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On Wednesday last, the challenge accepted by the St. Vincent Cricket Club to play the Queanbeyan Club, came off with great eclat. The day turned out extremely fine, and the ground was in excellent order. The attendance was very numerous and amongst the spectators we noticed many leading gentlemen of the district. Shortly after 10 a.m. the Queanbeyan eleven arrived on the ground, and were received by the President and Members of the St. Vincent Club, an interchange of welcome took place, and   the president, halyards in hand, hoisted the "Union" and     a new flag with the motto, "Advance Australia," on a   pole erected near the tent. By a quarter past eleven pre   parations being closed and everything announced by the umpires, Messrs Wilson and Lawley, as being in readiness, the Braidwood eleven took their position in the tent,Cook and Doyle appearing at the wickets. The play on both sides was excellent. Both parties during the first innings, played with great caution, having the motto in view, "better safe than sorry," and both sides were fully deter-   mined not to give more chance than they could help. The excitement was intense, more particularly at the com mencement of the second innings. The scorer's marquee was besieged by those anxious to arrive at the score. Mrs Burke found a good customer in Mr Cunningham, who amused the juveniles by scrambling a number of

apples and other fruit, causing any amount of merriment

among the spectators.        

At 10 o'clock a.m. the wickets were pitched on the ground on Poverty Flat. The elevens were in high spirits,

and everything that could contribute towards the eventua-   tion of a fair trial of skill was present. The following is a list of the Queanbeyan eleven, Messrs W. Campbell,

S. H. Davis, J. Styles, A. Faunce, A. Freestone, W. Davis, H. Davis, H. G. Lintott, A. Cameron, D. Cameron, and W. Bowyer. The Braidwood eleven consisted of Messrs Larmer, Cooke, Doyle Oakes, Grovenor, Pollock, Stacey, Waters, Rowley, Smith and Robinson.  

On the evening previous to the game, the betting was   free in favour of the Queanbeyanites, say 1 to 2 and 5 to 7, and we believe at these odds a good deal of money changed hands. After the first innings were over, the bet

ting became more even.

Throughout the whole game the Queanbeyanites showed that the spirit of the sportsman was in them, and we trust that many a friendly game will be played by the club of this town with these gentlemen.        

We append the scoring:--      


First Innings. Second Innings.    

Grovenor, b. W. Campbell ... 1 run out ... ... 3

Larmer, b Campbell ... 0 not out ... 29 Waters, b Faunce ... ... 0 b W. Davis ... 5

Robinson, b W. Davis ... 0 b W. Davis ... 0 Cooke, b Davis ... 2 b W. Campbell ... 3 Doyle, b W. Campbell ... 5 b W. Campbell ... 4 Oakes, b W. Davis ... 0 b W. Davis ... ... 9

Pollack, b W. Davis ... 6 c W. Campbell ... 3 Rowley, b W. Davis ... 5 c W. Campbell ... 14 Smith, not out ... 1 c b Faunce ... ... 9 Stacey, b W. Davis ... 0 b W. Davis ... 9

Byes ... ... 10 Byes ... ... 21

Total ... ... 30 Total ... ... 108

Grand Total ... ... ... 138



First Innings. Second Innings.        

W. Campbell run out ... 3 b J. Rowley ... 35

S. H. Davis, b P. Doyle ... 3 c Grovenor, b Doyle ... o J. Styles, b Grovenor ... 1 c b P. Doyle ... 6

A. Faunce, b Grovenor ... 0 b P. Doyle ... 15 A. Freestone, c Pollack ... 2 c P. Stacey ... 1   W. Davis, b Grovenor ... 3 b J. Rowley ... 0

H. Davis, s W. E. Larmer ... 0 s W. E. Larmer ... 2

H. G. Lintott, c Pollack ... 0 b P. Doyle ... 14 A. Cameron, not out ... 9 lbw ... ... 0

D. Cameron, lbw ... 5 not out ... ... 0 W. Bowyer c Doyle ... 0 c Doyle ... ... 3

Byes ... ... 28 Wide ball 1, Byes 10 11

Total ... ... 98 Total ... ... 87

Grand Total ... ... 115.

The scorers were Mr J. McDonald for Queanbeyan;   and Mr J. Gurney for Braidwood. The Umpires, Mr J. A. Wilson for Queanbeyan, and Mr Abraham Lawley for

Braidwood. During the whole day the ground was   thronged by spectators, and the most lively interest ap   peared to be felt in the game. We were gladto see so  

many ladies present, many of whom came from some