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I Ou Point Fm fer Blue and Whites

The West " Perth-East Fremantle ?CTn+i-h at Leederville Oval yesterday afternoon was playe4 in beautiful weather, and attracted a large at- tendance of spectators. Great im prbveiçif nts have been carried ont . stace'wa seaspn, and the oval co-day

ranks ^faeond to none in the State. A

mattes' of considerable satisfaction to pressmen is the enlarging of the press box, and a telephone is to be installed next week and also an electric belL

Since .the defeat of Cast Perth by Subiaco last Saturday, the position of the clubs has become interesting, and additional interest is being* displayed by thpsë who follow the-game. Ideal conditions prevailed, and the playing area, despite the heavy rains dorias the past week, was in good order. A. slight breeze from the south-west blew across the ground, and East Fremantle had the first. advantage of this.

West were without the services of Moore, who was injured the previous Saturday, and -Bast were minus four good men--Burns, Gabrielson, Ion and Rawlinson. Umpire Nash had charge of the ball and bounced it well on tf"ii>_ . , ' .

Gallagher secured the first , free and punted well forward, but Craig Quick- ly relieved, play being transferred to the pastern wing, atong which Fast workedl^iie ball, and Cinoris from a long distance centred well. Fleming

defended this' time, and at the other end Tyson had a chance, but Smith marked and gave-the visitors a good lead. Once more the ball was raced

down- the wing, and Strang opened the ?Beere with a behind. : West's goal- la ck er released the ball, which Trus- cott Recured and passed out to Ford- ham, 3who raised double Sags. At the other ead from an awkward angle Boyd tried unsuccessfully. Craig was penalised at the centre and passed to Soutar, Bee snapping a goal from the ruck. ] JInfie held on too long and Taylor, gave Sheedy a sporting chance,

but lis, screwed the balL The Portites I forced ; matters continually, but the local backs remained solid. Mudie

gave Another free, which resulted in Taylor putting No. 2 through for the cardinals'from a pretty running shotr

Eollpwihg . the bounce Gallagher re- ' taliated with a single. Fry kicked off and the local side quickly ran the lea- ther, d/itra' the centre, aaa Bee clever- ly bootes, another goal. Several min tàiS" of unproductive play ensued un- til East penetrated'to. the goal mouth and Robertson added six more points. At the centre, the cardinals were quickly away, and S. Tyson was credited with a full-pointer. The. blue an% whites* ajtack did not abate, tout ?Soutar in the ruck saved consistent- ly. East, however, managed a further point within 10 seconds of the cad of

the quarter.

- First Quarter. West Perth-4.0.

East Fremantle^-2.3.

Straight from the bounce the locals were Very active. Boyd" marked bril- liantly aid sent the ban wingwards to Sheedy, who centrad with perfect judgment- -Bee marked, and No. o showed Bp for West. . Off again. at thé centre, the blue and whites col- lared Anil added a goal For some minutes ? badi sides were equally matched, < and : both defence. lines held their goals -.admirably, but from so'me wing' wôrk Gallagher got possession, and this kicking was accurate-^-No. 4. Scoring was -slow but the game .fast and hard. The team to break through was again Bast. Fremantle, and this timé a ininor resulted,: reducing the local-team's advantage to one point. With four minutes to go. East added another goal. Fry, in attempting to relieve, met with a nasty accident which made bim useless for the rest of the quarter. ' 1

Half Time. ' -Hast .Fremantle-5.7. WestjE^rlh-6.1.

West Perth retrsned after the lnterr val witfaout^fFrr, who strained the muscles of his back .before the ad- journment. Play was confined between I the ^-half-back, lines for .several mia ¡ utes,' SheedyTeigg.first scorer, of'ífis i quarter'wïsb-*. behind in West"s favor. Éait:securçd-the kickoff, and Brown dashed off f-^epectacular etyle, placing the ball wifh0 his forwards. The locals relieved, and' once again play was transferred to Wests end, where a fur- ther single was notched, lt was not long before they again had control ol the ball, and Marwick brought up twin flags. Nash set the ball off, and the cardinals made knottier rush, resulting In a single. Shortly after Boyd was freed, and. No. 7 registered for the ló- cala. Even play on the wing continuée for some time, but slowly East workec the ball closer their fort, and Collins was responsible for their sixth major West soon equalised. Marwick mark- ing only a foot from the goal. Bott teams cotninued to have an equal share of the play. West predominating slight- ly in the air. Soutar, of West Perth and Clark, . of . East Fremantle, were the outstanding men of the quarter.

Third Quarter. West Pert**-8.5.

'East Fremantle-6.9.

Both teams warmed up in the lasl quarter, and West got away from th< centre, but Clarke brought the bal back, and Collins again found the tal posts. In quick time Bast repeated th; performance through the agency ol Coffey, and were now 4 points ahead o: their opponents. West made a renew- ed effort, but found the visitors' bael line a solid proposition. The blue and-whites were playing with grea dash, and again came through all lino: of the field. Robertson was awardec a kick, and East gained six mon points. Boyd called on his men for : spurt, and they did it ' well, took thi ball right up forward, and a goal wa snapped from the ruck, followed by ! single a couple of minutes later. Tay lor was badly-pushed near the goals and he listed No. 10 for West, agaii putting them in the ascendancy. Thei: opponents then took a hand and bat tied through several scrums. Fordhan from a free kick put on another si: points. Play was . transferred agaii to West's quarter, where a behind wa scored. Only a point separated th teams at this stage with about thre minutes to play. Boyd's men triei hard, and none harder than Gosnell -the pick of West*s back line, parti cularly In the anal 25 minutes-but th visitors were just as effective in de .fending their area. Although the score were close and the game even through out, we have seen much better foot bafl.


East Fremantle-10.S (69pts.). West Perth-1C.8 <68pts.).

Goal-kickers: For the winners Col lins (4), 'Fordham (3), Gallagher, Cof fey. and Robertson: and for the loser Bee (3), Marwick (2), Taylor <2>, S Tyson, Boyd, and one unknown playei

First Quarter. South Fremantle-2.4. Subiaco-1.2.

Moving down . quickly Chalmers

1 place-kicked, but - the sphere went i wide.' Picking up smartly the sea- i side rover made amends by snapping ! a sixer, while the same player snap- j

ped for one point shortly afterwards, j Campbell was marking in his old- j

i time convincing - style and beating i

Outridge frequently, hut on one occa- j sion the Subiaco man assarted him- I Í self weji. . Steele, Leonard and Bro- j j pay was an attack that Campbell're-J

pelled, and Staton booted the fourth for

the red and whites. Steee kicked I Subiaco's second;- but Staton just i

missed at the other end, recording j ¡ the minimum. Leonard, with a dash- I

ing run, set the twin' flags waving for ! the maroons'' third, and Staten's re- ! tort was another point. Scott, Steele j and Chalmers were point scorers just

before the Tinging of the bell. j

Half Time.

?South : Fremantle-3.8. j Subiaco-3.4. j

In'the opening phases of the third quarter. Green showed to advantage in defence,. and Hamilton and Scad- dan carried-.the ball down, the former

scintillating as usual. Brophy shot 1 for' goal, but Callow was fortunate in arresting tire leather's progress right i between the posts. . Hplt scored a. i minor for the visitors,' and Lynch one

j for the home team. Brophy drop

¡ kicked for- Subiaco's fourth, ana iiien

followed exciting play cf the uji and down nature, which was not produc- tive., of .scoring. Scaddan was play- ing brilliantly and scored a single, but-After hard resultless play Out- ridge kicked it through the uprights fdr the maroons' fifth,- putting his team four points in the lead at lemon time.

. Third Quarter» Subiaco-5.7.

South Fremantle-1.9.

j Points were scored by the respec

; tivo teams when matters got under

i way in the final term, Subiaco "striv- ;

j ing hard to hold their-advnv.tagre. and

I Souths to convert to a winning game.

Scaddan forwarded, but Marinko lost

I badly and the opportunity thus

mulled cost the visitors the match. A speedy transition put Sutherland in possession, and a single was the re-

sult. Johnny Campbell marked , handsomely, and Etatou receiving ; from him the Southerner, put his team three points in the lead by means of a ïuîl-poisiter. Sutherland made it four points and Souths ' ran out vic- tors by that narrow margin, Subiaco attacking persistently for" the re- mainder of - the. term, and the seasid ers saving many a ' hot position.


Soutîi Fremantle-5.12 (42 pts.).

Subiaco^-5.8 (38 pts.). ,

! -Goalkickers; - South .Fremantle: Staton (2). Chalmers . (2), Suther-

land. Subiaco: Leonard (2), .Steele, : Brophy, Outridge.

1 Best six for Souths. - Bateman, ! ¡White, Staton, Joslin, Chalmers, J.

Campbell. For Subiaco:. Hamilton,

Scaddan, Batten, Steele,'"Bl-ophy, Leo

! nar d. _-v ~