 o'clock, at thutr lloomi 176, Uoorgc


[AnvBnTtsKMENT.]-Drapers, slopsellors, storekeepers Ac; aro reminded of tho Sale This Day, by Messrs. W. Wean and Co., by order of the Trustees in tho Assigned Estate of Mr. John Hills, athis stores In Pitt-street,

uranno Theatre, commencing at half-past 10 o'clock. See


f AnvKHTiSKMENT.3 Messrs. Cohen and Itarbottlo's Salo of earthenware Ac, commoners This Morning, at ll o'cloolt. Purchasers Bhould ba puuctual in attendance.