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Th accordance wich announcement, tho second Dapto" Regatta, came off yesterday on tho waters of the Illa* warra Lake; than which a moro spacious mr better adapted sheet of water for aquatic sporrs wc have nover seen. Tho day was anything but favorable for either thu rncej or a good attendance-the wind .not being either drong or settled, and frequent showers falling during tho day. As wu anticipated, several new boats were brought out to competo for tho prizes. I bo winning boats in both the first and second races were new to tho district, thu one which won the first race having been built by n caipcritcr in tho district; the one which won tho scc- nd race having beon bought in Sydney last week, purposely fur these races. (She is a firsl-rnte specimen of n whaleboat,) One of the other boats is the properly of tho Messrs Keelo of Bollambi ; and the rest aro the property of persons re ! siding on the banks of the lake. Thc spot from whence

the rncos were viewed wa» Robertson's Point.

I The niimbor of parties in attendance was about two

hundred, many of whom had come from a distance, hut we hnvo no doubt there would have been three times (hat number present hud the weather been line. As it WAI, a great proportion nf tl.u-o present were ladies, and their, presence added much to the gaiety and attractiveness of

tho sceno

Wo should herc state that thc arrangements fdr curry- ing out the programme were well mnture-.l mid attended to hy tho stewards nnd the oilier officers. Tho boats were started by tho firing of a small piece of i rdnnr.ee bi ought from Sydney for the purpose. Shortly after the adver- tised limo the bents wore drawn tip in lino, and tho gun I fired for the starting of the

First Race-For JEIO, for nil two-oared sliiffc, not exceed-.

ing 19ft on the keel. To pull from tho flagolf Robert.. sou's Point, ronnd n flag-off Brook's Long Point, and back to the flag off Robertson's Point, leaving both

flags on the starboard side. The second boat to receive '. £2; entrance. £1.

J. Brown's skiff .. 1 ' .1 Baxter's Slow-nnd go-Fasy. 2

W. Lindsay's Fly. 3

The race lay between Brown's and Baxtei's brat, the ; other only being entered to fill np. A gond sturt was effected, Baxter's boat getting a slight lend. She wns soon passed by Brown's, however, and the latter maintained the lead which she retained all the way round, coming in n winner by at least twelve lengths.

Second Race-For £10. for all boats pulling four oars, i

Slime courso as the first race. aeoond boat to receive £2. lïntrnncc. £1.

J. Baxter's Cornstalk. I, T. Caulderoy's Mack Maria. 2 ., J. Kcofo'a Black Swan. 3

W. Baker's Kranoi'B Jane ... 4 .'j

Baxter's boat was a whaleboat, as was also Keefe's, the   Black Maria was a fishing boat, and the Frances Jane

was a skiff. On starting, the Cornstalk took the lead, fol-   lowed by Black Maria, then Black Swan, and Frances Jane last. The Cornstalk steered ' nearly a straight ? course for the flag off Brook's Point, whilt-t the others kept very wide, thus losing considerably Keefe's boat

took the outside position. Cornstalk rounded the ñ-ig ' olf Brook's Point first, after 1 eing 12 minutes out. Black .Maria followed 1 minute after, nnd Black Swan 5- iniinitu:

uftor her. Tho Frances Jane did not go round tho flag. Ñ at all, but turned her nose homowni'd after tho oilier

boats rounded it, nnd came up ip'company with them. ' From tho turning of tho flag homo, tho Cornstalk gra- dually increased her distance ahead of tho other two

bouts, which kept about tho same distance apart from ono , another, and came in a winner by about twenty lengths ahead of Black Maris, and she was ab .ut twolvc length!

ahead of Black Swan. Time, 21 minutes. The winning. '

bout was steered by the elder Baxter and manned by ; John and James liixon and two Baxters. This race ' excited a good deal of nttention on tho pnrt of the . spectators

Third Knee-For £10, for all skiffs under canvas, To

sall from their moorings off Robertson's Point, round': , a flag in the direction of Addison's Bay, thonco round it flag off Kelly's Point, nnd back to tho ling tiff Ko benson's Point, leaving nil the flags on the port band. The second bontto receh-o £2. Entrance, ¿il.

T. Condleroy's Black Maria..-. I W. Baker's Frances Jane.. 2

T. Clifford's Lady of tho Lalee. 0

J. Keefe's Bluck Swan. 0 W. Lindsay's Wild Irish Girl. 0

Tho Lady of the Lake took tho land immediately sifter starting, followed closely hy Frances .laue io lier wake,

the. Wild Irish' Girl third, .md Black Swan fourth; tho J Wild irish Girl tonk tho windward position, and. Keefe'*

fell rapidly behind and to leeward shortly after the start. J The Black Maria filled the wrong way, and it was severn! j minutes before she got fairly under way and on her course. The Lady of tho Lake, we think, rounded the flag in Addison's Bay first, but, strange to say, thc flag

off Kelly's Point was rounded first by tho boat which got- ' away last. From the distance we were off these (lags »ml the thick weather we cannot1 tell the order in which the other boats were placed, but they woro considcra'dr behind the leading boat in rounding tho flag olf Kelly's Point. Tho race was eventually won by thc Black Mm is, the Francis Jane second, the others nut placed. Tho Frances Jane rounded the flag on the wrnng side, ami in endeavoring to remedy her error went aground, There wer» no entrances for thu fourth race.

. A race for youth's then took place, but we were com- pelled to leave the ground befuro it terminated. We will glve further particulars in onr noxt,-Jltawana Msr' ?citry, February 4.