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Tho following do-cription oF tho maro hy a correspon- dait of f). //. V. will be perused with interest:

Alice Hawthorn is a light grey mure, eight years oM. and standing IS hands I inch high. Her general ap- pearance is not nt all striking at fi ist sight, but on close inspection and comparison, it would be seen that shu poseenscs some remarkably g"od racing points. Her head is of in<'diuin size, and although net .very hand- some it is not at all unpleasing to the eye. She ha> her jaw» remarkably wide; miso small; forehead broad; lim eye; short ears; strong.ncck, rather cristy; very tine oblique shoulders; very high withers; deep brisket; long barrel; flat hack and side*; short back ril'H; weak thin bans; wide hin»; »hurt wide drooping quarters: tail well act on; good thighs : immense gaskin*; broad flat Iwrks

(not as the Era describes, Vcno's-lound hocks); èh .rt ennnons; .short pusterim; good hard feet; long fore-arm; well-made knees; and under-timbers as flat as hand -saws. Kinnlly, she ts a long low mare, of tho old-fashioned sort, made in every respect, calculated to run any dis- tance; a property which she possesses in no ordinary degree. Her style of going is free and very easy The way in which she lays down to her work appears, from the uniformity of hoi- actions. t'i bo mero play to her. Tho great space shu covers nt cooli stride, und the beauti-

ful flexibility of her hind limbs, dropping her body almost i to thc ground each successive bound, gives an iden at sin ht ol' a fine true machine-like movement; while thc dash of speed she has at her command at any moment when called upon, makes her sometime* appear to go as If she «ns shot from thc mouth of a cannon. As distance is her forte, tho increase of speed at will enables her at any moment to quit her horses as may have been seen in her racing career. Her third milo is frequently the fastest of three fust-run miles in her races. Her fine even temper, which nothing cnn mille, ia the theme of.universal admiration) although her quiet dull

appen nineo when lcd to the post to start has caused sorco mischievous wag to suggest that she appears on thone occasions us if she had contracted with the Clerk of the Course for a sleep before tho mee. On the subject of speed, it will bo remembered that sho ran a mile mid a half at Rallarat in 2 ruins 54 «ces.

Alice (unlike Veno, who.s! reputation has in a great measure arisen from thu fact that he bas been the only threc-milo horse in his own country) has, as I have shown, beaten all and every three-tmle horse that opposed her during the present year, and in almost every instance with thu greatest ease. t I Our contemporary further says:-"We heliovo thoo

Alico Hawthorn's hest limo for her tbreo mile ruces was mina S sccs. In the Jockey Club Cup tho distance wa only two miles, timo, 3 m I ns 59 sccs".