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Sir Lancelot Stirling (President of the Legislative Council) 'has received news by cab.le that his eldest son, Mr. E. Guy Stirling, has obtained a commission as a ijeutenapt'in the Royal Grenadier Guards, and is in training in England. His

youngest son, Mr. A. K. Stirling, who- left with the first contingent of the Australian Light Horse as a private, and served for 15 iyeeks in the trenches at the Darda nelles, whence he was invalided to England suffering from enteric, has made a good re covery, and has received a commission as a lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery. He is also training in England. His other son, Mr. L. Eric Stirling, left Australia a few weeks ago for Egypt as a lieutenant in

the 1st Australian Remount Unit for ser vice there. All his sons have, therefore, responded to the call. A brother, Mr. N. W. Stirling, has served with Gen. Botha through the South-West African campaign, and was slightly wounded in the last fight. He is now seeking to enlist with the South African force under Gen. Smuts for ser vice in the East African campaign. The Rev. A. T. Boas, of the Adelaide Hebrew congregation and the oJd«st officiat ing rabbi in Australasia, to-day attains the seveijty-nrst anniversary of his birth. Rabbi Boas, who enjoys the high esteem oE a wide circle of friends beyond, as well as ?within, the Jewish community, was bprn in Amsterdam, and studied in tne Xueologieal Seminary in that city. At the age of 23 yeam'he began his first work as a minister at Sottthanitfton Synagogue, and three yeans

later was selected to take charge of the Adelaide congregation. He reached the Semaphore in the sailing ship Temesa -Capt. Phillips), after a passage of 86 days, on February 13, 1870, and had to walk to Port Adelaide^ .to catch a tram for Adelaide. Tiie Adelaide ?congregation was founded in 18-18. Jiabbi Boas is a cultured scholar, who has clo«Jy identified himself with philanthropic and educational work. In 1873 ie married Mies Elizabeth Solomon, daughter of the late Mr. Isaac b'oloiuon. There are nine chil dren.

Mr. C. H. Angas returned to Adelaide by the RJJLS. Mooltan on Wednesday. He had been absent from the State for about five months. Mrs. Angaa has re mained in England doing hospital wort. Mr. Angas said his eldest son has joined the British artillery, and his second boy the Royal Naval Flying Corps. The Aus tralian soldiers wounded and invalided to England, said Mr. Angas, were being well looked after. Reference was made at a meeting of tie University Senate on Wednesday to the late Mr. R. Barr Smith. Tie Warden (Mr. Frederic Chappie, C.M.G.) said the de ceased was not a member of the senate, but of the University Council. He thought -t fittine. however, that at that, the first

meeting since his death, some tribute should be paid to his memory. The University had lost a very good friend, who had been i member of -the council for 19 years, and Even before that period iad devoted his energies assiduously to. the affairs of the University, apart from 'the financial assis tance wiici he had so frequently afforded the institution. In fact, he iad been a munificent benefactor dn, a great many ways. At Mr. Chappie's anetance the members present stood in silence as a tribute to the memory of the deceased. His name- was among those ptyced on the agenda paper for re-election to the senate.

Our London correspondent, under date October'l9, records the following obitu aries:— Sir' 'Oswald' Mosley (67), baronet, ot Walsebam., Sussex, who was often likened bo the traditional figure of John Bull, and who was a warm friend of the late King Edivard. Mr. Frederick Dapp (51), Clerk to the Council of Legal Edu cation. Mr. Henry David Greene, K.C. (71), a Ootnmissioner in Lunacy until laet year. ' Major James Blackie Keith (77), [ate of the 39th (Dorsetshire) Regiment. Miss Margaret A. A. Dodgson, sixth daughter oj the late Archdeacon Dodgsun, of Croft, Yorkshire, and sister of the late Rev. 0. L.' Dodgson ('Lewis Carroll'). Sir Lio.nel E. J. Garden (W), British Am bassador to Brazil. Sir Thomas Bowring (ti8), director of the shipping firm of Messrs. C. T. Bowring & Co., Limited.

Mr. G. W. Fpote (Editor of The Free thinker), wio in 1883 was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for blasphemy. In a late,r trial, in whicSi Air. Foote was again charged with blasphemy, Lord Chief Jus tice Coleridge laid down the important qiriueiple which, has since guided judicial practice, viz., that the fundamental doc trines of Ghrietmnity might be attacked without the offence of blaspiliemy being committed, provided that the language uspd in the attack was not of an improper kind. Mr. Henry Spicer (78), a founder c; Spioer Brothers, Limited, and formerly member of Parliament for South Islington. Mr. Thomas Williqm MacGregor (89). a Crimean and Turkish veteran, who after

the outbreak of the pmcuc war offered Iw'o services as recruiter. Right Rev. Dr. Skeehau', Bishop of Waterford and Lis more. Rev. T. L. Claughton, Residentiary Oar.on of Worcester Cathedral. -Mr. Mon-wgu Baird, President of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.' II r. Edwin Rjciard Hewitt (65), architect and sur veyor for the Borough of Southwark, and a member of the London County Council. M. Henri Fabre (92), a famous Parisian naturalist and entomologist. Rev. Q, E. Moris, D.D. (83), wio five years ago cele brated his jubilee as a missionary of the S.Pa3. He worked in Bunnah for 43 years, and retired in 1903 on amount of severe illness.

At a meeting of the University Senate on Wednesday, Professor E. C. Stirling, CM.G., Dr. W. T. Hayward, and Messrs; S.Talbot Smith and J. R. Fowler -were re elected to £be council of the University. Mr. Frederic Ghapple, C.M.G., was again chosen as Warden of the Senate, and Mr. T. A. Caterer was re-elected Clerk of tie Senate for the twenty-gev^ yea.r in suc cession.

Mr. T, W. Fleming, of the firm of Flem-i ing, Boucaut, & Ash ton, goljcitore, has been ill during the past fortnight. He underr went an operation, at the W»kf*field Street Private Hospital, Adelaide, on Monday afternoon, and is now progressing aa well aa can be' expected. \ Major L, C. Sando, wi,o -whb formerly in command of tie 4th Light Horse Brigade Train, is now Officer Commanding the 2nd Australian Divisional Train, 2nd Australian Division. 4 -

THE LATE MR. J. W. CURE. a biographical notice concerning whom appeared in The Register on Wednesday.

THE LATE MR. J. W. CURE. a biographical notice concerning whom appeared in The Register on Wednesday.