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Friday, 18th September.

FOR the DON STAKES" of 50 sovs. for 3 yr olds, Lord I Milton's Ignoramus walked over.

A MATCH for 500 sovs., one mile, between Mr West's Meta, and Mr Jackson's Night Ranger, .won by tho former by a neck

I be DONOASTBO STARRS of 10 sovs each, with 100 added for 3 yr olds ; last milo and a half; won by Lord Zetland's Skirmisher, by "Voltigeur, beating Warder marske, Saunterer, Zuyder Zee, and Auguiy.

Tho TOWN PLATE of 100 sovs. (handicap), won by Mr Jackson's Sprig of Shillelagh, beating Mr R. Ten Biocck's Babylon, Lady Hercules, nnd 13 others.

The pAnic HALL STAKI-S of 50 suvs each, for 3 yr olds, won by Mr W. TAnson's Blink Bonny (Charlton), beat- ing Lord J. Scott's Ma>tissima, and Mr Payne's Orianda. Imperieuse was scratched. Betting, 4 to 1 on Blink


Oii.inda led to the Red House, where she dropped back. Blink Bonny then carne away by herself and won in a canter by six lengths ; Ôrianda beaten off.

When Charlton returned to the enclosure he was sa- luted with mingled 'cheers and hisses, and as he dis- mounted he was violently booted and hustled It was with much difficulty that ho could Torco his way into the stand. He was effectually protected by the respectable portion of the visitors. The weighing stand, howovcr, «as besieged by o clamorous mob. The police wore almost incapable of restraining the violence of the crowd. Mri'AnsoD, the owner of Blink Bonny, also experienced vcryio.igh treat nent, and altogether the row was more tumultuous than tho notorious " Acrobat Kiots." I oin Sayers, the " Champion of Knglaiid.'' deserves especial praise for the promptitude with which he went to the rescHO of Charlan and Mr I'Anson. and for the effectual efforts which he mmlc to protect them from ill-usngo.

The mob that assailed Charlton and Mr I'Anson, sup. posed that because Blink Bonny cjqld gallop away from two such animals as Mostissiraa and Oriundo, that she

ought to have won the St. Leger. Perhaps, however, this consideration scarcely influenced them, and it may nut be difficult to explain for what purpose the row was commenced. The demonstration was made by a set of fellows who had-evidcntly. obtained admission tq the enclosure by tickets which they had procured from people who had either sold them or had given them away on leaving Doncaster on Thursday, and the corporation will fur the luturo exercise a wise discretion in issuing daily tickets, instead of compelling visitors to buy admissions for the week-n. practice which is not only unfair but most pernicious. Such a scene as described above is of rare occurrence on a racecourse, and has never been wit- nessed out of Yorkshire.

Mr I'Anson afterwards offered to run Blink Bonny for the Cup, and requested the stewards to select their own j ckey ; but of course it was not necessary to entertain his proposition.

TheNoaaKRTPLATKof 100 sovs, for 2 yr olds. Last milo; won by Sir C. Monk's Hepática by Voltigeur, beating Rast Langton and M others.

The DONCASTKK CUP, value 300 sovs, won by Lord Zetland's Vcdotte, bv Voltigeur (Challoner), bealing Black Tommy, Warlock, Commotion, and Melissa

SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs, was walked over for by Mr

Howard's Drumour.

In the Posr MATCH of 1000 sovs, h. ft., Lord Derby