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Tbe racing statistics of the past season form a more suggestive and" striking turf homily than .could be penned on the doings of the season. They present a summary,' at a glance, of tho "performance*" of horses and jockeys, and show what owners have found their studs pro- fitable. They attest, too, most strikingly tho vast pecuniary interests which the turf involves, and show the extraordinary extent to which tho sport is carried. An examination of tbe statis- tics will be attended with profit and instruc- tion. Blink Bonny, the leading favorite for tho Derby, heads the list of two yr old winners, gaining in stakes, £2,201. Gemma di Vergy is next on' the list, having £1,66!) put down to bis score. Then comes Ayacauora, £1,580; Lam- bourne, £1,305; Madame Clicquot, £1,105; Tournament, £1,100; Saunterer, £1,045; and Beeohnut, thanks to her Criterion success,


Of the three, year olds Ellington baa the large« sum placed to his credit, hu Derby fluke placing him at the top of the poll. His winnings amoDOt to £5,725. Farzolotto scored JS5.5O0, and Pretty Boy £5,080. Fisherman won £8,208 in addition to her Majesty's Vase at Ascot and the Bath Cup.

Mr T. Parr and Messrs Saxon and Barber head the list of principal winners, the first named gentleman netting £8.741 in hard cash, whilst the "confederates" obtained £8,660 The Earl of Derby, thanks to Pazzoletto and tho lack of Paletot, who, bad as he is, gain sd X 1,690 during the season, has £7,785. placed to his credit. Mr Howard, despite his frequent "se- conds", obtained £6,576. Tho Puke of Bedford cleared £«,490. admiral Harcourt, £í>,3íi0, and Lord Clifden, £5.469. Tba Marquis of Exeter, with bis vi ry email stud, won £1,145. Mr F. Fisher, who has only, at the roost, two or three horses, gained £1,410, New Brighton win- ning £1,260 out of it.

Amongst the jockeys, Fordham wat the most fortunate, having bad no lesa than 108 winning mounts. Wells and Flatman have tho next Ugliest numbers.