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Horses-marked* aro in tho Derby, fin.tho Oak», + in

Iho Leger.

Wodnenlay, July 15th.

Tlie CnoxTETn STA ices of IO sors canli, li ft. with io

added; three year olds, 6st. IOI'J; four, 8st "¿Ib ; five, 8st 101b; six and ágeí, 9it; marca «mi geldings allowed 21b; one milo and a nuurtcr. (8 subs..)

Air T. , Parr's ïisherroàn, by I leron, 4 ) rs, Sst 21b

nvoiis). i Barbcr'n Lord, helson, 3 yrsy 6st 101b., . 2 Betting-5 t0 2 on Fisherman, who came away with tho lead, which ho preferred to tho end, and win iii a canter by a length and a half.

The MEBIR-T ST'AUES of 15 snvs each. 5 ft, with 50

added;- fur two year oldsr colts. 8st 71b; fillies,' 8st 41b; the owner of tho second horso to receive 31). govs mit of the Stokes; winner of 100 sovs clear 31b extra; T.T.C.

(14 sobs.)

Mr J. Merry's Sunbeam i by Chanticleer, 8ât 41b

(Alderoft) ...;. 1 J; Nohlo'i Proud' Preston Pone, SA JIU. 2 Barber's Pelly Poachnm, Sst "lb (31b extra). 0 T. Parr's York, 8st 101b (31b extra). 0

Captain Christie's Orchehill, Sst 71b....... 0

Mr Jackson's Torrific, Sst 4lb. 0 Lord Derby's Bravnra, flst4lb.o

Betting-6 to t «pst Fully Peachum, 7 to 2 agst Sun- beam, 4 to 1 ngst I'rond Preston Pegg, 1O0 tu 15 agst York, and IO to 1 (igst Terrific.

Won after a severely contented race by a hoad.

Tho Lancashire Oalu.

Tho LANCASHIRE OAKS of lusovs each, h fe, with 1 Ol

added; for three year old fillips. 8at 71b each; thi winner of tlio Oaks, at Epsom, 71b. tho second Alb the winner uf the Ono Guineas, 51b; or of any, nth« Sweepstakes of tho value of 300 sov.«, clear 3lbs extra bat in no caso to exceed 71b; maidens np to tho timi of starting, having been beaten twice, allowed Sib thrice or moro, 51b; the owner of tho second horso it receive 30 sovs out of tho Stakes ; tho winner to pa] IS sovs towards expenses of tho Course; once round

(25 6ubs )

Mr W. 1'Anson's Blink Bonny, by Melbourne, Oat

(71b oxtr.t). .(Charlton) ]

Osborne's Augury¡ Sst 101b (3lb extra). i

J. Morry's Lady Albert, Sst 71b. S

F. Walker's All's1 Well, Sst -llb. C Betting'-5 to I on Blînkr.Bonny:

Augury forced tho ruiitu'ni;. All's Well immediately taking tho; second place. Blink Bonny' lying third, hud lady Albert brought'up the roar. On round inf; tho turn into trie straight'All's Wolowa*'beaton, and BlUik' Hotiny took second place, A fôw strides i'tirthor'ori, Blink Bonny overhauled'. Augury; and going on With a distinct load along'tho 'distance; cantered by tho chair'a,' winner hy two clear'length's. Augury w'is'second, nnil'Lody Albert finished next, but four lengths further away. All's'Well

did not pass tho post.

Tho BENTINCK TESTIMONIAL, a-Handicap Stakes of lu

sovs each, h ft* with a pioeu of plate of lOO aovs value added;.for thrco year olds aird upwards: a winner of any handicap after tho publication of the weights, of 100 sovs clear Sib; two or 2 IO sovs clear loll) extra; tho second horso lo save his Make; tho winner to pay 15 sova towards expenses of the Ouurse; ono milo and

a half. (31 subs.)

Mr Jackson's Saunterer, by IJirdcatobcr,' 3 yrs, 7st

(Chulloncr) .?.v..;. I J. Merry's e by Touchstone-Dipinong1, 3 yrs.Ost 2 T.Dawaon's Commoner, 3 yrs. Cst 12ib...-.. 3 Saxou's Chow, 3 yrs, »st 211».. ...; .,. 4 Lord ..Glasgow's o by Bit dcntclior-Maid of Ginsham,

4 yrs,6st 811. 5 Admiral HaVcourt'a Ellcrmirc, 5 yrs, 8it .Jib...... G

Betting -ll' to 8 on Saunterer, and G to I ngst any

other (olféred).

A NtntsEUY PLATH of So sovs, for two year olds; a

winner of any handicap after the publication of thc weights of tho value of 50 sovs clear to carry 31b ; and 100 or more 61b nxtra; tho winner'to pay 7 sovs to tho Fund; T.Y.C. (27' sui* )

Mr Smith's Conductor, by Humphrey or

Mentor, 6« l2lb.(Whitington) 1

3. Merry's Sunbeam'. SM. 2 G. Holmes' M^acre, 7st 101b. 3 Admiral Harcourt's f by Touchstone), out of Kller

dalo's dani, 7st'Sib . 4 Mr Cotgrcavè's f by Fnugh-a-Ballngh; out of Vanilla,

. 7st 101b. 0

?Windsor's Collodion, 7at 41!». . O

Jackson's Spread Eagle,' Ost 121b. 0

Barber's Physician. 7st'12Ib'. O Bctling-ß'to 4 ogst Sunbeam, 3 "to 1' agst'Sproàd' Eagle, 6 to 1' agst Massacre, 8'to I agst Conductor


Won by throe quarters of a length.

A MATCH; 300 BOVS, h ft) both two year old; Sat-W

each;.three quarters * a milo.

Bord Derby's .Whitowail, by Joe Lovell. Lord Glasgow's br'c by Melbourne, out of Clarissa;.. {

Betting-6 to 5 on tho Clarissa colt. The winner wa in front all the way, and carno in'alono-the Clarissa col breaking down badly, and being stopped beforo he go


A HANDICAP SWBEFSTÁKÉS of 6' SOTS ' each, with 31

added/ T:Y."C. (6 sab's.).

Mr G.'Holmes' Massacre hy Mildew, 2 yrs, 6s6 61t>

(Withlngkon).. :

Harvoy'a' Chester,' 3'yrs,'7s't..... í Jackson's'Blackthorn.; 2'yrs, 7st. j Osborne's Do Ginkel,'4'yrs,'8st'8lh'. 4 Betting-5 to 4/'agBt Massacre 2 to I agst C'bbstór; £ lo 2'agst Dé Gïnkel. Wo'n by.a length.

Thursday, July 16.

A SWEEPSTAKES ? of'5 SOVB ? each; withf 30 added; two

year olds, tint 3lb; three,'7st Killis; four, Sst 101b; five, Dst'3lb| six and aged, Ost Olli; maros and1 geldings allowed 2lb; tho winner to bo sold for 100 sovs ;' if for 80 sovs, allowed'4lb; 60, 71b;' 50,1011»; 30, 181b;

T.Y.C. (7 subs). -

Mr Jones' lteputo by'the Cure; 2 yrs,4at 13lb (to

bc sold for 30 sovs) .(Cbnlloner) O I Harvey's Chester;3 yrs. Ott 41b (311).;. O 1 1 Thorpe's Wild Strawberry,- 3 yrs. Ost 4lb (30) 3 - Windsor's Collodion, 2'yr«; 4st 1 llb (30) ;. 4

Dawson's Thornhill, 2 yrs (30). 6 Bottlng-5 to 4 ngst' Repute, 5 to 2' agst Thornhill; 7 to2'agst Wild. Strawberry.

In tho deciding boat 5 to 2 was laid on Réputé, who

won by a length.;

A SwBBrsTAKisB'-of 'lS' sovfl cach.'S ft,'with 80 added

by tho Eatl;of Derby;, two year olds,48t 12lb; threo, 7st Sib; four, 8st , lllb'- five: and upwards, Ost'21b; mares and geldings allowed 31b; winnora beforo »tarting (matches excepted)'of 2<|Osov8; 31b; GOO, 71b¡ 100O and upwards,-. Hlb. extra;''maidens -at starting having muthreo: times allowed if two or'threo y oar olds, 7lb[: four and upwards (and dover having received' SO soys as second horso), 14Hi; ono milo. (30 subs.) - Mr Jackson's Saunterer, by Birdcalchor, -3 yrs, 7BC

121b (ino 3lb extra).. .... (Charlton) 1 T. Parr's York; 2 yrs, 5sf llb (inc 3lb extra).. 3 Betting ^-C to l on Saunterer.' Tho winner made his own running from tho starling-point, and won In an ordi- nary canter by a couple of lengths.

The Liverpool Cup,

The LivBRPoot. Cur, in Bpucio, vnlno 200 sovs,-- givon

by the Lessee, added to a llnndicnp Sweepstakes of 25 sovs each, IS ft¡ tho winner of any Sweepstakes, Cup, Cup Stakes, ur Pl ito, of tho clear value of SOO sovs, aftor tho weights appear 5lb| two of such races 101b extra) tho winnor of tho Manchester Onion or Trades' Cup, Ascot Stakes, Northumberland Plato or Cum- berland Plato, lUlb extra; or of any. other handicap race of tho value of 20O govs clear alli;,of 40o,.5lb; or of apy two of such last-iuentióneil handicaps, Bib extrat tho winner to pay 30 GOVS to tho Judgo, and 20 sovs towards oxponses of the Course; tho owner of tho second horse to rocoivo AO sovs jiut of tlie Stakes) two miles. (72 subs, 35 of whom declared and pay 6 sovs


Mi- il. H. Jones* Bashi liazoufc, by Faugh-a-Ballagh,

3 yrs, Cst 41b.... .(Withirigton) 1 Jaokam's Mongrel (h b), 3 yrs, (ist 131b (iiie iib

extra). 2 H. Hill's llogerthorpc. 4 yrs, Tat 8lli . 3 West'« Pantomime,- a\'Cd, Sst 2lli' finn Kilb extra) O T. Iîurko's Tho Chicken, 5 yrs, 5st'8lli. 0 Heywood's Maid of Derwont, 4 yrs, 7st 71b. O

Drihknld's Groy Pyrrlins, 4 yrs, Ost 81b. 0 Taylor's Nowtoii lo-WUlows, 3 yrs, Cst 7lb (inc

311» extra).".. O

T. Dawson's Janet, 3 yrs, 5st 121b. 0 Captain White's Oilliver, 3 yrs, Bat IDlb.;. 0

Whito's Moose. 3 yrs, 5st dib.... 0 Mr Windsor's Sir Humphrey, 3 yr«. Sst Gib. O

Barber's Hamlet, 3 yrs, fist 2lb. O Saxon's Qaeen Bess, 3 yrs, Sst.-. 0 Betting-3 to 1 each ngst Roge'rthorpo and Grey Pyrrhtis, 7 to 1 apst Ba sh i Bar.oiik, 9 to 1 agst Newton la Willows, IO to 1 agst Moose, 12 to 1 rigst Mongrel, 100 to 7 agst Janet, 100 to G each, agst Sir. Humphrey and Pantomime, nnd 20 to 1 ngst Qnccn Bess. After several failnro3 (for causing which Snowden wns subse- quently reprimanded and fined by the stewards). Sir Uumpbrey jnropod off with tho lend, but before reaching the distance wiis passed by Gllllvcr, who cut rut thu work at a good paco, followed past tho Stand by Qjnccn Bess, Sir Humph roy, and Maid of Dorwetlt, Janet and Pantomime lying next, at the head of tho ruck, in tho middle of which WI»R Krcy' Pyrrhus, whilst, several lengths ia tbe rear, were Moose and Hamlet, both apparently unablo to go tho pace. After rounding the top turn, Sir Humphrey disappeared from tho front, and half way down tho far side Gilliver also gave up tho ghost; leaving Mongrel, who had gradually crept up next tho rails, with the lead. Queen Bes* sccuud, and Maid of Derwent third. At the canal bridge the latter was beaten, and Janet, Pantomime, Chicken, Rógerthorpo, and BaBhi Bazmik passed her in the order mined, tho favorito hav- ing improved his position alter leaving tho mile post; tho others, headed by Groy Pyrrhus and Newton lo Willows, being separated by a clear interval from' tho

middle division. There was no further chango of any I importance until entering' trio straight, when Chicken was j passed by Rogertl.orpc and' Bashi Bnzouk, who gavo Pantomime tho go by n quarter of a mile from home; and at tho distance bended Janet. A fewstrides further Queen Bess was in trouble and Bashi Bazouk instantly took his placo' at Mongrel's side, havitig tho Danebury horse at his quarters on tho whip hand, and thus thiy ran almost to tho Stand, when Hnshi B.izouk'challengcd the "cock-tail", and after a slashing set-to, won by half a length, Itogerthorpe finishing threo quarters bf a length from Móngrol a couple of 'leiigths'in advance of Newton Io Willows, who passed tho lot of the beaten horses iii the last quarter of a mile, and' beat Janet for fourth piado by a length; Chicken was fl'th, three lengths from Dawson's mare; and clear of him carno Qiieen Bess, Groy Py'rrhUB, Pantomime, and Hamlet in' a body; Capt White's' two and Maid of Derwent were tailöd off an immense dis tuuee, Gilliver being last of everything.

A SwBEi'STAKKS of S says each, with 30 added,for two

year olds and upwards;-thu wimior to bo sold for 100

sovs; T.Y.C.; 5 subs.

Mr Byrne's b f Stormsnil, by Storm. 3 yrs. ist 21b

(Snowden) . 1 *% Jackson's br o Blackthorn, 2 yrs, 6st 81b. 2

\V. Craven's ch f Yaller Gal, by. Woolwich, 2

yrs. Ost 8ll>. 3 Barber's h c Physician, 2 yrs. Cst . 4 Dotting-2 to 1 on titormsail, who made play through- out, and won in a canter by two lengths; a bad third.

A MATCH, 300, h ft; 8s't 711> each; milo and a quarter. Sir J; Hawloy's b o Mohawk by Don John, 3 yrs, 8st

71b.'..(A. Iky) 1 jLord Glasgow's ch c by Surplice out of Clarissa; 3'

yrs, 8*t'71b ....ii.....;:..:.i 2 Bettine - 7-to 4 on ? Mbbiiwk'.-who won in a'center by twenty lengths, the Clarissa colt having ¿broken down at

tho turn.'

Hun MAJESTT'S PLATE of 100 guineas; threo year olds

7st "lb, four 9st, live 9st (¡lb, six and aged 9st 91b; two


Mr T. Parr's br c Fisherman, 4 yrs, 9st...(\VclIs) w o

The STAKMIY STAKI:S of 15 sovs each, 10 ft, with 50 i added, for two and threu year olds; T.Y.C.; 7 subs. !tJMr Jackson's h f Terrific, by Tonchstnno. 2 yrs,

7st21b.(Bullock) 1 *± G. Holmes' ch c Massacre, 2 yrs. 7st 41b'. 2

T llnrbor's ch f Polly ' Peachutn, 2 yrs, 7st "lb

(inc 51h extra). 3 Betting-3 to 1 on Polly Poxchem, 5 tö l agst Terrific^ A HANDICAP of-5 sovs each,'with 25 added; T.Y.C.; 5

suns. .

Mr St George's ch g Sans Culotte, by Brynn O'Lynu,

3 yrs; 7st 81b.(Snowden)1 I f Admiral Harcourt's bf by Touchstone out of Eller

dale's'dam, 2 yrs, 6st 8ib. 2

And three others.

;Thb- I./jbBNSKii'yioTttAi.L'Bns' PLATE of 150 sovs,added

to a handicap-of Ssovscnch; second to receive 20 sovs out of tho stakes, and tho winner'to pay 15 sovs to i wards tho'expenses'of thc coursof winners of loo sovs' ' flear'afkor'July 7'5lb, twice br 200 or moro 101b'extra;

.ono milo;'39 subs;

Friday, July' 17.

Mr Jackson's bk o Saunterer,'3 yrs, 7st 121b (inc

101b extra))..................(Charlton) 1 i Barber's'ch e' Lora Nelson', 3 yrs,"6st 6lb....2

J. Osborne's br e Dé Ginkiol, 4 yrs.' list 41b..... 3 ï Lnngshàw's b c Comedian,'3 yrs,'5st 121b'.. 4 : Admiral Harcourt's b m Ellcrmlro, 5 yrs. Sst 71b.. 0

Mr Ridley's br u Hospitality; 4' yrs, 7st'lllb........ 0

B;!!. Clark's br 0 VamlortiraHn; 4 yrs, 7st'81b

, (carried 7st 91b) ..;.; 0 . Sir K.'W. Bulkeley's br'f Bel Esperanza,'3 yrs, fist

101b;'...;.:.:.; . 0 Mr Walker's'bk f All's Well, 3 yrs, 4st l2lb (carried '

Sst 41b)-:.;. 0 Betting^-7 tb 4 aest Saunterer; 4 to' 1 ngst Bel Espe- ranza,''5 to l agst Vander'mùïirï. fl to 1 agst Lord Nelson, and 10 to I ngst Hospitality. ' Won by'four lengths.


I each, h. ft, with 100 ndded, for two year olds; colu

8st 71b, fillies 8st 4lb; untried stallions or mares nllowed 31b, both 61b; tho produce of mares having bred a winner of tho Derby. Oaks, or St Leger Sib in addition to tho original weights) tho second to receive 50 sOvä out' of the'Btiikbs", tho"'winrie'r'to'pay'20'sovs towards expenses of thc course, and ¿ho third to save

his stake; T.Y.C.; 20 sobs.

*$Mr Bowo's gr o Star of tho ? East, by Chanticleer,

8st4llí.i.(Flatman) 1 Admiral O. V. Harcourt's br f Sister to Ellington,

8st 61b (inc Sib extra). 2 The Livtmr-oni, Sr I.EOBJI of 10 eovs cacb, with IOU

added, for thrco year olilsi colts 8st Bib. fillies Sst 3lb; tho winner of tho Two Thousand Guineas or tho - Derby.71b, of tho Ono Thousand Guineas or Oaks 51b,

of. tho Deo Stakes or Lancashire) Oaks 3lb; of any two 1 ' of tho abovo, 21b in. addition to tho-highest weight

- attached to either of euch two; the second - in tho

Derby ölb, and the second in tho Oaks 21b extra; tho second to receive 50 EOVS out of tho stokes, and tho ; winnorito pay 15 so VB towards expensen j ono mlle and ' three quarters; 20 subs: '?'.-. .. ».

'{Mr Mollish's b o Adamas, by Touchstone, Sst 81b

. . (Wells) ...... ,1

J. Osborne's ch f Augury, 8st 3lb. 2 Lord Cllfdon'sch c by Surplico-BluoDevils, 8st 81b 3 1 % Admiral O. V. Harcourt's b c Wordermarsko', 8st Sib 4

' Mr St George's ch c Sans'Cúlotto'.--8st 81b. 5

Betting-5 to 4 on' Adornos (tk), ö to 2'ngst Warder mnrsko, 3 to i ngst Augury, and 100 to 0 ngst San» Culotte. Sans Culotte cut'out tho work nt a strong paco, closely attended by Augury, «ho Blue Devils coll.lying at least tbreo lengths behind the latter, and tho otlicrtwo twice as far from hiùi. This order waa maintained almost to tho-Canal Bridge, when tho Irishman having eliot his bolt dropped into tho rear, leaving Augury with a clear lead of Lord Clifdon's horse. Along tho bottom Adamas (who, os well as Wnrdormarske, appeared quite over pacod down tho far side), bopan to Itu provo his positiou,

and quitting his former companion, was within a length,, or so of tho Bino Devils colt nt tho last turn. After ontoring tho straight, tho latter joined Augury, and tho two ran side by side nearly to the distance, wlioii they Bpllt, and Wells, who had been hard upon his horse fora

long woy. Immediately sent Adamas through the opening, 1 and the race was over. Taking a pull,'ho wailed upon

tho maro until noar tho Stnml, then hcailorl her, anti «on -easily at last-by three qnarttrs of a length, (he Brno Devils colt finishing three lengths from'Augury. ,Wir dcrmarske walked in- fr-un tho distance, and Sam Culotte was stopped a long way from home.

Tho RRLMSG STAKES of 5 sovs each, with'30 addfit.for

two year olds and upwards; tho winner to bo sold for 2O0 soys; ono mile; ß suhs , ¿

Mi- Dawson's l>r c Thornhill, by Fernhill, 2 yr«. Sst'

Ulb(50sovs).(Jlullotk) 1 Tlarvev's I) g Chester, fl yrs. 7st 51b (50)'..',; 2 .J Wliitcboiise's b c Ropute. 2 yrs. Cst 2Ui (Jo) 3

Dickson's b c by Annandalo oa; of Me'ssalria,

3 yr.J. 7nt Sib (50). . .......J... 4 Cotureave's ch f t»y Faugh-a-Baltagh out; of

Vanilla, 2 yrs.'Sst 81b'(SO).'.-...].. 5

Betting-7 to 4 on the Messnlina colt, and 5 toll e.ich agst Thornhill nnd tho Vanilla filly. . Won by threjp pnrts of ii length; Repute a bad third. The winner was not

sold. ^ ' .; .jit. A;