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Close upon the death of old Jorrocks we are called upon to notice that of the celebrated Vic- torian mare, Alice Hawthorne, so well known to New South Wales sporting men, as the animal selected three years ago to do battle for Victoria in the first attempt at intercolonial racing on which occasion she suffered defeat by Veno. Our space will not admit of any lengthened panegyric, and, indeed, but little is required to he said in praise of this justly renowned mare; her per- formances, which we give below, speaking amply in defence ot any high-flown ideas which the greatest enthusiast can form about her. She has run a large number of races, won a considerable amount in stakes, and throughout her career has been considered the best welter horse in Vic-

toria. We reprint the following description and Pedigree from our paper of the 10th October


Alioa Hawthorn la a ligbt gray maro, standing 15 hnnda I inch liigb. Her general appearance in nut at all «triking at first sieht, but ou close inspection and com- parison it would seem that she possesses sumo remarkably good racing points.-' Her head is of medium alzo, anil al- though noe very hundsomo, it is not at all unploasnat to the oyo. Sho has her jaws remarkably wide ; nose small; f'irehead broad; fine oye ; short oars ; atroug nock ra thor cresty.


Alice Hawthorn wis bred by her present owner ; she is by the imported horse Oelapre ; ber daru waa a gr^y half .bred Arah mare, well known in years gone ky as a tlrot rato lady's hick, {rom the (act ot a lady of fancy (after whom she was named Fully M'Quin) riding her for ucon- siderable period in tho streotsot Melbourne. The maro " Polly M Qum" was afterwards purchased by Mr Chirn- side for the sum of thirty ponods, aud was put to Delnpra Alice wa» her fir» foil. Not biog ie known of the pedi- gree of har dani except that shu was a half bred jlrab, and showed like a remarkably well bred animal.


Alice was at S j oars old put imo training, and after a short proparariou proceeded to The Qtango, uboie sbo ran four races duriog lue meeting, winning thom all, nud beat- ing Crockford, sir Robert, and several more good horsci ot that district. hhe was afterwards taken lo Port Fui ry Rucea, out vi condition, and she bore suffered defeat, During tho same season at Geelong, she way beaten tn tbreo races, including thu Consolation Stakes.

Ac Ballarat, ia December 1856. sbo won the Town I'late, carrying 10s: ll tbs, throe miles, beating Sampson. Camel, Liberty, &c, by ut least 200 yards. On the seooiid day, she was beaten in tho Creswick Creek Cup, milo and ii half heats, by Hotspur tn four heats, Uaph izard and ?Sampson ulso ran ; the former won tho first beat, and thu latter run l»st thruuKhont.

In february of the present year, nt tho Jockey Club Rkcea, ou the dist dny she won thu City finte, carrying lOst llb, three miles. On thu next day, theo won thu Jockey Club (tap. weller weights. Hst lillis ; two miles On'the third day she vron tba Great Australian Sweep- stakes ; lOst lib ; three miles

At Geelong, in tho early part of March, sho won the Free Handicap with dibs penalty on har, »nd won it too by three fourths of a aismnce. Aline also won the Wes- tern Turf Club Cupj welter weights, l2st 7lb.i ; two milei and a bull ; and on the following day elie carried »ff tho .Publicans' farsa; llb j two neats of two miles each, Doth tliest) races wura woo by nearly a distance.

At Melbourne, in the Litter end of the same month, and when obviously unfit, from a severe wound on tne inside nf her nour bock, Alice was beaten by Crockford for tho Queen's Guineas. (> 'fr trainer prior to tho race publicly ueclarcd bor to bo unfit from this canso). On the third day, shu won the Turf Club Cup in a trot; l2,t 7ibs, 3 miles. Tba next day she won. tba Great Sweeps: ikon, carrying lost "lbj ; tnreo miles bard held-by 21) lengths.

In tho middle of April again at Ballarat, sba retrieved the only lost laurels of the season, by boating bor old op- ponent, Crockford, in tho Publicans'Purse, I Oat llb, two


October 1st, '67 -Beaton by Veno ia tbo Intercolonial Match at Melbtnrne.

October 7th. - Second to Cardinal Wiseman for tho Melbourne J. C. Cup-wcltor weights; beating fjirKobert, C«mol, and Sinbad.

October to Veno, 9st 71b. for tho Great Metropolitan Handicap, Voltaire, 7it 121b. 2nd ; aud sis \ tbera not pUcod.

October Oth -Beaten by Cardinal Wisotmn in a match over 2J milos, weight for age; Alice laying 1000 to 5(10.

At too Turf Club Spring Mooting Alice bad to givo in to Tomboy in tho Victoria Plato; hut on the second day she placed tho Turf Club Cup to ber credit, beating BathershitiB (now The Moor).

At Ballaarat, DÎC 1.-Wou the Town Plate, beating Bsthersbin« nnd Active; and the Ladies' Pn'so, nt welter weights, beating Young Camel and two others; also, tho Forced Handicap, in which rhe teat Haphazard nnd Brunette, and the Publican»' Purse, beating Flying Ooo and tbrco others; bnt she was beaten in the All Aged Stakes by Flycatcher.

1858-Melbourne Jockey Olub Autumn Meeting in February-Won tho J. C. Cup, welter weights, besting Crockford, who was distanced; and the Grout Metropoli- tan Handicap, carrying lOst llb, beating lioso of May, Hst 21b, and three others; and walked over for the Groat Australian Sweepstakes.

At Geelong oa the 2nd of March, won the Town Plato, beating Touchstone and Orphan; on the following day was sccood to Orphan for tba T. (J Cop at welter weights, mid finished tho meeting by pinyin* second fiddle to Van Tromp ia a rate of three two-mile heats, for tho Publi- cans' Purse. Orphan and Tuuchstoue boing behind nur.

At tho Melbourne March Mooting she won tho Walter Stakes, bealing Orphan and Crockford; tho Turf Club C"p against Orphan and Bathersbins; and the Grett Sweopst.ikos, beating Van Tromp.

At Ballaarat, in April, was third to Othello and Orphan in thu Publicans* Pitrso, and agsiu third to Othello and Kod Hover in the Town Plate.

At Melbourne J. C- Spring Meeting in October, ran second to Woodpecker for tho Greet Sweepstakes, beating Red Rover and ßntis; wen tho Publicans' Purse, besting Othello and Woodpacker; nnd nt 12st llb each was beaten by Ked Hover fir the V. J. C. Cup.

At tho Melbourne Turf Club Meeting in November, was third to FUtcatclior und Woodpecker in the Victoria Plate; won the T. C. Cup, beating Red Uiver xt welter weights; and the Grand Stand Stakes, beating Gratis nod

five othora.

At Kallaarat, in December, won tho Town Pinto, lieut ing Wair-a- While; tho Grout Soring Handicap, beating Attil i and six others,-and tho Publicans' I'm au, beating


1853-At Melbourne March Meeting, wes seoond to Tho Moor in tho Queen's Plate, and ogain in tho Towri Plato; hut beat him at welter weights over three miles, for th« Turf Club Cap.

At Goolong, in March, waa bonton by Tho Moor in tho Town Plato; und at lOst llb was not placed In the Han- dicap won by tho Mo T, 9st 6lb.

On the first of October wns HJC'.II, not placed, in tho first Groat Champion Hoco, non by lilying Buck.

At the Victoriu J, O. Spring Mooting, Oct 13th, was not placed in tho Grand Stand Stakes, won by Camden, and net placed in tho J. C. Plato won by NutWilh.

At tho Turf Club Meeting, in November, wits not placed in tho T. 0. Handicap, won by Gaffer Grey; Inc ut 1 let llhuho won the Welter Handicap, conting The Moor, list lOlb.Nutwitb, Camilot, Cilrup, and Tomboy which performance coucluded her career as a racer; dur- ing wb<ch sha won ia sukes over £5U0n. She was thea put to the stud, end was sent to Mr Chirnside'.1! imported horse, Peeping Tom. Ou Sunday lait, tho I2tli of Angost, this good old maro, in the I2tb year of her ago, died at the station of her owner, Mr Chirnside, on the Werribee.