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full Particulars of tho Defeat of Blinlt Bonny.

! The St, Leger Stakes of 25 GOVS each, Tor Syr olds colts I 8st 71b; lillie!), 8st 21b. The second to receive 100 suv»

out of the stakes. St Leger course. 158 subs.

Kir. J. Seo t's Imperieuse, by Orlando. Hst 21b (Plat

roan).,. 1 Mr Barter's Commotion, 8st 71b . ,.(Ablcroft) 2 Mr J. S. Douglas's Tournament. Sst 71b ...(Fordham) 3 Vir I'.Anson's Blink Blinny 8st 21b. (Charlton) 4 Lord Milton's Ignoramus, S^t rib".(J. Osborne) 5 Mr Mellisa's Adamas, 8.-t 71b.(D. Hughes) 6 Mr Howard's Ariennl. Sst 71b .(I. Coater) 7 Mr Hickerby's Aria, Sst 21b .(Bray) 8 Mr H. King's Wild Honey, 8« 21b .(Mundy) 0 Mr T. Parr's Sir Colin, 8st 71b.(Wells) O Mr K. Robinson's Anton, 8st 6!b .... ;.(A. Day) 0

Belting at starting, fi to 4 ugst Blink Bonny) 9 to 4 ogst Ignoramus; 8 to 1 agst Tournament; 14 to 1 ngst Commotion}, 15 to I agst Imperieuse; 25 to I ng»t Adamas; 33 to 1 agst"Sir Colini 40 to 1 ag«t Arsenal.

They were paraded p-st the -Stand, wheeled round, and conducted to the post in Indian file. They were ar.on drawn up in a line, tho Unke of Beaufort and Sir VV. Milner accompanying tlie starter tn insure the jockeys' obedience to orders. At the second at- tempt tho signal was given; and the horses were des- patched in a straggling style from the post. Anton being left behind, «ir Colin was the first to show in advance, Commotion, Tonnia.roeut, Adamas, Arta, and Blink Bou ny following in tba order named. On breasting the hill Tournament and Commotion changed places, anil «ir Coliu increased bil lead. Arta, Commotion, Ignoramus, Blink Bonny, ami Imperieuse, wno had taken her place in the middle of the rack, clustering pretty well together. As they make for tbe wood turn Sir Colin and Arta gare way, and Tournament toole up tbe running, followed by Ignoramus, Blink Bonn/, Imperieuse, and Commotion At tho bend Blink Uonny and Ignoramus showed along- side of Tournament, au'l lield a slight advantage over him to tho distance, where Ignoramus »as beaten, and in a few strides further Blink Bonny was also in difficult^B.

Tournament men resumed the load, with Commotion se- cond, and Imperieuse, who had bided her limo, passing the two favourite.", and going on third. Ab nt half way in tho distance Tournament was unable to carry on the run- ning further, and left Commotion with the lead. Impe- rieuse drawing into tho second place. Opposite the grand stand Imperieuse went up <o Commotion, quitted Mirima few ftridos, and won easily by two lengihs, the second beating the third hy a neck. Blink Bonny was fourth, six lengths behind Tournament, and two lengths in ad- vance of ignoramus, who was fifth. Thc others straggled in at such wide intervals that the judge was enabled to " place" all that passed the post.

t he interest which centred in the encounter between two such turf celebrities ns Blink Bonny and Ignoramus, created an excitement which seemed to be shared in com- mon by ibe vast multitude that swarmed over the course. On no former anniversary of the " St Leger Day" was tho attendance so lnrge. Ibu weather, too, was beautifully line, and not an incident of an unpleasant nature marred the proceedings. As tho above detailed account nf the sport will show, both Ignoramus and Blink Uoiiny were beuten, and John Scott Bgdn afiorded the public one of those surprises which have gained for bim tho sot inap- propriate title of the '* Wizard of the North". Imperieuse defeated Blink Bonny at Newmarket* in the Spring, bu: ber success was not then so much ascribed to merit as to an alleged "unfitness" in Blink Bonny. Imperieuse afterwards ran at fîpsom for the Oaks, and was there al- most distanced by Blink Bonny. liueentiy at York Impe- rieuse ran twico, and was each time beaten. Still Mr Scott had undiminished confidence in thc St Leger chance of the mare, end to-day an additional proof was furnished of tho correctness of his judgment and of his wonderful training skill. Last year John Scott won the St .Leger

with Warlock, and this year be achieved a similar triumph ,

with Imperiense, thc importance of the two victories being heightened br the fact of their being obtained by animals that are called in turf parlance "outsiders". Flatman wea tho fortúnate jocker on each occasion; but to his and John Scott'« sncreBs at Doncaster this year must ba added the Groat Yorkshire Handicap, Sonic bookmakers win. ruf course, but Ur Davis, we believe, " gets out" at a loss. -Mr Ferry, a gentleman on the Stock Exchange, is said to bave backed Imperieuse for a largo state a part of which will be distributed among rosny persons " in th« houio". Ha ia, however, a great «inner.

Latest from Soneaatar.

Thursday, I7tti September.

Eglinton Stakes.-Saumerar-1, Sister to Ellington a

Ten ran.

Cleveland Handicap -Catherine Logie 1,- Bel Espe-

ranza 2.

Handicap Sweepstakes.-Prince of Denmark I, Scribbler

2. Ten ran

Selling Stakes.-Plague Boyal I.

Swi-epstaki-s of 10 sovs.-Plague Royal 1, Marchioness 2. Eight ran.

Scarborough Stakes. - Fright 1, Sir Colin 2.

Friday, 18th September. Don Sukes.- Ignoramus walked over. Mutch. - Aleta beat Night Hunger.

Doncaster Stakes.-Skirmisher 1. Wardermarske 2 Fire


Town Plate -Sprig of Shil elagh 1, Btbylon 2. Sis-,

teen ran.

Pat k- hill Stakes.-Blink Bonny 1, Moestlssima 2.

Three ran.

Nursery Flute.-Hepática 1, East Langton 2, Old

Limes 3. Nineteen ran.

Scurry Stakes.-Admiralty 1, Lady Emily 2. Seven ran Sweepstakes.- Drumour walked over.

Doncaster Cup.-Vedette 1, Black Tommy 2, War- lock 3. _?? _