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DoscíSf BB, FKIDÁT, Supra I'S.'

Tn« PJ.UK HILL STIUIÍS of f 0 BOTS each, h ft i for three

jear bids ('fillies 8*t Tib i the winner of the Sr. Leger to '* eárry "illb",' of the O.Jts, 51b extra s the winner, to psy 30

'aovs.towurda expense! t the OMoei ot the second fill j to receive,í"00 söva ont. of the stakes.i St Legor-Conrse...

Hr ('Anson's Blink Bonny (3lb extra).Charlton.I -Lord J. Scott's,Mosstlssima. Chilman S 'Mr Hope's Oriana*..Flatman 9

Betting-4 to 1 on Blink Bonny Ori wida foroed tb« "rnntiing from ti-e St Leger starting point, Mastissima /plielng bferself at her guariere, and Blink Bonny lsr-t, ?K' Afterithe first doeen strides the latter took second pine,

?anil Orianda increased her leid to Ove or'six lengths At

.he hill the trio got ¿loser together-tho position the same, hut the pace-much better, - Mina Bonny"wont up at the Red House,' «here Orianda was beaten, and the Utter tbeu -gave np all furtbor share 'in the contest bink Bonny carno on with a strong lead round the turn Into the straight,

fall of running, and cantered homo u winner, without the; slightest effortwhatovar, by half-a dozen lengths. Mor " litfflttDB was secood.y.Riiti in'3 min-25 seo. i

When it was ascertained that'tho maro had covered th« nan e sp»to of ground as die did in the Leger race, with extra-weight too, in two seconds less time than tbe great nico nf -Wednesday was run in,suspioiou wasarouicd and uhen ' Charit/n returned into the ring, to proceed to tke¡|w,.i¡.h

ing-room, lie was surrounded, hooted, and threatened in a most dangerous manner, A saehaof almost i bal le ? «nd: painful exoitumont then ensued. Tho j ickey dis-

mounted, and was hardly on the ground, laddie ie h ind, whorl amidst deafening ...roans aird shouts, some ono at- tempted to'striko'bim Fortunately, Sayers, who is en- gaged'to'fight for the Championship was at hand, and instantly warded off thu blow and admiuiktored punishment "tn "hs r.ffendèr. Bsron Rothschild, too, acicd in all

-'nob'onssB of: lieut und nature, con Mering tb) ciroun.

st«nles;, which have passed botwoen that gentleman and Charlton.' Ile put his arms round.'tho jockoy and escorted biro; to Ihe.woighing room door, saying." Never mimi, my , biy'i Td "protect you". A more generous or aponoiieous

-sWÍMf-feeliiig never could bo wane sed. ' Cbarltou bad fcardlv rot safely ensconsed in the abovo room, when s '«ry arose that the trainor I'A neon was in danger, and . Sayers rubied to'render every possiblu assistance. By diut of arduous labor, tho trainer was brought through the crowd to tho weighing-room, the mob rushing after him in bandrods Thu police congregated as thickly us they onn'd, and Mr James Ward, of Whitechapel) MrUichird. Cain of Leicester t and Jerry Noon, all got teady, and tarncd round to prevent tho mob from proceeding to further

extremities. Ii it a gre« wonder, indeed, that,nothing ?serious occurred beyond I'Auson .uDd Chsrl'on being so roughly and impr .porly treated by tho offenders. . Thu. next object of spite they endeavoured to wreak their vo'i-' .geánee upon was tho maro Blink, Ronny-thvunfortunaroi -eause of this trouble. Scores rushed out ol tho liing after hor to ibe Acid at tho buck of tho,Stand, and a 'mob of two thousand people wore congrega ed. Unddurd: frtrmorly of Bow-street di vlsi .in, instantly got assistance; and cirroundod"tho mare. After an interval of a quarter of Ad hour, matters wore so managed, by taking the moro half-a-mlle nra. er the town, and keeping off tboassailautsi

that no harm burel ber. Tho arguments of tile assailants,' who acted so unjustifiably, was tnat the mare, trainer, and: .3 «key sold tho Leger ; while, on the other hand, it was, ? averrod that, although sho had nowt un ittwo seconds under'

tho Leger time, yet the (.r mrid was in so muchj.better 'condition tliut it must unta'ally make a groat dißeroneo in that re«peot. This avguuiMnt is somewhat feasible, but whether tho multitude will beltevo that figoosfnrenoagli )« a totally different mailer. As to tho nffrjiy, it eavoured

of wretched luQlanism and brutality, and nothing ran, justify such proeecdingp, whatever may bj a man's beliof; as to any particular uvent, Mr Etches tba superintendent

o'' pi 1 <!n. and Al r Foi rester, of London, gat a dotoclimunt. of pelted turned Into- tiiolt'ngv-nnd they kopt guard all i r.,u.i.i the weighing-room, or doubtless tho mob would.

havo dragged forth both trainor and owner, mid then'' there would bc no calculating tho cud of Buch mad : attempts et -viniente. Fortunately, il was not so.

Tho. «hole offjlr forcibly Totalled tb« .Aorobtt «fiait '

lo our recollection, when John Scott hud to be prutoctcd hy Harry -Bronnie, two year - bach;-- Charlton bud" been engaged Tu ride Conductor tn- the Nursery Plato (tho i next race), and we.ghed for that animal. - No sooner had

ho inuunt<-d however, than be waa again as^uiled with yells und hisses nf a most fearful description; und ono stcntmian voice we heard, high and loud .-ibo re tho rest, shouting out, " Now we've got hun, let's hill him," Hush and counter-1u*h, between friend arid foe, surrounded the pnorj.ickcy, and here again his good ular happily pre- vailed, and by dint of greit exertion tho malevolence of the c-owd'wns doomed to fall harmless. Ile returned to ihn wcighlng-noto again. A reward was instantly olf, red f r the man who attempted to strike the rider, sind Sayers distinctly said he should know him again If lie saw him. Had it not been for the timely assistance ren- dered to both parties, backed up ns it was by tho police, nnd rêverai leading members of the liing, it is'impossihlo to foretell what would have been the result, for a in.ire infuriated mob could not ba assembled even in St. Giles's. Conductor, whose owner hud tried him so highly that he had backed bim to win £100, was much chagrined nt tho mob not allowing Charlton to ride; and the horse never started, as that jockey's services could not bo availed of. The owner appealed to the Stewards about his bets, and they decided that.he was to refuse payment ; but we aro sure n'o.respectablo-maa would attompt to ask him to-do so under "the «IronniRtancea. 1'Anson" offered to the Stewards to start Blink Bonny for- the ...Cup,. and that' they might pilton any j lokey they liked ; "but the Stew- ards wisely deemed it unsafe to the risk, ? nnd-the niare w-s immediately scratched for it...- When,;tho mob bail lU-spersed both l'Ansun and Charlton wer« escorted to the town, ' . . . - , ' .' -. .. 'U . : «C.-'', I '