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A young Tasmanian, who studied theatre with the Hobart Society, has recently taken over production of Gwen Meredith's serial 'Blue Hills', heard twice daily from the A. B.C. at .1 p.m. (Interstate) and b'.15 p.m. (National) from Mondays to Fridays. He is Robert Montgomery, a for mer announcer with the A.B.C.'s Hobart studios, who late last year received an urgent wire from Mr. F. D. Cleylow, Directir of Drama, to come at once and produce the Children's Session ! Since then, as well as handling the Children's Session, he has pro duced many plays on state and

national relay. Consequently, when Mr. Frank Harvey, the A.B.C.'s senior play producer went on leave some weeks ago, he was asked to take over 'Blue Hills' as a permanent job. After leaving school, Robert Montgomery entered the Hobart Technical College where he com pleted a four- year course in com mercial and applied art, with em phasis on colour and design. This course stimulated his interest in theatre — he wanted to design sets. From there he went on to acting and producing with the Hobart Repertory Society. Among his productions, for which he also de signed the sets, are many famous plays including Noel Coward's 'Hay Fever' and 'The Young

Idea', 'The Man Who Came to Dinner' by Kauffman and Hart, and the Australian premiere of Thornton Wilder's 'The Skin of Our Teeth.' However, Robert's first job could not have had less connection with his present interests. He became a surveyor with the Tasmanian Hydro- Electric Commission — a job entailing long expeditions through the Tasmanian bush with a theodo lite. 'It wasn't much fun trailing through mountains and swamps in a dead straight line — especially in the blizzardly Tasmanian winter,' he commented, 'so when I got the opportunity to go on the A.B.CAs announcing staff I was more than glad to take it. 'I think T've done a most every thing with the A. B.C. in Tasmania — announced, studio sunervised, had occasional parts in radio plays, and produced Youth Education broad casts and featured programmes in cluding balance and presentation of units by orchestra and artists.'

Mr. Toby Becker was a passen ger to Adelade on Monday's plane. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Seamons will travel to Adelaide on Monday's plane. Mr. Seamons has been on the, staff of the E. S. & A. Bank in Alice Springs for some time and has now been transferred to Mel bourne.