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TituasDAT.-Tna Cor DAV.

, A Swp.BfST viens of CO so va each, lift, for thrco year ¡ olds; colts 8st 7lbs. fillies 8st 3lbs; those hy stallions

or out of mares that never bred a winner allowed (lbs,

j both Clbs; Swinloy conrso; 8 subs.

Mr I'Ansoti's b f lllink Bonny,by Melbourne,fist 3lbs

(Charlton). wo

Mr Bowes' Bird in the Hand, Sst 31hs, and Mr J. B.C. Wyndbara's Dundas, 8it lib, saved their stakes.

A HANDICAP of 5 sovs each, with 50 added, for two and

threo year olds; half a mile; 13 subs.

Mr La Men's Mnggio Lauder, 2yrs, Cst 13!bs

(Bullock). 1 Midgley's 1'olly Johnson, 2yrs, 7st 31bs. 2 Baron Rothschild's c by lago, dam Evening Star,

3yri,8st 711)3 . 3

{Mr Morris* Admiral lyons, 3 yrs, 8st lOIbs . 4

And four others. 53 sees.

Tho GOLD Cor, by subs of SO sovs each, with 20O

added; the second to reçoive 50 sovs out of tho stakes;

three year olds Cst lOIbs, four 8»t filbs, fivo, 9st, six; ! nndpged, Ost 31bs; mares and goldings allowed 31bs; i about two miles and a half; 33 subs.

Lord Scotland's b c Skirmisher, by Voltigeur, 3yrs

GstlOlbs..........,..,. -...(Çliarlton) li Mr John Robson's Geronia'"divVcrgy, 3yrs,-6st 101b» >.2 f

John Jackson's Saantoror, 3yrs, Cst (Olbs. 3

Snowing's Polestar, Syrs, fist. 4 | Barber's Protty Boy, 4yrs. 8st ölbs.t... O PirR. W. Bulkelov's Tasmania, 3yrs, 6st 7lbs. 0

I Mr S. Doalh's b h Winkflold, 6 yrs, Ust 31bs . O

{Admiral Harcourt's Wnrdornmrske, 3yrs, Cst lOIbs 0

Mr !<'. Higgln's Leamington. 4yrs, Sat 5lbs. O

li. Hill's Rogcrthorpc, 4yrs, 8st 5lbs . O {Mr Howard's Chevalier d'Industrie, 3yr«, Gst lOIbs 0,

A. Nichol'» Warlock, 4yrs, 8st Sids. 0 ] Betting: 4 to 1 agst Skirmisher (off.) II to 2 agit War- i dermarsko, 6 to 1 ngst Rogo.thorpe,'7 to 1 ngst Gemma I di Vergy, 8 to t agst Polcstar, 15 to 1 each agst T.isma l nia and Sauntcrer, 25 to I cgst Leamington, and 30 to 1

agst Warlock.

Chevalier d'Industrie wout to the front the instant the I flig fell, and miking play at his host pace was at a dozen lengths in advance at the Stand, in passing which ho was fnllowed by Sauntercr (whose jockey lost his cap directly after starting;,Protty Boy. mid Skirmisher; Tas-

mania, and Wardennaisko succeeding thom, and, ' Warlock, and Gemma di Veigy bringing up the rear, i i After roauding the top turn the Chevalier incroascd his i i lead to fully a hundred yards, and Pretty Boy gradually j 1 dioppiug astorn Polcstar emerged from the nick and ian , [ into the third place, Skirmisher going on forth, and Wur- '

dormarske fifth down tbo Swinley lull, whon tho latter

began to give way at every stride, and in the bottom was ' passed by Winkfield and llotkerthoipe.wbo wont on fifth I and sixth. Warlock now being two or three lengths ho hind everything. At the rum into tho old conrso Polo star joined Snunlcrer and th<y ran sido by sidewith Skir , misher (pulling hard) at their hecla until half way bo

tween the Brick Kilns and the last turn, whore the mare

dropped back, leaving Sauntercr iu his original position, | ' and when fairly lound it, Polestar was passed by Skir- , i misher. The Chevalier, whose lead began to diminish nt 1 every stride after passing the Brick Kilns, remained in

front almost to the distance where ho wits passed by

Skirmisher and Sauntercr, the former of whom immc- , dlntcly afterwards i-bowed in advance and maintaining tho lead to tbo end won in gftUnnt style by a length and

a half. Gemma di Vorgy, who passed Rogcrthorpc in the ' straight, and Polcstar and the Chevalier opposite tho Stand, securing the second money after a splendid struggle with Sountcrer by a hoad, Polostnr finishing two lengths from them. Atan Interval of four or five lengths, I Rogorthorpo was fifth and tho Chevalier sixth; Tasmania

' beaded the next lot, and the two last were Wardorinarsko , j and Leamington. Run in 4min. 29sccs. ¡

, The NEW STARKS of 10 sovs each, with 100 added, for

two-year olds; colts 8st 71bs, fillies, 8st albs; winners of 100 sovs vnluc, including the winnei'a own stake, | Slbs extra; T.Y.C.; 40 subs.

! *Mr Howard's Sedbury, by Sweetmeat or The Curo,

i 8st 121bs (including slbs extra.(J. Goator) 1

fBrii on Rothschild's Venetia, 8st 3lbs. 2 , Mr J. Meiry's b c Lord of Lorn, 8st 71bs . 3

And eleven others. I rain, 19 socs.

| The VistTons' PIÍATK of 100 sovs, and 25 sovs for tho

I second; once round and a distance.

Cal it. Christie's Lawn, by Accident, 4 yrs, 7st 71b

! (D. nughes) . 1

1 Capt. White's Falstaff", 4 yrs. 8st 411) . 2 I Mr Gulliver's Redemption, G yrs, 8st 71b . 3

And throe others. 4 ra. 0 socs.

A HANDICAP Pi.ATC of 60 sovs, for three year olds

and upwards; (Old Mile). ¡ Capt. Christie's Kestrel, by Tcaraway, 4 yrs, 8st 91b,

(Wells). 1 Mr MIdgloy's Queen of the South, 4 yrs, 8st 4lb . 2

Mcllisb's inspiration, 3 yrs, Ost. 3

And seven otbors. 1 m. 55 sees,

The ST JAMT* PALACK SUKES of 100 sovs each,

for 3 year olds; colts 8st "lb, lillies 8st 4lb ; Old Mile; j

1( subs. i

Mr F. Robinson's Anton, by Bay Middleton, 3 yrs, I

8st 7lb .A. Day walked over, i

A SvvnnrsT.VKBS ol 30 sovs each, 20 ft, for three year'

olds; colts 8st 71b, fillios 8st 31b; the winner of tho j Ascot Derby or three year old Trienuial Stakes 51h, | of both or tho Epsom Delby 101b extra; T.Y.C.; 5¡ subs. I Duke of Beaufort's br f'Hie Vigil, by Bay Middleton,

8st 7lb, (A. Day), walked over, and the Uukcof Beau- fort, and Mr Bones divided the forfeits,

A SvvKBrsTAKfs of 50 sovs each, lift, for three year

olds; colts 8st 71b, fillies 8st 31b; tho winner ol tho i Derby 101b, the second or the winner of tho Oaks or

Two Thousand Cuine.'ts Stakes 41b oxtta; no horso more than 101b extra; Old .Milo; 4 subs.

Duke of Bedford's Keepsake, hy Weathorbit, 8st 71b

I (S.Rogcrs). 1 Mr E. Day's Bannockburn, 8*1 71b. 2 Won in a cauter by G lengths. 1 m. 58 sees.

A HANUICAT- of 10 sovs each, with 300 added by the

South Wes'tcrn and the Staines and Wolklngham Railway Companies, for three olds and upwards; the winner of the Ascot Stakes, the Queen's Voso, the Royal Hunt Cup, or tho Ascot Cup 71b, of any two ol those races 181b extra; Swinley Conrsc; 3C subs.

Mr Simpson's Fright, by Alarm, 3 yrs, Gat "lb (Prior) 1 Capt. Christie's Lawn, 4 yrs, Cst I2lb.,. 2

Lord Kxetor's Tuibit, 3 yrs, Csl 9ll> . 3

And fifteen others. 50 sees.

Tho FIrbt Class of the WOKINOHAM STAKES of S s-ivs

each was won by Caplaiu Christie's Nought, beating

cloven others.

The QIIKEN'S PLATE was won by Mr Simpson's Fright,

beating Mysterious .lack, Turblt, and Sir Colin.

The Secoud Class of the Woutttoti VM STAKES was won

by Mr Webb's Eardrop, beating 5 others.

The BOROUGH M UMBU its' PLATE wns won by Mr 'J'.

Walker's Glen Lee. by Flying Dutchman, after a dead heat with Mr Halo's Percy, by Slave.


[ NoiiTiiujiucni.AND PLATE.

5 to 2 agst Skirmisher (tk) I 10 to 1 ugst Vundal (tk) 100 to 15 " Underhand (tk) |

I Sr I.KOEit.

5 to 2 ngst Blink Bonny (tk) I IO to 1 agst Drumoui (tk) i 4 to 1 " Ignoramus (tk) L'O to I " Sydney (tk)

10 to I " Arbcnal (tk) |

The above prices were luid against Blink Bonny I j , upwards of £000, und taken about Ignoramus lo nearly

twice as much.

DmBv. j 1000 to CO ngst Sedbury (tk) I 25 lu 1 agslDccoivcr (ti) I

20 to 1 ., Clydesdale (tk) |

1200 to 200, 1O0O to 200 and 800 to 200 waa taken I about Scott's lot.