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CONGERRENG HEQPLE. He condition of Capt dTBrlanger, who is a patient at tie North Adelaide Private Hospital, showed no improvement on Mon day evening,. Prof cssor JJamley Naylor, of the Ade laide University) was a passenger by the Melbourne express on Monday afternoon. He will proceed to East Davenport, Tas mania; for' the Christmas vacation. The. condition of Mr. Commissioner Rus sell, of the Adelaide Insolvency Court, who' has been indisposed at his residence, Park terrace/ Parkside, for nearly five months, showed an improvement on Monday.

MR. X. H. TAYLOR. who has been elected President ;of the Commercial ? ? Travellers' Association. ? '

MR. X. H. TAYLOR. who has been elected President ;of the Commercial ? ? Travellers' Association. ? '

Mr. Abe Shannon las had erected to the memory of tie late Mr. Reginald Kyifin Thoinas at- the little ? cemetery chapel at North road, an altar, of polished black wood. It is equipped with a cross and candlesticks, specially selected for .the pur pose in England by the Bishop of Roches ter (Riglt Rev. Dr. Harmer). They are beautifully hand wrought, and are tie work of the London Artificers' Guild. The altar was dedicated last week -by the 'Bishop of Adelaide (Riglt Rev. Dr. Thomas) on the second anniversary of the death of the late Mr. Thomas. ??,.'? Tjie a/ents for tie P. &. O. Company (Messrs. Elder, Smith, & Co., Limitea) have received news of the death of the commander of the R.M.S. . Morea (Capt. J. D. Andrews, R.N.R.), on December 12. The. deceased was the second son of tie Rev. Canon Andrews, of Crafers. . He lad commanded a number of the P. &O. steamers on the Hongkong and Australian lines, and was 53 years of age. He died of heart failure on the outward voyage be fore reaching Gibraltar, and was. buried at sea-. Capt. Andrews was born at Blakis ton .rectory, and educated at St. Peter's College until 'he was 14 years of age. He ?tlen joined tie training slip Worcester, and after several voyages in sailing ships he entered the P. & O. service, in wlich he has passed his life. Rp. Yates, who recently enlisted for active service abroad, was granted leave of absence in the Federal House of Represen tatives on Monday for the remainder of the. session. A large number of the employes of Messrs. * Colton. .Parmer, & Preston, Limited, assembled on Monday on the. occasion of a presentation to one, of the staff, Mr. T. Narroway. The Chairman of Direetore (Hon. W. B. Rounsevell) occu pied the tlair, and there were also present Mr. A. C. Colton, Mr. R. T. Palmer, arid Mr. A. H. Preston. In making, tie presentation .tie Chairman, remarked that they were gathered together to do honour to one of their staff, ito mark the fiftieth year of his employment- -with the com pany. He referred to the good fellowship existing between their guest and his fellow employes, to Mr. Narroway's many good qualities— his good comradeship, kindly nature, energy, and indusbryl'' Mrv Narro way, he said, entered 'the service during tie Christmas season of 1865. He was edu cated at Mr. Mudie's school at Glen Osmond, where le lived in his youth, and of course he had to walk to and from work— and he enjoyed it. Work began at 6 o'clock in the morning and ended at 6 o'clock at night. He was pleased to say tie employes worked under better condi tions in these _ times,' and trusted they might long continue to do bo'. The depart ment Mr. Narroway lad been most closely connected with was tie machine room of the.saddlery department, in which tie firm took a special pride. The Chairman, in conclusion, asked the guest to accept, on behalf of the directors a gold watch chain with medal suitably engraved, and from tie employes two easy' chairs, a case of pipes, walking stick,' and a pet of carvers. Cheers were given for Mr. NaiToway, and the singine of 'Tor he's a jolly good fellow' followed. Mr. Narroway replied, and' tie proceedings terminated wrtl cheers for. the King, the AHies, and tie directors of the company. Our Riverton correspondent writes:— Mr. Isaac Biirridge .celebrated his ninetieth birthday, on Monday, and a large number of friends called to convey bifblday greet inc to the old gentleman. Telegrams and letters of congratulation wem also numer ous. Mr. Burridge is a native of Hereford-' shire, and. came to .South Australia in 1855. Two years later he settled at River ton, ami after working as a farm hand for some time he took up land on his own account and establisled tic well-known Snowdrop Farm at Spring Creek, where his work as an enterprising agriculturist and stockbreeder proved of great benefit to the district. ' He is et21 an energetic worker, as is evidenced by Ii9 vegetable garden. When not engaged in -garoenin!; Mr.. Burridge '.turns -lis attention to wood clopping, and then as a pastime ' le in-, dulges in a mfle walk nearly every day. Mrs. Burridge, wlo is a. native of Wales, is a score of years her 'husband's junior, and is a daughter of tie late Mr. R Roberts, a draper, of Norwood, in tie early days. Mr. and Mrs. Bnrridge lave four daughters— Mesdames H. A. Davis (RivertonK T. J. Keast (Maitland), A. H. Hamster (Bmven), and H. Roberts (River-' ton), and eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. ?Occasion was taken by the Mayor of Adelaide (Mr. I. Isaacs) at tie last meet ing for the year of tie Cfiy Council on Monday to invite past Chief Magistrates of the metropolitan' area, and a|so suburban' Mayors, to meet tie new council; In ex tending a felicitous welcome to tie guests, tie Mayor conveyed to tlem the. season's greetings, and expressed; the. hope that they would soon meet again to celebrate the restoration , of peace to the Empire. Tlere: were present Sir E.T. Smith;' and Messrs; vLavinzton Bonythori, F. Johiison, ;C. Wilkox^F. W: Bullock. W.N. Par sons' (Mayor of UuTey), E. H. 'Limbert (Kensington and Norwood), R. V. Wilson (St: Peters), A; J-. Roberts (Glenelg), A. S. Wright. (Henley' Beach), and A. W. Lemon r(THebart6n-.. At the _ conclusion .of business, Mr. Isaacs, in behalf.1 of ITm -self .and .'tie : Mayoress, wished',' lis asso ciates every success' in tie coming year, and Aid. CoKen'reciprocate'd the expressions of goodwill. . At. tie ?'invitation of the Mayoress, the wives of the guests and tie Councillors were en'tcrtained at afternoon tea.;; Mrs. Nicholas Cocks,, who died suddenly in -'tie 77th year of ler age, at . the Semaphore, on Saturday, had been ill for mx months, and DK Helen Mayo had at tended ler since Julyat.:her*home in Car lisle road, Westbourne-Park. The de jpeas^ed lad resided in Australia -for 53 years, having .originally arrived in Queens land; She was greatly loved by her many frieids, and her aged ' friend and pastor (tie Rev. J. C. Kirby) referred to ler at tie graveside as a 'saint of God.' In May la^tlllrR. Cocks and her husband celebrated their golden wedding. Besides the widower, fliere are four sons— the Rev. N. J. Cocks, M.A. (N.SiW.), and Messrs. A. Cocks (S.A:), S. H. Cocks ,(Wi.); and L. F. Cocks (New Zealand)— and three daughters —Mesdames Currie.(Croydon),v W. J. Pfl. kmgtori (Semaphore), and G: McRitclie (Westbourne Park)— J9 grandohndren, and one great-grandson. Three grandsons are serving with tie troops— Pte. N. C. E. Car rie, Sgnlr. S. K. Cocks, and Pte. A. J. Cocks. ' ? ?