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The time occupioj in tunning the Dorby wns tho quickest ever known, winch is i most singular circum stance, 13 bctnf connected with the second season alone siuce the raco has been established, that the laurels ol victory havo been ceded to a mare Iho distance »AS covered in 2 min 15 ces-tinco less thnn in Surplucs year, 18*8 The principal winners are ICI resented to 1 e \lossr6 1'AJISOII, ¡I Hill, (who, nilli MrPadivick w is reported to have certain slinies in tin maic, although we do not ta lill« oui selves with the li nth of such ruinoui) moleton, iWegsou.C Reynolds, Renueti, and I Robson The first name I individual roliucd £i> 000 for Blink Bonny ii the time sha went bick in thu batting s um months since, ho hud taken £4 000 ti d'1« Touching Blick loiuuiy scvuiul little liteicsling items may bo enumerated At Novvm irkct Spring Meeting, Mi Drink aid, lu ownur (who has beforctuuo taken the nug by surpuso with fit Lawrence und the Widow), took £20 000 to a coat waistcoat nnd bat about the horn, winning the Dcil y Ibu bet howe vor, was cancelled by the owner's consent fiom tho fact of his having taken from tho some ltadn g booltinakoi £10,000 to ¿IM) about the horse, and Mi Dnnkiild likewise invested a furthei sum upon linn of £10 OO" to £211-taken fium Mr Davis In the ring, the horte nae not backed foi a 'tiver ' ZuydcrZee twisted one of his foroplatca in the race, and Newton le Willows pulled uj) lame Blink Bonny stands 15 hands, ¿J írchcs high an I lins i whito blaze on her face ne ii the nostril

Jem Robinson, lemplcman, mid Chappell have ridden tho winners of Delby and Oaks, in tlio sarao year, as well as

Charlton -Lei Ion Era