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(Concluded from our lott )

THIBD DAY-SATURDAY, 12 th Norembor.

The TORF CLCB STKIPLEOB-ABB of IOO toys,with aeweep

Btnkes of tu aova¡ weiter weights, vizi three-yr olds, ) Oat 71b; four jrs. list 71b[ five yrs, list Bib; six and ago d, 12at 101b. Disiauce, about lour miles.

Mr Abbott's o ct Walkover, aged...J Abbott 1

Allon'a b itKlncbeu,aged...».>".>.none« 3 Henderson's b g Hector O'ltallaran, 6 yu.M luce 0 T. Henry's hr g Trinca - Albert, aged.>.Starlin 0,

J. Keya'agr tn Modeity, aged.....:.-. dr Abbott's br g Boyal Charlie, aged.Caaaldy 0 Ituiland'a b ni Cuunteu, axed.!.Ur llutland 0 G. Yfatsou'abl g Black Hay, ate J..,..Maloy 0 ' Betting: fi to 2 each agst Einehen and Walkover; 3 to I agst Hector O'Halloran.

So many of tho jockeys sporting scarlet, it was difficult to make out which of the red'uns was Brit to charge tho first jump, bat we believe it was Kincben, followed by Countess, Black BJJ, Hector O'Halloran, and Hoy al Charlie, who fell. Blackboy then essayed tho lead, bat fell at the third jump, and tbe race already appeared to bein the hands of Walkover, Hector O'llalloran, Kinchen. and Prince Albert. _ At the leap at the distance Kinchen came to grief, and in front of the stand Walkover was about a couple of lengths in advance of Hector O'llallo- ran: Kincben was third, about twenty lengths behind Black Boy, about tbe samo distance behind Kinchen, and Albert fifth. Walkover and Hector O'Halloran ran along

in close company to the point bet» eon thc courso and I training ground, when the latter bolted; Walkover then | wont on with the raco alone, and won by twenty leogths; Kinchon second, the simo distance ahead of Hector O'Halloran. Prince Albert waa fourth, Countess fifth and Black Boy, who refused at tho stone «vail, sixth.

Tho To HF CLUB WKLTBR HANDICAP of 100 aovs; en-

trance 10 aova; highest weight 12at 101b, Distance, three miles; tho weights to be deolared at the goneral night of entry; to be ridden by members ol ihe Turf Club, or rideia approved ol by tho stewards, on payment

of flvo guineas.

Mr Chirnside'* gr m Alice Hawthorn, «ged, I Ut tit».Mr Wood 1

W. P. Simons'« bl g Tho Moor, aged, 11st 1011).Mr rtoud 1 Itellly's ch g Nutwith, aged, list 71b.Ur O Watson 0 Duupa'ab « Camden, aged, lUst 71b.....MrDuppa 0 IT, Redwood's b g Strop, aged, lust 41b.Slr lt F Qreono 0 Dougherty's big Tomboy, «ged, lOst 71b.Mr J Orr 0 Belling: 7 to" 4. agst Nutwith, 2 to 1 ngst Camden, 6 to U agst Alice Hawthorn, 5 to 1 ngst the Moor.

'lowboy mado tho running at a splitting paco for two .miles Nutwith and Alice Hawthorn keeping well together shoat half-a-dozen lengths behind, and The Moor, Cam- den, and Strop, forming the third division in that order. At two miles Tomboy bid enough, and resigned the lead to Alice Hawthorn, who was at this period of the race fol- lowed by Strop and Nulwiih. At tho bill The Moor carno mp with all sail set, but could not overhaul Alloe Haw- thorn, and as soon as Tho Moor was seen to be falling od .again, Camden came up, but could not pats Tho Moor. No change in position took place after this, and Alice Hawthorn won by ten lengths The Moor-who bolted within the distance-second, C-niden third, and Nutwith fourth. On pulling-up Mr Duppa found that Camdon had wrenched off bis off fore shoo, to which contretemps he .attributed his defeat. Tine, 6 min J sec.

1 be SraiNa STAKES, of 80 sors, with a sweepstakes of

8 so vs ( weight for aget distance, ooe mile cad tbreo


Mr W. C. Yulllo'8 b g Flying Buck, S yrs, 7st 81b. ..Teena 1

T. Davin's gr g Fialcatcher, 6 jr».Perkins 2 .Kelghran'l br c l'raillclea, 4 yrs."Cunnliigtiara O Dupna'a b g Wlldrake, 4 yrs-.Buell 0 ?ridlllpa's gr g Gaffer Brey, aged... _.Carter 0 .J. Lang's gr g 'Woodpecker, aged.Hayes 0 T. Austin's ch o NlinWotoo, 4 yrs.Vallon O Buppa'a b g Sailor, 6 yrs.BouUey O

Hamilton's b g Cheery man, aged. dr Kodtvood's li m illas Itowe, 6 yrs. dr

Betting: S to 3 on Flying Buck, 6 to I agst Flycatcher, '0 to 1 ngst praxiteles.

Tbe favorite obtained tbe lead poon arter the atari, kept it the «hole way, and won bj foor lengths. Praxiteles headed the rock for nearly a milo, wheo Wildrako took .np the running. At the bill Plntcatcher was seen to go tbrougb hts horses and reached tho Book's quartern at the last taro, bat could not pace with him when he collated him. Fl&tcatoher was second, -I'raxiteles third, Wildrake .fourth, and Gaffer Grey fifth, lime, 8 mira ll¿ sec

" Thefc'uoBTS, a belling stakes of 60 tovst entrance,2 sovs;

haifa m lei beats, post entry. (To be ron -off without dismounting. Tho winner 'to be sold 'for £40. No horse to.carry less than S.t. Surplus over £40 to go to

the fund.

Won by Mr Wood's b g Str rm (Robinson;) in two heat», I eating Warrigal, Johanna, Oh My, Peterbrongh, Nanny,

. Brunatte, Jerry, Blrdswlng.

f uno BD HANDICAP of 8 sovs, from all winners, Hardie

Race, Steeplechase, and Scurry excepted. "Losers admitted by paying 4 tova the day of the race, etc.

* -Mr. Loabey'sbrm Beeswing, tired, lOat..'..Smith 1 . Tllgate'a br g The Durber, aged, Sal 71b .Walduck -5J

ir. N. Slmaon's b e Buzzard, a yrs, Bal 71b .llcnderaon 0 Bond's ch m Starlight, S yrs, Sat 41b.J Mitchell 0 Wuppa'* b g Wildrake, 4 yrs, Sat alb .Holmes '0 Jlanillmn'a b « Chcrryman, «gd, Sst .«.Itlahop 0 Hamilton's w b m Sunbeam, 4 yrs, 7st llb.Robinson >0 Abbott's b g Warnawi, 6yrs, 7st 41b.",...,.H'Kenzlo 0 Yeeud'a ch m Despatch, f> yrs, 7st alb....Yeend o (letting: 3 to 2 a«at Buzzard, -5 lo 2 agst Despatch,

.4 to 1 agst tho Berber, 6 to 1 agst Beeswing, 8 to 1 agat


After ono falso start the lot got away well together, t arring Bustard, who lo-t neirly ton lengths. Ibere maining eight, headed by Cherry man, remained in close .quarters for a nolle, when Wildrake went to the fore, fol- lowed by The Barber. At the gate Buziard was half a distance behind tho first borso, bathe overhauled them at <euoh a paco that after rauoding-the third tnrn bo got tho load for two or three strides i so mach bad beon taken out ol bim, however, that he could not retain the from posi- tion, and bo again fell off third or fourth Tho Barber bold tbe load until opposite the stand, when fieeiwing made n rash and wan cloverly by a neck. Wildrako about a length behind tba Barber. Time 2 min 55 eec.

Melbourne Herald, Nov. 14. j