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Aucun t 10.-Venture, from Launceston; Intrepid, from Havre; Australian, from Wellington.

August 20.-Yurru Yarra (s.), fnmi «ydnoy; High- land hassle, Resolution, and ISrlghtmi, fruin Adelaide ; Oystul l'aluce, from Hulton ; Skorryvoro und Cathuriiio, from Glasgow ; Lady Ul rd («Ot from Launer ton ; Kagtc, from Tort Fairy ; Tom Uowlitiu and MermirUis, from London ; I sur brook, from Ilatavlu; Titania. '(a.), from Dumbarton. *'

August 21.-City* of Hobart (s.), find Drover, from Ifobarton ; Potisaolln, Planet, aud Torrent, train ]<ondont Morning Stur, "William Money, and títiimhoul, from Liverpool ; Caledonia aud Ghisgow Citizen, from Q rou nuuk.

August 22.-Onyx, from Hongkong.


August 10.-lloro, for Hongkong.

An«tint 20.-Lightning, fur Liverpool ; U len roy, for Calcutta.

August 22-Dunrobin Cast tu, for Callao.


Tor Intrepid, from Uavru: 2S3 casos wino, 30,300 bricks, 2000 deala, <W0 casks ecuuml, 325 packages oil


Tar Catherine, from Glasgow: 2SI firkin fl herrings, 200 casks alo, 004 casu* spirits, 28,000 Hint od.

1'er Husulutiou, from Manila: 1500 ungo sugar, 000 packages cordage, 107 bags cuflce.

Vcr Crystal 1'ulaco from Holton Î 125 package* oil stores, 2,iïSJ packages furniture, &u., 477 packages axe.-*, Ac, 1,2S2 bags outs.

Per Skerryvore from Glasgow : 144 packages wood, 77   lingHliratls whisky, 60,420 «lates, 20 hogsheads beer, 470 firkin!* herrings, 100 vasos brandy, 470 kegs powder,

lVr Iserbrook fruin Jîataviu : 200 tons rice, 000 packa- ges f?»{&»..

Ver Tom lïowllno from London. : 113 casks, 21S0 eases rtplrU*, :¡40 packages oil stores. '

fur .Morilug Star from Llvut pool : 48 casks spirits, 75,200 sinter, 1,405 pankages provisions, 3,400 sacks salt, 73 tons fwd, 115 barrels ale.

Per from I «omi nu : 271 casks, 410 casus alo, C-70 cas i-i*, 45 hogsheads spirit*, 113 casks, 270 casus brandy, 032 packages oil storus, 40,512 slates.

TIIKOHHAT lïniTÀiM.-"Wo extract tho fellowing from a ]> ri va tu letter received from a passenger on boa ml this vessel:-*. Wo Imvu had only Ave cases of sumlbpox lu all, only one of which had proved fatal, and there has been uo fresh case for three weeks. Captain Martin is on hoard, and has b cn sent nut by thu owners for tho ex- press purpurfu of establishing a Him of steamers between this and Liverpool, so you seo that nny unnecessary de It-nt li m on thu part of tho authorities hero may m Ulta tu seriously against tho colony." Thu letter describes tho passengers an being greatly annoyed at what they con- sider a very unnecessary detention,-Ar ff ut, August 22.

Captain Allen, of tho .Morning Star, reports having passed on thu loth Juno, in latitude 41 degroes 4u minutes N., longltudo ll degrees 57 minutes W., Hip J tul Ia Isleña, bani no, bound to Sydney.-Artfus, August 22.

Si.viAi'oiu:« General Salo, from Sydney arrived on thu 20th Juno.-,lr//u*, August 22. '